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Disgaea 1 Complete “Remasterpiece” Coming West Early October

Nippon Ichi Software have announced that Disgaea 1 Complete is coming to PS4 and Switch in America on the 9th of October and in Europe on the 12th.

As previously confirmed, Disgaea 1 Complete is coming West, with the price set at $49.99 in the United States. Those willing to pay $99 can purchase the Rosen Queen’s Finest Edition, which includes such desirable extras as coasters, posters, clothing accessories, artbooks, an OST, a certificate of authenticity, a Prinny cube plushie and a flat-chested Etna mousepad.

The trailer for the game can be seen below, allowing potential fans to sample the game’s graphics and English voice-acting:

Thankfully, the game’s pre-order page on Amazon suggests that dual-audio will be available for those who desire Japanese voice-overs, although curiously, it still lists the release date as late November.

There is as yet no information on a PC port of the new remaster. Although the game has been available on PC for some time, it does not include the high-resolution sprites as the new PS4 and Switch ports.

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