Zelda: Breath of the NES “Next Up on Nintendo’s Hit List”




Nintendo have yet another high quality fan game to potentially take down against its creator’s will with “Zelda: Breath of the NES”, which combines the classic top-down Legend of Zelda formula with mechanics from the highly praised Breath of the Wild that will surely be a match made in heaven for Zelda enthusiasts.

A PV of the game in action:

An early demo is officially available now (at least, until it is DMCA-bombed into oblivion).

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  • Anonymous says:

    A bloo bloo bloo. Cry me a fucking river you no talent hack.
    Another no-body hobbyist who has so little faith in their ability to making anything good on their own swings their dick around by making a tribute game and then cries when the law happens and expects us to give a shit or boycott Nintendo.
    I’m fucking tired of idiot hobbyists trying to stir up drama-clicks and outrage-downloads because they either know their game is mediocre or literally don’t understand that companies are under legal obligation to protect their trademarked and copyrighted properties.

    • No point. Most of these fan projects go on for years like Pokémon Uranium and Reborn which is still in progress.

      They clearly don’t have a problem with them existing, they just also legally need to be seen as protecting their IP so they don’t lose them.

      So they wait until it’s complete when they know people will be able to spread it around regardless but they’ll be seen in court as being very protective.

      Nintendo is playing the long game unlike most developers these days. Many of them could likely be challenged in court at this point and lose.

      They’re trading the legal safety of their projects for a quicker buck while Nintendo intends to make lesser money for losing that free advertising (if you can even count it as lost because people complaining about them is free advertising too, lol) but over a much longer time.

      Not only that but as a company who develops quality in general they ensure people aren’t ripped off, getting subpar goods with their IP on them because their trademarks etc. have been stripped from them for not protecting them well enough.

      Yes, that can happen and none of us with a brain in our skull want it to for any of the fiction we like.

      All in all, it’s good for them and us that while Nintendo don’t seem to much understand the internet, in these cases they clearly understand the Streisand effect.

    • Kinda hard with these autistic attention whoring monkeys that want an affirmation for their fragile egos.

      The fact that irks me is the kids on the internet bitching over a company protecting their IP on something they haven’t given a permission to. It’s fucking retarded. I’m sure Nintendo is still sore from their properly licensed deal with Philips. So then why the hell would they allow some money-mongering shit-for-brain “fans” that don’t even give a damn about the courtesy of the industry to make a shit game? Just so other socially inept manatees will suck their dick?

      For that — to the developers — good fucking riddance. Do something original rather than riding on someone else’s cock.