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Super Mario Odyssey “Ripping Off Sonic”


As if the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey didn’t have enough controversy surrounding its design, Nintendo’s official Twitter account unveiled that Mario will have the ability to spin along the ground much like the long-deceased Sonic the Hedgehog – which many have been quick to label as “plagiarism”.

Despite being revealed back at E3, the roll (which is apparently one of Mario’s basic actions) involves Mario curling up into a ball and rolling around for what seems like forever; of course, many have been quick to point out that “stealing” such a basic concept of video game locomotion is akin to claiming Call of Duty games stole the concept of shooting from Metroid.

The gif accompanying the Nintendo tweet:

Comments regarding this “new” move:

“It’s plagiarism.”

“Because Mario’s belly is round right?”

“I’m more concerned about the direction of the stage than the rolling.”

“Super Plagiarism brothers.”

“Sonic can also run, jump and collect coins so it’s okay.”

“It’s plagiarism. This is the lowest, Nintendo.”

“Is this possibly the B-dash?”

“Come to think of it, Metroid also had a roll feature… How predictable.”

“As expected of Nintendo. There is no hesitation when it comes to killing off Sonic.”

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