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Netflix Castlevania Trailer “May Actually be Good!?”




The upcoming Netflix-produced Castlevania animation has at last gotten a trailer, certainly making quite the impression as some have agreed that the series may actually turn out to be pretty decent, a rarity amongst American-made adaptations of Japanese franchises.

The surprisingly dark trailer, which also contains a live action segment in the beginning for some reason:

The dark and dreary Castlevania will premier on Netflix on July 7th.

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  • while castlevania might be good, it wont absolve netflix’s god awful treatment to the industry. first there was their bastardization & americanized version of the precure series , then they added “insult to injury” with their abomination version of death note , now its neo yokio. at least cartoon network’s toonami & adult swim blocks treated the industry with far more respect that netflix who is right now in the same breath as the infamous 4kids/4k media & nelvava.

    • Anonymous says:

      Of which, they would only throw some meager amount of at some random voice actors.
      Give it the “Hollywood treatment” (spectacle over substance), nearly completely negating the the advantage animation has over live-action.

      What irritates me the most is that they show the NES, which further cements my conviction that the production of the show hinged entirely on the belief that nostalgia is enough to “sell” it, almost ensuring that it will not be as polished as it could be, it’ll just be “good enough” for an American audience.

      And with what I know about business and finance, is that when it comes to products, big businesses either:

      1. Put so much money into it, to make it “not fail”
      2. Invest as little as possibly required to ship a minimum viable product

      And I know in my heart it cannot compare to Trinity Blood

    • Anonymous says:

      Vampire killer is more associated with Castlevania 1 while Beginning is associated with Castlevania 3, although Castlevania 3 has as a slight remix of Vampire killer called Dejavu. I would like it more if they did the film roll scrolling down from the intro with the soundtrack Prelude

  • Anonymous says:

    Kinda looks better than all the anime being released in japan today, I never had any faith in the americans but looks like netflix spared no expense, the artwork is freaking amazing, the animation is freaking amazing, the narrator is amazing, it has blood.

    Reminds me of what anime used to be, I wonder if it can actually live up to the trailer.

    I wonder how they did it though, they just produced it, who’d they hire to make it?

    • Anonymous says:

      Frederator Studios and Powerhouse Animation (Texas) are doing the animation. A Korean studio is doing some clean up and in-between work. It’s mostly a
      uS production and animated work from the infon I can find.

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t know what anime used to be and you don’t know what it is today, you are just repeating memes like every other Westerner who doesn’t actually watch anything. It looks pretty good but there is more impressive looking anime than this. Not that you’d know.

      Anonymous: “American products >>>>>>>>>> Japanese product”

      American animation is a complete joke compared to anime.

      They say Frederator is animating this but it’s outsourced to either a Japanese or Korean studio. Hardly anything is animated in America these days, and they don’t have the skill to make something like this.

      • Anonymous says:

        Damn, way to miss the point. What I meant by “reminds me of what anime used to be” is that anime used to have blood and gore galore, now we’re lucky if we see super weird looking unrealistic blood spray gag effects.

        Anime isn’t just about how it looks, and I clearly said at the end “They just produced it, who’d they hire to make it?” (Implying that it could have been outsourced to korean or japanese animators). But americans have good animators, they’re just usually making cartoons for kids.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you look up info on this, you’d know it’s animated mostly in the US. Whatever is outsourced is mostly clean up, which is usually how it’s done literally everywhere. There are tons of talented animators in the West, but most are either working in films or have to be dragged down by tv production bullshit. If you got your head out your ass you’d see Japan isn’t the only ones who make good animated shows.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kindof worried that netflix is behind it, while they are certainly behind most decent TV these days, the problem is it’s usually no better than decent. Make TV great again.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not as worried. If this was made for TV, there would’ve most likely been a lot of production issues since it’s animated. Producers in the US are super clingy and outdated when it comes to handling animation. Adult Swim is the least fucked up but they favor cheap adult humor; it’s a miracle something like Samurai Jack’s latest season even got made.