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Mob Psycho 100 Live Action “Another Netflix Abomination”


TV Tokyo has announced that a live action adaptation is currently in the works for Mob Psycho 100, with this news made worse by the fact that the series will be made in collaboration with Netflix, sure to end up destroying the anime much as they did with various other anime franchises and “original creations“.

Despite initial expectations, it seems the adaptation will possess a Japanese cast (unlike the Death Note live action movie) as Hamada Tatsuomi will play protagonist Mob; Sakamoto Koichi will be serving as director and Kobayashi Fuminori has been selected as the producer.

Assumed to be an adaptation, it has yet to be specified how closely the adaptation will stick to the original story, but considering Netflix is partially funding the creation, the series may end up deviating heavily for whatever reason Netflix makes such absurd decisions.

Many are already expecting the worst:


“Please stop wasting your (borrowed) money, Netflix.”

“I don’t expect good things.”

“To all the people in the film and television industry who thinks live-action anime adaptations are a good idea, please stop. Sincerely, Everyone.”

“Netflix continues their campaign of killing anime.”

“I can’t see this working in live action at all.”

There has been no mention as to whether western fans will get the opportunity to witness the potential car-crash of a series, though the show is set to launch in January of next year.

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