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Netflix Live Action Death Note “Blasphemy”




The reputation of live action adaptations of anime classics have been done no favors with the unveiling of the first trailer for Netflix’s live action Death Note film, generating a great deal of rage online for a multitude of reasons, from the non-Asian actors to the alteration of Light’s name – not an entirely surprising outcome considering the similar ongoing fiasco with Ghost in the Shell.

The trailer and all its “despicable” elements:

Those not convinced that the Death Note movie will be completely awful can witness it on August 25th.

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  • People keep harping on about whitewashing. Who gives a fuck about the fact that it’s set in America with a bunch of white people. The idiocy of this is the fact that it’s a 2 hour movie that is unlikely to replicated the cat and mouse game paced over 40 episodes. It’s not like it would’ve even cost a lot of money to make a tv series, it’s a low budget affair. There is literally 0 reason to condense this into a 2 hour movie.

  • Death Note, the concept, is fantastic and begs for other original interpretations. However, the original manga and anime series is all we need as an interpretation of the original story.
    I kind of hoped Netflix would do Death Note: the series, and have it episodic or arc based, with a different person obtaining a death note each arc and deals with how they dealt with the power the death note brings.

    • This would be the perfect idea, with just some references to what happened on the tokyo original arc! But seeing Light being chased by the police like any regular/low IQ gangster is just an insult, a real shame!

  • Fuck all the retards that think only Asian actors can play roles originating in manga from Japan. Are we to ban all non-English actors from playing Shakespearian roles? Well? Get over it. Movies produced by American companies for American audiences have every right to cast who they want for whatever role they are casting. I find this to be just racist bullshit. Now, if they were dressing up white actors and putting them in yellow face makeup…THAT I would have a major problem with. Most of all, the location is not even in Japan. It is Seattle. So all you haters…STFU.

    • Are we to ban all non-English actors from playing Shakespearian roles?
      Yeah, especially when they think they’re using a real British accent! They get it wrong so often it’s a joke.

      • You are so retarded you have no idea how retarded you are. I’ve been watching anime and reading manga probably longer then you’ve been alive. Speed Racer? Kimba? do you remember when they first hit American TV? I do, Channel 52 out of LA, CA back in the early 70’s. Giant Robo? I have probably deleted more anime then you have even watched. So quit with your racist rants about white privilege and learn that the world does not revolve around you. I apologize to no one for seeing the world as it is.

        • Said the retard. No one bought up SJW nor whitewash except you. All live action sucks and that is what was said.

          How much anime and manga have you bought and how do you support the industry? Exactly. I own a roomful and some more, paid for it by working since thirteen.

          You probably even watched some of the rarer stuff I bought over to Midwest, which tricked down to CA, before the days of the internet.

          Speed Racer? Kimba? Giant Robo? Yawn, rewatched them all. Have you watched the much older mecha shows? Older than Mazinger Z, that was not aired in the States? or Kinnikuman? or a ton of other ancient stuff? Or knows the basic story of a number of animes before they are air, from the manga or VN? I thought so.

          You are older and an apologist for live actions, and that is about it.

          Piss me off I will be seeing the reruns of GitS or Death Note as live actions on TV, before the origanl source are ever shown.

          Now STFU apologist cunt. But you are probably gonna delete this anyway.

    • I concur, this whole Asians for Asian character roles is silly.

      On the flip side I have also seen a brilliant rendition of Othello done in the style of a Japanese Period piece set in the Reformation Era.
      Plus I’ve heard there’s a Chinese production of MacBeth floating around somewhere.

      Shakespeare isn’t English exclusive – neither should anime/manga stuff be Asiatic exclusive. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, we diss the shit out of it and tell the world for all to hear…

      • Yea see, the reason why people have a problem with putting not white actors in the roles of people who clearly weren’t originally white is because white people have a leg up anyway, because that’s just how Hollywood is to begin with. Trying to look smart and say well Shakespeare doesn’t make a better point. Hollywood whitewashing is boring. It used to be that you’d be able to get break out roles in movies for people, and now GOTTA have that big white actor name. Or on rare occasion Chris Rock I guess.

        Are you seriously actually complaining about people wanting their characters cast as the actual race they are? REALLY?

        • It is not “whitewashing”(PC for “I hate white people”) since it is a new story set in Seattle, not Tokyo. And yes, Shakespeare is a perfect example of why it is ok. Shakespeare is quite often re-imagined into new more modern and more pertinent locations for the audience that the producers want to reach. Redoing Deathnote in America reaches an American audience who would be totally clueless about the social norms of the characters if they had set it in Tokyo. It’s is being made for a much wider audience then the English speaking fans of the original.

        • It’s worth pointing out that less than half of one percent of the US population is of Japanese descent. It stands to reason that there will be a much more limited selection of Japanese actors than of the more common ethnicities.

          And of course, the exact same thing could be said about actors in Japan. You’ll often see roles of caucasian characters in Japanese films or anime performed by Japanese talent. It just makes sense, since actual caucasians make up only a fraction of a percent of the Japanese population.

          As for the trailer, it looks surprisingly not-bad, although trailers are often deceiving. At the very least, it “looks” better than the Japanese live action renditions of Death Note. Much of the casting doesn’t fit with the original characters, but they’re likely not explicitly targeting fans of the original series anyway.

  • In my opinion the real issue here is not the so called “white-washing” or the westernized names, but if this show will be a decent one or total crap.
    History told us that practically every time that someone took a japanese manga/anime, trying to making a live-action movie, utterly failed.
    Hopefully this time will be better… maybe… let’s hope…

  • I can’t say I feel the same outrage at Light being re-cast as caucasian as I do with GITS or Dragonball. For one thing, the anime is just one instance of a Death Note coming into play. Light isn’t the first to use the Death Note, he isn’t even the only person at the time. So, the Death Note being dropped in Seattle isn’t that big of a deal. As for the Justice is Kira, the trailer shows Ryuk (or some Death God), speaking in Japanese. Not only that, for all we know this takes place after Light’s demise and he is just picking up the sword.

    • @00:45
      “for all we know this takes place after Light’s demise and he is just picking up the sword”

      yea? so how do you explain L being alive after Light’s demise? was he resurrected as a black guy?

      stop trying to defend this bs.

    • It made perfect sense, they guys behind the manga were tired of stretching it time over time again by their publisher demands, so they simply cut it beyond repair, kinda like what David Lynch did to Twin Peaks. If you read Bakuman it’s quite easy to notice too…

  • why the fuck would you write on the wall “Justice is Kira” when you decide to fucking axe, all of the Eastern Names and Influence?

    Kira in that context makes zero sense, and should be straight changed to Killer already if you truly go the full westerner route…

    • I actually agree with this.
      It is common knowledge that “Kira”, in Death Note and in JoJo, means “Killer”.
      They should just refer to him as “(The) Killer”, especially since they’re obviously trying to play this thing completely straight.

  • Since I love Death Note I’ll watch it and hope for the best. It doesn’t make any sense to WANT this to be bad. Anime never translates into live action well so we’ll see. Willem Dafoe as Ryuk is the main draw for me.