China “Only” Increases Military Buildup 7.5% in 2010


China will “only” increase its military spending by 7.5% in 2010, to 532 billion yuan; the force is already the world’s largest with some 3,000,000 members.

China has been increasing its military budget by over 10% each year for the past two decades or more, but many suspect it has been concealing the true magnitude of its military expenditures amidst its notoriously opaque public spending, and are similarly sceptical about this year’s supposed reduction in increases.

China claims its purpose in this huge armaments program is purely self-defence:

“The only purpose of China’s limited military strength is to safeguard China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

China insists its territory includes land currently administered by several neighbouring nations, and historically has felt free to impose its sovereignty on non-Chinese peoples in a vast empire, intact to this day:


Hawks within the PLA advocate building a huge military force with which to challenge the west, the so-called “China Dream.” Even moderates advocate the invasion of Taiwan, which is already the target of thousands of missiles.

One Chinese foreign policy think-tank was last year lambasted for suggesting Chinese policy should encourage the forcible break-up of India, and Chinese submarines have repeatedly infiltrated Japanese territorial waters – many understandably wonder if its rise will be as peaceful as it claims.

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  • Not that its a bad thing. This kind of puts pressure on the US, who can’t go running around with their armies around the world promoting “peace” as they would like to call it. The small increase they showed to the world also helps from over excessive use of force, so they can enmasse an attack force without the UN to come down on their heads.

  • It is scary to think that China can afford to continue to lose a war up untill the end because of their nearly endless amounts of troops. Even with our advanced army in the US, do we have enough people to stop them? China has pretty good weapnry too, what would stop them from taking Japan or anywhere?

  • You Americans are suffering from some kind of post cold war persecutory delusions, that’s probably why you spend so much on your military and are overly sensitive to our proportionate military growth rate. We dont have armies stationed at your borders and are never going to do anything to you, in fact, I’m pretty sure if a war were to occur the US army stationed at Okinawa would be the ones to fire the first shot. >:(

  • Oh c’mon. Any Chinese will tell you that this is complete and utter BS. We’ve already had too many wars over the past centuries and we fully understand the cost and terror of war. Trust me, military buildup is the last thing on our minds!! 99.99% of Chinese are more concerned about what to eat for dinner than some petty post cold war imaginary arms race. Even Japan, France, UK, Germany, Italy etc spends more on their military than China, not to mention Big Brother USA, which spends 30 times more than China on their military and 10 times more than the second military spender (UK).

  • Anonymous says:

    The real threat to the world is not China, it’s America. Faking an Terrorist attack and killing it’s own people to invade a poor and defensless country.

    Then lying about Iraq, to invade and killing millions of people again.

    Who will be the next one? The Americans are mad. The world need’s China. It’s the only country that could, and will, stop the Ameicans.

  • China won’t do squat. They depend too much on the US to buy their cheap crap. And if they pull something funny, we don’t need to invade. We would destroy their infrastructure in hours but we would not have to send in ground forces to rebuild it like we did in Iraq.

  • Anonymous says:

    funding this crap when they don’t actually need it. The fucking people are eating dirt and yet, the CCP doesn’t give a shit. It’d time for a new band of revolutionaries to rid these bureaucrats

  • Anonymous says:

    The only good thing I can see of this is WWIII happening so that all the butthurt Chinese pukes (going on about how the West exploited them for hundreds of years and now they’ll “self-defense” and “reclaim their lost land” on yo ass), can go to war with America.

    They’ll rope in all the other allies, Western sympathizers on one side, Chinese sympathizers with the ‘pragmatic fence-sitters’ placing their bet on the sheer AWESUM of China the other.


    Then we’ll solve overpopulation and global warming (personal transport emissions) in one fell swoop. And all the butthurt and RAGE can be resolved in one swift bloody war.


  • Anonymous says:

    i think china is “dajjal dream”, not china dream .think about it,dajjal like war too.or maybe dajal already ‘controlled’ china,but america is dajjal too.wait wait,israel is dajjal too.wait wait,who is dajjal? answer please..

    • Anonymous says:

      In the Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christian, & Jews),Dajjal (in Christian known as Anti-Christ)is a one-eyed person who will come when the Doomsday start (Qiamat in Islam), to mislead the believers, & later will be killed by the Imam Mahdi (a person who will be born in the future / probably already born). Messiah (Isa Al-Masih), will also descend wheen the Doomsday start.

      Find the series ‘The Arrivals’, maybe you will learnt something from it.

  • Anonymous says:

    I remember a 1980s movie titled “Red Dawn” wherein Soviets invade USA and they are going to re-make that movie and guess who are the invaders…..

    Chairman Mao’s China and their PLA.

  • Anonymous says:

    The very idea of a one on one war with China is insane, if China decided to invade America good luck getting across the Pacific, if America decided to invade mainland China good luck crawling over corpse mountain.

    Now the threat China poses to it’s immediate neighbors is another story, as is how much the US would get involved. If China invaded South Korea the US would come running and who can say how much the two powers would up the ante before somebody folded. If China ‘invaded’ Taiwan then maybe we’d have a little war on our hands, and maybe we wouldn’t, persuasive journalism could sway that. Anywhere else at this point would be just talk. Oceania, Japan, it’s Asian neighbors.

    This is not a particularly good time to be starting a war.

  • Anonymous says:

    ahh i see, so its alright for the US to boast the world’s most powerful army, but as soon as someone challenges that, with, let me assure you, a budget that is less then 6times the size of the US budget (USA has a budget equivalent to the chinese one, only instead of it being in Yuans, its in dollars, the number figure is the same).

  • Anonymous says:

    Artefact’s article regarding the modernization of Chinese military sounds like outdated early 90s NATO/7th USN fleet policies.

    Invasion of the ROC, Taiwan, is completely absurd in this current political-economic environment.
    Not only would that literally spark global outrage that could very well lead to a third world war, given the fact that Taiwan is a major player in the US sphere of influence in South East Asia, the idea that they would bluntly used CBMs to just outright destroy Taiwan infers that the detente style hostility of North and South Korea apply to this situation, which by concessions of Dian Xiaoping during the 1980s reformist movement, had become thankfully defused over lucrative trade incentives.

    China at worst will simply use its modern military to created an opposing political market in terms of arms trade. A conflict on any major industrial nation, particularly an allied member on the permanent security council, will be so blindingly devastating it would be insane to attempt.

  • Shippoyasha says:

    While China largely is not a threat, these ultra hawks in their nations is scary stuff. Then again, ultra-nationals are stupid/scary everywhere.

    Especially when they are not at any type of a direct threat from its neighbors, building up a huge army just sounds disingenuous. Then again, China thinks they are pulling a fast one over the world, but people are smarter than that.

      • Ol Saddam beat the living snot out of an Iranian Zerg Rush using 1960s level technology.

        A mass of conventional Chinese soldiers vs US forces would equal such a blood bath you’d be able to see it from space.

        A large conventional army without air superiority and a blue water navy to protect it is also known as hamburger.

        Their only chance would be to hope the US would actually be stupid enough to invade mainland China and then revert to guerrilla tactics like the Vietcong.

  • Anonymous says:

    and suddenly, Southeast Asian countries unite to enter the fray.


    (But honestly, with all the corruption, the most likely one to have a chance among those countries is Burma. 2nd largest land forces in the world.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Myanmar, 2nd largest land force in the world OR 2nd largest in SEA?

      They are a light infantry force geared towards jungle warfare. Take them out of the jungle and they will be beaten. They also do not have the capacity to project their forces anywhere further than their immediate neighbours. Even then, they can hardly occupy Thailand assuming that they beat the Royal Thai Army.

  • Anonymous says:

    America spends 350 billion dollars a year on the military. This includes everything from research to application. Now unless you fail basic currency conversion I see something wrong here.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t worry about it. I don’t think China holds any grudges against any small island nations. I mean, it’s not like Japan tried to invade China at any point in recent history, right?

  • Anonymous says:

    Really why is everyone complaining. Have they not seen USA military spending?? Even if China is not showing it’s true numbers, USA spends way more. At least China actually use their military force ti help when there is disasters…
    The USA military ignores it and continue to invade other countries.

  • Anonymous says:

    first lets get down to it…
    1) the chinese military is enormous!
    2) its well supplied
    3) it has a stabel prospous government feeding and backing it…but…

    chinese air space and navel power are years behind america…the plan to cripple the chinese military and render it a harmless, albiet pissed of nation would be quite simple.

    also using american anti-satellite tech destroy low orbit chinese satellites crucial for strategic planning.

    using the superior american navy, crush the chinese navy, allow free passage of american ships and supplies to set up a forward airbase.
    using superior american fighters strike deep into the country to disable 1st military, communication and power then water systems and roads, finaly infrastucture such as water treatment facitities and garbage collection points.

    finally using the natual himalayas, gobi desert and sea of china/ sea of japan as natural barriers watch and predeict chinese movement of armour and crush them from above. aside from Special operations members gathering real time info, kno americans would be nessarcary on the ground for atleast a few weeks. giving Forces plenty of time to prepare and mobilize with a ligitament ground plan….see simple. the same tactic was used on iraq, the problem there was that we had to deal with try to rebuild instead of kicking ass then leaving.

  • Anonymous says:

    Somebody needs background knowledge on this topic. China is neighbored next to the powerhouse RUSSIA, the technology powerhouse INDIA, and nuclear powered North Korea. The budget reflects demilitarizing conventional methods of pure manpower and a switch to more technological, electronical, computerized warfare to match up to the former great Cold War powers. China has yet to reach the technological poweress that the EU, America and Russia have today and the big budget is designed to cut the military from 3 million to 1 million guards.

  • Anonymous says:

    China’s defense budget is comparatively low considering its large population, population and territory. China defense spending has accounted for about 1.4 percent of China’s GDP, compared to 4 percent in the United States. I am not worry.

  • The mention of a forcible breakup of India has me worried yep we’re going have to do something.
    BTW India won’t fall so easily they do have the largest blue water navy in the region.
    Fortunately all those weapons except what they bought off Russia are of China Quality.

    It would be funny to see with an A10 or C130 spooky would do to those amphibious tanks after the PLAAF is quickly shot down.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just face it.

      China will free the world from American domination, and make Japan, Korea, Vietnam and the rest of Asia what it was 99% of it’s history: Bitches of China.

      The Communist Party of China, blessed with the Mandate of Heaven, and it will rule ALL under Heaven.

      Darüber hinaus bin ich als Deutscher der Meinung, dass nur China die Welt vor dem Islam wird bewahren können, da die USA, und vor allem die verkommene EU weder fähig noch Willens sind, etwas gegen die rasand fortschreitende Islamisierung zu unternehmen.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is nice when the Chinese spies are all over America stealing and demoralizing the American public and government.

    There are too many shady issues with the Japanese-American relationship at the moment. Finally Japan is becoming closer to China once and for all.

  • Well, as a Chinese (born in Hong Kong, raised in Canada), I can tell you Chinese people, from Mainland China especially (called Mainlanders), are not very forgiving. They will take back what they think is theirs. Though I doubt they will start another major war, I am pretty darn sure they’re working towards controlling other countries (namely USA and Japan) financially.

      • Anonymous says:

        China’s problem is China.

        That army is for internal “consumption”, everybody goes on about the economic miracle, but, that benefits the few, what about the vast majority that are still dirt poor.

        What about rioting in the streets as communist era collective enterprises are forcibly deconstructed?

        In a real battlefeild tank = target even with 60’s tech a conventional battlefield confrontation between “moderns” would be cleared of anything with a profile higher than 45cm in two weeks.

        Tanks are for crowd control.

        The millions of troops are for crowd control.

        NB. China does crowd like no-one else.

        • Actually the industrialisation of China has substantially benefited most of China, lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty and into something approaching modern life.

          The real issue is what happens to China when the masses are no longer being placated by unsustainable 10% rates of catchup growth.

  • Anonymous says:

    China is so greedy.

    They are even claiming Spratly Islands are theirs even though its so far away from the mainland and so close to Malaysia and Philippines.

    It wouldn’t be hard to believe China invading those countries in the future.

    • Anonymous says:

      Every nation that is a great power has claims on territories far away from their mainland, they do it because they can. Your point is correct but it doesn’t apply to the Chinese only.

        • china has its own faults for past historical event due to the lack modernization and denying western powers of open trade. japan on the other hand fully acknowledged open trade with the western world and the smaller and younger country compared to china had become far superior and managed to almost destory china durning the sino japanese wars…….china had only begun its modernization by 1970’s but it costed far more recourses of manpower and denial of human ethics to it’s citizen to achieve this result. but it also set them to implode due that china has become so ecomonicly closed in that they will begin to be like the U.s and hired cheap labor from third world nations in south asia…….and china’s increase of their military can also be a example china trying deal with their impoverished citizens which can make up to 60%
          of the population of china in which an pause or decrease the amount of social revolutionaries that china faces daily in its rural provences.
          my final variable is that china now depends heavly on the western world such its trade agreements with the U.S. market and E.U. Consumers. if any one were to fall, would cause the other to pull out to save it’s and cause massive shockwaves of unemployment in the chinese because only 40% of china is urbanized and cause polictial and social unrest in china resulting asa huge or desvasting set back for the chinese people.

  • The second China declares war, the west should just declare all their debts owned by China are now paid in full and let the Chinese deal with having shot themselves in the foot.

    I wouldn't be sending aid to Taiwan though.

    But if China wants it so bad, let them deal with losing ALL the commercial contacts with the west.

    All the companies could then start negotiating with a clean slate.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s entirely possible that this lowered public figure is a signal from the CCP to their own armed forces to be more discrete, considering the recent deluge of announcements from various commanders in the PLA which have covered everything from leaking info on their J-xx project, aircraft carriers, and now even gaining notoriety for publishing such pacifist material like “China Dream”, which might as well read, “Manifest destiny” to everyone else.

    Short of fighting corruption within their own ranks, the CCP has been struggling to keep the PLA out of business affairs. This is a military that once even owned farms for profit.

    I see this as a possible two birds with one stone sort of things. One one side, externally they can claim, however dubiously, that this is a sign of their commitment to peace, but also sending a veiled message for internal consumption. “We make the rules, and we set the policy, not you. Keep your generals and admirals in line to prevent them from leaking so much info, or we’ll take away the cookie jar.”

    Or… …Bleh, I think I’ve speculated about as much as I want to regarding the CCP’s intentions…

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Oceana has always been at war with EurAsia. EastAsia has always been at war with Eurasia…

    Really, this is a combination of Orwell’s novel and pure, utter greed and stupidity and one of the reasons I call the USA “AmeriKKKa”…

    Ever since Nixon “Opened up” China, they’ve been given a tremendous economic and trade advantage at the cost of a lot of western prosperity. Simply put, the rich elite sold their civilizations short to make themselves even richer. But at the same time, the “Dragon” is awakening and shall shake the world when it does, quoting Napoleon.

    As they do this, the elites think themselves masters of the world, owning governments by “WTO” agreements and such. China carefully moves chess pieces to get into place… It’s the truth of Marx’s maxim that the “Last Capitalist shall sell us the rope with which we shall hang him…”

    Anyone remember the “911 toy”? Year or so after 911 there was some cheap toys that got put in some of the “6 star” level stores. (above dollar store market, but still closes out for larger retailers from other states with some targeted merchandise) They had this plane between the two towers in flames with 911. There was another one that had the plane on a plastic stick whacking two joined towers and there was a little grinning Osama impressed in the cockpit.

    Well, people freaked out, but 15 minutes later went on to something else.

    The real outrage is that it was just an ‘accident’ in the same big companies that control the markets. “G.I. Joe” on this market becomes “G.I. Jihad” on another market. The companies make everything in the sweatshop in EastAsia (China, Philippines, Vietnam) not because it’s really cheaper but as a weapon of economic war against their own people to impoverish them. In this relatively rare instance, someone put the wrong label or a scanner failed or there was a clerical error and so something for the “EurAsia-subsection Arabia” market got into the “Oseana-AmeriKKKan” one by mistake.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ever wonder why the FN P90 was developed? An entire category of sidearms was created (Personal Defense Weapons) for vehicle operators that need weapons that can handle ammunition capable of punching through STANDARD NATO ARMOR; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

        The fact is first world nations develop weapons and armors to defeat OTHER FIRST WORLD ARMIES, not some unarmored terrorist hopped up on pain killers or third world armies with outdated weapons. China wants to believe it’s on its way to becoming a first world country, ergo it needs to have a first world military to match.

    • Well I’m not too surprised at their troop strength. With growing and strong economies come growing and strong armies. It’s the true proof of economic success for most countries really. And what country wouldn’t conceal their true strength to some degree? Fear and doubt are two of the biggest deterrents to going to war.

    • “I am certain that China is concealing it’s true military strength, I doubt it’s not impossible that they won’t…”

      Never, NEVER, NEVEEEER understimate or overstimate China in any way; I think they have proved their “skills” in lots of way, just check the past articles and you’ll see.

      In other blue news;
      Well, they may have a lot of military units and LEGO tanks and cop… I mean, “homage” submarines and vessels… but what’s that worth if in some years the tanks will be useless and there will be NEW types of submarines and such?, it’s just what happened to the USSR, making a huge army and then having trouble keeping it and then you’ll have NO resources for investigation in new designs (or “homage” in their case) and well… *sigh* I’ll just sit and wait and perhaps save some bucks because I really want some of those LEGO tanks.

        • Member548 says:

          In mock engagements the F-22 beats the F-15 at like 8 kills to 1 loss or better.

          The F-15 has a factual combat record that is something like 110 to 0 VS various Soviet designs over the years.

          Now days you have to see first and shoot first to win. Those with the best stealth, sensory gear and missiles win.

          The same is even becoming true for armored vehicles as it is becoming impossible to properly armor a vehicle well enough, so the best solution is to detect the enemy quicker and shoot at them faster and at a distance they can’t match.

        • Anonymous says:

          So that means the only advantage a Chinese pilot would have in an air war is to fire his missile first and use the element of surprise against the Americans. The guidance factor is also a non-issue if you have AWACS support, as the AWACS can just guide the missile for you once you fire it allowing semi-active guidance to act as if it was fully active.

          Without the AWACS, I believe semi-active missiles like the Russian R-24 have only one advantage over the US AMRAAM and that is the fact that their range is longer due to a less complicated guidance system allowing you to fire your missile BEFORE the US planes get a lock on you.

          It becomes more of a fair fight with AWACS support as quite a few generational advantages are nullified. But supporting AWACS + Fighters + Missiles + Intensive flight training is a highly draining economic duty which is why most air forces fail against the US. Those Americans have sacrificed everything from education to healthcare to pump BILLIONS of dollars into their army. I believe their military spending exceeds the total military spending of all countries of the world.

        • Anonymous says:

          Also just to clarify why active guided missiles are an advantage, if you have to maintain a target lock, your maneuvering capabilities are highly limited until your missile hits the target.

          An USAF pilot just needs to fire a missile and then begin his maneuvering to dodge any missile fired by the Chinese pilot.

          At that point the Chinese pilot has two choices, either he maintains his lock and plays a game of chicken with the American risking his destruction, or he beings to manuever to avoid the American missile losing his lock on the American and causing his missile to fall harmlessly to the ground.

        • Anonymous says:

          China might have more Jet fighters, but the US maintains the ones they have and their pilots get a lot more flight hours than chinese pilots I think.

          Actual flight training time is very expensive due to fuel and maintenance costs. This is one of the reason why the Russians who technically had the technological/numerical superiority in terms of air power over Georgia lost about 6 planes to this small nation. If Russia can lose 6 planes to a small country like Georgia, imagine how much China would lose to the US combined Air and Ground effort?

          Also I don’t think China uses active guided air to air missiles, requiring them to maintain a target lock in order to hit a target. The US has pumped so much money into its airforce that most of their planes are equipped with AMRAAM missiles which are fire and forget. Thats like hundreds of thousands of dollars in radar equipment being exploded in every shot. The Americans also learned from Vietnam that missiles aren’t 100% reliable and have gotten intense training in dog fighting called “top gun” training. So even if a hypothetical air war with China did occur it’s probably that most US planes would have a 1:8 kill ratio.

        • Anonymous says:

          “From the last time I’ve read, China has at least 8 against 1 U.S. jet fighters. And if they ever went to war, China may win from the sheer fact that they’ll overwhelm the enemy.”

          Actually the US has always outscored China in terms of number of aircraft, and by today’s standards it’s about 2-to-1. Factor in nex-gen fighters then China is far, far behind.

        • Anonymous says:

          Old technology doesn’t necessarily mean it will lose against a battle 1 on 1. Forgetting factors like terrain, weather and such. It comes down to strategy, Sun-Tzu shit, and even luck at times.

          From the last time I’ve read, China has at least 8 against 1 U.S. jet fighters. And if they ever went to war, China may win from the sheer fact that they’ll overwhelm the enemy.

          China is much like Zerg…

          Zerg rush kekekeke.

        • Let’s say some other country does what China did to be a world power… use all of its population for cheap industry needs, this will make major factories and such to move to this country. What would China do then?, export… something?, how it’ll keep it’s huge army?, what will it do now?. In other words, some countries (India for example) have this issue, if there’s some kind of change in the economic factor of the country (which is more likely a very fragile aspect) it will mostly collapse, while other countries have treats or enough resources to avoid this collapse, these countries have… gods will?

      • Anonymous says:

        LEGO tanks you say. Well, you’re probably right. Most of their tanks are based on Soviet T-55. Rest is: about 1500 ZTZ-96 (comparable with Soviet tanks from early 80’s, like T-72B), less than 300 ZTZ-98 (comparable with late 80’s tanks) and about 200 relatively modern ZTZ-99 tanks.

        In other words, they have lots of tanks, but less modern tanks than Russia (Russia has about 350 T-90 and over 400 T-80U in active service)