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Racist comment? What racist comment?

A few of my friends *are* chinese and they say the exact same thing.

Don’t you see the parallels to the Foxconn factories where hundredthousands of people are slaving away like drones doing repetitive mindless tasks so some idiots can drool over their iphone and whatnot?

If these kinds of things are not being critisized then they will never change.

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  • Chinese Buildings Uniformly Disturbing:
    1. Dude, I spend alot of time in China with 3 chinese friends running an import/export business. And when I say that something in a country is crap then that does not make me racist. Especially when I’m half asian myself (no I won’t tell you from where), so fuck you. 2. No its not limited to china, but doing it that repetitive and with those numbers is another story entirely. The buildings don’t look *that* cheap so its even more stupid to devalue them by this. 3. It still sucks, one of my (yes …

  • Chinese Buildings Uniformly Disturbing:
    Who can be so stupid and come up with the idea to build all buildings exactly the same one after the other? But then, looking at the bridge with the building on top of it, says it all: This has been designed by a complete retard who just doesn’t give a shit. A little large-scale thinking and planing goes a long way. Just a little more varied placement of those buildings with some space, grass and trees could have actually make it look somewhat decent but like that it just looks like a giant …

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