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Chair Maims Girl by Anal Penetration



A girl has been critically injured after the chair she was sitting on exploded, propelling sharp chair fragments into her rear with devastating consequences.

The girl, a resident of Xiamen in China’s Fujian province, was sat using her computer when the chair she was sitting on exploded.

She was quickly taken to hospital, and in emergency surgery doctors recovered a dozen screws and fragments of plastic from her flesh.

Though severely injured and barely conscious, her condition is now stable.

Just why the chair exploded is not recorded, but the previous case of a boy killed by a similar explosion indicates the likely cause – the boy, also Chinese, was killed when a manufacturing defect caused the gas cylinder in the chair to explode, propelling sharp parts into his rectum and causing him to bleed to death before help could arrive..

A number of other cases of Chinese chairs exploding are also recorded – dubious standards of manufacturing in such chairs has the unfortunate side effect of turning them into potential death traps, capable of exploding with considerable force and projecting the cylinder and parts of the chair into the vulnerable rear of anyone unfortunate enough to be so seated when the chair goes off.

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