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20% of Japanese Men Want to Date Game Characters


The latest finding about Japan’s increasingly unmanly men is that some 40% think enjoying in-game love is worthwhile, whilst 20% admit to actually wanting a relationship with characters in a game.

The survey, covering 500 Japanese men in their twenties, covered a variety of questions relating to lifestyle.

When asked “Do you think of yourself as a ‘herbivorous’ man?”, referring to a passive man who will not pursue women, a staggering 63.8% replied “yes.”

Then, when asked “Do you think enjoying a romance with a game character is on?”, 42.2% responded that they did indeed think it was “ari.”

A fifth of the men went so far as to admit that on at least one occasion they had hankered after romance with a game character.

Via J-Cast.

Coupled with the notorious greed of Japanese women, these results seem to suggest the future of the Japanese race is bleak indeed

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