80% of Japanese Women: Marrying Poor Men “Unthinkable”


A recent survey has highlighted the overwhelming importance Japanese women place on the income of their prospective husbands, with 50% ruling out the prospect of marriage to a man with a lower income than themselves entirely as “unthinkable”, and a further 30% qualifying this to “if it looks as if he’ll earn more in future, it’s OK.”

The materialistic concerns of the female survey respondents are unabashed:

“I don’t think love can arise in a situation like that… Money is necessary to an extent.”

However, men too have similar, though less pronounced, reservations about women who are higher earners: 50% are happy with a wife who “earns much more” than them, but 20% can only take a lady earning “a little higher” than their own salaries. The rest presumably need a financially inferior partner.

You can read more about what incomes are acceptable in the previous survey coverage

Via J-Cast.

All this has some interesting wider implications. If women in Japan are to enjoy  equal career opportunities and income to their male counterparts, as many reasonably feel entitled to, logically they are going to have difficulty finding partners with higher incomes than themselves, and so their marriage prospects do not seem favourable.

The salary expectations (for their husband/income source) of Japanese women appear to be one of the unacknowledged factors contributing to the demographic changes so marked in Japan…

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  • Anonymous says:

    It is a generation of women grew up in a materialistic society (e.g being shopaholic) of course they will have different mentality from women in poor countries. As the country develops the mentality of people changes too. Not surprise here cuz my cousin is like that lol

  • This is TRUE for all women. It’s basic human nature, just like most men prefer young attractive women over old, unhealthy (read fat), or ugly women. People also don’t want mean-spirited or maladjusted partners either, It’s all about ensuring that you and your offspring have the healthiest and best chance of survival and having offspring of their own.

  • I love you, i know that if i marry you and spend the rest of my life with you i will enjoy it… but you dont have enough money so i will go with that rich guy over there that i may not have anything in common.

  • heh what a survey we got here.

    preference -> reality = BIG difference.
    Never heard of such an extreme number of single Japanese men.
    Our reasoning:
    Average person? Made for “the other guy”.
    We instead: d-cups & super-models.
    None wants his/her partner to be an average clone. Hence the apocalyptic survey.

    These demanding girls gotta land someday. what comes up,goes down right? Come up with STATISTICS and then we’ll talk.

  • Anonymous says:

    You guys won’t be saying “LOVE OVER MONEY!” when the bills are coming in.

    Money is a giant part of life, and you can’t survive without it.

    Without being able to pave your way through life with money, your relationship with your significant other will very likely fall apart as you argue over bills.

    Anyone thinking otherwise lives in a fantasy land.

    • Miroku74 says:

      My parents have had money trouble for the past 24 years, due to different illnesses and loss of work at various times. And they’ve stuck together through the *really* bad times as well as the good. So I don’t know what fantasy world YOU’RE speaking from.

      Love keeps you sane. It keeps you from being buried in a big deep hole of despair, even when things are turning to shit around you. So to have YOU denigrate Love is to deny one of the most basic and *necessary* emotions we can express.

      Money is necessary in it’s own way, but it’s a means to an end, not the end. The majority of us are created in an act of Love, and raised Lovingly by our parents. We’re taught to Love Thy Neighbors and treat them according to how we ourselves would like to be treated. And we’d all like to be surrounded by those we love and care for when it’s our time to leave this world. In the end, we can’t take money with us, but Love…. Love is one of the things we CAN.


      You have your views, and you’re more than welcome to refute mine. I just don’t see things the way you do. 🙂

      • Danielnoctis says:

        Had a moment there eh? The anonymous dude knows what he’s talking about better then you. All those love shit, yeah they sound good on paper.(not really the stink even there)

        If cheesiness is your motto, by all means go ahead. Just be prepared to land.

      • Unfortunately, nowadays, it’s rare to hear of couples who stick together even when it’s raining fire and brimstone. Your parents are certainly very lucky to have each other. That, or the red string of destiny does exist.

        Personally, I say to hell with marriage. The more I stay in the company of other people, the more I find I can’t stand them. I rather die a bachelor than to damn myself by investing a part of myself in the fickleness of a woman, or another person in general.

  • I’ve never seen why money is so important to most of my fellow women. Then again I’m not the kind who spends it all like a fucking moron on extra clothes and shoes and diets and whatever fashionable, popular crap is flooding the malls lately. I’d rather have working electricity, internet, food, and the occasional game or DVD set to keep me entertained. Money is nice to have but makes for the lousiest of romantic relationship foundations.

    Whatever happened to, you know, actual love? This old-fashioned romantic believes we’re in need of a romantic and erotic renaissance.

    • Miroku74 says:

      If you’re ‘old-fashioned’ hun, then welcome to the Club! ^^ Membership dues are pretty much nonexistent.

      I think that love is the reason why my folks opted to keep me and my younger brother and sisters back when we were under the Welfare rolls. They were told by the (anti)social workers that it’d be better for them and us in the long run, but they decided to keep the family together. I like to think that’s why my family is so tightly knit as it is… because we know we can depend on each other when the chips are down.

      Day after day, and week after week, I hear about people’s marriages falling by the wayside. I think marriage…. and the trappings and expectations which it evokes…. are wrong. If you’re devoted to the other person, and they to you, you shouldn’t need to feel pressured to make it ‘official’ by some religious ceremony or something similar.

      Is this even making ANY kind of sense to anyone else here besides me? Or am I just rambling nonsense again?

      • Oh thank you! Like I said, I’m just old fashioned, and in a society that shuns ‘old’ things…well, of course people are going to frown on chivalry, wooing, and good ol’ effort when it comes down to trying to win someone’s heart.

        Though, those that do understand are going to be worth winning, because they’ll care about the person and not the cash that supports them. I would rather be happy with someone I really liked and poor than in misery with someone I hated and rich.

  • I don’t think its the general public who actually want gender equality but rather a couple of Feminists who are already quite masculine (to be considered Women)who bark the loudest and demand such actions.
    I mean think about it, if there was gender equality why would the law still protect the rights of a Woman to take 50% of a mans assets upon divorce but not the other way around.

  • Anonymous says:

    If men place primary importance on the looks of a potential wife, then yes, all he’s going to find are gold-diggers with no love for the man.

    If women place primary importance on how much money a man makes, then that will probably limit them to men who care mostly about looks.

    It just seems so close to prostitution as to make no difference (“For fifty bucks, baby, I’ll say whatever you want!”)

    Love got dropped out of the equation a long time ago over there, it seems.

    • considering marriage over there used to be a business agreement between two families 9/10 of the time, golddigging can be more easily excused and somwhat to be expcted if your asian.

  • metatron says:

    “However, men too have similar, though less pronounced, reservations about women who are higher earners: 50% are happy with a wife who “earns much more” than them, but 20% can only take a lady earning “a little higher” than their own salaries. The rest presumably need a financially inferior partner.”

    One of the factors of low birth rate?

  • Anonymous says:

    All i understand from this, is that am not likely to find a wife.
    Question: How about just fucking? Does it have to be rich too?
    Probably not since they marry an old rich guy and then find a young poor guy to fuck them.

    • you will never get a girl.
      ( same for me )

      Women in this age hate the men.

      stop thinking about solving this.
      It’s just a waste of time.

      after WW2 the world has been
      gettin worse and worse.

      the future will be even darker .

  • it depends really on the poll
    if the poll has only income, like
    50% higher, 20% little higher
    of course everyone will choose the highest

    but if the poll has others, like

    then it will change,
    so i conclude that
    that poll is meaningless

    • anonymous says:

      exactly. whatever pleasures money brings is just like a drug to temporarily take you away from an otherwise undesired life. It’s temporary happiness that’s done over repeatedly. Loving others, getting love from others, loving yourself, and self fulfillment give long-term happiness.

      I believe one of the important things in life is to have a satisfying, happy, and accepting death, and that can’t be possible without feeling you’ve had a satisfying life, with happiness and love in it. Not everyone dies alone, and no one should have to die alone.

  • This doesn’t surprise me since japan strikes me as very money driven culture… more so than even the US. I heard often of husbands spending most of their time at work… and for what? To make the money. But what’s the point of being married if you spend your days at work so often? Heck that’s why there’s Kogals around and such.

    • its how the japanese economy is like… you can work a ton, but you wont make much, thats why so many people work so much so often in japan, just to get enough to get by.

      the US is privileged with the ignorant, they dont realize that all their wealth is being spread to other nations, and that much of their money is actually imaginary because of the fat cats on wall street. before the economic downturn, Americans were spending $101USD per $100USD they were making, where does that extra $1 come from? debt and imaginary stats given by giant companies… thats why when the economy collapsed recently, all the big companies that were part of the lying business, lost nearly all their value, since most of their value before was made of imaginary wealth.

      its kinda sad to see that most americans dont realize how unfair their own financial system is, where lying and hoarding money is rewarded by huge profits, and being honest and spending is rewarded by a marginal profit, even though the later is what keeps an economy going…

      • KajunBowser says:

        B.S. We (the educated ppl in America) know where the money’s going: in the dark void where it goes from the richest to the poorest and then outside the country.

        Anyway, the economy has nothing to do the frequent “gold-digging” influx in Japan as of late. There are just moar greedy women out there is all. If this keeps up, the Japanese population isn’t going up any time soon.

        • oh my… you think that the rich of the US are losing money to the poor? wow…

          you have realized that the rich have gotten richer and everyone else has gotten poorer over the last few decades in the US right? the gap in income has only broadened, the rich make more money and hoard more money, while the poor and even decently well to do, make the same or less and cannot afford to save. the heavily capitalistic system we have in place here in the US is allowing for such an unfair divide in wealth. the whole “hard work is rewarded with more income” mentality of the american is pure fantasy, you have way too many people that work their asses off and never even come close to going up the social ladder, mostly because the wealthy and upper class is nearly an exclusive club, where its extremely hard to even get a chance to join them.

          true that money gets sent out of the US, but that is nothing compared to the problem of wealth hoarding by the wealthy top 2% of the population. more then 50% of the total wealth in the USA is owned by only 2% of the population… something is wrong with that picture… another thing, the average company executive makes 475 times more then their employees in the US, is it just me or does that feel a bit unfair when your employees are working their asses off to keep you wealthy? plus theres the fantasy that many americans have that voting and speaking out FOR the wealthy is the “american” thing to do, when that leads to them hurting themselves financially.

          self-centered greed combined with ignorance and denial is creating a modern day “noble” class in the USA… in japan, its more of a problem with a no-growth economy (and the fact that there will be gold-diggers no matter what). hell, the CEO of japan airlines has a salary of less then that of the pilots he employs, to be a powerful man and still be humble is to be commended.

    • anonymous says:

      truly, why work to keep a family going that you otherwise don’t care for? Giving children love is just as, if not more, essential than giving them food. Is it better that your family is eating an expensive dinner without you than eating a simple but adequate dinner with you?

  • Well, considering that I’m earning more than he’ll probably ever earn in his lifetime (unless he happens to be even more successful at earning money), I am able to accept the fact that my future husband will probably not earn as much as me.

  • SilverTide says:

    Wealthy men give women more orgasms


    I especially like this quip
    “The study is certain to prove controversial, suggesting that women are inherently programmed to be gold-diggers.”

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s a mere stereotype. I am a girl and when I graduate I want to become financially independent and not depend on my husband to survive. I am not weak-willed and there are any other girls out there like me. Money doesn’t bring happiness (well, not necessarily), so this survey is either wrong or sad.
    The kind of people that made part of that survey are the kind of women that you are likely to see dating ugly, older men, and then claim “it’s love”. Pfft.

    • Maybe you’re a minority among women then. Or not, you’re an anonymous after all.

      Anyway, this survey is on Japanese women. We all seem to have started overgeneralizing points for all women.

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s okay….. I wouldn’t marry any woman period, and I make about 100K a year, so it’s OKAY!

    Frankly, this is why some men are more attracted to young girls and teenagers…. they haven’t gotten into this bullshit mindset that really…. women should be totally disabused of on a regular basis.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bull. Most times, it is NOT money problems that are causing problems for couples (if the people in question are ACTUALLY GETTING PAID WHAT THEY ARE WORTH, unlike most low-wage workers who are being overworked and underpaid).

      It is the fact that the two people together are okay in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship where they are living in separate houses…. but not in a marriage where they have to see and deal with each other every second of every day!

      That’s the main reason why I say GET RID OF MARRIAGE!

      • anonymous says:

        The problem isn’t money in marriage, it’s getting involved with someone for reasons like money. If you marry, or even just get involved with someone just because they have money, then before you know it you’ll be finding things about that person that you can’t stand no matter how much money you get for it. Then you start getting unfaithful with that person and go behind their back with someone else to help you fulfill your other desires. Or maybe, you may be able to tolerate everything about a person because the money is good, but then that person comes to realize you’re really in it for the money and that you don’t really care for them. That’s where the problem comes from.

        When you get involved and into an relationship with someone, it should be THAT PERSON, not their bank balance or privileges. You’re not getting involved with a blank-faced credit card that has no feelings.

        It’s bad enough that some people just get involved with others for material reasons, but then some people go and get married and have kids before the shit ends up hitting the fan. It’s so sad how many people in modern societies have gone through this same story.

        I mean, really, anyone seen the film “Casino”? He knew all the stories, he knew that eventually the shit is supposed to hit the fan, he knew that basically paying a woman into becoming his wife was stupid, and guess what? He did it anyways, they had some kids (or was it just one?), and then the shit hit the fan.

  • This way of thinking is just plain stupid. It shouldn’t matter who earns the most money. I just think that the guy should work and at least earn what he can, but not kill himself though.

  • so in the end japan will end up dying out because there will be no more babys in that place. From what i read most otakus don’t mate while others are hikkomoris and women want men who have shit loads of money. I feeling sorry for them.

    • Ukonkivi says:

      I believe this whole problem is directly related to Japan telling women once they get pregnant, to cut all ambitions and raise a child, and be a housewife. Makes women NOT want to get pregnant, gives women TOO many expectations for men, and makes the two live in an atmosphere of romantic and sexual escapism.

      When a man can also raise a child. Is just as capable in my opinion. And a woman can work just as hard. Japan needs to get with the times and be more Westernized than just having tall buildings and skyscrapers.

  • anonymous says:

    It’s not just Japan, most women, at least in developed places of the world, are obsessed with and find more importance in things like fame, wealth, and material possessions. Actually it’s really everyone, but from my perspective women really have it bad, especially in material possessions. My own mom is no exception, but then there isn’t much love/romanticism in the relationship of my parents (from both sides) to begin with and I think she just has no choice but to fill the gaps with material things. Still, if you’re young and you get the chance to find and choose love, you’re one of the world’s biggest idiots if you can’t look past other silly things like wealth. I’d live for the rest of my days like tarzan in the jungle or like a monk in the mountains if I had someone to love (and I mean real love) with me. I’d give up everything if I had to. I don’t think any amount of money would make me happier than if I ended up like that, actually.

    Maybe it’s just that most people don’t truly understand the concept of being loved and loving others, and how powerful it is in helping to fulfilling your life. Love is actually the basis of all religions, it’s just that most people tend to focus on other aspects of religion, or the politics, technicalities, and stories in and around them. They don’t realize how simple it really should be. Even many of those that do give a damn about love have it all wrong. They think it’s some kind of magic that you don’t understand till you get it, or it’s just a feeling that randomly comes and goes. I don’t want to make this longer than it already is by explaining my definition of love, but let’s just say if you think it’s possible to love someone for a while, then eventually not love that person anymore, then you’re a dummy if you think that was really love.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Maybe it’s just that most people don’t truly understand the concept of being loved and loving others”

      I think this is true. Love is counterintuitive to survival and one of the things that sets people apart from animals. The ability to love not just your pack or your mate or your children, but anyone.

      • Love stuff is not for me.
        i’m too lazy. i cannot
        pick up a random girl and
        say ” i love you ” or
        random s.h.i.t. like that .

        moreover i’m poor.

        You hate me ?

        Who cares . cry me a river .

    • You still need to learn..

      One can’t live without money. Even monks get it. That’s capitalism for you. The church gets the money from the country, the country gets it from the people, the people earning it. Don’t have money? Ain’t a good capitalist then.

      Love? Oh,.. come on. Don’t make the Chen laugh. It’s a temporary mental disease and if you get married in that state, you fucked up big time.

      If you get a partner, in whom you can trust, and who can trust you, than you are happy. Doesn’t matter if that partner is male too. It’s not like you’re supposed to fuck him. But then there’s the temporary mental disease mentioned before, which will corrupt either you or your partner. And again it doesn’t matter, if your partner is male or female.

      True love only exists in the books. Reality thaught us otherwise. Wake up, or grow up. Depends on your age.

        • Or maybe I just forgot the few good things in my life. I try not too hard to remember my past. Always hurts.

          “If you want to be realistic, I’d suggest you know that nothing is black and white, there are no 100%s, and to look at things from multiple perspectives.”

          Well, yeah, that’s what I do. Everything is grey. Good and bad are a matter of definition. Killing people helps humanity as a whole. Every emotion is a necessatiy for daily life, and so on..

        • anonymous says:

          heh. i don’t mean to generalize, but I don’t think I’ve come across anyone who calls themselves a realist and doesn’t almost always look at the downside to things, ironically. Having low expectations doesn’t make you have a realistic point of view. If you want to be realistic, I’d suggest you know that nothing is black and white, there are no 100%s, and to look at things from multiple perspectives.

        • Thanks for the support, I suppose..
          I’m a realist. I like dreaming too, but there I prefer 2D. Maybe it’s just that I hadn’t had a single positive experiences in my entire life. But oh well. Being realistic and obvervant are good traits I guess.

        • True, I am “a cold, cynical, sad person”, but I think it was all just a misunderstanding. I don’t use the word ‘love’ for the things you do. Love is a word, which is overused in my language, so it kind of feels shallow to use it. My parents never told each other, something of love, but they are still married and happy. And because of this situation around me, I do not think the word love is appropriate for the things you call by that very word.

          “do you desire to be happy or are trying to find happiness?”
          An interesting question. I don’t know. Maybe I am, perhaps I am not. I’m a lonely person, yeah, but I choose to be one. It’s not the people that have forsaken me, it’s me who has forsaken the real people. I search for people who may suit me and found a few on the interwebz. Maybe my future is a bright one or perhaps I’m just making excuses.

          “Writing doesn’t require money”

          Than how do you write and on what? Paper requires mony, ink requires money,…

        • Anonymous says:

          I actually follow no religion. I had one, but I don’t believe in following a religion if I have to believe in everything it tells me to beleive in and doesn’t allow for change, learning, and open mindedness. I believe in religion, but I don’t follow one. I guess I make my own religion for myself, based on what I’ve learned and experienced.

          You’re continuing referral to love as a kind of temporary disease really makes me think you’re confusing love and infatuation, or romanticism. It isn’t shouldn’t be something temporary or else it isn’t love. Love IS all of the little things. You need to have a mix of those things in order to experience love. It’s a mixture of feelings. You need to have trust, affection, forgiveness, understanding, attachment, etc. I don’t know how anyone who sees that perspective can see it as wrong. Would you rather believe love is unexplainable magic that you may or may not stumble into some day, or something tangible that can be attained by the right means?

          And I didn’t mean that everyone loves their family or has to love their family, but it’s unusual not to. But can you really say that not having a loving family member, hopefully since birth, is actually desirable? Do you like that you don’t have a person

          Really though, are you even happy? Or maybe a more reasonable question would be, do you desire to be happy or are trying to find happiness? Or have you just given up and are just living for the hell of it? Or for some other goal?

          Only a cold, cynical, sad person would say they do not desire being loved. Even if you can live without it, you won’t really be happy without it. Now really, I can’t believe anyone who tells me they don’t want happiness. Many people have lived on work, or things like art and creating, but happiness usually eludes those people. Like secluded, isolated writers, who can be brilliant and make something of their lives, but lack true happiness due to loneliness, even though ironically that loneliness can fuel their brilliant work. Still, I’m sure those people would wish they could have both love as well as achieve their goals at the end of their lives.

          BTW, I didn’t want to sound cliched, but I did once say things like you do, before I reached around 20. Even before that, I scoffed and laughed at the concept of love as something silly, cheesy, and a kind of nonsensical magic only for story books. I don’t know how it feels for you, but for me it was a pretty depressing and jaded time. I was always angry at everyone for the slightest thing. That was after I stopped believing in god and the soul, which I still don’t believe in… at least not in the same way. At least I can say I feel I understand the concepts better than I would have if I had blindly followed another person’s views instead of finding my own. I used to look for a “god” in the bigger picture, the universe, the heavens, what ever is out there, the things that are bigger than “trivial” humans, but I never looked at the things that make up the picture. I almost forgot that I was human and that I live among other humans.

          I don’t mean to have anyone listen to me, or change because of what I say. I don’t care. I’m just giving my views. I’m not trying to preach, I’m just saying what I honestly believe, and anyone can take or leave whatever they want from it. I’m not trying to convert anyone to anything. I’m just another human being who’s learning to be and trying to be human. I’m happy to read your rebuts, Chen, or anyone’s. I take healthy arguments as a way of helping each other out.

          Oh, and needing money to make a living? Well, that’s different. But it depends on what you want to do with your life, really. A person can learn to live a simple life without money. But depending on what they want to do, they may or may not need money. Creating art doesn’t require money. Singing doesn’t require money, if you’ve got talent. Writing doesn’t require money, provided you learn how to read and write somehow first. I believe the current world’s creation of economy, businesses, corporations, banks, etc. have made the world and life more complicated than it should be. The majority of the world’s people has been made to follow an unnecessary template from their birth. But then, that’s a whole other argument and this is far longer than it should be…

        • I think you are a religious person who can’t understand the scientific point of view. Your argumentaion has flaws. Lots of it.

          First: Love isn’t what you want it to be. And I certainly do not love my familiy. It’s my family. Persons I can trust. People who will hold to me in bad times. Love is just a temporary mental disease. The things you speak of aren’t love, but sympathy, harmonizing interests and so on. Depending on your age: grow up or wake up. I for startes am not even in my twenties, but did realize already a big deal of the worlds working.

          Second: One can’t do shit without money. Maybe you can survive.. somewhat. But you can’t make a living without it. (Besides: You only need clothes in cold areas.)

          Staying healthy will be more complicate the older you get. Oh,.. in the far past people died around the age of 30, so you can make it at least that far.

        • anonymous says:

          See, this is exactly what I mean (regarding mostly Chen’s comment). Likening love to a sickness or effects of a drug?? Love shouldn’t only be considered a “feeling”, like a drug, like how you feel good after you fap only longer and not as good. Love should be considered a much more complicated thing, although not indescribable or magical. Trust, caring, understanding, companionship, attachment, etc. It’s all good things a person should have, like the basic nutritional value you should get out of a healthy meal. Those should be considered important aspects of love. Love without those things is just infatuation or mistaken lust. Love is a two way thing, you need to give it in order to feel it coming back to you.

          But your significant other shouldn’t be the only one you love. Love between two partners IS the same as the love you should have between you and your family and friends and generally mankind, only deeper and with things like lust, deeper intimacy, and physical/mental/sexual attraction. I mean, people say they don’t believe in love in a relationship, but haven’t they ever felt love for their parents or siblings or other people, like friends? Oh, so love is ok there but when it comes to a significant other it doesn’t? Maybe most people are just looking for fuckbuddies, or someone to gain things from, only willing to give in order to get something back in return.

          You don’t need money to survive. You need is basic necessities like a roof over your head, clothing, and food (I didn’t say love, cuz love isn’t something you need to live, it’s something you need to live happy). A person can learn to make or gain these things without money, and without negatively effecting other people. Although I’ll admit, that’s harder to do without money in some places than others this day in age. And for example in America, correct me if I’m wrong, you can’t even get medical treatment without paying (unlike in places like my country where anyone can walk in and the government pays for their treatment). Or you could just try to stay careful and healthy so that you wouldn’t need to go to one. I mean, if you’ve got no money then you’ve got no TV or crap to sit in front of all day, so might as well use all that free time to stay healthy and fit.

        • More like atypically observant. Various drugs mimic the neurotransmitter game of love, and are only slightly more temporary. Trust, harmonizing interests, avid desire to settle down and such would probably be a safer bet if you’re looking for longevity in that sort of thing.

          Or just sit tight for human interface cybernetic 3D-ized anime babes, with on-the-fly configurable interests. They could actually find poorness a compelling feature in a man…

          “Really? Our weekly savings went into the Powerball lottery again honey? I knew I made the right decision when I chose you!”

      • Ukonkivi says:

        Honestly, paying women more would probably have a greater effect. If it’s difficult to find a man that makes more than a woman, the reverse effect would start happening and men would look for wealthier women more often, and women would be less likely to hold the standard of looking for wealth in men.

        This sort of double standard is directly related to the treatment of working women in a society. You make it harder for working women, and the standard will rise to 97%.

        However, I think there’s no better idea than to pay people based upon ability. It’s destructive to pay people based upon gender/sex. The best thing a society can do if they want to alienate women looking for money in men, is teach men that it’s okay and respectable to be cookers, cleaners, childraisers, househusbands, and not have economic drive, as well as teaching women it’s not their job to be cookers, cleaners, housewives, and okay to have economic drive to get a good job, and be ambitious. And not call her a bitch every time she has economic ambition.

        Every sexist double standard that feminists fought against, has it’s own backlash that also hurts men.

        • Well,.. this much responding for that old of an article kinda proves my point. Let’s answer a few questions:

          Male searching for older females? Nothing wrong with it. There are woman called domina’s too. It’s only natural for a few to do the exact opposit of what society as a whole does.

          “If you’re right you won’t need to beat feminists back in their place”
          Sadly that’s not true, because mankind isn’t any longer dictated by their codes. We control nature and so we control other things. If I’m right, our culture will downfall. Like, so many others in the past.

          @Ukonkivi: If you think so, go on. I didn’t try to convince anybody, hell, this is a comment section of a site I visit for fun. My assertions are based on things a men called ‘Konrad Lorenz’ found out, like half a century ago. But of course, I did exaggerate. After all, it’s a fun thread. And, always remember rule 14 😉

          But, yeah, equality isn’t that great of a thing, even if it would work. Kills the young generation. Before their birth.

        • Teacherzpet says:

          Chen – “Females want to look up, searching for older male, and male want to look down. searching for younger female.

          that’s it. That’s our code. you can’t change it with your smart thought. Face it already.”

          I’m male and I’m searching for older females. Does that make me a mutant?

        • Ukonkivi says:

          A gender label for people is as unnecessary as a label like emo or punk or prep. They don’t help with anything. They only create problems.

          And a bunch of pathetic, downtalking assertions will not convince me of your inane tripe of being true. What silly, pathetic amount of biological determinism with no reason to back it up than your own feelings about the way things are and always will be.

          Ask any half intelligent anthropologist, people are mostly made through culture. And if genetic engineering was needed to create equality, I would gladly accepting it. But it’s not. And you’re being silly.

          You talk as if you know biology. How much time have you even spent debating the race and intelligence controversy? How much do you even know about genetic code, even haplogroups? Honestly I don’t see science pointing in your direction.

        • Anonymous says:

          That whole role in society thing is very Eastern, and you gotta realize that modern Western philosophy, and thus, most the American/European females readers out there are just going to think you’re wrong. That part of the world is built on ‘Anyone can do anything’, and we don’t care if it hurts the mold.

          If you’re right you won’t need to beat feminists back in their place, the numbers will even out eventually on their own. If you’re wrong but still want things your way, then you might.

          Either way the way you talk is ridiculous and seems very convenient for men and inconvenient for women.

        • Your first thought intrigues mea little, but the rest is plain wrong. Because equality between the genders leads to uncertainty. If people can’t longer identify with a roll in daily life, like the father who earns the money and the mother who raises the children, societey will fall, as we can see it already happen in many regions. It’s not like people are like white sheets as babies. We have some kind of code imprinted in our conscious, like every animal out there. It would be great, if a society like you describe it could exist, but I fear we first have to change humans and by that I don’t mean by teaching, but I mean to manipulate the very code itself. Like creating a new kind of human throug genetic engineering. Sounds ridiculous, but have a greater chance of success, than your daydreaming. Your flaw is, that you didn’t calculate the stupid humans. And let me tell you a secret: they have outnumbered us.

          The thing with ‘stupid’ people, and I mean people who do not question their daily life, their habits, their code, so the thing with those people is, that they will live according to their pattern – no matter what. The pattern for male don’t allow do see woman as something more than equal and the one for female don’t allow them to see man as something less than equal. Females want to look up, searching for older male, and male want to look down. searching for younger female.

          that’s it. That’s our code. you can’t change it with your smart thought. Face it already.

      • You may have a point there. So what about beating the shit out of those feminist and recreating the patriarchate? Well, in the first dozen of years we may have to resort to the man = master and woman = slave thingie, but it would be a step toward the family, wouldn’t it? Because it looks kinda, like it’s the end for families….

        @equality: woman don’t really want that. They want an advantage. If they truly wanted equality they could start with sacrificing their privileges like ‘ladies first’ etc.

        • You must not watch much TV. But then again, I don’t like to watch anything but the news and classic cartoons and I still don’t agree with you. It’s all perspective. I don’t agree that when you turn on the TV these days that the majority of females only fill those roles. At least, that’s not how it is when I turn on the tv. Quite often, women are shown in charge, or ahead of the men around them. They’re also frequently shown in a mixture of the things you mention, as well as action roles, intelligence roles, roles of business, etc etc. Far more variety than a decade or two ago, but even in the 70s and 80s I can think of some shows where female characters were original and/or in control. Even the amount of TV shows with a female lead is huge.

          In fact, I’d go as far as to say that the majority of women on TV are far cooler, smarter, confident, interesting, and etc in every way than any female I’ve met in real life. So, now I’d say they’re pretty much equal with TV men.

          Of course, I’m not including reality shows here. Ironically enough, those are where most of the female dumbasses on TV are. Both women AND men, really.

          Also, yes, chivalry is dead. But I like the way it is here now… at least in Canada. Every time I go out to the store or somewhere there comes a moment where I either end up opening the door for someone or they hold it open for me, and I always get or give a thank you, and no one including me even thinks to look at who it is that they’re helping out. It’s like natural clockwork. Instead of being chivalrus to one gender, everyone should try to be chivalrus to other human beings in general.

        • Anonymous says:

          Chen, I do sacrifice those privileges. I haven’t seen ladies first in these areas forever. I end up holding open doors for men more often than that, with nothing but a grunt in recognition. I do almost all the physical labor that men do. I know a lot of women who do. And then they go home and raise their families on their own…and those families turn out fine, a lot of the time better than two parent homes where the parents are constantly bickering.

          Those female ‘privileges’ where the same kind predatory capitalists used on their workers ‘drain all the life out of them while keeping them -just- happy enough and distracted.’ so they didn’t revolt and accepted the Boss’s view of the world.

          Turn on any TV station and watch. Girls are still just defined as girlfriends, mothers, daughters,sisters, or out and out sex objects, even on so called ‘women’s tv’. It’s disgusting.

          I do not think men and women are the same, but I sure as hell don’t think either sex is inferior, The current climate still favors men in most parts of the world.

    • Anonymous says:

      Protip: gay guys would probably prefer guys with money too. Who doesn’t want vacations, a nice apartment ,nice cars, etc. Stop being so unreasonable. They just might not tell you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Probably not expecting MORE money than they make in a partner. If all gay guys thought dating a guy with less money was “unthinkable”, then there would be no gay couples. Because nobody would think each other matched up to each other’s standards.

        And also, it’s hardly an unreasonable expectation to avoid. Don’t be unreasonable yourself. It’s saying a partner with less money than you is “unthinkable” which is unreasonable.

        • Anonymous says:

          Personally, personality trumps looks for me here. And I’d rather have a GUY in a gay relationship who doesn’t need a wealthier guy than him in the same sex. Than a woman in a heterosexual relationship who IS interested in, and not only that, but PREFERS a wealthier guy, who thinks dating men less wealthy than her is “unthinkable”.

  • ok, so it’s like

    1) hard-as-steel dick
    2) shitloads of money

    anything else ?
    i guess that is all, but, as someone said:
    what are they going to do for men, after they have the 2 things i’ve just mentioned ?

  • Icy-nee-san says:

    All women are the same, more income = more luvin’

    just like how all men want women to appeal to there fetishes XD

    Either way, we need moar Lolis…

    Wait what was i talking about o___o

  • SpookyMuffin says:

    I find it so hard to understand this attitude. Love comes first and things like finances come second.

    When I was first with my fiance he was making much less than I was (and we didn’t know at the time that his income would eventually improve) but I don’t see how that could have really effected my feelings for him.
    It wouldn’t really be love if you’re not prepared to make sacrifices and compromises now would it?

    • props to you. if we ever meet, drinks on me.

      unfortunately, the japanese economy is part of the reason why there is the problem with women wanting such unrealistically rich men. since the economy has not grown since the 90s, its usually that both the man and the woman have fulltime work, with lots of overtime thrown in as well, so i guess part of the reason is because they want to be financially stable. its just so hard to make it with a economy like japans, which is strained to the limit because of many issues including population decline and a xenophobic anti-immigration attitude.

      its unfortunate that most humans on earth are so selfish, ignorant and materialistic… its nice to have things, but a relationship should not have money as a driving factor.

    • I think that way too,

      but reality’s harsh. I’ve had a friend whose parents are argueing all day due to lack of money. The kids cant take up courses they like, or go for a better school. Everyone’s unhappy.

      I believe love comes first, but stability is important too. If you cant make sure your family is well fed, and your kids will be happy, then dont start one.

      Both of you can be dating and be poor at the same time. But when it comes to marriage and starting a family, it’s kindof different. Imagine 20 years into the marriage, your kids are in highschool, house, education, car etc – you need money.

      Love’s not gonna feed you for 20 whole years into marriage.

      Well, love and starting a family’s different. Love can be simple, without much money, sacrificing for one another. Starting a family’s different – needs money, lots, not just about both of you, about your kids too, and I guess that’s why some females wish to marry a richer man.

      • i agree with you, making a family needs commitment, and the male partner must have a stable financial income, but there is more n more capable women able to earn more than men, maybe my mom is one of them.No matter what it is, keeping the children well fed is the most important things to do, education fee will be a major problem as the children reaching college and universities.

      • anonymous says:

        love can’t solve those financial problems, but love can help you endure and get through them. part of love is that the other person can be there to help you through hardships and keep you mentally stable and give you hope. in the end, what’s more important? having your loved ones with you and being loved, or sacrificing that love to make more money so that you can pay for the car and education and stuff like that? that’s where family meetings and talks about sacrifice, endurance, and understanding come in. get a cheaper car, use the bus/walk/bike, sell things, work together, have one of the older kids work to help raise money, things like that. there needs to be a balance and organization to everything.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re a good (I assume) lady. Your husband is lucky to have you.

      I don’t see anything wrong with being a little behind than your wife. It’s not like you’re going to be stuck forever in the same job or with the same salary. People ask too much from the very beginning.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whores? I don’t see how, because nowhere in that did it say that they were sexually active.

      Dumb? I consider marrying a financially stable man smart, I don’t know about you.

      Now GTFO.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why is this tagged with feminism. This is like, the most unfeministic thing ever. Feminism is women wanting to WORK, not be the bitch of some guy with money.

        It’s behavior like this that makes many feminists say “often time women are the biggest treat to feminism”.

        Is this being labeled feminism because it’s UNfeministic?

        • Anonymous says:

          Expecting your lover to work hard isn’t wrong, though. There are a lot of loser guys that will just mooch or coast through life. The girls might be seeing it as more of a ‘If he gets paid more than I would at the same job, gets more opportunities for promotions, etc. etc. and STILL can’t do better than me he must be a real failure.’ thing. It’s not fair to either sex that that system is in place, but assuming the women are greedy and it has nothing to do with the allure of success, intelligence, and competence often associated with people who go far in life is sort of unfair.

        • アノニモウス says:

          There is no reason to get anal over a simple tag. If you google up feminism, you will see that there are many movements that carry the name and not all of them share your opinion.

          The best tag would probably be Emancipation, but not many people are familiar with the term.

          Oh, BTW I like the way you think. Having financial expectations from your lover is really one of the most pathetic forms of materialism.

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow, that wasn’t meant to be a response to someone else, this blogging style sometimes confuses me.

          Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with a sexually promiscuous woman. However, there is something wrong with looking for guys with money. And if you think it’s more important for a guy to have a job than you, I believe you deserve to be called a whore. And weakling. And get a job if you don’t have one.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are so full of fail. A man can make less money than his wife and still be financially stable. That is unless the wife is on the poverty line herself, which you sound like from your reply. You sound like one of those idiots who crow that double standard bullshit, “I’m an independent woman, I make my own choices, can’t no man tell me what to do, but my husband better make more than me, and give me my way regardless of how right or wrong I am, and support my lifestyle cause that’s what men do for women.” But then I’m glad women like you (most women) think like that, because then you can’t say anything when I demand that I have a young STD free in shape woman with few if any previous sex partners, or just say to hell with it and buy a call girl.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree that it’s overly domination and demeaning sounding to women. But it’s not really implying that women are nymphos, it helps to create the unfortunate double standard that women SHOULDN’T enjoy sex as much as men.

          However, I would be happy if such a horrible, sexist group of words like whore, slut and skank, stopped enforcing a double standard about women’s and men’s sexuality, and started condemning women for being dependent on men instead. I’d much rather women be discouraged from being gold diggers than discouraged from sex.

        • I think it really gets some guys off when they refer to all women as whores, bitches, and sluts.

          1. it’s dominating
          2. it implies all women are sex obsessed nymphos or are easy to get into bed
          3. it implies all women sell their bodies, so all they have to do is pay their price and they’re theirs

          either it’s that or else the guy is a cynical bastards. nobody but a cynical bastard likes a cynical bastard. or maybe it’s a mix of both being a cynical bastard and getting off. lol.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sounds like someone is bad with people in general, and woman in particular.

          And I love how so many guys automatically call any girl that won’t sleep with them a whore. Hilarious.

  • Anonymous says:

    this problem obviously doesnt ONLY happen in japan.

    Like the article state, i find it highly ironic when a woman wants the man to be “in the superior position” for this case while they complain about how the world doesnt treat woman fairly and talk about all the rights and what not.

    -He better earn more than me.
    -the man are taking up all the important jobs!

    do we see the problem here?

    I’ll go back to fapping at 2d i guess.

  • so if you wan japanese woman you must be hard and have plenty of money…

    but cannot blame them too… look at their country situation.. even wan to rent a small room also so expensive…

  • Thats what they say…

    Then again, with the advent of sex toys I guess they wont be so desperate in satisfying their sexual desires. If they want children they can get some sperms from the sperm banks. If they want to flirt, perhaps they can just go to a bar where plenty of men hangs out, if not hire one of those ‘drinking partner’ men in some outlets.

    Then again, if they want emotional stability then the only way to get it is from marrying a man…

    I’ve been told that getting married would bring about more money from savings compared to being single. And I attest that it does.

    • SilverTide says:

      I agree. They should just get a cat. Or two.

      “I’ve been told that getting married would bring about more money from savings compared to being single. And I attest that it does.”

      Actually, this is a widespread myth. Getting married doesn’t bring about more wealth in savings. People who are wealthier get married more often. Getting married doesn’t increase one’s wealth.
      It’s easier to see when you find out that married men are taller than unmarried men. Getting married didn’t make one taller. Taller men just get married more often.

      Japanese women seem to be strong and independent. Let’s grant them their wish and let them be independent… with their legion of cats.

      • Cats eh..Probably as a good luck to land the perfect guy of their dreams…I mean, its supposed to be a lucky thing in Japan no? xD

        I dont know bout other places but for my area marrying makes you money conscious, hence you wont be spending as much as when your single. Thus why I say that it you could get more money…Its because you’re spending lot less than before.


        “I don’t think love can arise in a situation like that… Money is necessary to an extent.”

        Seeing how most Japanese men are into the otaku business…Perhaps thats why they are losing their sights on biological attraction and began dwelling into materialism. The men arent “men” to begin with. IMO women can be as much superior than men in finance, looks and etc but one thing that makes men desirable in eyes of women is the fact that they provide the emotional comfort that women so much needed.

        Seeing how a lot of men also becoming more emotional these days,men with these quality is getting rare by the day…

  • Well, it’s more or less the mindset in Japan. Once you get married and have children, the woman is responsible for house chores and taking care of the baby. Because of that she can’t work (for reasons such as you have to work at working hours, no going home earlier to pick up the kid from kindergarden since that’s not acceptable in Japan, etc).

    There is even a field in the japanese income-tax return form where the husband can get tax reduction for being married and having children.

      • you sir, are wrong… japan has a HUGE population of working women, and its all due to the fact that it costs so much to live in japan. both partners are usually working in a marriage, so because of the work and all the time it takes up, the birthrate per woman in japan is at only 1.3, meaning that the population of japan is shrinking VERY fast, making it even harder to make money. the whole xenophobic attitude that most japanese have against foreigners is a problem too, since they have very low immigration, meaning that there are just not enough people working to support everybody in japan. the government realizes the problem of a shrinking population, and that is why there are the tax incentives to have children, though they are not doing NEARLY enough to fix the problem.

        so, no, japan isnt quite as backwards as you may think it is. true its a very sexist society, but it sure as hell is true that most “westerners” have no idea what japanese culture is really like.

        • Ukonkivi says:

          “You seem brainwashed with current western propaganda that women should work, and the opposite state is sexist and backwards.”
          Please, I am an individual who likes many things about Japan. But I’m not going to praise every single aspect of Japanese culture like it’s a perfect paradise.

          I like many aspects of Japanese culture. I in fact like many aspects of Japanese culture BETTER than my own. But I also happen to not blindly follow a culture like Japan. And I will NEVER accept sexism, no matter where it’s from. Just like I won’t blindly defend the xenophobia that comes from Japan.

          I’m not singling Japan out. I’m not saying you can’t look past Japan’s problems. I believe that Japan is okay and a lot more livable that many of it’s haters say(even on Japan related forums, people are WAY too harsh in response to Japan’s problems). But I will NOT go back on my own values, that I might add, are also highly critical of “Western” culture.

          I think you’re defending Japanese culture TOO hard Azarien. There ARE limits to how far you should take Japanophilia, in my opinion.

        • Ukonkivi says:

          Oh God, Claude, not all women are the women are the same. Some men want to be househusbands and it’s just as respectable as women who want to be housewives.

          That Taylor person didn’t want to work, good for her. But Gender Equality is a VERY worthy thing to fight for. Women working SHOULD be encouraged. I’m not going to change my personal values.

        • Agree with the problems. Just…we cannot easily blame anyone for not doing their job, even though having one member of the family stay home more often to take care of the kids might be a possible solution.

          To quote anti-feminist Taylor Caldwell,

          “There is no solid satisfaction in any career for a woman like myself. There is no home, no true freedom, no hope, no joy, no expectation for tomorrow, no contentment. I would rather cook a meal for a man and bring him his slippers and feel myself in the protection of his arms than have all the citations and awards and honors I have received worldwide, including the Ribbon of Legion of Honor and my property and my bank accounts. They mean nothing to me. And I am only one among the millions of sad women like myself.”

          Gender Equality is somewhat nearsighted. Society should try to embrace and accept the fact that we need the differences from each gender, and rely each other for the differences.

          …Claude. Spoken like a true Anti-feminist. =X

        • ^ i agree with anon on the social/family problem and imbalance that will surface when people are talking too much about “gender equality”. these problems happens in other countrys too

        • Anonymous says:

          A counterpoint to that though, is the issue of who is raising the kids?

          Changing cultural norms are one thing, but when I look at the behaviour of a lot of the kids these days.. Well.. Let’s just say that if I had behaved in a similar manner at their age, I wouldn’t have been able to sit on my ass for a week.

          And when you check into the background of these kids, both parents tend to work and have since the kiddies were wee ones.

          Meaning, when they did get home, they planted little Johnny and little Suzie in front of the boobtube, so they could get some rest.

          And when the parents weren’t around, the kids were either dumped at daycare or they got to entertain themselves.

          Don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a damn about whether it’s the mother or the father who stays at home to ensure that the kids get raised properly. Just that one of them does, and does teach these brats the difference between right/wrong and what is and isn’t socially acceptable. Because quite frankly the current situation will become untenable within the next few decades.

          (Sorry for the rant btw)

        • In response to anon, this is exactly the reason why my parents came to the U.S, besides for educational purposes. :3

          My mom wanted to have a life – to be able to have a high-paying job that doesn’t discriminate against women as well as the ability to live a life of freedom, in contrast to a life in the kitchen.

        • Anonymous says:

          From what I’ve read in a lot of magazines. newspapers, and journals a lot of Japanese women leave Japan because they WANT to work. I’m not saying that one system is above the other, but that saying that women working is some sort of brainwashing is ridiculous.

    • KajunBowser says:

      Sorry, I simply don’t believe in that logic. The survey is flawed anyway b/c they apparently got a hold of mostly “gold-diggers” to give their borrowed 2 cents in this. It didn’t help matters that I thought of Kanye’s song when I saw the title. It’s official: the world’s full of “gold-diggers” and Japan has seen an influx of them.

    • So, the only ones getting married are rich (and most likely) old men and young, beautiful women.

      Seeing that the rich men are usually old, and the beautiful women are usually young.

      • I loled hard at that comment!

        Guys, guys! Don’t you think it’ll be great to be rich/financially stable, especially in these trying times? I mean, I know I might be crawing back at the cost of many others in the society, but, philosophically speaking and in general, shouldn’t being financially stable be a good thing?

        And then you people are saying its like a bad thing… I can completely understand why a girl would want a richer or financially capable husband.

        Imagine you’re poor. Imagine having to worry about public utility bills everyday…that child’s milk powder…

        Too bad this world revolves around money. To support a family and provide good life to your loved ones, you NEED money.

        • Anonymous says:

          Of course it would be wonderful to marry someone you truly love, but face it these days who really does. There is three reasons why people get married. 1. unplanned pregnancies. 2. health benefits. and 3. You realized you’re not getting any younger and the well is starting to dry up. Fortunately for me, my wife and I have been dating since we were 11. She went on to be a RN and I became a Systems Integrator. Our combined income is more than enough for the two of us plus a baby girl on the way. But my situation is just part of that small percentage of fairy tale/corey and topanga/lovey dovey bullshit you see on television everyday. Hopefully you all will be just as fortunate.

        • anonymous says:

          No one’s saying being financially stable is a BAD thing. This is about marrying a person being “unthinkable” just because that person is poor. It’s discrimination! That means these women would put money before anything else when it comes to a relationship, including putting money before love. What if you had to choose between someone who loves you, and you love, but has no money, and someone who does have money but doesn’t really love you, or you don’t really love? In the end, will money prove to bring you more happiness in life than love would?

          It’s more reasonable to say that it’s PREFERABLE that the person you marry ends up being loving as well as financially stable, but who’s to say how things will turn out? You may very well end up in a position where you have to choose between the two, and these women say they’d side with the wealthier one? lol. Worse than that, these women probably flock to places where richer men hang out, causing an imbalance where less wealthier men are left in the dust as they’re not even given a chance.

    • Sorry to say Mister 庭, but “love” is nothing but women’s need for a man who’s more physically / financially / socially more powerful then them.

      Everything else is just romanticizations created from literature. I mean, the whole basis of moe is that the girl in question displays traits that cause a guy to want to protect her. Women marry up, men marry down. It’s how the world works :v

      • anonymous says:

        well, how about I throw a wrench there into your clockwork description of how the world works and tell you that I think moe sucks and that I’m not interested in a woman that I need to always treat like a child?

        And I’m always thinking romantically. It’s not just love story crap. For instance, I like to look at things in every day life poetically. The moon is like a giant pearl in the night, the grass likes to reach out towards the sky, I like to sit in the dark at night sometimes or with just nothing more than candle light, etc. Romanticism isn’t just doing things with a loved one like candle light dinners and love letters. But I guess it’s true that people that think like me are a minority in the world, but we do exist.

        • Daoist Sage says:

          I agree with the sentiment that such a materialistic approach is one-dimensional to say the least…

          …but unfortunately, it is that quality of thought at which most people are, and remain stuck in. There are a few ways to go about handling it. First though, have the wisdom to look at where that level of values get both women, and the men catering to it. What fidelity (if you care for that sort of thing)? What loyalty? What genuine caring? The kind of relationships that typically result from pursuing such a shallow level of values is typically very low.

          So… one approach, if you don’t want that for yourself, is to let the fools have it! Look for someone with similar values. You’re likely to search for a while and go without in the meantime, but enlightenment and refinement of philosophy takes work. People aren’t usually fond of work. Them’s the breaks.

          Probably the most skillful means of dealing with it would be to learn to work with, and treat people within the level they are at. So, if girls value money, work, etc. over everything else, meet them on that level (assuming you can get those things), but treat them like the whore they are. They’re getting what they asked for, and so are you.
          Just don’t pour all your feelings and effort into them unless they are deserving. That’s a hard lesson and harder still to learn to practice, but simple to understand.

  • Of course Japanese women want men with money. Nearly all the men over there want women to be housewives. So if you’re a housewife and the husband is almost always away at work then the best way to enjoy yourself and stay sane is by using money to do enjoyable things. If men would stop bitching about women working this problem wouldn’t exist.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, I guess I just have to work smarter to get them then. I think its easier to change oneself than to change public opinion. A good man would just work harder and smarter instead of bitching that 80% of women are “whores” or “unrealistic”. A happy marriage cannot remain a happy marriage unless the necessities of life are assured. Also, in a country where living expenses are high, for a husband to earn a higher income than the working wife is perfectly sensible.