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Agree. Most of the fillers don’t add anything and a lot of them are just plain horrible.

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  • Nekopara Volume 3 “The Epitome of Cat-Girl Eroge”:
    No, if I bought this game, that’s what I’d do too. Especially since the H-scenes and their art style aren’t my cup of tea. There a lot of “eroge” out there that transition to mainstream because their story / art /characters / etc. is a LOT stronger than their “H” content.

  • Instant Ramen Cafe “Talk to a Girl As Your Ramen Cooks”:
    Gonna be honest, this sounds pretty boring. Talking to a girl while waiting happens all the time in life unintentionally. Plus, depending on how interesting the girl is, and how interesting a conversationalist the customer is, the girl may be getting the better end of the deal. Not sure it’s worth it to pay $7 to entertain a girl with stimulating conversation while taking the risk that your ramen will overcook because you got too caught up in what you’re talking about.

  • Youjo Senki Finale: “The War Goes On”:
    I hope there’s more of this. It was a surprisingly cerebral and intelligent story with a lot of insights into strategy and politics.

  • Mop-Wielding Non-Rem Figure:
    Maybe I’m only one of a few, but I like Ram better than Rem. She feels “older”, and I like her voice and personality more.

  • SAO Strips Eyewatering Indeed:
    Wow at those prices, the studio / production people should’ve auctioned it themselves and used the funds to make more SAO. I just watched the movie today in the USA (available in select theaters near big cities and especially near big cities near the coast, particularly the west coast where more Asians live) and I watched it for the actual movie itself. It was good and I recommend it, but is more enjoyable if you watched the TV series.


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