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Agree. Most of the fillers don’t add anything and a lot of them are just plain horrible.

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  • Frilly Tokisaki Kurumi Ero-Cosplay Spreads Wide:
    Yes, everything but the face is uncensored.

  • Momoiro Clover Z Combating Molestation:
    That’s actually a good idea. Also, what happens if it’s a thief that’s after an expensive cell phone rather than any groping, and the only kind of groping done is to find the phone? I also agree than an actual whistle is better. Especially if they’re after the phone to begin with.

  • Dive!! Makes A Splash “The Swimmer Boy Genre Returns”:
    With both this and Free (not that I watched Free) I gotta say that I always felt that the guys look drawn really weird. Like more alien than human in a way. Anyhow it ain’t my cup of tea.

  • Dragon Ball Super “Reusing Animations”:
    Yeah honestly, they should have probably quit while they were ahead. After that point, it would’ve just been logical to say “They’re the strongest, there isn’t anyone left to fight.” With a little creativity, they could’ve ended by making DB like One Punch Man, but in the past.

  • Airman ga Taosenai 10th Anniversary Nostalgically Blows:
    When I was young, I was able to beat Megaman 2 (considered a hard game) without cheats during a rental period. Including Air Man, who I think was in MM2. Nowadays I probably couldn’t, but don’t really care anymore. As you get older you get more responsibilities, and games are less of a concern, especially nowadays with games just being repetitive grinds / gambling simulators that are designed to make money off of microtransactions rather than by giving players any fun. Honestly… sometimes …


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