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Cans of Smoggy Beijing Air “Sold In An Instant!”




While cans of breathable air are far from a rarity, this latest product from novelty shirt shop Plaster 8 has taken to selling cans of Beijing’s notoriously air, causing much bewilderment as to how this vapid concoction accrued such demand…

A video featuring shop owner Dominic talking about his “canned pollution”:

China is reputed to have some of the finest pollution in the world, with Beijing in particular serving as a formidable contender, though the canned air in question (despite its name – all part of the authentic China experience perhaps) apparently contains air from Shenzhen city – an equally smoggy area that is actually less hazardous than the deadly Beijing.

Cans of the air are available for purchase now for whatever hazardous purposes that buyers intend to use them for…

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