Sankaku App 1.8: Pools & Blacklists


Version 1.8 of the Sankaku App has arrived, delivering pool (post collection) support, full blacklist support, and various other enhancements, finally allowing users fine-grained escape from the wonders of BL and furry content.

The changes delivered by 1.8:

Pools: Pools (ordered post collections) can now be viewed in the app.

Blacklisting: The blacklist can be fully edited, tags can be added from a post’s tags.

The changes delivered by 1.7:

Blacklisting: Blacklisted posts are now either hidden or mosaiced depending on user preference (this can be set in the app settings screen).

Tag subscriptions: These are now sorted identically to the site.

Bug fixes: Crashes quashed, and errors saving images should now be more verbose and helpful.

It is freely available now in both Black and White editions.

Questions, quandaries, qualms and quibbles are all welcomed via email or comments.

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