Sankaku App

The millions of posts on Sankaku Complex can now be accessed anywhere, from any Android or iOS device, with the Sankaku App!

The Black edition can be freely downloaded here

The White edition is freely available from Amazon's app store now - (direct download here)

The Idol Complex App can be downloaded here

We also recommend using our web app - it has all the features of the native apps, can be used from any browser on mobile or desktop, and be installed to your home screen

The Android app comes in three versions - the app store version ("White"), which can be installed from a mainstream app store and will show only safe content, Sankaku Black, which will show any and all content available on Sankaku Channel, and the Idol Complex App, which can browse Idol Complex and all its photographic and video content (a separate account is required).

Sankaku Black and Idol Complex will only be distributed directly from our own site or stores with compatible content policies.

If you are unsure, check back here - only properly signed versions and authorised stores will be linked from here.

All editions can be installed simultaneously, are capable of auto-updating, and otherwise share the same functionality and accounts.

The Sankaku App for Apple iPhones and iPads can be installed from the App Store

In accordance with Apple's strict content policies, by default the Apple App Store edition of the app can only browse filtered (safe) results - however, it is possible to disable this by logging in to the site on a browser and turning off the "filter content" option.

A version of the web app which has the same optional content filtering as the iOS app is also available, as is one which is completely work-safe at all times.

Version history (Android)


Post info panel: Optimised performance.

Post index: Fixed date filter issues.

Post saving: Improved error handling.

Post display: GIF support improved.

Bug fixes: Fixed a possible crash condition.


UI: Interface updated to standards of iOS/web app.

API: v2 API support introduced.

Post info panel: Links to post searches now included.

Post index: Browsing position is saved when going back to the index from the post browser.

Post index: Related tags are now displayed at the top of searches.

Post display: Pixiv links are parsed in the client now.

Blacklist: Conditional NOT ("-") tag exclusions can now be included in blacklist rules.

Forum: Forums links now point to the new forums.

Maintenance: Updated various libraries and SDKs.

Bug fixes: Minor crash and layout issues addressed.


UI: Back button, bottom sheet and search UI improvements made.

Uploads: App now recognises if it has made a duplicate upload.

Wiki: Wiki UI and text support improvements.

Avatar: Non-safe posts can now be used to set avatars and safe versions of the app will hide such avatars.

Maintenance: Various SDK and libraries updated.

Bug fixes: Yet more minor fixes.


Wiki: Full wiki support has been introduced.

Tags: An updated tag search and tag details interface, integrated with the wiki, is now present.

Search: The filter interface has been further optimised in light of the tag and wiki changes.

Bug fixes: Some further minor fixes.


Analytics: All third party tracking has been removed.

Navigation: The navigation between sublists has been improved.

Saved searches: An issue which could cause blank saved searches was dealt with.

Bug fixes: Several crash bugs have been fixed.

Code freshening: Updated Android SDK and some libraries.


Filter interface: A new and much more accessible search interface allows more powerful searches - simply tap the filter icon in the browse interface to access it.


Slideshow: Post searches can now be viewed handsfree in a slideshow mode, accessed from the menu in the top right.

Bug fixes: Some minor bugs quashed.


Video enhancements: All supported videos will now have full playback and volume/mute controls.


Cache management: A background service will periodically ensure the app's cache does not grow excessively.

Bug fixes: Crash issues tackled.

Compatibility updates: Various libraries have been brought up to date.


Performance enhancements: A further round of performance enhancements have been completed.

Bug fixes: Crashes of all kinds quashed.


Enhanced video support: Native playback for videos and animated GIFs ensures faster and more reliable playback.

Favorites UI enhancement: Long tap a post's thumbnail to add or remove it from your favorites without opening it.

Bug fixes: Several unnecessary or inefficient server requests have been further optimised, speeding things up and reducing bandwidth usage.

Compatibility updates: Even more SDK updates.


Bug fixes: A common crash bug has been fixed.


Performance enhancements: Performance when searching through large numbers of posts has been drastically improved.

Bug fixes: Several recurring bugs have been addressed.

Compatibility updates: Various internal SDKs have been brought up to the latest version to improve app compability.


Bug fixes: In particular, users who experienced trouble saving files to SD cards on certain Android versions should now be able to save without issue - please reset the save path if difficulties are encountered.

Translation fixes.


Post uploading: Posts can now be created from the app, with uploads of any of the content supported by the site possible (currently JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, SWF, WEBM and MP4 are fully supported). Tags, rating, and a source can all be specified at the time of upload.

Tag editing: A post's tags can now be edited from within the app - editing can be started from a post's info panel, and tags removed or added from the same interface, and then saved when done.

Post edit history: The history of edits made to a post by other users can be examined in a new display in the post info panel. Edits can be up or down voted, undone individually, and the post reverted completely to an earlier state.


Minor enhancements to 1.9's new functionality.


Messaging: Directly messaging other users is now possible in the app, and the app provides the same inbox access as the site.

Avatar: Users can now set their avatars from within the app.

Bug fixes: Some of the most common crashes have been dealt with.


Pools: Pools (ordered post collections) can now be viewed in the app.

Blacklisting: The blacklist can be fully edited, tags can be added from a post's tags.


Blacklisting: Blacklisted posts are now either hidden or mosaiced depending on user preference (this can be set in the app settings screen).

Tag subscriptions: These are now sorted identically to the site.

Bug fixes: Crashes quashed, and errors saving images should now be more verbose and helpful.


User profiles: User profiles are now fully displayed as they are on the site.

Bug fixes: Further minor issues addressed.


Intent support: The app will now open most links to the site if so configured - simply install the new version and select when prompted.

Tablet optimisations: Display on tablets has been re-optimised.


Comment support: Read and post comments from anywhere (or the app main menu and post displays at least), just as on the site.

Personalised recommendations: Posts recommended for each user based on their favorites and voting history are now available in the app, via the main menu. These are normally updated at least on a daily basis, and it may take a short while for the first recommendations to be generated for a new user.

Performance optimisations: Various screens should now render more quickly, and memory usage should be further reduced.

Bug fixes: Minor issues relating to the interface, stability and translations have all been addressed.


Bookmarked searches: Tabbed browsing, bookmarked searches and a customised app menu have all been rolled into one with this addition; tapping the "bookmark" icon in the app bar whilst searching in the app will allow the search to be saved to the app navigation menu on the left (under "browse all"), and these can be freely renamed, edited and reordered from the menu itself.

Note support: Read only support for notes (user edited subtitles) is now present - these can be toggled persistently with an icon in the app bar. Searching with "order:recently_noted" will provide the latest notes, and of course those of a mind to can add such a search to their bookmarked searches.

Cache management: The app will now more intelligently limit the size of its cache of downloaded files so as not to consume too much of the space available on the user's device, and a "clear cache" option is now provided in the app settings.

Remember login: A "remember user" option has been added to the logon and settings screens, so users can keep their app activity private if their device is used by others.


Rankings now supported

Memory usage significantly improved

Saving files now uses the same filename as the site (MD5 based)

Blacklisting enhancements - behaviour is now consistent with the site


Further Materialisation

Most minimal post display now has an even more unobtrusive interface

Full screen & zoom behaviour enhanced


UI redesigned in line with Material guidelines


Updated to conform with Google censorship demands (Play only)


Password reset from the app

Even more robust login system

Preloading and caching optimisations

Visual tweaks

Updated Japanese translation

Further bug quashage, and the most commonly seen crashes resolved


More robust login system

Video playback should now be working again

Various bugs quashed and crashes fixed


Initial release!