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Black Bullet English Dub PV Unloads




Sentai Filmworks have unleashed a PV for loli fighter anime Black Bullet‘s soon-to-arrive English release, naturally sporting an English dub that will likely garner the hatred of anti-dub fanatics in short order, though many are hoping the anime’s plethora of heart-warming young girls will at least escape alteration…

The incendiary PV:

Black Bullet will make its engagement when it is released October 27th on BD and DVD.

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  • Sounds fine. Never liked reading anime anyway. REAL anime fans I suppose watch RAW cause they’re fluent in Japanese and have no need for such things as subs, of course, things are lost in translation in subs anyway so in the end EVERYONE LOSES! MUAHAHAH!

  • Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way, but the acting was allright. It were far worse if they overdid it. The casting is also okay. The script? Dunno, but I won’t open the subtitles over the dub and waste my time comparing what’s different.

    All in all, I’ve seen much worse.

    • It was alright because it happens to be in a language (or accent) you were used to. Back in the days fans of English dub keep insisting that they like to hear a language they understand instead of reading sub, however, a handful of these people criticized British dubs. Tell me, is this plain hypocrisy or downright self-contradiction?

      • Neither, mostly. True it looks like complain complain at the top level, but one complaint is about subs, the other, dialect. English isn’t American, although I understand it better than Mexican.

        Disclaimer – I usually prefer English dubs to American, just for variety. I can always bring up the subs in the rare moment that I cannot make out what was said.

  • “anti-dub fanatics”

    Heh. Most of the time they just doing very bad job on voice acting and bad translation and heavily Americanised, not straight translation from the original, even worst when they put random shit like Funi did recently. Overall most dub just god awful bad compared to original Japanese dub. Also both dub and sub when they taking out honorifics and other well known Japanese cultural things is stupid and kind of insulting, since it’s basically telling us we’re too stupid to understand other cultures.

  • > that will likely garner the hatred of anti-dub fanatics.

    “Anti-dub” has nothing to do with it. If a dub is good then cool, awesome. It just happens so very rarely. This, like the vast majority of the time, is a shit dub. It’s on the level of youtube fan dub.

    The voices lack any emotion or depth and like always, when a characters name is spoken, it comes across as incredibly forced and awkward. I wouldn’t be surprised if the voice of Enju is some piss poor miscast squeaky voiced obnoxious middle aged woman desperately trying to sound cute.

  • Saying “anti-dub fanatics” is misleading. While I always prefer subtitles, English dubs can be good. In the VHS days, when your only choice was to watch the dub, I thought some of the Pioneer and Bandai dubs done by The Ocean Group and Bang Zoom Entertainment were good. I still enjoy watching them now.

    What “anti-dub fanatics” object to is not English dubs in general, but bad English dubs of the sort that Funimation and ADV (or whatever they’re called now) do. These were always utterly abysmal both in terms of writing and acting. The scripts were heavily Americanised and extremely annoying, and the actors were terrible. You can make good English dubs, but Funimation and ADV never did.

    To make matters worse Funimation can’t even do decent subtitles. I subscribe to Crunchyroll Premium and I’m usually happy with the quality of their subtitles, but Funimation’s subtitles are terrible. When a show is streamed by Funimation the only choice is to watch a fansub. I really wish Funimation would just disappear.

    • I dislike dubs in General.

      It’s Japanese anime. You’re watching something that was meant to be watched in Japanese.

      It would be a little like watching the movie Das Boot dubbed.

      It cheapens the entire experience.

      If you like dubs though, you know, it’s your life. I just flat out refuse to watch them.

      • Not to mention that dubs tend to be unable to translate as well as subs can. (And even subs aren’t as good as just understanding the original audio xD)

        Since dubs are limited more heavily by speech animation than subs, have to fit certain things into certain timeframes and so on… often things get left out or totally changed