Made in Abyss Finale “Sad & Gruesome”




The conclusion to the rather mysterious Made in Abyss has unfortunately left viewers with yet more sad events and gory visuals as Nanachi’s origin story is revealed, delivering an overwhelmingly emotional tale that many had likely not expected of the series.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 12, 2017 15:40

    Nanachi's a boy...... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 7, 2017 23:31

    Go back to SAO lolololol... More

Made in Abyss “Furry Friendly”




Furries have been loving the latest episode of Made in Abyss as it has showed off more of recently revealed furry character Nanachi, with the lovable ball of fluff bound to make her way into the hearts of any watcher – though xir officially ambiguous gender may be a problem for some.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 1, 2017 18:24

    Just like anon before says, I didn't mean there are no ways of expressing gender differences, but that from the gramatical point of view it is easy to speak in a gender neutral way and... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 19, 2017 13:55

    ANA COPPOLA... More

Made in Abyss More Gruesome Than Ever




The occasionally dark and gloomy Made in Abyss has gone down an extremely grotesque and tragic road as an unfortunate accident has befallen one of the major characters, causing watchers to hope that the series returns to happier times sometime soon.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 12, 2017 00:58

    This anime has 13 eps, at this pace they'll have one ep to recover and two more to kill the second white whistle. So yes, they'll get to prushka. According to the intro, the second... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 11, 2017 09:51

    haha this guy still thinks we're getting to prushka, the only way we're getting past chapter 26 or 28 is if enough blurays sell for a second season once tsukushit writes enough for a... More

Made in Abyss Adorably Nude




Abyss-exploring anime Made in Abyss has provided a modicum of nude service with its dangerous delving, certain to give the series a greater incentive for H-enthusiasts to watch despite having a more solid emphasis on plot and the abominations in the abyss.

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  • Anonymous commented on August 8, 2017 13:33

    No loli nipples? Weaksauce.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 8, 2017 03:36

    no bottom nudity = no nude topless flat... no boner... More

Takkyuu Musume Scrubs Hard




The energetic ping pong girls of Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume have gone on a training camp on the show’s 11th episode, naturally boasting plenty more ping pong action while the girls also take the time to relax at a public bath – which many are hoping will have its fog eradicated come the BD release…

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  • Anonymous commented on December 15, 2016 05:52

    It is probably because THE TOKYO LOLI BAN SYNDROME!~ LOLIS are ONLY for rich perverts from government NOT for normal peoples.... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 14, 2016 13:21

    Why did they bother censoring this with steam and light beams when it's obvious you couldn't see anything anyway. And why do they even censor the girls' butts in the first place, as there's nothing... More




Hardcore ping-pong anime Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume has spiced up its serious sports atmosphere with some sexy service elements, forcing its highly competitive and immensely adorable girls to don some nekomimi and hopefully attract the interests of those who revel in such fetishes.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 26, 2016 20:52

    What the fuck is going on here?... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 26, 2016 15:49

    And I would be the one that would need to press it, so I was trying to say I dropped it like a hot potato. They where more worried about me, but I had a... More

Takkyuu Musume Highly Competitive




The ball smacking girls of Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume have continued to give it their all with the 2nd episode’s numerous matches, further fleshing out some of the anime’s cute characters and likely proving to be a perfect blend of moe slice-of-life and competitive sports for Type B fans to appreciate.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 15, 2016 00:52

    saki of pingpong... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 13, 2016 04:09

    ep2 and no loli bath scene...... More

Takkyuu Musume = Balls Deep Ping Pong Action




Those that can appreciate comedic shows starring adorable girls may take interest in Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume, a series that features “competitive” ping pong – though some would likely prefer the energetic girls to smack balls of a different sort…

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  • Anonymous commented on October 6, 2016 04:26

    Now waiting for nude lolis bathing, nopan ping pong playing...... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 5, 2016 15:27

    Bloots... More




The 2nd wondrous BD box for moe shrine maiden anime Kuma Miko has allowed fans to re-watch the show’s traumatizing turmoil with enhanced visual quality, though it has been discovered that no efforts have been made to alleviate the anime’s highly infamous ending

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  • Anonymous commented on August 28, 2016 08:45

    Better, when will come other (famous) bear, and do the right job...... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 27, 2016 17:04

    I imagined another: the creepy uncle gets mauled by the bear in the end.... More

Kuma Miko BD Cuter Than Ever




The first spectacular BD release of moe miko anime Kuma Miko has come with the usual unnoticeable alterations, additionally boasting an extra episode featuring a lovably younger Machi – though some are likely hoping that future BDs will somehow address the anime’s rather unfulfilling ending

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  • Anonymous commented on June 27, 2016 23:57

    you became a slut twice as large as your own butt with face of a mutt.... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 27, 2016 00:59

    I see no child there, just loli...... More

Kuma Miko “What Was That Ending!?”




The cruel and coercive actions of Machi’s abusive friends in Kuma Miko‘s finale has finally started to make them feel (a little) guilty, with all the trauma unfortunately getting to the poor shrine maiden as the episode makes quite the controversial conclusion.

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  • Carrot_Glace commented on June 25, 2016 10:50

    I didn't find anything out of place in the finale.... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 22, 2016 11:35

    The whole point of this anime was to be silly Machi is an idiot and never stood a chance in the city. Ending makes perfect sense plus I like that she didn't become an idol... More

Kuma Miko Pursues Stardom




Kuma Miko‘s adorable yet highly abused Machi has been forced to resume her work as an idol by her so called “friends” despite loathing it, spawning more cute moments in the process but perhaps making some feel uncomfortable with the non-stop mean-spirited miko mistreatment.

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  • Anonymous commented on June 14, 2016 11:27


  • Anonymous commented on June 14, 2016 08:32 Thats adult miko my gosh!!!!... More

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