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Haganai 3D “May Not Be So Bad After All!”

Koji-Seto (2)


The first casting details of the already much reviled Tomodachi ga Sukunai live action movie, which bears the unusual distinction of having been bashed by the novel’s author before even being released, have been made public…

Kodaka Hasegawa = Koji Seto:

Koji-Seto (1)

Koji-Seto (2)

Yozora Mikazuki = Kie Kitano:

kie-kitano (2)

kie-kitano (1)

Yozora’s casting seems to have met with some fan approval, and some have even conceded that the film may not be completely awful after all.

However, the role fans seem most concerned about – that of Niku – has yet to be announced and certainly seems to be the hardest to fill, quite possibly in a very literal fashion.

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