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MS: “Japan Must Wait For Xbox One, Don’t Be Negative!”


Microsoft has confirmed the happy news that its new Xbox One console will not be released in Japan or the rest of the lucky “tier 2” world in 2013, asking only that this fantastic announcement not be reported “too negatively.”

Though for some reason Microsoft Japan avoided mentioning the matter of the Xbox One’s Japanese release in its fiscal 2014 press conference, when interviewed directly their CEO did confirm what all Microsoft’s other announcements curiously neglected to mention – and to avoid ruining all the suspense they also masterfully declined to provide any firm date:

Well, for Japan the Xbox will be Tier 2 rather than Tier 1, so it will be part of the second wave of launches, and delayed a little from the North American launch.

The Xbox One is really planned as being based on a North American lifestyle, so whether it will be launched like that in Japan is a matter for further consideration.

With all the music and video entertainment services, Microsoft as a whole has to establish what to prioritise for each country. Honestly, we couldn’t really just release it as is in Japan.


It’s being billed as both a device and a service. I can’t help but think it would not be possible for Microsoft Japan to establish a content delivery system for everything from games to music and video, both technically and in terms of scale?

Well, the rights, you know – especially music, really…

What about releasing it without music? Personally I see MS Japan having more luck with video than music…

We’ll have to see how things go in the US proper.

[Similar “it depends on the US” answers follow]

So you’re saying it all depends on how things pan out for MS in the North American market?


So, Japan’s launch is Tier 2. Tier 1 is November, so there is no chance of a 2013 release in Japan?

Right. It’ll be some time after.

How long will those who want to play it have to wait then?

It won’t be delayed from the US that much.

Will this delay be measured in years?

No way! But we’re still in planning.

The interview concludes with MS entreating them “to please not write too negatively about today’s press conference” – although why they thought the Japanese or other Tier 2s would respond negatively to such happy news is far from clear.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Fuck microsoft. The moment Microsoft decide to enter the game console, the moment DRM and shitty games infected our industry.

    The japanese should be pleased they don’t have to waste their money dealing with BUG-SOFT like the americans will. Anymore red-rings today?

  • Anonymous says:

    Those who keep harping “the PS4 is more powerful” know little about hardware. The performance difference means little CPU/GPU wise because both use the same hardware with the PS4 having maybe a 400mhz bump.

    Next, memory speed means nothing unless you are after benchmark scores. It won’t make your game faster, but it may make switching between programs faster. Also, sankaku hasn’t mentioned the weird ram MS is using (EERAM or whatever it is called) is twice as fast as they previously thought, blowing that picture with the “performance numbers” to hell.

    tl;dr people know little about a subject yet take higher numbers as higher performance.

    • Anonymous says:

      Pissed off MS-fanboy-much? In cars or computers, torque, horsepower, RAM and processing speed higher is better….Why? Simple, higher numbers=higher performance

      for example, any difference below 50 horsepower in a car would be almost unnoticeable but it shaves off seconds (or tenths of a second)

      to quote a lame movie, “Winning is winning, it doesn’t matter if its by an inch, or a mile”

  • Anonymous says:

    No Xbox one in Japan for a while? Your as good as dead in the console race without them. Doubt the Japanese gamers will care anyways except their (small) Xbox fans.

    It’s Nintendo and Sony now and so far Nintendo is stumbling their once held dominance from Wii.

  • Anonymous says:

    In fact, it is not satisfied for people who do not have the knowledge to choose the console week. Finally, a friend Aru gained a lot of experience in this field, they are dependent on the opinion of a friend.

    • Anonymous says:

      And thanks to that less games will be produced for Xbox for the Asian market making it sell less and microsoft not releasing in more and more countries each generation with their marked shrinking little by little until they become a US exclusive.

  • “device and a service”

    Like gamers really give a shit about netflix, facebook, twitter, streaming live feeds, youtube uploading.

    Give me my damn game console and leave out the gimmicks. Don’t kick me in the gut and tell me it’s a new way to bend over. Oh and I really love the condescending tone in the interview. Well done.

  • Anonymous says:

    MS’ PR with the Xbone is astonishingly bad. They do things which are obviously annoying and didn’t seem to realize how people would see it until it bite them. Now they’re reduced to begging for mercy.

      • Anonymous says:

        PS runs Unix, Xbox runs windows crap. No difference, right…


        I have actual “gorilla hands”, with some silly muscle bulges that make holding an Xbox controller really uncomfortable.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not everybody who comes here is as obsessed with Japan as you are with microsoft and sucking your own dick. I, personally, have not watched an anime since Black Lagoon was new. I know all about how racist Japanese are (I’m ex-navy, I spent two years in Japan). I own both an XBOX 360, and a PS3.

        That being said, the PS4 has roughly 40-50% more performance for in-game lighting effects based off the hardware. It’s $100 cheaper. The controller doesn’t take gorilla hands to fit comfortably (I have large hands, but my girlfriend can’t even play the xbox 360. She’s 4’11” and has microscopic hands, has NP on the PS3). The Xbox has all that media shit, which is cool i guess, but be honest… Any American household in the lower middle class or higher probably has at least 3 devices at home that can already do everything it does. Why do you need another? Hell, your phone probably does 90% of it. And with the new processors phones are getting soon, a lot of it will be faster, anyways.

        • @Taylor

          As far as I’m concerned I dislike any device that is loaded up with multiple multimedia functions (aside from my PC) since most electronics these days can pretty much do everything.

          I have a very Utilitarian approach to things serving a function. I use one device/application to serve one function. I use my PC for most everything I do so I do not really need any other electronics that do the same thing.

          I feel the same with consoles, I use them to play games and nothing else. The only determining factor for me when I choose to get the next Gens console will be what the consoles selection of games consists of.

          Personally I would prefer if they just made a console that did what the older consoles did, play games and nothing else.

          Also on a side note you should refrain from insulting a mans girlfriend, It’s very unbecoming.

        • Anonymous says:

          That being said, the PS4 has roughly 40-50% more performance for in-game lighting effects based off the hardware.

          your math is shit, it’s closer to a 25% difference in graphical power.

        • Sucking my own dick? If your going to insult me can you do it in a less homoerotic way? I mean just the fact that that idea came into your mind says a lot about you buddy. Better hold on tight to your ‘girlfriend’ so no one finds out your secret.

          Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What I know is before I had a sankaku opinion on the console wars I looked at them both with no real difference. But I’m a sport gamer and what I did notice yeaarss ago was playing madden on xbox was WAY better than playing on ps3. the graphics looked better and the ‘feel of the game’ control with the players, ect was better. Madden is the original reason I preferred xbox to playstation but i didnt really give a shit about either as I still dont. But technically the specs on both new consoles are about all the same and so the only real difference will be in the eyes of the individual. You cannot convince me wearing a red shirt is better than wearing a blue shirt saying that the blue shirt gives you a 40-50% performance increase because of the cotton thread count is .5 higher. I doubt the performance difference is a full 40-50% better anyway you’re going to have to post some facts for that.

          Not all Japanophiles like anime. There are many other types. Music, games, women ect. I bet you asked to be stationed in Japan didn’t you? You ARE on a Japanese themed website are you not? Ok then. Is your girlfriend asian btw?


          I’m not obsessed with microsoft. I don’t actually give a real shit about either console and no longer own any previous version and dont have any immediate plans to buy either new one. So your fail logic fails.

          Children play xbox with small hands just fine. If your girlfriend can’t hold a xbox controller its not because her hands are too little, its because you are either dating a toddler, or you’re dating a retarded monkey who can’t do simple human tasks. That’s not a real girl. In either case seek help. That is all.

  • Anonymous says:

    “based on a North American lifestyle”… I’m from Europe…. and I hate social networking, streaming services, pay-to-download (pay for data only), etc.

    “being billed as both a device and a service”… I want a f***ing GAMING CONSOLE, nothing else! If I wanted any services, I’d use them on the PC… but even there I don’t use that stuff.

    Seems like the North American lifestyle is not for me. Though Europe has basically the same shit, only with different names lol

        • Anonymous says:


          Fucking uS SCUM

          Prime example of why these cockroaches are hated anywhere fucking arrogant pricks. FUn thing is that you shitty nation will die by its own hand, when, I may not see or you but it will happen.

          Enjoy you supposed supremacy, go back to school and see how other supposed super nations died by theit own stupidity as well!

          Fucking USA will die too in time. Worls number onE TRUE ENMY. FUCK USA!

        • Anonymous says:

          …less desirable markets are always grouped with larges ones.

          Which is why South America is bundled with North America and Australia is bungled with Europe, thou the two are separated by by nearly 13,500 kilometers.

          If piracy, crime & poverty weren’t so common throughout South America, they’d be acknowledged as their own market. They’ve certainly got the total population for it.

          And in the case of Australia, it’s due to their relatively low population. The UK alone has nearly three times the population. Even Canada is more populated. Hell, there are more people living in Syria & Taiwan than there are throughout Australia.

        • Anonymous says:

          lol bitch tears. America does a far better job at being a powerful nation. When was the last time we had a bitch tear fest over a pile of worthless rocks while moaning about ‘historical ownership’? You dumbass fucks have an international pissing contest like a bunch of kids and embarrass yourself even more. Even africa is not that dumb.

          Bitch tears. Bitch tears everywhere.

        • Anonymous says:

          Lol, not called US? “The United States of America (USA or U.S.A.), commonly called the United States (US or U.S.) and America”

          Also they often call themselves “Americans” and I don’t think TV shows like “America got Talent” include Mexico, Argentina, Brazil or other American countries.

        • Anonymous says:

          …no the U.S. (not abbreviated US, only idiots do that)does not think that they are the only Americans. We are more educated than that (except Alabama). Also to the idiot saying that the U.S. should be nuked… who do you think have the most nukes in the world?

          If you want to talk military then here is a fun fact for you racist, national supremacist, close-minded, ignorant bastards: The United States is currently the only country in the world that could hold its own in a war against any other country on the planet; and win against 99% of them. Could Japan last one week against Russia or China without U.S. aid… I think not

          It’s funny to see all the populations from other countries give the U.S. the middle finger with their right hand, while graciously taking U.S. aid with their left hand. If we are all cockroackes then stop taking our money and asking for the U.S. to help whenever China starts bullying you.

        • Anonymous says:


          IF China stopped buying your debt, the US would already be bankrupt, and you don’t have the production facilities to sustain your lifestyle since you’ve long since outsourced everything.

          You think your military is strong? Think again: you’re throwing men and resources at the Middle East, while China is buying out freaking Africa!

        • Anonymous says:

          >Multiplayer is not free
          >The PSN however IS FREE

          lol what? So is basic access to XBL. Once more you’ve made yourself look retarded. Basic service to BXL & PSN will ALWAYS be free because they use both services to sell you additional services like demos, full games, expansions, tv, movies, music, etc.

          Don’t talk out your ass about how XBL works, when you clearly don’t have a clue.

          PS4 & XBONE both use the same online strategy; free access to basic services and paid access to multiplayer ONLINE gaming.


      • Anonymous says:

        Because it is PROFIT. PROFIT, PROFIT, PROFIT.

        Yes these social websites of hell have infected the gaming industry. Our consoles are no longer games. Now thier subscriptions for movies, for music, for internet-browing and for videos. Ugh. It’s nothing BUT profit and for getting casuals to grab the consoles.

        All these casual fucks have RUINED gaming. I can’t wait until the consoles fall on their asses.

      • Anonymous says:

        I too am American and i despise social networking. I have a twitter and a linkedIn but that’s about it. I will never get a Facebook. I think its stupid that so much emphasis is being placed on social networking nowadays.

        • Anonymous says:

          Haha oh wow, can’t tell if you’re really this retarded or just the most sophisticated troll ever.

          By the way, thinking of and typing this reply took me like 15ms (minus spell checking; I never make spelling mistakes and therefore don’t need it) initially, but I had to type it again slower so that the keyboard controller could keep pace. Shit happens to me all the time.

        • Anonymous says:

          I have no facebook. I’ve never used it.
          I have no twitter. I’ve never used it.
          I have no linkedin. I’ve never used it.
          I have no instagram, no myspace, no blog, no livejournal, NOTHING.


          And I have no interest in basing my gaming around it. Companies like Microsoft need to stop cramming all this extra shit that has nothing to do with gaming into their consoles. Or at least make a version without all that shit so those of us who have no interest in it don’t have to pay extra for crap we’ll never use.

        • Anonymous says:

          “the AMERICANS did this and this…how can AMERICANS do this….” it’s a little bit like this in Germany. And sometimes I say also “ can THEY do this?” But THE AMERICANS do not excist, they are a lots of different people…what we discuss is the “NRA” or the “US politics” and we germans knowing best that Merkel does alot except what the people want here.

          About consoles: going online with my console to play my games is also for me just dirt. NOBODY ask for that. Its because of the companies, want to controle us more and more. It would be best in their eyes, if we pay and pay and pay, but have nothing in our hands. Everything pure online. Microsoft and other trolls.. my middle finger in your faces!!

        • Unlike you 1254 I can multitask and I think and type very fast and can make a very long posts in under 30 seconds. Yes I timed myself. Since you’re surprised by this I conclude you must be a moron that took 20 minutes to write your one long sentence.

          This post took me 4 seconds to think of and write by the way including spell check.

        • You guys are missing one thing. Xbox one is not mainly marketing to you social rejects. You guys can still get the same gaming shit that has kept you reclusive for years. They are just also trying to market to people who have lives and friends and care about entertainment and social networking. Please, get over it and stop crying because you are lonely.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why should MS release it there? Their homes don’t have enough space for Kinect, which they already know after Kinect flopped in Japan. Kinect is a major part of XBONE, so there’s simply no reason to market it there. Besides, the more you say you cannot have something, the more they want it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Perfect picture, I can hear that ‘Gay Womans Laugh’
    “aaaah haaaaa haaaaaaa not you oh my aaaaah haaaa haaaa haaaa”. For Japan what does it matter they already got their heads full of the ps2 ps3 game system. Who cares about microsoft?

    • Anonymous says:

      What you have to remember Aris, is that 127 million people if that where not going to by the xbox to begin with, why waste resources in a country, that only maybe 1% of the population is going to by your product. and besides Sony and Nintendo been doing the same thing for decades now. Releasing there product in Japan first.

    • Anonymous says:

      Consoles are dead in Japan. North America sold four times the number of Wii units sold in Japan. And in Japan the Dual Screen sold more units than all three consoles combined.

      The truth is that Nintendo & Sony only have new consoles because of the North American & European markets. If you think otherwise, you’re a fool.

      Did you know the PS2 sold 21 million units in Japan, while the Wii sold 12 million units? The best selling consoles of the last two generations and the sales have dropped off by nearly half.

      The same thing will continue to happen with the next generation, making it impossible for Japan to fund major console releases like Final Fantasy without the foreign market.

      • Anonymous says:

        While there may have been a slight reduction in console sales, your selected statistics exaggerate the difference, since in the PS2 generation, the other consoles sold fewer units than in the current one:

        PS2: 23.18 million
        GCN: 4.04 million
        XB: 0.53 million
        Total: 27.75 million*

        Wii: 12.73 million
        PS3: 9.35 million
        360: 1.64 million
        Total: 23.72 million


        *note: I didn’t include the Dreamcast, since it was arguably between generations, and was discontinued right around the time the others were coming out. It would only add another 2.25 million to the JP total though.

        In any case, another thing to remember is that these consoles are still selling, so the total for this current generation will continue to rise. Despite the next generation of consoles being on the horizon, over half a million current-gen consoles have been sold in the first half of this year, and sales at reduced prices are bound to continue for some time to come. By the time all is said and done, the total consoles sold in Japan should be nearly at the level they were the prior generation.

        • Anonymous says:

          @20:42 I guess this depends on how much this holds true in Japan, of which data might be a bit harder to come by. And while a lot of ‘core gamers’ may own multiple consoles, that isn’t likely the case for more casual audiences, which make up a lot of console sales.

        • Anonymous says:

          The majority of gamers own more than one console. Including additional sales figures only gives the market an artificial boost in total size. Clearly, you’re not taking this into account, thus believing the market is larger than it actually is.

        • Anonymous says:

          I blame it on Japan’s declining youth. Business men don’t have time to play video games at home. Instead, they play them away from home. Which is why their mobile & handheld markets are so strong.

          So yeah, I blame declining youth. Which makes a lot of sense, when you consider the fact that in major cities like Tokyo the birth rate has dropped to one child per woman. Which may sound good on paper, but that does not take into account who fathered that kid. As in for every two people, a single person will eventually replacing them. Suddenly that sales decline makes a lot of sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      Considering how PS3 beated Xbox 360 on every continent with a huge margin besides North America where they were they almost tied and the original XBox was a failure I would say that MS had their ass kicked and they are retreating. They know that they can’t win this next generation anywhere besides North America and are focussing in the only place they can still win. If they will return in future console wars, will slowly die or become a Amecian only curiosity only time will tell, but currently they are slowly dieing.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Considering how PS3 beated Xbox 360 on every continent with a huge margin besides North America”

        PS3 31.1
        360 24.3

        PS3 9.4
        360 1.5

        PS3 26.8
        360 44.1

        The numbers state that outside of NA & JP, PS3 only beat 360 by 21%. That’s hardly a ‘huge margin’, you silly fanboy. A ‘huge margin’ is like the STOMPING both consoles got in their rival’s home country.

        And who cares, Wii outsold them both. Bragging about who got the silver won’t help them take the gold.

        • Anonymous says:

          “21% is a pretty big difference.”

          It’s really just a 1 in 5 people sales advantage. Which is not enough to call it a ‘huge margin’, nor say the console flopped in those markets either.

          “The Wii was a console marketed towards casual gamers and has a very small attach rate. By that logic I could say the DS outsold XBOX and PS3 combined.”

          It’s funny you say that when PSN/XBL both sell multimedia content & push social networking, which has nothing to do with gaming. By that logic, the system for casuals is more console than the two of them.

          And you may as well start comparing PS3/360 against PC sales, cause in a sense the two are just glorified PCs running a custom MiniOS. Even more so with the upcoming generation of consoles.

          That said, Nintendo’s handhelds are always the silent sales kings. At least til everyone trades in their DS/3DS for an android/iOS device. Cause Vita will never be a sales threat.

        • Anonymous says:

          21% is a pretty big difference. The Wii was a console marketed towards casual gamers and has a very small attach rate. By that logic I could say the DS outsold XBOX and PS3 combined.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh Xbone Sony has left you an opening in Japan by not releasing the PS4 this year there.

    All you need is to release with some goof Japanese appealing titles ,which other than FF and KH3 neither console has those Japanese games.

    • why are there millions of xboxs in Japan then I wonder. Why will there be millions of xbox ones in Japan I wonder. All of this japanese playstation ass kissing is ridiculous seeing as though in the end they are pretty much going to sell about the same everywhere in the world. sigh weaboos..

        • Anonymous says:

          The wiki stats he posted show closer margins in places there should be larger ones from that I knew the source was invalid. I know the difference is wider than 5 million in Japan. But theres no way theres only 1 million xboxs in Japan. These stats are like trying to estimate AKB record sales there is alot not taken into account including the fact there are alternate ways to get a 360 other than buying from a japanese store. when xbox one gets the early us release many will have it shipped where it was not yet released. thatll count as a US sale. Not to mention unofficial online sales of the 360 and used sales are not taken into account on your numbers. If I bought a 360 used it for a while then sold it on ebay to some japanese person a few months later that will still just be my one us sale. Japan isn’t like the us where anything you want you just go to the store next door and get. They are used to buying foreign products and having them shipped. And why buy it in a japanese store when you can get it online for cheaper. or just go get one for 20 dollars in china somewhere with 50 games haaa.

        • Anonymous says:

          Having an install-base of around 1.6 million in Japan actually isn’t that bad if you consider that it’s a foreign console competing against one from a popular Japanese company.

          And Taylor, I’m pretty sure the stats are pretty close to correct, if a bit outdated. According to VGCharts, the Japan totals are now:

          PS3 – 9.4 million
          360 – 1.6 million

          Most Japanese stores actually quit selling Xbox 360 hardware a while back, so the total hasn’t gone up much over the last couple years. On the other hand, the 360 outsold the PS3 by quite a wide margin in North America, so global sales between the two consoles are just about matched. More detailed stats can be found here:

        • Thats an estimation and by wikipedia of all places. I see you were too embarrassed to post the source. If thats what they estimate then the reality would be far more because of the scores of units unaccounted for. This is not the wii we’re talking about, If you honestly think theres a 5 million unit difference in Japan of all places when there isn’t even that big of a spread worldwide or anywhere else on the planet and theres only 1 million xboxs in Japan then you are a stupid monkey and believe everything you read on the internet without critical thought.

          And in any event my point was the two would sell pretty much the same worldwide anyway and that same wikipedia article you quoted from tells that but I see you didnt post those numbers. If Japanese were better at English it would sell more there too like it does in the rest of the English speaking world. Singling out Japan is retarded either way just like you.

        • not to mention Japan has country pride and would prefer to get foreign products unofficially off the books somewhere for cheap rather than buy it officially in a store unlike foreigners who ass kiss playstation and other japanese things. Im not even making that up they have this great nippon we are the chose people mindset so anything foreign including people is frowned upon. this is why im always amazed at all the japanese ass kissing going on on this site. These people dont realize japanese people dont fuggen like you hahah.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am thinking that Japanese gamers don;t really care since they want a new GAMING CONSOLE. So do I here in North America, so will be getting a PS4. I don;t care about all the bloated BS that comes with new Xbox. Besides, my comnputer alos hooked up to my TV has everything & more as far as streaming entertainment services. It seems funny to me when console makers act like this is something new with the latest consoles. Heck, even my father in his 70’s has streaming service via a Sony Blu Ray player. People like him don’t need to buy a bloated game box for this when they don’t play video games.