Capcom: Mega Man XI’s Long Wait “All Inafune’s Fault!”


The producer for the upcoming Mega Man XI has given fans some insight into why it took a whole seven years for a new game in the series to come out, with the blame being pinned on the departure of Keiji Inafune for the neglect of such an impactful franchise.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 14, 2017 16:03

    Okay cool.. Now what's the reason for Power Stone's neglect?... More

  • Notto commented on December 13, 2017 05:54

    Being chills or not all a lot of hipsters will be buying this game to post gamer pics on instagram/twitter. Doubt it will tank.... More

Kimi no Na wa “Will Air on TV!”


Absurdly popular anime movie Kimi no Na wa will be making its way to Japanese TV by next year, allowing those too lazy or poor to see it in theaters the opportunity to witness the “truly legendary” film; an inevitable turn of events considering how ridiculously profitable the movie had become.

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  • cats2 commented on December 12, 2017 08:20

    Does it matter..? The only shit that works globally is stuff like All You Need Is Kill, that really boils down to an action movie where people are fighting aliens so of course Edge... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 8, 2017 21:43

    Hollywood eyeing Japanese novels, twisting it to conform to the vocal social minority, sullying the name of an otherwise better show by ruining first impressions... the list goes on.... More

Funimation on Simuldubs “Harder Than You Think!”




The latest episode of Funimation’s “Inside the Episode” series for Boku no Hero Academia has once again seen to them trying to earn the pity of their fans as they describe the difficulties behind translating and localizing an anime, with the task of adding in completely new dialogue apparently being quite taxing.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 21, 2017 20:47

    Well, what can we do? Instead of these people who are actually doing good, we get settled with these whiny little shit that calls themselves professionals. We know they're ruining the years of hard work... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 21, 2017 13:22

    Hard? I imagine it's pretty easy for them when they just make shit up,and insert their SJW bullshit propaganda into it.... More

Yoko Taro: “I Want to Make An Adult Movie!”


The ever odd Yoko Taro (director of the successful Nier: Automata) has unveiled in a recent Famitsu interview that at some point he would like to produce an adult video – what kind of weird and salacious content he might have planned for this can only be guessed at.

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  • Tessa commented on October 21, 2017 13:18

    So the AV will make me feel the nihilistic despair? ... that would be rather interesting... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 20, 2017 23:51

    2B Captured By A Sentient Fuck Machine... More


Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata divulged in a recent interview that if he were given the ability to direct the Final Fantasy VII remake project, he would decline; on the subject of a potential Final Fantasy VII-2 sequel however he stated he may be interested – which would no doubt spell doom for the beloved RPG, according to Final Fantasy XV’s many haters.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 11, 2017 03:47

    seriously why would anyone allow this guy control over another FF title, why even try to incite him to do it? are you mad?... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 10, 2017 19:06

    Body Pillows~!... More

Super Mario World “Mario Was Originally Punching Yoshi”


An interview with some of the creators of beloved Nintendo classics Super Mario World and Yoshi’s Island has exposed the horrible truth regarding one of the animations for cuddly green dinosaur Yoshi, that being Mario was originally hitting Yoshi in the head – a revelation that will no doubt send PETA into a rage.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 3, 2017 22:33

    Yes, all hail the Lord of the Dance!... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 3, 2017 20:23

    The jungle savage is a gentile creature... watch while my hippie girlfriend attempts to mate with one and I raise their kid together. PETALIBCUCKLIFE... More


Those hoping that the Final Fantasy franchise will soon return to its turn-based roots may likely be disappointed, as Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has informed the masses that action RPG Final Fantasy XV will be gaining yet more content throughout 2018 – certain to infuriate the game’s many detractors.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 29, 2017 03:06

    ok ill wait till 2018 to buy it then... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 28, 2017 21:28

    satisfied with the story? as soon as i finished it i sold the game and delete the fucker from my HDD... More

Senran Kagura Producer “Xbox One & PC Ports Possible”


Senran Kagura Producer Kenichiro Takaki stated in a recent interview that he would like more games from the Senran Kagura series to appear on the Xbox One and PC, with such a possibility bound to be great news for PC modders itching to make the sexy shinobi completely nude.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 28, 2017 08:20

    Xbone dude... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 27, 2017 03:06

    There are far more Japanese exclusives for Playstation than there is for Xbox. They should just drop that idea entirely and focus on porting to PC.... More



Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey has spiced up what might have been a drab interview by dressing in a bikini and wearing a wig of Re:Zero’s highly worshiped Rem (accompanied by a woman wearing a wig of non-Rem), with his wily antics sure to serve as the life goals of those wishing to come into a fortune as large as his.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 12, 2017 16:18

    lol... wtf?... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 26, 2017 03:15

    so basically dont leave your home at all XD... More

Sonic Adventure 3: “We Won’t Give Fans What They Want”


Constant pleas for Sonic Adventure 3 by the furry community have at last been heard by Sega; unfortunately, the chance for its creation is low as the development team is supposedly more interested in “advancing the series”.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 23, 2017 02:05

    I mean, the standards for sonic games isn't that high anyways so SA3 should be greenlit.... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 22, 2017 19:05

    The furry Community?... Are.You.FUCKING.Stupid mate? everyone wants Adventure 3 please just stop.... More


Refusing to lie through his teeth, the director for the Fullmetal Alchemist anime (Seiji Mizushima) has spoken up in regards to the franchise’s imminent live action movie, stating that the cast won’t be able to pull it off and that using a full Japanese cast was a bad idea (which those still mourning the live action Ghost in the Shell movie will no doubt disagree with).

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  • Arpaschad commented on September 28, 2017 11:02

    hmmm... at least this director have the balls to admit if they fuck up and move on...unlike the majority of dickwads in Hollywood who made anime-to-live-action aberrations like Deathnote, Dragonball, Dead or Alive, and to... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 22, 2017 21:19

    Animation has to be exaggerated because it can't match the subtle complexity of real facial expressions. Especially in anime because everyone has the same goddamn face. It's 2 different mediums with 2 different strengths.... More


Eiichiro Oda, creator of revered piracy anime One Piece, has revealed that the title’s hideous art-style was intentional so that it could stand out among all the other generic franchises – not so shocking considering his “3 circles and 1 cross” approach to drawing female anatomy.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 1, 2017 18:38

    You are probably born yesterday. There is hardly new in anime scene except for bold fan service. Especially for shounen category. What makes anime like One Piece or HunterXHunter stand out is the characters and... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 13, 2017 14:37

    His art is shit.... More

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