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Toei Precure Dakimakura: “First Creepy Otaku, Now Furries!”


Already renowned for cultivating an audience of creepy old otaku “big friends” alongside its primary demographic of 6-year-old girls with Precure, Toei now looks to have set its sights on furry fandom – their latest offering being a full on furry dakimakura featuring Wolfrun.

The product causing all the fuss is a “long pillow” featuring Smile Precure!’s wolfy villain Wolfrun, with pre-orders opening through Toei’s official online shop at the start of October:


That the pillow is implicitly aimed at kemono-fancying fujoshi and otaku is not in much doubt – other Precure dakimakura are released in kiddie sizes, but Wolfrun is “long,” and also boasts an as yet unrevealed second side on the rear…


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