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Newly Wed Teacher Jailed for Sex with 4 Pupils


An English teacher who repeatedly had sex with 4 of her pupils only months after she had gotten married has been jailed for corrupting the morals of the only boy willing to turn her in to police.

The 26-year-old Pennsylvania high school teacher was accused of pursuing sexual relationships with 4 of her pupils, all of whom were aged from 16 to 18, after having married only 2 months before.


However, 3 of the 4 boys she was accused of corrupting refused to have anything to do with police efforts to bring her to justice for her wicked crimes, leaving police to rely on the testimony of one young man, then 17, whom she had been giving reading lessons to.

According to the accounts of this schoolboy partner, she would drive him to secluded locations for car sex, or else use a hotel, and they had sex on many occasions. Police records, detailed as ever, note that at times the couple did not use condoms.

After her adulterous antics came to light, her husband divorced her and she resigned her teaching position.

Complicating police efforts to further ruin her life was the fact the local age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16, making her relationships with the boys notionally legal, if highly unprofessional.

However, fortunately the state also has a law against “corruption of minors,” which covers cases of those over 18 subverting the morals of those under 18, giving them something to charge her with, although the defence contended that he had actually been the one pursuing her.

The teacher admitted the single charge brought against her, and was sentenced to from 5 to 23 months in prison and 3 years of probation after the judge denied her request for a non-custodial sentence, a sentence she said she agreed with but which her lawyer said he would appeal anyway, as even prosecutors had not actually sought a jail sentence.

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