Kidney for iPad Buyers Busted


Chinese police have arrested the group who let a 17-year-old boy sell them his kidney so he could buy the latest Apple hardware.

China’s state media reports that 5 people involved in the removal and sale of the organ have been arrested, including the surgeon who extracted it and the brokers who sold it on.

They face charges of inflicting bodily harm on the boy, and engaging in illegal organ trading.

The case came to light when the boy’s mother discovered he had suddenly acquired an iPhone and iPad, which she knew to be well beyond his means. Police soon launched an investigation.

The boy received about $3,000 for his kidney, but the sellers managed a much more respectable $35,000 for the organ.

He is now suffering kidney failure as a result of the strain placed on his remaining kidney, and likely faces a truncated lifetime of unpleasant and expensive medical problems.

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