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China Indignant at Nobel Peace Prize


China is outraged at one of its citizens being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and has threatened Norway with diplomatic consequences for allowing the award.

The prize, worth 10 million krona ($1.5 million), was awarded to Liu Xiaobo, a 54-year-old former university professor internationally feted for his efforts to promote democracy in China, though little known in China itself due to state censorship.

Liu was jailed for 11 years in 2008 for “inciting subversion” after daring to suggest China should institute democratic reforms.

China was indignant at the award, calling Liu a “criminal” and saying the decision to award it to him “runs counter to the intent of the prize, and desecrates the peace prize.”

Showing its usual diplomatic finesse, China then threatened Norway with for allowing the prize to be awarded, saying that it “will likely cause damage to our relations with Norway.” Just what it intends to do was left unspecified.

China also summoned the Norwegian ambassador for a dressing down, in spite of the fact the prize is not awarded by the government but by an independent body (albeit one with members appointed by the Norwegian parliament).

Reporting of the award was heavily censored in China – Nobel prize reports from such broadcasters as the BBC, CNN and NHK were blacked out when they began to mention China’s unwanted triumph:



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  • mr.Liu himself is a loser after all.
    i know his opinion clearly but most of chinese will not agree with this criminal. he said china should be ruled by western countries as long as possible – he’s sick.
    nobel peace prize? look obama.

  • I just cracked the code on the Nobel Peace Prize: in a nutshell, they’re the trolls of world politics.

    The decision process of the Nobel Peace Prize committee isn’t to decide who made the biggest contribution to peace and give it to them. The process is to decide who (in their opinion, of course) made the biggest assault on peace, and give it to their enemy.

    It isn’t “GJ, person we give it to.” It’s “FU, enemies of the person we give it to.”

  • Well, maybe this’ll encourage China to spring the poor bastard. It doesn’t really do much for PR to have a Nobel Peace Prize awarded for the same reason you’ve imprisoned someone. Not that China gives a crap about PR or pissing ANYONE off.

  • China really needs to get with the times and over throw their oppressive government.
    The world should not give into a bunch a cowardly fascist despots who are stuck in the 50s and simply cannot handle the truth which the Chinese government is.
    Liu Xiaobo is not a criminal all he wants is democracy for his people.
    The only criminals in my eyes are the people running the CCP.

    • The mistake that people make is equating liberty with democracy – just because a government becomes democratic does not automagically mean liberty will follow.

      All the major companies have ties with the Chinese government, everyone who has profited from the financial rise of China are connected to the government. If China becomes a democracy we’ll see exactly the same thing we see in America: only the candidates who can secure the greatest campaign funds will receive votes. Now think for a second who will be providing these funds in a democratic China.

      Yeah, the exact same people who profited under the previous government. Now guess who they’ll be supporting?

  • China will be democratic in the future. The question is how long will it take, and how many lives will it cost.

    In that respect, I am proud of my country (Ger) which was former GDR (east Ger). We had a similar stupid state system, and we overthrew it in a peaceful way.
    In a country as big as China, it will take longer until every pissed off citizen will get their asses on the street together.

    I hope that I live long enough to see it.

    • Funny you should say that, considering a lot of left-wing elitists refer to Obama’s health care reform as a submission to communism.

      On a more serious note though, the flaws of communism are more widely known than those of capitalism. Again, the government is offended by the decision because Liu ‘was’ a direct threat to them. All things considered however, that’s really the only reason one could think of for giving him the honor – because he pissed off the PRC.

      There’s really not much else he could get the award for, and there certainly are more qualified people in this world. Alas, the Nobel Peace Prize means jack shit these days.

  • I think a bit more emphasis on the response of the chinese citizens would make for a more informative article less apt to give people misleading ideas about the state of things.

    I’m not writing them, though, and don’t presume to possess the talent to write them better than the current authors.

  • Am I the only person who thinks something looks fishy when there’s a camera specifically set up to record this “black out” on that Japanese news channel, showing a British news network of all things?

    I don’t doubt the news would be censored by the PRC, but the blatant fabrication involved in those pictures is quite amusing. And it’s ironic, given media coverage of a media black out is in fact a deliberate mock up of the situation.

  • I expected this article to be actually praise the man for standing up against the government. But it focused on the stupid bickering. Read and disappointed.

    I applaud Liu for his push for better education in the past. But we all know this Nobel prize is “bullshit”. Why did Obama receive one for Peace when he just started his role as president? The Nobel committee is giving awards to people with the potential to cause controversy and sensationalism. I’m not siding with the Chinese government but please read on.

    Liu has not changed China in any way. Liu has not made China into a better country yet. He still has his fighting spirit but has taken no further action to push for democracy in China. But he still receives the award. In contrast, that guy who discovered Global Warming was a big fraud did not receive one. But he changed the world by saying the truth.

    The Nobel committee is doing this for the publicity, specifically to be more known and gain more “Hits”.

  • well…
    u know i don’t think we should criticize the chinese to much…
    we also have to see it from the chinese government perspective…
    what happens to the chinese government system if they acknowledge that award… it’s the same that the chinese must change their governmental system… and of course it’ll never be a good news 4 a country to change their governmental system…

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    Congratulations to Liu Xiaobo for winning the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

    After constantly being harassed by the Communist Party of China not to award the prize to Liu, the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee basically told them to fuck off. And for this, they won back some respect from me after last year’s ridiculous decision to give it to Obama for doing nothing.

    Let this be a warning to the Communist Party of China that it cannot run rough-shod over other people’s countries and telling them what to do simply because they’re fucking rich with cash.

    If China ever gets rid of this detestable regime and becomes a truly democratic nation that is respected internationally, then surely Liu Xiaobo would be a natural choice as the leader of this new nation.

    Much like how the election of Nelson Mandela, also a Nobel Peace Laureate and ex-political prisoner, as president of the new post-apartheid South Africa helped boost that country’s international credentials.

  • Food for thought:

    China always claims “we dont want external interference” when people say stuff is bad in China.

    However, the Nobel prize is an “internal Norwegian matter”, and it’s the Nobel consortium’s own business who to award. So China should stick to its “no external interference” thing and leave the Nobel prize consortium.

    • The act of nominating a person who has led to such impact on China (many people – including some Chinese people – is taking this opportunity to ask China to release Liu, and that has other implications) is an external interference.

      The nature of the consortium’s “own business” is affecting other people’s business.

      If the consortium nominated almost anybody else, China would’ve just kept quiet.

    • Kinny Riddle says:

      The “China” being outraged refers to the People’s Republic of China government.

      The people in the photo are democratic activists in Hong Kong (the only place within PRC jurisdiction, besides Macau, to allow for press and speech freedoms, due to its status as an ex-British colony and thus under more international scrutiny) who have always been advocating for the release of dissidents in the mainland.

    • There’s a high possibility that he could be a Chinese himself. Living a life in the state, grown up being bullied for stupid racial reasons, hated his own identity…

      Or it could be the other way around.

  • I really don’t see how democracy = peace. These peace prizes have always been given to lovers of democracy. If you ask me and take off your blindfold its obviously democratic propaganda. Everyone now thinks that democracy is the ultimate and tries to force it onto other countries. Its stupid! If half the population of some country is an idiot (and usually they are) then why must they have the power? I’m not saying what China (government) did here is right, just that if they went on to say “OK, lets rather be democratic” it would’ve been much much worse.

  • What is even sadder than this is that “You must treat China softly” idea when dealing with the Chinese in business and politics is still widely mandatory.

    I think its about time we deal with them with the subtlety of a sledge hammer

  • Oh China…. Let me list the ways I DESPISE YOU and never want to go back there ever again (the Chinese governement defines what China is. Until something is done about the China governement, both China and the Chinese governement is the same entity).

    Im Chinese too from Taiwan in Taiwan and the people here are happy that China is “over there” and not in Taiwan. We still hate we are a province, but at least the Chinese governement isn’t here. Honestly, they will go after anyone that disagrees with them. If this is the case, no one can say that China has democracy.

    And China threatening Norway? I didn’t know China had relationships with Norway. Dont worry Norway, China is way to weak to do anything drastic and China knows that.

    As far as the prize. Good for Norway in giving it to a Chinese citizen. Someone so influential as Lu Xiaobo deserves something like this. Although it calls to question that maybe in order to get this prize, you need to be jailed LOL.

    Anyways, Im done sprouting my typical anti China sentiment as a normal Taiwanese citizen. I hope the Chinese governement crumbles in the future, because really, China deserves better than the governement system they have now.

    • “And China threatening Norway? I didn’t know China had relationships with Norway. Dont worry Norway, China is way to weak to do anything drastic and China knows that. ”

      The Norwegian government is currently negotiating a free-trade agreement with China and a few weeks ago, it looked like Norway would be the first european country with this kind of agreement with China.

      Common opinion her in Norway: Good choice that can prove costly for Norway

  • LOL ignorance runs rife in this page.

    Democracy would not work in China, it’ll only create generations of political instability and stale mates.

    Best example: look at India, they have a parliament with 48 parties, with the ruling party a coalition of 16 parties that barely agrees with each other. The product of that is people falling through the cracks of society because policies never get passed the lower house due to the constant bureaucracy and bickering.

  • Liu XiaoBo was a great man.

    Along with the Dalai Lama, he was a bold man , speaking out the autocratic CCP regime. He was not a revolutionist by the way, advocating gradual and progressive democracy. Even Premier Wen Jiabao spoke of the need for political reform within China.

    • All Hail Brit-China! I just hope China does change. Otherwise it will be at the receiving end of America’s “Hammer of Democracy and Peace”….

      Seriously, why does China even bother with all this crap? I mean it has untapped resources from the inside. It has two major rivers. It’s got plenty of untapped manpower. Its like someone playing DOTA and only creates “Treads”….

  • fuck it, i’m chinese . Yet i hate China. I’m one of those chinese immigrants that already fled to western country. I blame those old generation retard who were still stick with their old BC era mentality. They still being afraid of changing their old value.Therefore democracy or everything else from western were still considered taboo to all of these old fucking people. Also there’s some of the new generation of Chinese people too that has been brainwashed into thinking that they are still having some sort of responsibility to protecting their fucking motherland, and everything Chinese government did were right in their eyes , thus must support it wholeheartly. You can say they are like KKK chinese version , mostly they are government dog that support them including what Mao Zhe Dong did back then in revolutionized the government into full time communism.
    My point here is , please do not categorize all chinese people the same way. There’s a lot of us who hate the other chinese too.

    • Sigh…. That’s true! Even in the Philippines there are those who have chinese blood, but hates China and it’s antics. Although they still have that frustrating Chinese trait of “Money Love” at least they view porn, anime and democracy as necessary things….

    • obviously u r not chinese, so shut the fuck up.
      in fact, u couldnt even read the chinese in the headline photo b4 criticising chinese ppl. most of u’all sankaku-brainwashed hentai-worshipers would fell pettily to the anti-china/chinese trap played by this website. the blogger try to make you think that “China and its ppl Indignant at Nobel Peace Prize” by showing some pictures of chinese ppl be “enraged” by the award and protesting.
      however, the fact is, the photo actually shows that those ppl are enraged by china gov’s actions and are supportin liu. the text on their banner reads”release liu xiaobo””congratulation, liu” etc.
      so Artefact once again successfully promoted anti-china and anti-chinese emotions among ur pathetic otakus.

  • as a Chinese seeing this happening is really embarrassing.truth is in China, there is always a tradition that you wanna win a nobel, you’ll have to change your nationality first. for a man who’s capable for this kind of honour, this is the basic thing they can do for the world, that is work not for the Chinese gov but for the whole humanbeing.

  • I thought the crowds from the pic are supporting Liu.

    They are asking the government to release him.

    This topic is misleading, and north american shouldn’t judge the majority just by the act of the chinese government.

  • The screenshots are fake. We don’t have “BBC world news” here in the mainland. This wasn’t even on tv at all. Clearly this is someone from Japan taking the two photos of the tv. Not that hardly anyone has a Sony brand TV anyway although there are a few, picture 2 is obviously with the TV turned off. We do however get news from HK in my area (guangzhou near hk), and when that is censored and someone “pushes the button” commercial advertisements start playing. Your tv doesn’t magically shut off. The main idea behind this report is accurate, but the related pictures in the article are complete bullshit.

    • This is the Sankaku – or more appropriately, the internet. People believe what they want as long as it appeases their politically lopsided and heavily biased views, no matter how uneducated they are to the facts.

  • The guy seriously hasn’t done shit though. He wrote up a document to promote democracy and multi-party government…any idiot who’s taken even a year’s worth of Poli Sci in college could have written the same.

    This year’s Peace prize was just as worthless as last year’s, given to Obama for having done…nothing (and continuing to do nothing). Honestly, China should simmer down with the indignation; the prizes are a complete joke already.

  • Bronxdragon says:

    Has every one on this god damned planet lost their mind? Honestly the number of stupid people in the world is mind bogling……we are going to have WWIII pretty damn soon arn’t we…

  • Rather pathetic that they STILL haven’t grasped the concept of individuals and institutions acting independently of the government. Perhaps they would get the idea if they were bombarded with diplomatic notes every time nationalistic chinese post messages disparaging other countries on the net.

      • @Anon 11:02

        I am Filipino, and I despise America…. But not as much as China right now….

        (America = 1; China = 3)

        …you idiotic faggot of history. If you love China so much then jump off the Yangtze river and drown yourself because China will fail forever! No wonder grandpa betrayed them kinky merchants to the Japanese during the war LOLZ. We got the same view about China: An oppresive country that never changes and never deserved to be in the modern world…

        • Your grandpa was probably forced to rape your great grandmother by the Imperial Japanese, resulting in the genetic stagnation that birthed your retarded essence. Have fun sucking Filipino dick, faggot.

  • I can see it now…..the “Fall of China” being they’re idiotic government. Not surprise if this does actually happens, actually I hope it does if this does happen even if they are a Communist country “every” and I mean “every” in people are what makes a country so if they start making another Tienanmen Square on a large scale across the country. After all China will never and probably in the future never allow things like this to happen.

  • Who is China trying to fool anyway? Themselves? The whole world easily sees through their cold war mentality. They had so many opportunities to reform themselves without all the trouble that other former communist countries went through. Regardless of their economic growth, they are still heading for the dead end.

    • And you sir aren’t any better for your remark.

      Good show ol’ boy anyway, got any riveting tales to follow up with Sir Troll? Do continue, while I drink from my Royal Chelsea tea set which is lavished with the greatness of Darjeeling tea.

  • China still doesn’t get it. Unlike them, In civilized part of the world. Citizen makes government do shit, not the other way around. Bitching at the Norwegian government does nothing to something being runned independently.

    Threatening populations does little cause they trust their government to protect them with their own military. Threatening governments does little cause the population is what keeps the government in power and they wouldn’t wanna be voted out for being pussies during next election. Democracy, in that regard is quite a wonderful system.

    The only thing China can do to actually get democratic countries to do what they wish, is to please the country’s citizens. Something they’ll either never understand, or be willing to. Simply because their government is stuck fucking backward.

      • Even china should know not to take that kind of action for something of this scale. But then it’s china we’re talking about..

        In a world where china is the super power, you can be sure entire countries would get sanctioned for one citizen’s criticism of china or something. Or china might just claim the whole world for itself.

    • you should check out the results of what is happening of pollution in china.
      Green, yellow, red rivers and soil that burns the skin on contact. mutant animals. like pigs with two heads with one eye. or dusk with four legs.
      Kids that are already dead on birth or mutated. Even if they survive they will suffer large tumors that weigh over 20 kilos or cancer because of their crazed genes…and they can’t pay medical care.

    • you should check the results of pollution in China.
      Green,yellow,red rivers and soil.
      Loss of wildlife.
      kids with hunchbacks and many fingers…one eyed

      there is even worse to come because I bet they are dumping radioactive waste.

  • Now I wanna see the Norway answer… Did they gonna bow down and get fucked in all fours, or did they gonna just show the middle finger – or worse(or better, lol): will do absolutely nothing? XD

  • “will likely cause damage to our relations with Norway.”
    What!? Will the chinese stop sending them fake merchande? Or maybe chinese immigrants? I don’t know that might actually be good…
    Let the rest of countries follow Norway’s exemple!!!

  • I wonder how many nations (and it’s citizens) hate China’s government for their assholishness to the nth degree, yet love it’s citizens’ cheap use of practical slave labor for giving everyone else in the world everything we ever wanted at shit-low prices.

    • Remember when 9-11 happened? They should have just nuked the middle east and wiped every Muslim off the face of this planet, right? And during the Cold War, America should have just nuked every Russian man, woman and child into oblivion. Sure, they would have probably retaliated, but American civilians deserve it for stealing land from the natives and practicing slavery in the past. In fact, all of humanity should just die a horrible death for having someone as stupid as yourself as a member of our species.

      See the irony here?

    • Joking aside, nuking a country with possible second strike capabilities… it would spell an eminent WWIII. Sadly, nuking a state, no matter the circumstances, is not easy business at all by a very long shot.

    • the only problem is – if you would just noticed – Chinese are EVERYWHERE. So either you nuked this whole world or clean them up infinitely like cockroaches spreading out anywhere.

      This old undying traditional trait and culture of China is something that really pisses their own ass.

      It’s a magic how they burn their own shit with their own shit ain’t it?

    • You are correct, the goverment has nothing to do with the Nobel Prize, and you are also correct with the statement that norwegians don’t give a shit.

      I’m a norwegian, and I couldn’t care less about what new stupidity China has to offer the world.

  • Observe the disparity between the superpowers:
    “The US leads the developed world in Obesity, poor medical care, and stupid catchphrases…”
    US: “That’s us, baby!” We’re number one! No one else comes close!”

    “A Chinese dissident has won the Nobel peace prize, bringing acclaim and respect to his homeland.”
    China “That’s Bullshit! We only won because of racism! We don’t deserve any of that respect crap- we demand your disrespect nao!”


      • Oh yeah. Healthcare to those who can afford it. Felt good, eh?

        It works out nicely as long as you’re young, healthy and/or have money. There’s just a bit of a problem with that equation. I’ll let you figure it out yourself.

        • I am unhealthy and don’t have a lot of money yet I still have great healthcare and live in America. I am able to have good healthcare because I go to school and work like most normal americans do and should. I’ll let you figure it out yourself.

    • RopeXPantsu says:

      Because they don’t understand that the Nobel Price Committee has nothing to do with the government of Norway. They think that the goverment could just talk to the Nobel Price Committee and make them change their decision, just like things work in China. But Norway is not China.

  • Who cares about China…. People need to worry about their own shit…. Simple and plain…. For anyone who commented this just wasted time spent that could have been spent on their very own shit…. Like me! LOL XD

    • i agree a bunch of idiots…criticizing a nobel prize winner ?…maybe they are expecting a nobel prize for the person who put melamin on our tainted baby milk formula or to that moron who started the SARS outbreak and foot and mouth disease …yeah that would be great!!

    • what did the Chinese gov’t got wrong? I don’t know about that news regarding to Liu Xiaobo but in the Philippines where I live, the memory of the Manila Bus hostage incident last Aug. 23 still lingers to my country and their gov’t still searching for the truth and justice to the incident.

    • Well…Sankaku is biased and anti-China, we know that for a long time. you do have to realize that reforming a country politically takes more than just justification and words. It is a part of tradition, just like how we are used to our ways. The release will not happen just because other countries are pressing China into it. In contrast, they will not be allowed to show weakness.

      And if you ever take look at other sources, you will realize that Liu’s ideas are small and insignificant that he doesn’t even deserve the Nobel. This decision was clearly aimed at China, the timing is too perfect, it is to be expected for them to be angry. But i have to admit that China making Norway Gov’t take the blame is clearly wrong.

    • *Sniff* it brings a tear to my eye to see China grow up and show that they learned so much from us. Also don’t have to throw on some politically correct bull shit and pretend we give a SHIT about europe and the rest of them like we do, lucky bastards.

    • Just keeping up the quality of the award.. last year awarded to a criminal, this year awarded to a criminal.. though this years is more deserving..

      I mean… Norwegians?? what the hell is up over there??

    • Give it 50 years and they’ll be the biggest superpower ever to exist. The censorship and propaganda is there to try and keep the population loyal to the current government for when the wars for the massive bulk of natural resources that China is sitting on begin.

        • “China invaded Tibet about 50 years ago, and that’s what counts. That Tibet was once a part of it is worth shit. It was a part of Mongolia once, too. So what?”

          Give it another 50 years and everyone will forget about how China invaded Tibet like Americans have forgotten they invaded Hawaii and overthrew the royal family over American business interests in 1887.

        • yucca mountain, thats the site its at
          we spent 50billion on it so far, shits stored 1000feet under ground, and its built not to leak but it wont open till 2017 at the earliest, and environmentalist, even though its the safest thing we ever built for it, are trying to get the project scrapped, and sadly obama is with them on it apparently.

          you know, windmills went up around my home recently, and apparently my power bill went up 2 cents a kwatt, it was 9 cents, now its 11. that took a 240 something bill and pushed it to 300ish

          id rather see a nuclear power plant than those fucking windmills.

        • anon@11:08

          China invaded Tibet about 50 years ago, and that’s what counts. That Tibet was once a part of it is worth shit. It was a part of Mongolia once, too. So what?
          I’d want to see the reaction of the world should Germany invade half Europe and western Russia because it once belonged them. Or Austria deciding to reerect Austria-Hungary. Or France wanting to take back the USA. lulz

        • Riiiight. Dig a hole and dump the radioactive waste. alidan, please, do just that. And then drink water from the underground source beneath the hole, which also connects to various rivers, lakes, etc. A healthy green glow doesn’t hurt.

        • Anonymous

          Chernobyl happens because russians tried to make a nuclear power plant during a time when they forgot how t fucking farm, this wasn’t hay day space race russia, this was inbred alabama stupid russia.

          and we have a save method of disposal. there is a hole we dug, forgot the name, into a mountain, where we can easily dump the material and it will not effect shit. and the method of transport is safe enough that even any bomb a terrorist could get there hands on couldn’t crack it, and even if, god forbid, the train derails into another train, the material inside is safe, but because of pussies who fear nuclear power so much, the hole we dug, and the method to transport aren’t used ever.

          now, todays nuclear tech is MILES ahead of what it was when we build them. its safer than mining coal, and here, lets never build any kind of infrastructure if we have to be constantly afraid of terrorists. seriously, grow some balls, if you want to be afraid of terrorists, than live somewhere where terrorism happens and and not in some place where it only really happed once. unless you think they will get away with hijacking a plane again, and make it to a power plant, without being gunned down, which is irrational.

        • @alidan

          You don’t know shit about nuclear power technology. The processes required to mine, refine and transport uranium, and also the enormous effort required to permanently store the depleted fuel elements classes nuclear power plants about the same as the newest generation of coal power plants in terms of carbon footprint. Highly concentrated uranium ore is needed to actually get a positive energy balance out of the whole process, and as suitable deposits become increasingly difficult to mine, the carbon footprint keeps getting even worse.

          While everyone with even half a bit of knowledge about the technology knows that modern nuclear power plants are extremely secure and that it’s more likely to get your head chopped off by renegade wind power wheels during a storm than a 2nd Chernobyl happening, we have to take terrorism into account these days. A bombed nuclear power plant would almost be as bad as actually getting nuked.

          Regardless of CO2 and terrorism, the lack of a reasonable solution for disposing of depleted fuel elements remains the biggest issue, and also the best reason to stay away from nuclear power until fusion plants eventually become economically viable.

        • @Schrobby

          That expedition you stated was carried out in 1999. China “annexed” Tibet in the 1700s during the Qing Dynasty, lost control of the area for a period in the 1900s, and then regained it in the 1950s via the Communists.

          Similarly, the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands were a part of China for a much, much larger period of history than Japan, and only fell to the latter through underhanded post-war agreements made after the first Sino-Japanese war.

          I’m not saying resources wouldn’t factor into this, as it’s typically the reason for any acquisition of land. However,to assume it’s the only reason – regardless of how lowly you view the PRC – demonstrates a very narrow viewpoint.

        • @Talifag Tibet has only a little coal, oil and gas?

          “In 1999 more than 1000 researchers divided into 24 separate regiments and fanned out across the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, geologically mapping an area the size of California, Texas and Montana for the first time ever. Their findings: 16 major new deposits of copper, iron, lead, zinc and other minerals worth an estimated $128 billion, according to articles published last week on the website of the China Tibet Information Center, a government-run portal.
          According to the Geological Survey’s hopeful Zhang, “super-large” crude oil and gas reserves in Tibet’s far-western Qiangtang Basin, as well as large quantities of oil shale deposits in areas west of the new train line.”

          That was only one big research expedition. There are huge amounts of ressources in Tibet. See here:

        • But they are yet to make use of said oil?

          Because Norway is one of the bigger oil producing nations. And prices on oil would most likely increase in china if they do something stupid and are unable to buy from Norway.

        • @Schrobby

          Tibet has little coal, oil and natural gas. The country generates most of it’s energy through hydroelectric plants.
          It wouldn’t be economically viable for China to invade Tibet for resources.


          Yes, but nuclear plants are much more complex, costly, dangerous and time-consuming to build. China is a developing country, and it needs to rapidly increase its energy output so as not to fall behind demand. They sit on a large amount of coal. Coal is cheap to mine and process, and easy to extract energy from.

        • Talifag

          coal needs to die as a resource, at least in power.

          a nuke power plant is safer and provides more power and less pollution, once the fagots who appose nuke power die, coal will too.

        • Tibet is as about as much a chinese province as Texas. China invaded Tibet because of the various ressources there and wants to occupy Senkaku because of the oil and gas that’s supposed to be there, everything else are just cheap excuses.

        • because he’s promoting *democracy* in china. communist police states tend to have a problem with that sort of thing. their reaction really just makes them look silly, though. “THIS GUY IS BEING REWARDED FOR TRYING TO BETTER OUR COUNTRY! RAWR!” lol china, u mad?

      • Saving face via censorship is just retarded. It’s the internet age, every Chinese netizen knows about this already, and the general consensus amongst them is that the government is making itself look like collective idiots.

        • @12:01
          There is no cherry picking, just correcting what brownbear said that Japan took the islands from China in WW2 which they did not seeing as they where allready in japanese hands since 1895 and ww2 did not happen untill 1939, or are you trying to say that WW2 happend before 1895?

        • “The Senkaku islands have been in japanese hands since 1895, it was the US that took them from Japan in WW2 and then gave them back in 1972.”

          Way to cherry pick your information. Taiwan and all surrounding islands (which includes Senkaku/Daiyutai) were surrendered to Japan after the first Sino-Japan war, but when American forced Japan to return all conquered territories they disputed that the island were not part of the deal. The American decision to hand the islands over to Japan was simply politics – China wasn’t an ally back then and they had no reason to do what was right.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          “It’s also the majority of people’s fault for being so easily coerced and not think for themselves.”

          People DO think for themselves, but they just don’t speak out about it, or they will be jailed like Liu and other innocent accused people. Freedom of speech give you a one way way trip to jail, or hell over there.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          “Yeah, that headline picture sure shows how China is Indigant at the Nobel Peace Prize.”

          Em…the people in that pic is not protesting against the Nobel Peace Prize, but demanding other innocent people that are jailed like Liu to be released.

          You can always count on this site for misleading pics lol

          Governments around the world done their fair share of retarded things, but their action don’t really represent the people of their country as a whole to be honest.

        • Yeah I agree with some posts here Artefact : it would be nice for information purpose, to say who in China you are talking about instead of saying “China did this” “China did that”. It’s funny and all, but 1 – those are serious subjects & 2 – China is a lot of different people.
          And I don’t like how many people here seem to imagine they can understand the situation of a country they never lived in.
          It’s the same pattern as how some westerners came to the misunderstanding of how japanese people wants to be caucasian.
          Some people imagine stuff and think it’s reality because of how things are presented through some news that only wants to show the shocking aspect of a subject.
          I’m not against shocking news, or presenting the crunchy part of the information, that’s a way to make them interesting. But missing out some important parts or formulating in certain ways leads to misunderstandings…maybe even some hasty conclusions.

        • @ brownbear

          You’re the one who doesn’t get it.

          The Nobel prize is given by a independent non-governmental organization. Regardless of whether the prizes are justly given, Norway’s government has nothing to do with it. If they were to interfere, they’d be publicly attempting against their own laws which state the rights of it’s citizens.

          The Chinese government is completely out of line trying to impose it’s own policies on other countries.

        • Anon, sensible and smart ppl know that the problem is the idiotic Chinese Government that is to blame. The picture up there shows Mr Liu’s sympathizers and friends on a manifestation supporting him and Nobel committee’s decision to give him the prize. Unfortunately, due to the heavy censorship, most Chinese didn’t know what the whole thing was about.

          It doesn’t matter, the Chinese Govt is being supported by the western hypocrisy so… Actually this Nobel is some fresh air to the rotten hypocrisy around the world.

        • I don’t think people understand the entire situation.

          The Chinese government IS to blame for all this craziness. However, what about the regular Chinese citizens?

          If you pull from other sources that isn’t Sankaku, you’ll realize that Chinese netizens are actually applauding the Nobel Prize Committee for awarding Liu Xiaobo.

          I think that Sankaku complex is just feeding the hawks what it wants to hear. Unfortunately, CHINA is not equivalent to THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT. There is a big difference between the ideas of those who lead the nation, and those who simply live in it.

        • i dun see how ppl cannot see the situation. Lets say your country is democratic, and there is a person give Nobel prize for promoting Monarchy or dictatorship.
          Well this is exactly what happened.
          For Senkaku Islands, it seems like japan take the island during ww2, then USA defeated Godzilla and took over the island. Then b4 they left, they hand over to japan instead of back to china.