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Don’t worry guys, they still have Versus to fall back on!

What kind of game is it? I don’t know.

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  • Finnish Embassy Twitter Quite a Sight…:
    I always find it funny to see articles and posts here calling someone else “creepy otakus”. The stuff advertised on this site is pretty much on the same level, if not worse.

  • Medaka Box: “Why Is This Anime So Unpopular?”:
    People talking about Gainax quality seems to have forgotten about Kare Kano and Nadia. I’ve been a fan of the manga since the one-shot, but I don’t expect the anime will meet or surpass manga’s quality because Gainax treats non-original series like shit. I wonder why they decided to change the cast from the online voice comic. I like Toyosaki Aki, but she’s just not fit to voice Medaka.

  • Neptunia: “Disturbingly Sexualized Young Girls” “30%”:
    What were people expecting from this game? Idea Factory is involved, so you know it’s going to be a boring grind just like their two other major franchises. I don’t even know why this is localized.

  • Madoka “Will Be Cancelled!”:
    Most likely nothing is going to happen, just like dozens of other times people complained about an anime show. I thought Madoka was shown on late night? If so, then there’s no room to complain. Parents complaining about the show may want to deal with their kids being up so late first.

  • Top 10 Seiyuu Wives:
    Arai Satomi is the ideal wife. She can clean, cook and has boobs, I can’t ask for more. Oh she’s also Kuroko.


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