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Square Enix on FF14: “Players Get 8 Hours a Week”


Square Enix have finally clarified how their controversial “fatigue” system for limiting player advancement in Final Fantasy XIV works – players are not after all limited to 1 hour of play a day, but instead to a much more generous 8 hours a week.

The announcement was made on the internal Final Fantasy XIV beta tester site by the game’s director Nobuaki Komoto, and has since been reproduced by multiple sources:


In summary:

Players earn XP at 100% for the first 8 hours.

For 7 hours over this limit the XP received decreases to 0%.

The time limit for the playtime counter to reset is 1 week.

The XP gain limit is not tied to any class/job but is per character.

Drops and loot are not affected by the XP “fatigue.”

Strangely, this is not so far off the “1 hour a day” limit which caused so much controversy – and hardly “fabrication” and “delusion” as Square Enix put it not so long ago.

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  • Personally check out Spoony’s MMO roundup. Aria sounds lovley.

    And yes, this is stupidity. Then again, I don’t knlow any Japanese MMO’s other than Phantasy Star that did ‘decent’ in the west so.. I’m not suprised.

  • I’m sorry, but if they stick with this policy, they can stick this game up their butt.

    When I want to play a game, I do NOT want some bean-counter telling me how often or long I can play my game… PERIOD!

    Just another reason why I’ll be passing up this game.

  • Sankaku ate my previous post 🙁

    Just to clarify, it’s not time-based, it’s actually a cap on exp/skill points, the 8+7 hours/week figure comes from an approximation of how much time you’d need to exp (as in mindless prolonged grinding) to get to that quota.

    It also says that it’s possible to remove (or alleviate) the limit before the 7-day period is over, by engaging in non-exp related activities. I’m not sure what those would be since I haven’t really tryed the game more than an hour or so.

    If that is really a possibility it doesn’t sound that limiting to me, playing more classes should be a given anyway since you would suck without mixing abilities, and, even if it is “forced”, having an incentive to explore more aspects of the game (assuming they exist lol) is not that much of a negative thing, imho.

  • Well, it’s a big improvement on the “1 hour per day” idea. With that way you’d have to use your hour EVERY day or it would go to waste, a real pain if you only have time to play on weekends or something. This is a lot less restrictive.

    Mind you, that’s like saying that it’s better to be hit in the face with a piece of cat shit than a fresh cow pat.

  • Dear Blizzard,

    1. Introduce Japan to WoW.
    2. Avoid draconian policies like this. (Most people actually can regulate themselves. Those who can’t are Darwin Award material anyway.)
    3. ??????
    4. Profit (fucking more)
    5. Watch SquEnix shit themselves.

    • sorry but the people of Japan know what bad games are, and WoW is one of them, period. You want to control a cartoon, play wow, you want a challenge and superior graphics and story line? Play ffxiv

      • you wish its almost may 2011 and I own both wow and this piece of crap game and i really hope you are not that delusional as to think this game is better than wow by any aspect then sell me the shit you be smoking.

  • How about this: 8 hours a week = 32 hours a month = 384 hours a year. That’s what Square should give us, 384 hours a year straight on.

    This is equivalent to 16 days full time. So how can we manage this ? Simple, we buy an account, play for a month,for a reasonable 4 hours a day then quit the game and come back next year for another month and save ourselves a lot of money on monthly fees we won’t use.

  • Again, clarification is needed. Yes, there is an “8 hour” cap on experience. However, Experience is the ONLY value that is character specific. There are 18 classes in the game, and to level a class it takes skill points. Those skill points are class specific, so after 8 hours worth o play on any given class, the player is suggested to switch to a different class.

    If a hardcore player wishes to grind constantly, and switches classes every 8 hours like the game suggests (which actually makes the character stronger, as all class abilities can be equipped by other classes), then the player has 144 hours worth of 100% skill points to take advantage of. There are 165 hours in a week.

    Furthermore, if the player chooses to grind a single class until they no longer receive any skill points, they have 15 hours worth on each class.


    Again, much more than a week worth of play.

  • It’s a VERY poor attempt at equalizing the have’s and have-nots in an mmorpg, which still plans on charging a monthly fee.I doubt very many people are going to flock to this mmo at all, especially when most casual mmorpg players don’t like paying monthly fees to begin with.

    Someone who LIKES the 8 hour a week xp system, and doesn’t mind paying the $14.95 monthly=SUCKER imo.

  • thats a trick, really. due to this, even mass-players wont get to the highest level easily therefore will spend more time with the gam to geet to the highest level and wont be bored of it that soon. i think thats what they were thinking.

  • Sorry, but I dont consider this game a MMO if you can’t play free at least 5 hours every day.

    Usually in MMOs you spend 1 hour looking for a party/group of people and another 1-2 hours in the dungeon/instance whatever you call it.

    This system FAILS big time.

  • 1 hour and 8.5 minutes a day.
    reserve Saturday for FF
    play some other online game for the rest of the week.
    At the end of the month, forget to play for FF.
    Quit FF.
    Continue playing the other online game….
    Possibly any of the FREE MMOs that have no time limit…

    still 8 hours a week is very very little… and is unreasonable…20 hours a week sounds reasonable…
    but still they should make up another better and simpler system instead…

  • Well, at least I won’t have to take that week off work to play now. Just over an hour a day is manageable…too manageable.

    Still sucks hugely though, would have liked to spend a good few hours playing this during the weekends as well.

  • Since many kids and teens’ve been literally dying ’cause of online gaming abuse (and of course to get players to spend eternity paying their fees) Square-Enix felt obligated to contribute with a “non-addicting” MMORPG…

    Which of course is complete and utter crap and quite a surprise from the makers of incredibly addictive RPGs (or JRPGs if you prefer) such as Chrono Trigger (multiple endings, first new game+ ever), FFVI (FF3 in the US, with its multiple side-quests and, by then, first ever ton of playable characters), FFVII which became a complete cult on its own, etc…

    Seems like they want to aim for political correctness, but the ones paying the fees will most likely opt to be “outcasts to society” and just keep playing WoW instead. Yer gonna lose money on this Square-Enix…

  • Full text for those curious. Judge for yourself if the article is accurate.

    We’d like to thank all the beta testers for their cooperation during the closed beta test. We have received your valuable opinions and feedback and will do our best to incorporate them into the open beta and official release versions of the game.

    Now, we have received a lot of questions and opinions from everyone today, and we would like to give you some answers regarding character growth balance in beta phase 3.

    First, the concept was to achieve a balance which would allow those with little time to enjoy FFXIV to get more out of their play time, and above that, create a game that does not force you to spend long hours playing it. To that end, we implemented Guardian’s Favor, which adds a bonus to Guildleve, and makes it easier to level in shorter amounts of time.

    To balance this out, we came up with a hypothesis regarding what amount of skill points and experience one was likely to earn in an hour. Think of this as a rate at which a player can fight battles, do Guildleves or skill-up.

    Then, using that supposed amount, we made it so you can earn 8 hours worth of skill points and experience at 100% of this rate. The subsequent 7 hours’ worth will gradually see the attainable skill points and experience points fall to 0.

    The limitation on thee amount of points you can attain is set on a weekly timer. Once it passes a week since you first began leveling a particular skill, the limitation resets to zero. After it resets, it will come into effect again once you begin work on that skill once more.

    Even if you are hit with this limitation during a one-week period, its detrimental effects decrease if you do not level that particular class. You can even recover back to the full 100% rate of point acquisition, so you do not always have to wait the full week for the limitations to go away.

    The skill points you do not gain are instead saved as Surplus Points. Each class has its own amount surplus points, so you can try out a new class if surplus points begin appearing in your log window.

    However, each class does not have its own amount of experience, so playing a different class will not mitigate the declining experience point rate.

    This is the system as currently implemented.

    In truth, this system was not just put in during phase 3 of the beta, but has been implemented from the start. However, we have received many opinions saying the system explained above is not what actually appears in phase 3 of the beta. There are several reasons for this.

    Around the time of beta phase 3, it became possible to play for longer periods of time, thus increasing the amount one could play in a single week.
    In beta phase 3, Guildleves received a boost in skill points and experience points awarded to encourage party play.
    The skill points and experience gained from defeating enemy parties as well as weaker single enemies was lowered, though due to a bug, did not take affect initially in beta phase 3. This was fixed during beta phase 3.
    The number biggest culprit behind this issue was that last bug, which allowed players to gain more skill points and experience than we expected, causing the limitations to come into effect much quicker. Of course, not adjusting the limitations in accordance with the boost to Guildleve was a problem as well.

    The lack of explanation regarding these adjustments was a mistake on our part for which we sincerely apologize.

    The numbers behind these limitations are all still under development, and we plan to adjust them according to player feedback in an effort to make them less severe. In particular, we are considering making the decline in points less drastic and are already hard at work on it. Also, as the limit on experience carries over through class changes, we plan to lessen its effect compared with the limit on skill points.

    At the very least, we promise players will not be hitting the limit as quickly as they did at the start of beta phase 3.

    Also, I would like to address one other thing below:

    The reduction in what you acquire from gathering is based on the actions of that particular class and is unrelated to limitations on leveling. We are also in the process of adjusting this and plan to make changes based on player feedback.

    Surplus points currently have no use. However, there are opinions saying preparing some kind of reward would be good, but that’s just giving people something else to strive for, which misses the whole point of this system. We want to take our time and thoroughly investigate this issue.

    Now, the open beta test will include more than just the above adjustments. As we stated before, awarding more skill points for party play is also an important topic we plan to address, so we hope you enjoy testing out what we come up with.

    Lastly, as director of this title, I wish to deeply apologize for the lateness of my comments due to my absence while attending Gamescom. In addition, articles written during my trip contained much speculation, outdated information and mistranslations which only invited more confusion. In the future, I will do my best to make direct, official statements in a timely manner. I humbly ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

    See you in the open beta!

    Final Fantasy XIV Director

    Nobuaki Komoto

    • So you have say 8000 class skill point and experience point limit calculated by 1000/hour x 8hour. You hit 8000 you then enter the 7000 limit and your exp gain rate decreases as you close in on the 7k limit.

      Once you hit that limit it tells you you should switch class, you will then gain 8000 class skill point followed by 7000 declining class skill point, however you will gain no experience points since you reached the limit in the first class.

    • If I’m not mistaken, hasn’t that version mysteriously added an entire paragraph not in the original?

      We have this:

      The limitation on thee amount of points you can attain is set on a weekly timer. Once it passes a week since you first began leveling a particular skill, the limitation resets to zero. After it resets, it will come into effect again once you begin work on that skill once more.

      (This entire paragraph has no Japanese equivalent in the text – where did it come from?)

      The skill points you do not gain are instead saved as Surplus Points. Each class has its own amount surplus points, so you can try out a new class if surplus points begin appearing in your log window.

      The original text – there is no paragraph between them:



      • You forgot this part:

        Just google it for source

        • Yeah the system is falsely reported BUT it’s Square that fucked up not Artefact or FFXIV fansites. They should’ve had made the system clear before this confusion.

          OB starts 31.8 so I’ll see the system myself then.

        • That wasn’t in the original versions I saw when first researching the article – I presume they added it later (not that there is anything wrong with this if it is correct). It also appears in the official English translation, although they seem to have changed the wording around there to make it less plain they have time limits.

  • wow way to go enix. still alot of people will be pissed, what about raids? pvp’s, guild wars? do you think they will be able to squeeze all the 8 hours into it? not to mention they are potential(future) hackers and so on.

    come on square, get yourself together, you have been focusing alot of games lately yet you barely release some of them. i would rather release parasite eve archives on PSN, kingdom hearts 3, versus xiii and all of the XIII saga Final Fantasy VII,VIII Remake and Dirge of Cerberus Sequel(only story change the gameplay to a ATB). that would be awesome comapare to this.

  • Dear Square Enix

    Fuck you ever getting another penny of my money ever for one of your games. It’s shit like this that makes me want Fallout and Bioshock more. Hell, even the Star Wars MMO looks awesome compared to your servings of shit.

    Signed, 20 year video game player

  • With the turn based combat system currently in place, a little over an hour a day will probably only let you kill about 5 things before your hour (and 7.5 minutes) is up.

    Could you imagine getting a typical quest such as gathering 21 boar anuses and it taking over half a week’s worth of play time to do because the combat is so slow?

  • Lol, well I was uninterested in it when the combat was slow as molasses against an easy opponent but the graphics are sharp and combat was sped up quite a bit.

    I was really interested at that point, sexy characters and a decent story for an MMO. Then I find out about this limit, when I come home from work I enjoy gaming at least 2 hours a night. When I am really enjoying an MMORPG that can be 3 hours a night rather than watching TV or doing something else that is equally wasteful. This destroys my interest in the game as it actually punishes you for playing the damn game. I am a grown adult, I don’t want mommy and daddy squeenix telling me I can’t play that much more than an hour a day. If people get hopelessly addicted to it and ruin their lives, that is their problem and means they probably shouldn’t be playing this kind of game anyway.

    • I heard that.

      I’d rather go stabbing people with my Lightsaber as a Sith for hours and hours and fly around the Galaxy in my new ship, then get cut off after 8 hours.
      Something i KNOW LucasArts and BioWare will NOT do to the fans and gamers.

      I bet you THIS was 1 of the reasons why Microsoft Canceled the X360 version of Final Fantasy 14, since they know players would be PISSED at the limits, they probably won’t want to deal with it.

      Any MMO that people play, you will need to spend a helluva a lot more then 8 hours a week.
      Square Enix is probably getting 10,000’s if not 100,000’s of E-Mail a day of people pissed at them from the Limitations.

      In ANY MMO, people will ALWAYS Level Grind to try to be the most powerful. You try to stop them, and no body will pay to play this then.
      Square Enix, for their sake, better remove ALL time limitations or (which i expect it to anyway) it will get very bad sales.

      Ah well, Square Enix will just have to learn this the hard way.
      By losing millions and millions of dollars.
      That’s about the only way major companies learn.

      I didn’t but had I Pre-Ordered FF14, i would have canceled it by now.

      Then, time to Pre-Order Star Wars: The Old Republic.

  • Good. All MMO’s should implement such a feature. The amount of time some people spend playing these type of games is staggering and is only detrimental to the people around them and themselves.

  • the way I see it, it’s 15 hours before xp = null, which honestly isn’t that bad, and it doesn’t stop you from leveling a different character, or farming for items.
    And I’d wait with seeing how it works out until after the game is released, after all, for an mmo, nothing is ever really finalized.

  • It is likely that playtime counter that resets one week is actually Sunday at Midnight Japan Time, like in Final Fantasy XI. This wouldn’t surprise me since its way easier to do that than have some sort of internal counter that people will attempt to hack.

    However, all this is making me rethink my choice of pre-ordering FFXIV now.

  • What I’m more concerned in FF14 is how this will effect the none-fighting job classes. I mean are those classes more exp dependent, or skill dependent. Do we earn skills by doing tasks or is it directly related to exp? Essentially I’m wondering if the exp cap will only hard counter fighting classes, while I can just play Harvest Moon all day with my gathering classes.

    • also, how many of you guys have time to play everyday besides saturday and sunday? If you look at it that way, isn’t it 4 hours per day?

      I’m not justifying it, but I’m kind of concerned if you have time to play everyday for more than one hour. Of course, some of you must have decent jobs that work short hours, too; but that doesn’t mean you should play everyday either, right?

      • I am pretty certain middle-high school have the time.

        But if the target demography are Japanese kids in those age range don’t they have like mandatory after-school clubs where they have to partake until 5 or 6 pm? That leaves about 5-6 hours after dinner of play time (then again some sleep at 2 and go to class at 7)

  • Since the game only gives a fraction of the access that other mmorpgs do, are they going to pass on the savings of not having to have more servers to the customers in the form of a significantly less monthly fee?

  • Fatigue went through in Atlantica Online, not enough people voiced against it, it went live & is still there.

    Enough people stood up against RealID, Blizzard said “WOAH RETRACT RETRACT!”

    The real question is, will enough people voice cancellation over this to make a point.

    • Yeah, but the problem here is that this whole thing actually pertains to bonus EXP, not normal EXP. It’s true once you translate the Japanese accurately.

      I got a friend to briefly translate the Japanese for me. It says they want to reduce the time needed to level up. It is not about locking us out of leveling.

      Jeez I couldn’t post anything for a while.

        • Final Fantasy XIV producer Hiromichi Tanaka has said in a Twitter update that the recent “fatigue” system discussion in the upcoming MMORPG is nothing but “fabricated remarks”.

          Our earlier report, based off a Sankaku Complex (NSFW) post, touched on a interview where it was apparently said fatigue in Final Fantasy XIV rises fifty percent in two hours – meaning players would have to stop playing two days for it to go back to zero.

          Tanaka has debunked those reports.

          “Foreign sites have lots of false rumors,” Tanaka wrote. “They throw together words and fabricate remarks. Then Japanese sites take this and further [falsify it through] mistranslation. The fatigue point criticism has absolutely nothing to do with the actual [system] and is just full of wild ideas.”

          While we still don’t know quite exactly how this fatigue system works, we’ll come to find out soon enough. Final Fantasy XIV launches on September 30 for PC and in March 2011 for PS3.

          I loled

  • it doesn t affect loot or drops … the hardcore gamers will surely have all the best gear at available for their level… so depending on the gear importance in the game it might not change that much. But the idea to limit the grinding for allowing more people to be at the same level is not bad idea on the paper, we need to see how it works really …

    • Big time this. Those that grind will continue to do so and have all the best leet loots they can have. Plus they will be rich and the gold sellers could care less about exp. Dumb idea is dumb.

  • Well, I was a big fan of FF11 online, but if this is what SE does indeed plan on implementing, I , along with probably countless others will be passing on this game. I will not pay a monthly fee to play a game and then be told when I can play it … screw that! Way to alienate people and reduce your sales! GREAT JOB SE! F’in IDIOTS!

  • this idea scares me. but one thing to keep in mind. the game isnt even out yet. whose to say what is set in stone till you actually see it in the manual or release note and see it as you actually play the game.

    if thats how its going to be, then thats the game. if its all just rumors, then dont down the game before it comes out.

  • Wow, Is SquareEnix gonna keep failing?
    How about just remove the Entire “Limiting System” entirely?

    Putting Limits on Grinding is basically saying to all players:
    “Fuck you, i will steal your money.”

    So 8 hours a week.
    In an average 4 week month, it will cost you about $12 a month for 32 hours.
    (Not positive it’s $12, it’s just a guess.)
    That’s a Total Ripoff.

    What do you bet that if the user “PAYS MORE” they will increase their Time Limit?

    I’m not even gonna bother with Final Fantasy 14.
    I’d rather wait for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

    At least LucasArts and BioWare will be smart enough to not put any Cap on the game.

  • Bastards.
    In that case there should be no monthly fee.
    Instead players should pay for 32 hours a month only.

    There is no progression without xp. They can’t expect you to pay for something you aren’t using.

  • I think they should make it the normal exp gain very small so that the 8 hours should give like 2x or 3x the normal rate that way players can still gain exp but, not as fast as they would during the 8 hours.
    Something similar to the way the fatigue like system works in Ghost X.

    • If you play 8 hours a day, you lose bonus XP after 8 hours. Additionally, this affects your CHARACTER level, not job level. You can always level other jobs up to the cap.

      This was not explained at all.

      • There is no such thing as bonus experience. The experience that is denied you is the ENTIRE amount of experience itself. After the fatigue system sets in, portions of that TOTAL experience is denied, and stored as “surplus” experience.

        Yes, you can start to level only other classes (that is, before they begin to be fatigued, too), but as the system currently is implemented, if they are within the same “genre” of skills (i.e. the class you are ranking is still a battle skill, just like the other skill that got fatigued) it gets fatigued much faster.

  • Sankaku needs to print a retraction.

    Other gaming sites have the correct translation, the player’s XP does not reduce to 0 after 8 hours, the SURPLUS (bonus) XP does. This is scandalous and misinformation, so it should be corrected.

  • “Players earn XP at 100% for the first 8 hours.
    For 7 hours over this limit the XP received decreases to 0%.”

    So basically, if you go 7 hours past the limit of 8 hours, you get 0% xp? So it’s not “limiting” to 8 hours of play per week.

    Please change your headline, it’s essentially defamation.

  • Well better start planning my 8 hours and week.

    -Day 1: log in, rush to kill as many possible enemies for experience as I possibly can for 8 hours. Screw talking to other players. Screw adventuring and taking in the sites. No time for making and forming large parties. Gotta capitalize on my exp while i can.

    -Day 2: 8 hours are finally up, finally start talking to people again, explore the world, level skills

    -Day 3: see day 2

    -Day 4: see day 2

    -Day 5: bored to death of leveling skills, stops playing waiting for week-end

    -Day 6: see day 5

    -Day 7: see day 5

    Day- 8 see day 1.

    Day 36: Back to WoW/any other mmo. Never returns to ff14.

    Day 155: FF14 announces no fatigue restrictions.
    Day 156: rawr wow/other mmo screw ff14.

  • So, the limit per day (if people want to spread their playtime out evenly over the week) is 1 hour and 8.57142857 minutes each day.

    I guess that we were wrong. We get eight and a half minutes more minutes each day than we thought, so we should have no reason to complain about not being able to accomplish anything.

  • Next up, an MMO that controls your life. Here in Japan, wacky JRPG makers SquareEnix have created a game that tells players what time to play and when to get off. The company defends itself by saying video games are bad for your health and should be taken in moderation. “You definitely get what you paid for!!” says head honcho and clown Yoichi Wada.

    Aaand… That’s the headline for the news.

  • Guys we have another explanation. Somehow during a translation, fatigue exp got mistaken with surplus. Surplus exp is like rested exp, you get extra exp for 8 hour up to an additional 100, after it ends you gain the normal amount of exp. Se is supposed to gave a full blown out explanation later

  • Funny, the other gaming sites say that the fatigue system affects “surplus EXP”, not base EXP.

    According to them, it basically means that you get a %100 bonus EXP for 8 hours per week, which then gradually decreases as you play.

    So, in FFXI parlance, that would mean you’d get 200 EXP for defeating an {Even Match} monster for 8 hours a week. After fully fatigued, you’d get the normal 100 EXP.

    It doesn’t mean that your continuing to fight would reduce your gain to nothing.

    I’m all for it, since I play about 8 hours per week already. 🙂

    • Latale had this exp boost – like 10% (maybe) exp boost for 30 min which became an hr after a yr or so. Which after logging in you get an exp boost but it would count down from the start. After you were in for the hr u get normal xp. When it was a new day all u had to do was log out and back in to get the bonus again.

      This however didnt lead to less gameplay but more since any day u missed was wasted.

      But here is something if its 100% exp for 8hrs – I dont see why ppl would complain about not leveling and ppl in “beta” saying they get to a point where thier “physical level” is “capped”. Someone is defiantly not knowing what they are talking about and I dont believe Arefact is one of them >_>.

    • Shhh! Let them continue to believe these social engineered lies. That way Square-Enix can say overseas websites are making shit up, and overseas consumers can develop their false victim mentality by calling the Japanese xenophobic, crazy, “hive minded”, or whatever.

      • It’s the usual news-dry.
        He just tries to spice it up; i love the show thou, all these users going ape**** without seeing throught the facts.

        Facts are: Money rules – SE wants money. They will not make a game with features that hamper sales. Big [DUH!?] right?

  • This needs to be repeated to up the scarce chance people will even read through the comments instead of just posting their ignorant obstination.

    “This system needs to be explained better by sankaku.

    First of all, XIV runs on a system that is NOT entirely exp based. In fact it’s less of a factor than your skill level. Every skill and piece of armor you can wear and quests you can take go by your skill level. It is what you would think exp would be doing.

    In XIV’s case though, exp or “Physical level” is across jobs/weapons/skills. you will keep the same physical level no matter which skill you switch to. SE is only limiting Physical Level and NOT skill level.

    People will be able to play the game all they want and never have to slow down. The system just isn’t what people are used to.

    walk away from this post knowing EXP IS NOT THE MAIN ADVANCING FACTOR IN XIV”

  • Да они ахуели! я в ДЕНЬ играю по 10 часов блять! а они суки хатят мне 8 часов в НЕДЕЛЮ??? ИДИОТИЗМ! нужно МИНИМУМ в неделю 100 часов делать. МИНИМУМ!

      • if i`m not mistaken (cant speak/read the languafe myself is the “strange scribbling” also known as russian (modified Cyrillic letters)
        about 160 million peolple speak that languageand it is the official language of more than half a dozen countrys
        *phew * (enough information for some less informed)

        and can`t you go google translate yourself

        • somewhat translated:
          Yes they ahueli! I’m day play for 10 hours fucking! and they bitch hatyat me 8 hours a week? ” Idiocy! need a minimum of 100 hours a week to do. MINIMUM!

          Im gonna say its suppose to be 10 fucking hours but gotta give props if it really is 10 hrs fucking >_>

  • Am I the only one who thinks this is a good idea? I don’t play MMORPGs specifically because they’re such time-eaters and you can never compete unless you become a shut-in and play eight hours a day. But this fatigue system actually makes the game sound appealing. I hope Squeenix doesn’t cave and drop it.

  • “players are not after all limited to 1 hour of play a day, but instead to a much more generous 8 hours a week.”

    How is that different from one hour a day?

    Seven days a week, eight hours a week.

    That’s 1h8.5m a day…

      • and later :
        bring grinding to a whole new level

        imagine you get 1%(of needed exp) per 2 hours
        or in other words it will take 7 months (6,25) to reach a new level (if leveling is actually that optional as it was stated by some peolple it will still be a huge drag)

        my main question is :
        How is the time counted ?
        Will staying in town stop that “exp-gain-countdown” or something similar. Or does every second count. (correct sentence?)

  • This is so stupid… before quitting WoW, I was playing 10-15 hours a day (6 hour raids + grinding and idle in ironforge).
    I don’t think too many people will play this game… 8 hours isn’t enough even for the casuals.

      • Actually I used to have absolutely no life when I was playing warcraft. I had everything maxed out.

        And yeah… you were kinda forced to play at least 10 hours a day if you wanted to be in the guild. The 6 hours a day for raiding plus the hours you needed to farm gold for consumables.

        Fortunately for me, Blizzard made WotLK piss easy and after clearing the raids in the first week <<>> I finally quit it and got my life back.

        • same goes for me, i was playing WoW BC
          and everyday i have to spent at least 6hours
          3-4hours for raiding
          2hours for daily quest to stock up gold for repair/pot/enchant eq/etc

          i stop at WoTLK because the game have degraded significantly…you do not need to be dedicated player to clear dungeon raid anymore..

          pre WoTLK was much more hardcore where bad raid setup/eq/lack of experience players will not get you through the 1st boss of ssc, TK, mount hyjal, BT or sunwell

  • And this is suppose to be better? Now you only get 8hrs a week on 1 character? This is such bullshit. Well unless the drop this system entirely there is no way SE is getting a dime from me for this game. GG on lossing sales. Time to preorder Cata.

  • This system needs to be explained better by sankaku.

    First of all, XIV runs on a system that is NOT entirely exp based. In fact it’s less of a factor than your skill level. Every skill and piece of armor you can wear and quests you can take go by your skill level. It is what you would think exp would be doing.

    In XIV’s case though, exp or “Physical level” is across jobs/weapons/skills. you will keep the same physical level no matter which skill you switch to. SE is only limiting Physical Level and NOT skill level.

    People will be able to play the game all they want and never have to slow down. The system just isn’t what people are used to.

    walk away from this post knowing EXP IS NOT THE MAIN ADVANCING FACTOR IN XIV

    • Thanks for this. I have heard from a few sources in the beta that the fatigue system is not nearly as bad as it is being made out to be here, although it is still disliked by most players.

      Either way, the open beta begins next month if I remember rightly, so we’ll all have a chance to see for ourselves how it works. Well…all of us with a powerful enough computer at any rate! XD

    • People should really read this before tossing in their 2 cents worth of righteous indignation and SE hate.

      It really helps to have a thing called “context” tied into a report on something like this.

    • Even so if exp isn’t the main advancing factor. Players do not want to be limited. There are entire different ways to could do this. If they really want to cap people. Do an EXP cap per Day. Like how in WoW there are a limit of the amount of daily quests you can do each day.

      But all and all any kind of cap like this to EXP is just bullshit. So I plan to pass on this and making it clear to all my friends that were interesting in this game to know about this screwed up system SE has played for there PAYING CUSTOMERS.

  • Those evil blue eyed gaijin devils are lying to you and disgracing the good name of the land of the rising sun!

    Do not listen to the foreign devils saying you get on hour a day…

    You get 1.142857143 hours a day!

    See how those dirty gaijin lie!

    Now pay the subscription fee for 32 hours of gameplay per month you mindless collective hive mind!

  • The XP gain limit is not tied to any class/job but is per character.

    I take it as “…but is per console”, is that right? So that even buying 2 copies of the game won’t increase time limit?

    • This needs to be repeated again and again, in the scarce chance people will even read through the comments instead of just posting their ignorant obstination.

      “This system needs to be explained better by sankaku.

      First of all, XIV runs on a system that is NOT entirely exp based. In fact it’s less of a factor than your skill level. Every skill and piece of armor you can wear and quests you can take go by your skill level. It is what you would think exp would be doing.

      In XIV’s case though, exp or “Physical level” is across jobs/weapons/skills. you will keep the same physical level no matter which skill you switch to. SE is only limiting Physical Level and NOT skill level.

      People will be able to play the game all they want and never have to slow down. The system just isn’t what people are used to.

      walk away from this post knowing EXP IS NOT THE MAIN ADVANCING FACTOR IN XIV”

      • I liked that in Guild Wars they put a reminder in your chat window after one or two hours of gameplay. “You should take a break” is all what it says, that was pretty cool to me. Good way to keep track of how much you play.

        But this is simply ridiculous, who the hell would want to buy a game that limits itself to just 8 hours of gameplay a week?
        That “system” needs to get seriously fixed. They should expect alot of rage from the players otherwise.

      • Or as the author of this post, you could explain how this guy misread what you posted because of the bad/misleading translations.

        I don’t know what you’re problem is against SE/FF, but there obviously is one.

        First you post misleading articles of what are basicly just rumours with no evidence/source what so ever.
        Now you’ve resorted to outright lying (or using incompetent translators).

        “Players earn XP at 100% for the first 8 hours.

        For 7 hours over this limit the XP received decreases to 0%.”

        This means a player can play a TOTAL of 15 hours before the xp decreases to 0%. NOT 8.

        “The XP gain limit is not tied to any class/job but is per character.”

        What this SHOULD be: The limit is not tied to any class ON EACH character. This means you can still earn XP as another class on the same character.
        On top of that, you’ve conveniently left any information about the xp system of FFXIV out. Which makes it even more misleading.
        In FFXIV, a character earns XP for his character level and skill points for his class level. And you can change classes whenever you want. There are a total of 18 classes at the moment (8 of which are combat classes).

        With this information, I don’t think it is that hard to figure out how many hours you can earn 100% xp, right?

        Another quote from the previous article:
        “That fatigue system isn’t in and was just something they made up.”

        Why would the producer lie about have this system ingame and explain the details of it just after?
        So that leaves 2 other explanations for this:
        1. Bad translation by incompetent translator
        2. Intentional twisting of words into something that doesn’t represent what was originally said anymore.

        I think we all know what the right one is..

        • 8 hours of full progression and then 7 hours of ‘limited’ progression is still 15 hours of useful playtime. In my mind I compare it to having 8 hours playtime worth of rested experience in WoW (200% rate) and 7 hours playing normally.

          My question is whether the 7 hours after 100% gradually decline over time or if exp gain is a flat 50% f.ex.

          Either way I’d still play for 15 hours over a period of 2 or 3 days, then use a 2nd character.

        • You left out “3. Fanboys clutching at straws.”

          You get 8 hours of full progression according to their explanation. Less than full progression doesn’t cut it for most gamers, myself included.

          There are no bad or misleading translations here, just a handful of desperate fans spamming the same facile lies over and over.

      • why are you always talking about rat killing? it’s not like the game hasn’t any other monsters <_<

        but as for the system, i don't really know what to do think. a limit is ok but still is WAY too harsh. 8 hours per week experiencing? make it 2-3 hours per day and it doesn't look that bad.

        just imagine a player can't get past a story quest because his level is too low. it's not like they're gonna be "yay i'm going to have to wait a week so i can level up! ^^"

        system COULD work but they really need to balance it way more properly. but it's no big news that MMORPGs have a poor launch. and if they don't really work this out this will most likely end the same.

  • Artefact needs to do a better job explaining how XIV even works. Regular EXP is actually secondary to your Weapon skillups which actually determine your party grouping, your quests you can accept, the damage you do, and what equipment you can use.

    The “Physical Level” is based on traditional EXP. Your physical level stays exactly the same across weapons(and therefore classes). It makes total sense to not want people to level to max physical level just because you have maxed one skill. This limits the “Physical Level” ONLY.

    Look closer at the XIV system and you will see that this won’t slow down anyone from doing parties and quests all day long, all week long.
    ~beta player

    • So you can level your weapon skills all day long but you’ll still be stuck at level 2 because you played more than the 8hour/week thing? (note: level 2 is just to emphasis my question)

      Wouldn’t that physical level also limit the quests you can choose? As in you’ve got a level 50 weapon skill but one hit from a level 45 mob will instant kill you?

      Do they scale monster damages as in your physical level 50 partner takes 1000 damage but you take 50 damage from the same monster? That would sound ridiculous.

  • So they contradicted the first rumor and replaced it with a stupid one. Nice job Square Enix! If this indeed does go into affect when the game releases, count on hard-core mmo players not buying.

    Although, I can’t say the same for the brown-nose idiots who insist the game is a must have, because it’s made from Square Enix.

    • But didn’t you know that in Japan there actually 8 days in a week. I couldn’t resit that.

      In any case so you get one more hour overall, but after that you don’t gain anything to level. It’s fair, but if you have to pay for the subscription then it’s a total waste of money if you ask me.

    • I dont care how they rephrase how this system works. If they end up prohibiting players from playing long hours or however long they want like mmo-rpg games are intended to, they will loose a lot of money from people not playing. not to mention their fanbase. Its a BS system and should be taken out.

      Someone needs to go find out whoever sued Lineage 2 for playing to much, tell us where he is and we should all go to his house and do something awful.

    • Me too…Where the hell did they get the idea from..? Nagging parents or something..?

      Or maybe they read that lawsuit article from Lineage…

      *sighs sadly at the news*

      I’ll stick to the FFXIV futanari doujins that I will buy when it floods the next Comiket…

      My money will be put to good use commissioning those…And I’ll never get fatigued~

    • They are scared probably, now any idiot can sue you because he doesn’t know when to stop playing.

      If one of those cases ever win in court, imagine the shitstorm of “I’m gonna sue X mmo because i lost X amout of time of my life!”

        • They are referring to the other game being sued. Which, in turn, makes all MMO makers nervous about allowing unrestricted play. If only one “Dur, I ams too stupids to nots plays” case wins, ALL MMOs will be in trouble.

      • Well we know that juries can do stupid stuff. IE awarding damages for someone spilling “hot” (if it comes cold I would complain) coffee on themselves, or saying that fools who smoked for years and years aren’t responsible for thier own actions but the tobacco companies made them do it. (did i miss the gun to the head?) So it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that a jury of fools would reward someone’s family after they keel over from voluntarily gaming themselves to death.

      • After playing WoW for so long I kinda think this is a good idea, makes content harder to beat and therefore gets old slower, in WoW they’d clear an entire patch worth of content in a week, boring.

        • Hem. We’re talking SE here. Like, the ones that indroduced bosses like Absolute Virtue (undefeatable by normal means => the “correct” way do beat it hasn’t been found yet, after what… 5-6 years ? ), Pandemonium Warden (“Oh shit, we made a boss that people were still fighting after 18 hours”), and endgame weapons that originally took several -years- to complete, by playing onlly to get them (farm your Mil gils to pay 2 Dynamis hourglass / week, ru ntwince a week, collect the Currencies, rinse and repeat for 2 years).

          Endgame content cleared in a week ? Yeah, right.

        • Except exp set to 0 does nothing for end game content…its END GAME, you’re already Max level.

          Good guilds will still clear content in a week. mainly because from a business stand point it doesn’t make sense to have hard content when the majority of players couldn’t come close to clearing content that was hard for good guilds.

        • Limiting XP only does 1 thing: keep a small number of players subscribed longer. If people hit the level cap, explore all content, and get bored they may quit. Some of these people will just keep playing, but some will quit. If you slow XP, especially for those who play a lot, they will just take longer to quit. This will not help the casual players at all, and I don’t know why people think that they are at a disadvantage. Once the game’s been out a few months, anyone who isn’t at the level cap can be seen as at a disadvantage. If there’s a problem with falling behind in levels in your game, why have levels?

          MMOs seem to be accepted as “painfully work your way to the level cap, THEN the fun begins.” Maybe if the leveling content was good people wouldn’t care if someone else was 10 levels higher than them 3 days into launch. Let the people who only care about endgame level at a constant rate. You can give a bonus of XP for people who can’t play often, but your XP rate should never go down because you play too long. Why would you desire people to stop playing your game because their time is being wasted unless your servers can’t handle the full population. MMO makers are really retarded.

        • Thw way I’m reading this though, you can still play for more than 8 hours. The limit is just on XP, so you can still hunt for drops, make money, etc etc etc. The ‘hardcore’ and folks like yourself will still be more competitive – you’ll most likely have better gear, be better supplied, and have the advantage of being more practiced when it comes to making your kills.

          It follows then, that you’ll earn more XP in that 8 hour window and still have advantages over the more casual players – they just won’t be as pronounced as they are in other games.

        • @EVERYONE

          some of us “hardcore” players are disabled and have all the time in the world to play…

          answer me this. if you were disabled. i myself have cancer for the third time, and in constant pain. can barely move, cant even prepare your own meals unless its a microwave meal cause you have abt 10minits a day you have the energy to walk around before you pass out,

          take all this into account. the only thing you can really do is play mmo’s for fun/ social interaction / not sitting around waiting to die while counting celing tiles.

          wouldnt 8 hrs a week piss you off. it pisses me off. hell 8 hrs a day pisses me off.

          use empathy think about it.

        • @Anon 22:06
          Wait, so what you’re saying is that people who do have lives and work hard can’t enjoy games because they have to be pwned by those people who don’t.

          So people that don’t get as much money or are just hobos(because they decided so) can feel better and his enjoyment should just be partying and cocktails?

          You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

        • @Riiku

          That’s your choice, really. to spend 9(that’s already quite little…) hours a day working. You get real $$$ back in return, that’s your reward.

          There are those of us who work 5 hours every odd day and barely get by(tap water with bread, yum~), but gets to spend the rest of the time on MMO and games and sh*t. We get to pwn you suckers ‘with a life'(working your arses off), that’s OUR reward.

          Who are you to complain? If you say your wages are too low to justify for your getting pwned in MMOs, well, that’s your own bloody fault aint it?

        • If you only want to play a game for a short amount of time THEN DONT BUY AN MMO. You spend money on the game, then you continue to spend money on the game just to play it. It wouldnt be that big a deal if it was free2play like guild wars. But their charging you monthly fees yet giving you a limit of 1:10 a day practically. People get enjoyment from spending a little and getting alot for it. If you get your jolly’s spending alot just to get alittle, than you are seriously fucked up and I fear for the people around you.

        • Lemme ask somthing, guys. How many of you got a job? How many of you lead a normal social life? I’m working for a fucking 9 (NINE for fucks sake) hours a day, and since I live alone in my appartments, I have to go and by fucikng FOOD and then prepare it. And on top of all that I want to play MMO’s but I have no fucking way to enjoy any of them, because I cant kill a fuck until he’s a noob who had just joined. That means that I’ll always be the weakest.

          Now looks like I can finally enjoy a game and at least be competiteve. If you enjoyment of the game is based on the time oyu invest in it, that means your mind is fucked somewhere. The good game should bring you the most enjoyment in the shortest amount of time.

        • It seems they are applying per character limits for XP, per class limits for skills, and they have added an entire system for the lost “surplus” XP/skills which currently does nothing.

          Whatever the balancing, it does seem an excessively complex and confusing way of crippling hardcore players, almost as if they are trying to veil the effects of what could easily be accomplished as a simple weekly XP cap.

        • The limit is per class. If you change classes on the same character, you can level up with the new class.

          It’s still freaking terrible, yes, but you can get plenty of leveling out of one character and eight or nine combat clases.

        • It won’t be too far off, really. Since the ‘paid DLC’ will be in the form of ‘another account’, meaning multiple payments of the monthly subscription fee for one person.

          If each account has a set amount of characters with a set amount of time they will be playable, the only result will be the hardcore players creating more characters on multiple accounts so as to increase the rotation counts…

        • “Oh boy, here we go. What’s next, paid DLC for extra playing hours?”

          Crap, that would be fucked up. Basically they would be making a ton of money off all the addicted hardcore players.

        • lol @ anon quoting “normal people” Ive got some pretty bad info for you sir. “Normal” these days are twisted… more so you want “normal” people to catch up to those with “no life”.

          In that aspect its like fighting evenly with a black belt karate who trains lots of hours a day
          while barely doing much training everyday.

          Its a simple matter of the usual time investment = better proficiency. Oh and unlike your notion being “hardcore gamers have no life” I bet a lot of them have JOBS.

          So you want to fight equally with people who invested more time and money than you at anything?(business,games..etc) Dream on kid.

        • Normal people can never compete with people who have no life. There were absolutely no new top guilds appearing when WoW introduced attempt or time limits on raid bosses.

          Normal people suck at the game and limits won’t change that.

        • Actually, I think it’s great. That way, normal people can compete with that, which has no life.
          On the other hand, that, which has no life, can just create multiple characters and still life out its addiction. Instead of grinding up a single character first, it just has to grind up multiple characters.

        • And what if in that week I spend 2 hours talking to friends, 2 hours moving around and two hours talking to NPCs for quests or sorting my stuff. I have only two hours left to get exp?

          I see it now, “Hey, can you guys help me with this quest?”, “Sorry bro, we’re going to burn our xp time now that we have it”.

          I hope it will be patched out fast.

        • You can still spend 24 hours a day ranking up your job your level just does not go up as fast. That means you can still get new abilities (even spells are earned not bought now) and get the points to assign to attributes just not increase your max HP and MP and base stats.

          It is funny how this image does not show the poster, I would like to see that screenshot show the poster, I bet it was some butthurt kid who posted, took a screenshot and claimed it was someone who actually mattered. This is not posted in any way in the NA forums, strange how it was deemed so important it supposedly got a full page post on the JP forums and absolutely nothing in the NA forums, there were 3 posts on the 24th and 1 on the 25th, none of them said anything about this, only info on downtime and known issues.

          Up until the beta 3 was killed today this was not how it worked. Now to wait for beta 4 sometime early next month … whatever that means.

        • You know you could spend 8 hours a week training a character and the rest of time you play spend in searching for items, upgrading them… who the fuck im kiding? 8 hours a week for 1 character THATS BULLSHIT… at least 3 hours a day would be more acceptable.

        • I have a question: Its says “For 7 hours over this limit the XP received decreases to 0%.” What happens after the 7th hour? Also its good to know drop rates and loot wont be affected – allowing RMTs to continue making business as usual. And so changing jobs wont change fatigue now huh? I think I would prefer the 1hr per day per class instead =/ .

        • After the director controlled display of a game that FF13 was… Did you really expect anything less from Squeenix that seems to revel in seeing how tightly it can grip on your balls until you decide not to buy their games anymore?

        • It punishes people who play every day, rewards people who have a life and play 4/8 hours twice/once a week.

          If it was an hour a day, it’d punish people who could only play a few times a day, and they’d get a lot of “wasted hours”.

          8 hours a week is SIGNIFICANTLY better for any casual player.