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Guards Rape Virgins to Allow Execution


In order to allow executions of young girls to comply with Islamic law, Iran has guards “marry” them the night before they are due to be killed in order to deflower them and render the killing legal and holy, sources report.

The exposé comes by way of an interview with a member of Iran’s Basiji paramilitary, an organisation known for its loyalty to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic republic, Ayatollah Khamenei.

He explained that during his time in the organisation he was given the “honour” of deflowering young girls due to be executed so that Islamic law would not be contravened.

With it being illegal to execute virgin girls, the only logical step for the theocracy to take would be to circumvent the problem by removing their virginity with the aid of a “wedding” and subsequent rape the night before the execution.

Many of these brutalised maidens feared the rape more than the executions; the man explains his experience graphically:

“I regret that, even though the marriages were legal, because I could tell that the girls were more afraid of their ‘wedding’ night than of the execution that awaited them in the morning. And they would always fight back, so we would have to put sleeping pills in their food. By morning the girls would have an empty expression; it seemed like they were ready or wanted to die.

I remember hearing them cry and scream after [the rape] was over. I will never forget how this one girl clawed at her own face and neck with her finger nails afterwards. She had deep scratches all over her.”

Iran has naturally denounced the reports as Zionist propaganda: “It is obvious that releasing such blatant lies is only with the aim of hostility and animosity with Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran.”


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  • Anonymous says:

    Even assuming this news is correct and not butchered to hell, like how news always are, who am I to judge their customs. They gonna kill the girls anyways.

    And no, 50 years in a hell hole is not better than being raped, at least not to most people. Those who say otherwise just have no idea what “50 years in a hell hole really mean”. Stop thinking of the world in a romantic sense and think of it in a more realistic sense.

    • Anonymous says:

      The world isn’t getting worse, it was always like this, you were simply ignorant to it and only believe what you were told. Lets be honest here, deep down inside, you don’t really care anyways.

  • I do not see anything wrong with this type of behavior. Is it not ironic how humans try and dictate how things are “wrong” and “right” despite the fact that these “wrongs” and “rights” are only what the person preaching them believes. Perhaps instead of critizing other humans’ behaviors, you should look at yourself. Oh wait, then you would actually have to do some thinking. You do not want to think of yourself as a hypocrite, do you? Exactly.

    Note that I will only provide logical reasons for my debate on the matter. I will not bring “wrongs” or “rights” (i.e., my own opinions) in to the matter.

    First of all, realize that this is another nation entirely. They have their own laws and regulations completely different from other nations around the world. As such, comparing your nation’s laws to their laws has no point to it, as they are meant to be different. Is that not the concept of different nations?

    If the women at hand committed such violent acts under their laws that warrant death, then unless you are willing to risk going at war to go against a nation’s own judicial system (that it may have had for centuries), that person is committed to their crimes.

    If law prohibits women that are virgins to be killed, then a problem ensues. First off, if the woman in question committed various murders and thus is being sentenced to death, but is a virgin, the real question is if the populace is willing to let such a violent murdered free due to one clause in the law. While human reaction is impossible to predict, statically, the answer is usually “no” to letting the person free. Thus, the virginity must be “liberated.”

    Whether you believe this to be rape or simply a last sympathy, the fact of the matter is, under their law, it does not really matter.

    Legalized rape? Hardly. Perhaps the women should not have put themselves in that position in the first place. Hahahaha. I kid. But seriously, it does not matter. So leave it alone.

  • I wonder how much of this is actually true……

    wouldnt be the first time the media is made into telling ppl things so they loose any empathy for the other side.

    this is how the holocaust worked too. u get told that Jews drink childrens blood etc etc and one day you’ll actually believe it. middle east being a good example of this.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, just another stupidity of religion. Just like the Catholics burning TODDLERS at the stake for ‘witchcraft’ and Jews beating and raping girls from other religious groups while they were still in Egypt.

    The best thing to do would be to get rid of religion, realize that NO ONE has the right to say that someone else deserves to die for ANY crime whatsoever (including murder of a child) which is really just sending them off to their next life on this planet, and realize that NO ONE has the right to limit ANYONE’S sexual expression, whether that person is a child or adult.

    • Anonymous says:

      Still won’t work. Humans turn anything into a religion. Whether its “Global Warming”, “Science”, “Star Trek”, “Star Wars”— doesn’t matter. Humans will always lock into thinking they have the one true way, and the rest of humanity are ignorant fucks— and need help, by sword, law, and any other means necessary to save them from themselves.

  • Anonymous says:

    And how does the political movement of Zionism correlate with the report of Iranian Law? For that matter, how many of you even know what Zionism even MEANS?

    Do even any of you read the Jerusalem Post? It actually leans a bit left and away from the idea of Zionism, which is more of a nationalistic entity for the modern Israeli state.

    The fact it would make sense of a state like Iran to figure a way to circumvent Sharia Law in order to pursue what they want as law. Hence why they marry, rape, then execute, since they avoid violating Sharia law that way. Christianity did things like this back in its days of barbarism, so it could not be looked at as hypocritical on the surface. But the fact is, this is the 21st Century, and it seems nations like Iran seem to support a religion that is still stuck in the 8th century.

    So how again, is this zionism?

  • Anonymous says:

    Time to make a difference: muslims != muslims. Iran is 90% populated with shia, a special “breed” which sort of priotize Ali rather than Muhamad, and also not the usal moslem you’ve problably met. pretty much shows that you shouldn’t use them to generalize, with only the red painted nations being shia. Saying that muslims are doing what iran does is as if someone would say that christian people do live artificially in a middle Age environment just because the armish do that. Though sunnis are pedophiles bigtime, at least in the arabic core XD

  • Anonymous says:

    I remember a scene like this from either Robert Graves’ I Claudius, or maybe Claudius the God, when the Praetorians exterminated Caligula’s family and supporters down to the last.

  • And not a word as to why they were executed. IF they murdered someone for their benefit, than I say they deserved it throughly, to the last part of story. If they didnt murder anyone, than I say that Iran, Iraq, Islam, and whatever/whoever esle connected with them are athe biggest, hugest gathering of fucking sick assholes stucked in their medieval barbatic times.

  • Anonymous says:

    thats not even a muslim name ayatollah khamenei?..this is fraud..not all iran are muslim..seriously this is not the way of the islamic law..dont believe it..why ppl are framing islam..when we dont have any grudges against others..sheesh

  • Women are raped in every prison around the world. For sport.

    It’s highly adventurous to say that they’re raped in Iran’s prisons just so they can be executed. As if they wouldn’t be raped anyway, if Islam suddenly allowed executing virgins…

    • Anonymous says:

      Koran has no restrictions against the murder of innocents, because there is no one innocent, according to the Koran. Women, children— doesn’t matter. this is why it is perfectly acceptable to blow them up when you are bombing your enemy— they aren’t special in that sense. They are special in other senses, but not in the “no harm to the innocent”.

  • Agnes-Chan along with Equality Now along with other stupid feminists groups deserve this kinda punishment. I don’t like this law but those bitches are too stupid to exist in this world. Stupidity is a crime that deserves this kind of punishment.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’d expect nothing less from an Islamic country. No offense, but this is the same country that I hear has been selling thier women (and girls as young as 13) into brothels. Not always by choice of the women mind you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Okay, while we are generalizing people based solely on their country of origin: Yanks are loud, rude and sexist; Poms are smelly, have stupid ascents and think they’re better then everyone else; Australians are criminals, they eat weird shit and kill Aboriginals. (I’m a proud Australian in case you were wondering)

      You see, being a presumptions dick is fine, but be prepared to be stereotyped yourself, you dirty/loud/violent/arrogant etc. Pom/Yank/Canadian/Russian etc.

    • Marjane Satrapi says:

      It’s true. This is only news for most, but reality for others. This is much the same as Japan’s use of korean “spirit girls” in WWII. Though fortunately for these Iranian girls they are only raped once, after which death is guaranteed. The spirit girls were not so lucky…

  • Wow… the feminists and help organizations are all so gay, they only hurt and fight against the harmless things that are approved by the public, yet they completely ignore atrocities such as this. Well, they call US the heartless bastards who shut their eyes, who’s shutting their eyes NOW?

  • Anonymous says:

    For those of you who doubt this is really happening in Iran and is just “Zionist propaganda” check out:

    This article tells of the same issue back in 2002 from genuine Arab sources. There is some kind of rule in Iranian political prisons that women prisoners cannot be executed if they are virgins. Since there is a theological belief that if a woman dies a virgin she will go to heaven, the politically active virgin is forced to “marry” before her execution and thus to insure she will go to hell.

    Iran is as backwards a country as it is also a modernised country.

    • funny.
      according to the “law” of other popular religions, raping someone and then killing them will ensure the victim goes to heaven, no matter what crime they have commited – while the rapist, executioner and the judge will go straight to hell.
      this is so twisted, i’m in serious doubt it’s true at all. even if your article is based on arab sources, it could still be misinformation. only recently people have started to understand how easy it is to deceive them. secret services are still strong in business.

  • anon flip says:

    can somebody send this to Equality now? Keep sending them things THEY SHOULD BE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT

    like this artice


    India’s Missing Girls (watched the docu in discovery where when the child born is a girl, they are unwanted some are even thrown in a dumpster)

    The civil unrest in Africa, where they teach children to handle AK-47’s and raep young girls at gunpoint

    The Treatment of women in the Middle East (in Saudi, I think women are not allowed to drive)

    rathern than blame srcibbles on paper and video games.

    I think the only reason they want to ban hentai is because once its banned you can just put the materials in boxes or incinerate them, they obviously can’t do that with 3d women. So they are using the easy mediocre way of saying they are doing something about their cause

  • That this story’s source is ‘The Jerusalem Post’ makes acceptance of the facts, as reported, problematic. Further, I have no personal knowledge of life in Iran. And yet, the story rings true to me for one simple reason.

    The procedure, as describe, is the same kind of legalistic gymnastics that people in the west put themselves through to justify supporting the death penalty without renouncing their claim of being a Christian.

    • Anonymous says:

      Killing innocence = wrong.

      Executing paedophiles, murderers and rapists = right.

      When you commit one of the aforementioned crimes, you forfeit your rights as a human being and are subsequently no longer of value, worth or importance.

      So yes, I can see why it is okay for a Christian to be pro death penalty.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lol, doesn’t the bible say you should forgive? Doesn’t it say, that you should love your enemy? Do you hate paedos, murderers and rapists? Then you can’t really call yourself a christian..

        • Which is exactly the same argument that Nazi’s used to get their less-fanatical fellow-Germans to go along with persecuting the Jews, and the same claim made by 19th Century pro slavery advocates used to justify slavery in what was allegedly a democracy.

        • Anonymous says:

          Though I can’t see on what basis they would not be human.

          Pro death row christians are simply bending the reality to serve their agenda…
          – Oh I want to kill this guy.
          – But you’re a christian you can’t kill people!
          – …
          Let’s say he is no more a human! 😀

        • Anonymous says:

          I didn’t, but thank you for assuming my spiritual preference there.

          And it’s also nice to see you missed my point entirely; perpetrators of the aforementioned crimes no longer count as human.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes yes,blame the Jews.The jews killed jesus.The jews stole all our money.The jews are smarter than us.The jews caused world war 2 and they killed the dinosaurs too.

    Pfft whatever Iran,it’s time to start to have a judicial system without that religious rubbish anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    “It is obvious that releasing such blatant lies is only with the aim of hostility and animosity with Islam and the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

    As if I need another reason. I’ve often fantasized about jettisoning the middle east into space. Yeah, I hate Islam, and don’t give a FUCK

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, fuck all those law abiding citizens, who had the stupidity to be born somewhere other then the U.S.

      Some people’s ignorance force me to reconsider my stance on eugenics, I swear.

  • Anonymous says:

    What’s with all the Equality Now?

    That is as ignorant as looking at America and asking where all the Muslim rights activists are–yes I know there are some, but you get my point. If EN did step in and start preaching to Iran, Lord knows everyone here would rag on them for getting involved with other countries business.

  • Guys, I know all these are fun and the news is also fun. But are you aware of the reality. There is no God but Allah. He is the One, Supreme Sublime and Immortal. Neither He has born nor does He give birth. He is free from all these defects. He is the creator of the UNIVERSES and He will destroy those when it seems necessary. He is the master of the Day of Judgement when Believers and one who did good works will be rewarded and the non believers will be punished. He has revealed Quran as the Book of guidance abrogating what He revealed previously …The Torah, The Bible, The Plasm…. So guys read quran yourself and accept the only universal truth other wise Allah will punish those with Hell forever and there will no death. I myself was a great porn visitor but Quran changed my life although I was born NON MUSLIM but now I am MUSLIM.

    • Anonymous says:

      Emailing this to EN is completely pointless

      They’ll just say that just because Iran is a craphole it doesn’t give the right for Japan to commit the heinous crimes of drawing porn

      Really though, if you want to argue their point, showing them things that are much worse does not help your argument.

      It will just make them more defensive because hey, you just reminded them on how ineffective they are when it comes to things that really matter.

  • Tragically, this happens in so many other places too, other than these lands ruled by Islamic conduct on the middle east.
    There’s no “equality” in these places too; women have next to no rights, while men live it up.

  • Berzerkazn says:

    “Agnes has reached a moral choice!! choose to fight for the saving of virginity’s in Iran?? ” “yes” (somewhat sane ending) “stay and finish the japan-related quest” (annoying ending) “Give up” (Game over ending, slightly good end?)

    I prefer my rape to stay in my hentai :/

  • This disgusts me on pretty much every level. And a lot of these comments here do too. No, you don’t want to do this. I don’t care if you’re kidding or not, any support towards this depravity is not needed.

    This is the kind of stuff everyone should be fighting, no matter what. Not just the misogyny, but the senseless murder and raping and religious zealism as well. Look, I’m religious myself, but I’m not going to do disgusting bullshit and claim it to be for the better good. I dunno what god they think they’re following, but I would follow no god they claim would see such actions as righteous. Well, I do know who they’re following, but it’s such a twisted version of what’s really there that the deity they claim to follow is no longer the same supposed good one from the books. They now follow a twisted demon wearing the face of a holy, higher power, and it’s wrong.

    Believe what you want, just don’t harm others. Good fucking lord.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh, and by the way there is another fucked up country out there named the United States of America. One picture on your computer of child “porn”, which could mean a picture of a child being fucked by an adult, or it could mean your own child sitting in a bathtub, is sure to get you 20 years in prison. So who is more fucked up? Japan, Iran, or the USA?

    • I must admit I am somewhat cynical about this occurring in Iran. I’ve been there and the whole place isn’t quite as backward as the media likes to paint it. On the other hand I have no doubt that in some Muslim states this does occur.

      I’ve long ceased to be amazed at the horrible things that humans will do to each other. What does amaze and scare me somewhat is that I’m sure the majority of those guards think of themselves as good moral people with dirty jobs and that as far as they’re concerned what they are doing is perfectly all right.

    • abort-retry-fail says:

      Any from same-sex premarital sexual intercourse is a potential capital offense under Sharia Law. Hundreds of young boys and men are condemned to death for the same thing in Iran (with the exception of ‘dancing boys’).

      Sharia Law has some very strict pretexts to any form of premarital relationships…

  • Anonymous says:

    welll….. at one side of the world there is a certain group that tries soo hard to ban a rape simulator, while at the other side a country allows rape for a punishment… interesting

  • Honestly this is just horrible (made me cry a little).
    They can complain about things that aren’t harming people but are scared as hell to deal with real issues and run away with they tails between there dry unused pussies.

  • Metalbunny says:

    shit…..Islam Laws for women are truly horrendous..
    I wonder why agnes and those people from EQUALITY now don’t do anything about this stuff??
    Are they especially jealous at Japan or something?

  • Under Sharia law it is illegal to execute a virgin. I don’t know if it’s true about Iran but it is true of some lesser muslim countries under the Taliban.

    I like how they always blame all their problems on Jews. The smallest and probably one of the least violent minority in the whole damn country. I always wonder why Europeans and west asians hate jews. In America Jews do very well here. Only oriental asians are a more successful minority. Minimal crime and maximum education. They ge along pretty well with the christians too because of course the christian religion was founded by Jews.

      • MusicalNote says:

        How sad a person you seem to be.

        Islam is no worse than any other religion. The only religion I’ve heard of that hasn’t had one jackass who wants everyone to die if they don’t believe in the same thing they do is Buddhism.

        It’s not the religion, it’s the fools distorting its message. There are batshit insane Christians, Muslims, Jews, Haruhist (Hm? what? This one doesn’t belong?), and pretty much followers of any religion. If you’re going to judge a religion based on its worst examples, look up the Westboro baptist church. I’m sure you can find examples of retards belonging to other religions via google, to boot.

      • To be honest, Islamic beliefs are probably some of the most peaceful I’ve seen in a religion. It is even part of their core beliefs to accept other religions and their prophets. Anyone who has an elementry school level education would know that this is a just another case were someone decided to use something for their political agenda.

        This kind of bullshit happens all the time, everywhere. Why do you think some many people think badly of all religion.

      • Anonymous says:

        So many people these days (including this idiot) assume contemporary Muslims are all fanatical extremists (Wahabi Muslims). From what I know (more than you), Islam in its basest form preaches peace and order, only retaliation when invaded by a hostile power.
        People like you are an insult to society.

  • Sick.

    Unfortunately, something not to be unexpected when it comes to military, despotic regimes and religious extremists.

    I just can’t understand what lame excuses for human beings feels right to rape defenseless girls like that. I’d kill them on sight, no regrets, I don’t care what lame excuses they use to participate in such practices.

    I’d rather die than be part of something like that.

    Also, joining the chore, maybe if crappy organizations like equality now and moronic Agnes-chan would go after stuff like this, even if they couldn’t do much (being another country and all), they would have more respect from everyone.

  • Anonymous says:

    Proof that the term “Theocracy” is a misnomer. They are merely Autocracies under another name, with the dominant religion used as a thin justification for the Despot in control. The laws of that religion form the constitution and bureaucracy of said Autocracy, ineffectual restraints on their power.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, but “Rummy” and good ol’ Dick did pay him a few visits and, knowing what he was up to, basically said “‘atta boy! Let us know if you start running low on mustard… you know, for your hot dogs!” *wink, wink*

          And of course then when they decided to invade a middle eastern country for shits and giggles, they chose one with a lot of people who DIDN’T want democracy, DIDN’T have WMDs let alone nukes, WASN’T run by crazy Islamic fundamentalists, DIDN’T sponsor terrorist groups, etc., etc., etc.

          At least with Saddam these girls might’ve had a chance at a nice, quick bullet in the head.

  • Ther are times when we read article and we make fun of or have serious discussion about the topic. But this article have literally left me speechles, Wow. Sad, very sad.

    On a lighter note: Cant wait for ep.5 of Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-Chan!!

  • oh my this does sounds horrible.
    But the question as asked,how much of this is true?
    Does somebody want to get attention so someone does something there ,or generaly bringing the country in a bad view to the whole world?

    Well if this is true,then why do they need to kill the girls?
    I doubt they have a good reason for it.
    And bypassing laws like that is just cruel.
    So they were forced into marriage?
    Even if the parents would have to allow the marriage i don’t think it would end up differently.
    They would pressure the parents or probably sentence the parents also.Or just the women.

    And talk about the horrible fear and expirience of rape there,maybe going a little overboard?
    Maybe not.Also insanity that they know that they will die.

    • Marjane Satrapi says:

      In the years of the fundamentalist regime in Iran, it was common practice to arrest citizens for the smallest of things. Jeans were outlawed, women must wear veils, hair must be covered, jewelery, make-up, colourful clothes, communism, and protesting was outlawed. Any of these things could have landed you in jail. The Iranian girls of the 80’s were just as much into Michael Jackson and Kim Wilde as western youth. However unlike Iranian youth, wearing something as small as a pin would not get western youth thrown in prison, where death was a possibility.

      This story is not false. Traditionally, when a girl gets married, the husband is supposed to pay her a dowry. If the girl dies, the husband has to give the dowry to her family. To make sure that the parents of these poor girls understood exactly what had happened to their daughters, they were mailed a pitiable dowry. $5.00 was the norm. $5.00 for the blood of an innocent girl.

      Incidentally, you can learn about the Iranian Revolution, the Islamic fundamentalists, and MORE in Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel/movie, Persepolis.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wish I was one of those guards, I would give them the final night that they derserve, something that would make them happy (no innuendo here, I’m a nice guy)..but the question is why do they need an army for raping and killing virgin girls? And perhaps one day I’d find my love and we’d run away together..

    • MelancholyMomo says:

      What kind of retarded idiot are you ~_~..

      What kind of woman would run away with a bastard that fucks other women just so they can legally be murdered. ~_~..

      I hope for that you are just trolling.. because seriously I am shocked with how little you understand women and reality..

      ‘And perhaps one day I’d find my love and we’d run away together..’ – Seriously.. ~_~.. WTF?

      ‘It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt’

      • Anonymous says:

        Read again, fools, I never said that I would rape them. In fact I was implying the opposite, like how people on death row are given a final meal of their choice or so I’ve heard.

        • I can understand the sentiment, even if it seems like something he picked up from a novel or manga. Sure, in reality it’s not the same sense of freedom that we would be use too but it is the best that could be done. This is the pity of the inept.

        • Anonymous says:

          And what the hell makes you think they want what your selling anyway? You can be nice all you want, I’m sure plenty of guards do, but it’s almost worse that way. It’s not like you’re being a gentleman and they can decline if they feel so.

        • Anonymous says:

          @Anon. You HAVE to rape them (or ravish them in some way). The whole point of this custom is the person being executed can’t be a virgin. The marriage facade simply makes it’s taking legal. Read more carefully before you post something like that.

        • MelancholyMomo says:

          gauffaw.. Forgive me it seems I didn’t read your post fully.. My excuse is that no one really reads what is inside brackets..

          ‘And perhaps one day I’d find my love and we’d run away together.’ – I still consider you a naive idiot though.. tehe ~

  • Fuck you, Agnes-chan. Fuck you, Equality Now. Fuck all of your ilk.

    THIS is why all the rage over hentai and ero-gaming pisses me off. Because stuff like this still happens all over the world. It’s not a rarity, or an exception. But do they fight against it?


    They’re too busy policing pornography. I don’t care if you can argue it’s not art or that it’s this, or it’s that. It does not directly, in one step of separation, harm a woman. They won’t even police the porn industry that actually hires flesh and blood women – which does, in fact, exploit women sometimes – but instead they go after the 2-dimensional, virtually generated kind. The one that is drawn or rendered. The one that involves no real people.

    If they truly want equality, they need to stop policing depictions of fictional characters and start pushing these countries to give women rights and outlaw these sorts of actions.

    This is sickening and very true. And the groups that have the voice to speak for these women are too busy speaking for fictional girls rather than real victims.

    • Anonymous says:

      They probably look at erogames/hentai as a mockery of the real thing. This kind of stuff is happening worldwide, and yet people are playing games and watching cartoons about it.

      Agnes-chan can try, but I doubt anything will be done about hentai anyway.. The industry is too powerful, and people like what they like.

    • This is because Equality Now is not “pro-woman”, it is “anti-man”.

      They don’t give a fuck about protecting women, as long as their sick desire to stigmatize and repress men in the world is fulfilled.

  • Gentlemen, we should fund a plane ticket to send Agnes Chan to Iran.

    … Well, first we send her to Russia to “restore” her virginity, then to Iran.

    Flawless plan.

    Equality now should take a vacation over there as well.

  • xSASxZaros says:

    I’m actually in deep shock over this..

    How sad. D:

    And yeah, Equality Now, where are you? Why aren’t you trying to stop this?

    OH WAIT. No doubt you’ll just blame it on the Japanese becuase they like Hentai! -_-

    • Being a non Muslim previously I also thought like you guys. This prompted me read Quran over internet and I was amazed that it’s only Islam which has taught equality among both the sexes. No other religion provides such thing. I have now changed my faith and accepted Islam as my religion because it is the only universal truth and for all.

      Guys, I know all these are fun and the news is also fun. But are you aware of the reality. There is no God but Allah. He is the One, Supreme Sublime and Immortal. Neither He has born nor does He give birth. He is free from all these defects. He is the creator of the UNIVERSES and He will destroy those when it seems necessary. He is the master of the Day of Judgement when Believers and one who did good works will be rewarded and the non believers will be punished. He has revealed Quran as the Book of guidance abrogating what He revealed previously …The Torah, The Bible, The Plasm…. So guys read quran yourself and accept the only universal truth other wise Allah will punish those with Hell forever and there will no death. I myself was a great porn visitor but Quran changed my life although I was born NON MUSLIM but now I am MUSLIM.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thinking some words written by MEN are the actual words of some spirit in the sky = FAIL

        The fact is that if there is a ‘god’, it would be all over our shit time and time again so that there would be no doubt whatsoever who is in charge.

        Given MAN’s lust for power and control over people being part of our core being, one will begin to see who the making of rules for living your life will benefit: Those in charge of interpreting the rules.

        ALL religions (and governments) are guilty of this. There are no deities, only people who want power over others.

      • minori_aoi says:

        “This prompted me read Quran over internet and I was amazed that it’s only Islam which has taught equality among both the sexes”

        And which part of it that taught equality among both sexes ? Male may have several wifes, but not the other way around. And as far as I remember, female aren’t allowed to be a leader.

        Equality your ass.

        • Anonymous says:

          Equality of sexes? Bullshit!

          Women are not the equal of men. Women are only worth 1/2 man— in spirit or mind or honor. God created them that way, so they’d never rival or threaten his greatest creation— MAN.

          Reading comprehension my ass. Most women (over 99% of them) are damned to Hell— according to the Prophet of Islam himself. 99% of (Muslim and the near Blessed) men are destined for Heaven— because Men are the beloved of God. Women are not.

          Either someone has been lieing to our converted friend above, or he’s just a troll.

          Islam is great for the men, and really sucks for the women— if you are of modern western sensibilities. But its in line for most of the world, so it works well outside the oddball places like the US.

        • Anonymous says:

          @ minori_aoi – That idea of having more than 1 wife and woman not being higher up in chain was before Islam(Muslim), Christian, and Jews. It has nothing do with any religion. Don’t talk if you reading comprehension is poor..

        • Not really, It is not the Quran.
          Its the syariah. They were having problem with their population. To increase their number Muhammed made a law to allow polygamy.

          The only religion that treat man and woman equally is buddhism. The original one not the order mess up intrepretation of buddhism

    • Anonymous says:

      Equality now is everywhere, this site only posts things that have to do with Japan/anime/all that good stuff 😉 If you’d like to read more on the exploits of equality now just look them up. D:

  • Anonymous says:

    There’s nothing “legal” and “holy” about the “marriages” without the girl’s (and her father/guardian’s) consent, islamically speaking. I presume the “marriage” is to get around rape laws if this is true. Stupid people are stupid, regardless of the religion in which who’s name they do stupid things in.

        • MusicalNote says:

          Jeeze. Listen, if EN actually went and fought real injustices such as this, I’d support them. There would be no close mindedness in doing this.

          Just because you’re (rightfully) mad about their banning harmless things shouldn’t mean you should act like their doing something that would actually make a difference should be met with defeat. Be mad about what is, don’t hold it against them if they actually do something right.

        • Anonymous says:

          Feminists like that define rape as sex between a woman and anything. It doesn’t matter what, as all sexual acts are subjagation of the woman. Whether its two girls fing-banging each other (fingers are just proxies for penises, and penises are the final instrument of a woman’s subjugation and rape), or tongues (see previous phrase), or vibrators (mechanical proxies of penises— guess what that means), etc.

          Hardcore feminists hate men, and hate women more. They REALLY hate the fact they were born female. They are the ones that everyone rolls their eyes about, and the ones that need serious mental help. Or a trip to Africa— where they can get cured by the whole village raping them, repeatily, until the potency of the men drives out the evil spirits possessing the woman. This is a common “african cure” for lesbians, bi-sexuals, feminists, and just uppity women on that diverse and anciently enlighted continent.

        • Anonymous says:

          How are you going to hear from them? Unless you are in the same cell as they are. Or you are one of the guards, and get to rape her every day.

          Iranian prisons are well documnented— women that go into them are just rape dolls for the guards. They are considered “slaves” under the terms of the Koran, and you can do ANYTHING to slaves, and Allah approves– that’s the natural order he has created for Man, Woman, the Blessed, the Near Blessed, and the Damned.

          All this “Zionist plot to descredit Iran” can easily be cleared up— just go to the “Ask the Iman” web site, and dig through their official edicts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Equality Now has actually been very outspoken about such practices in the Middle East. They cast a wide net to combat misogyny and reprehensible practices against women, but the effectiveness of such a tactic remains to be seen. I often feel like they’d be better off dealing with one issue at a time. Of course, it’s not like petitioning and writing letters to male leaders will do much to cause any change.

      • Anonymous says:

        In their own writings, Equality Now has made quite clear that it chooses to ignore Japan’s track record of low rape rates. Therefore, I feel no problem with ignoring Equality Now’s track record in light of their current calls for censorship.

      • Anonymous says:

        It sounds like you are a feminist yourself using words like misogynist. Contrary to your opinion too many male leaders have been listening to feminist fuckheads like yourself and those represented by Equality Now.

      • Anonymous says:

        If this really is the case, they should stick with something until it’s accomplished! No sense in saying ‘Oh we lost the whole Iran virgin-rape/execution thing so now let’s move to something I think we can win….*close eyes and points to some random place on world* Oh Japan! Let’s fight to get rid of loli and hentai now.’

    • Anonymous says:

      this is too cruel.. this is no different with Rape Slaying a loli, those guards and their head chief just wanted to disguise their indecent intention toward their young prisoners. Seriously, wasn’t it enough for those young girls to be imprisoned for several years? Fuck.

      Fuck You too Agnes-chan, fix this kind of thing not 2Ds dumbass.

      • Christian Salazar is in charge of the Iranian division of UNICEF. From their site they don’t seem to have anything covering anything like this, but that doesn’t say much for many. The article itself doesn’t seem reliable either. I’m just saying that this s one of those cases were “further investigation” should come before mass anger. We seem to choose the former to often lately.

        • Anonymous says:

          @ MetalMasquerade

          If by “them” you mean Middle Eastern countries or Persian and Arab countries you may be correct. If you mean Iran specifically, US sanctions against Iran mean that the US doesn’t import any oil from Iran.

          The real problem is that so many people hate the US that if the US tries to bring up human rights issues it gate attacked on everything from Abu Ghraib to climate change, so the US hasn’t been able to convince most of the rest of the world that Iran should be sanctioned. Many other countries (especially China) still by oil from Iran.

          Since about 85% of Iran’s income is from oil exports, if everybody refused to buy their oil, the government would probably collapse in less than a month. I’m not sure if that would actualy be a good thing though, or if anything would change.

        • Forlourned says:

          Sarcasm aside; what do you think how the “world” would react if they came in and corrected this problem?

          Fuck, they’d have every single hollyweird bitch wailing about the horrors of American Imperialism while making tree hugging movie to fail in the theaters months before the job is done.

          But never fear such a possibility with that sick twisted bastard now in control with his crew in congress and the house. I swear I see cum dribbling out of his mouth every time he’s done with “talking” with all those misunderstood Dictators…

          Now all of you go back to what’s important. Fapping to all those lovely drawings and pictures. Because That’s what is truly most important to make the world move along!

        • Forlourned says:

          Well.. Your RIGHT!

          We should do like we did during the 2003 war and “free” Iraq-kestan. Right now, I’m under the impression from the daily kossack that Americans right now have taken control of their oil fields and shipping all that lovely slick black gold!

          They’re now have set up massive oil pipelines that are bigger and longer than the ones in Alaska with the guidance of Empress Palin (That’s why she quit her job!) to redirect that Texas Tea into the previous country they “liberated” in ’91! Remember that two bit hole in the sand? Right now there’s Thousands of containment facilities ready to be shipped into all of America’s greedy Humvees!!!!

        • MetalMasquerade says:

          We’ll never be able to help them as long as we’re buying oil from those bastards. We(America) can’t even protest their oil, because they have plenty of other countries that will continue to fork over the cash for the Texas tea.

          Many first world countries are dependent on fossil fuels, and as long as we need these fuels, the countries that sell em to us will be off- limits when it comes to human rights violations.

  • Anonimiaws says:

    come on guys… this is a porn site! ups, :’D this is otaku site! whatever bout political or what you are believing!! no racist, more oppai!! that’s why we all came here for. need Moar Hentai and stop bullshit post!!