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Eroge Industry to Foreigners: “Play Your Own Games!”


The ill founded notion that by excluding foreign fans the Japanese eroge industry can somehow cut itself off from the world, and that in doing this their own industry and politicians will be somehow be discouraged from banning their works seems to be spreading; now we hear that two additional sites have joined eroge developer Minori in token displays of xenophobia.

Visual Antenna provides news on the visual novel scene, but is not involved in development, so it is not really clear what they hope to achieve with restricting non-Japanese access to their site, and their presumably facetious message to the handful of foreign barbarians visiting their site is even more puzzling:


Not a message which would likely be well received by the likes of Nintendo and Sony, nor by all the Japanese fans of western games…

New studio Yuzu Soft, responsible for EXE and a handful of other titles over the past few years, can’t even be bothered with an attempt at wit, and just gives a terse 403 to those falling foul of its GeoIP database:


You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

Of course, proxies have to contend with far more tenacious efforts at blocking access than the misdirected anger of visual novel developers, so it seems likely the only success these efforts will have is in allowing the companies to feel they are doing something, even if they are too cowardly to oppose their own politicians.

Likely it will remain the Japanese language which is the greatest impediment to international access…

Since the majority of visual novels enjoyed by international “fans” are probably pirated (although this is probably true of Japanese fans too, if we consider the very small sales totals involved in the industry), it seems unlikely the actual overseas availability of visual novels will be much affected.

The notion that foreign fans constitute a pack of parasites who do nothing to support developers whilst gleefully pirating their works, and then brazenly complain about a ban which threatens to cut off their supply of ISOs, is one of the major bones of contention amongst the admittedly frequently xenophobic Japanese fanbase.

This is perhaps not without foundation, even if the efforts of the visual novel industry to reach international markets have been rather lacklustre.

It is however another example of selective observation, as the huge Japanese P2P networks where these illicit copies circulate seem to serve as the primary source for overseas P2P networks, and it is hardly the case that there are no Japanese users of international networks…

It should of course be remembered that most eroge makers have remained silent and accessible to international users, so it remains to be seen whether these unwholesome displays of craven scapegoating will spread, or if instead the status quo will gradually reassert itself. The voices of Japanese fans are however far less circumspect.

Once again, it seems all the Japanese otaku community can think to do is blame foreigners, even when it is their own politicians, media, and even industry which is happily trampling the rights of the minority.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Reading this now in 2014, it’s funny how the eroge world is now almost more popular outside of Japan than in Japan itself. The “filthy thieves” are now keeping the industry alive.

  • Anonymous says:

    Play our own games like yeah right…where else but Japan are we going to find ultra-fappable loli girls we’d actually care about…

    Face it, on the whole we gaikokujin suck at VN production…please, for the love of everything that is good, they better not tear me apart from my blue-haired kimono wearing imouto and deprive her of my creamy-white, love-filled manjuice.

  • The eroge companies that I actually care about are the bigger ones so they probably won’t have any issues. Despite all the issues that’s apparently going on in the eroge business, Nitroplus is actually trying to reach foreigners. Hope it goes well.

  • OK, to those fags cursing on Japanese, let me recap

    – Your bunch of feminists activists bitches bans eroge

    – Japanese then deny access to their websites to you, so in this manner everybody will be fckin happy in the US

    – You guys are now treating Japanese of xenophobic (which is true to some extent, but highly justified in this case)

    The troubles came FROM the US to start with. Japanese eroge company had to deal with it, and in my opinion that was the best they could do.

    Because the truth is, you guys are totally powerless against those feminists. What have you guys done to protect the eroges you liked so much ? Nothing, just cursing Japanese for banning you from their website, not even able to see that the fault came from your side.

    Well, actually that’s very americanish…
    We the people are always right, are always the victims.
    They the others are always wrong, are all racists and terrorists.

    • Thank you for saying it.

      It’s sad because none of these complainers are willing to step up to ether defend these games and actually give the developers a reason to export to America or make their own games.

      They are just entitled brats.

  • What truly needs to be done in roder to sort this whole problem out is this:

    1) have all feminazis shut their mouths or be terminated with full force ( yes sadly in human nature force of violence works a lot well than argueing with women with that of a 5yr old brain.)
    2) The american law system needs to stop treading in other counties acting as if they are the god of all law because ive seen this happen so many times over the past decade and fankly its becoming an annoyance with american law going to other counties and giving a swift punch to the country and then ordering them what is and is not allowed.

    These two options could or could not work depending on how insane the person is at attempting them, i myself would like to take a shot at the ideas but im just one person and as wel all know one person cannot make much of a difference because if they did im very sure the human populice would stick to their society rules and then rule out that one person trying to make a difference simply because they do not like that person trying to change things for the better.

    In my opinion i like nearly all things anime besides the really nasty disgusting parts ( eroges that feature shitting on ones face, pissing themselves on someone else etc.) and i think that japan should not back down from these bans and politicians after all politicians do this to gain more popularity of its people and not seem bad in return when in fact most governments and its politicians are indded corrupt as hell and are of an evil nature.

  • Anonymous says:

    1: Otaku have a social stigma and are seen negatively in the general public eye. They are an easy target by the media for sensationalism and politicians for vote-grabbing. Simple as that.

    2: It doesn’t matter what the root of the problem is, all groups of humans do it everywhere. In order to avert ones gaze from the real problem which ratification of which may effect ones livelihood, it is much safer AND easier to point the finger at ‘the other’ (a different country, a different race, a minority group, an individual person). Just look at the worlds reaction to North Korea right now. (bash bash bash, but the reality is: So what? Nukes? pffft there are much more dangerous countries with them. Fact of the matter is, they are just being used as a diversion to cover up the doom and gloom that global recession and financial crisis is causing in ones own country.)

    3: Eroge, expensive? (It’s called supply and demand) Those who want/need it will buy it regardless. Niche markets always have a higher price to offset any losses that may occur (the smaller your target audience, the higher the price needs to be relative to the amount of time spent making it, packaging it, marketing it etc).
    On top of this, 2nd hand shops are numerous enough in Japan that one can buy, play, and resell without much loss at all. Borrowing among friends is also common. (As such, the majority of eroge companies do not make that much profit from their releases – less they are one of the BIG companies – but rather from the licensing rights / royalties for official character goods etc)

    4: ‘not even half the work of a console game’. This statement causes extreme resentfulness. Who are you to judge how much work the people behind the scenes have put into their product? (I assume there was not considerable meaning placed behind this statement, however nonetheless it is an insult to the blood, sweat and tears of real people. Please be careful.)

  • Look like the Japan government want to get rid of their little rat problem and they are succeeding somehow, but why are they targeting otaku I can’t understand
    Is it because they think they(we) are the root of every problem, considering only a small percent are otaku in Japan
    Or not enough profit form the industries
    Otaku is a way of life, it my way of life and I intend to keep it
    The only problem I find is eroge are too expensive, sure 10000 may not be much for average worker but 100 dollar for a game which not even half the work of a consele game, they need to rethink their strategy

    • Anonymous says:

      1: Otaku have a social stigma and are seen negatively in the general public eye. They are an easy target by the media for sensationalism and politicians for vote-grabbing. Simple as that.

      2: It doesn’t matter what the root of the problem is, all groups of humans do it everywhere. In order to avert ones gaze from the real problem which ratification of which may effect ones livelihood, it is much safer AND easier to point the finger at ‘the other’ (a different country, a different race, a minority group, an individual person). Just look at the worlds reaction to North Korea right now. (bash bash bash, but the reality is: So what? Nukes? pffft there are much more dangerous countries with them. Fact of the matter is, they are just being used as a diversion to cover up the doom and gloom that global recession and financial crisis is causing in ones own country.)

      3: Eroge, expensive? (It’s called supply and demand) Those who want/need it will buy it regardless. Niche markets always have a higher price to offset any losses that may occur (the smaller your target audience, the higher the price needs to be relative to the amount of time spent making it, packaging it, marketing it etc).
      On top of this, 2nd hand shops are numerous enough in Japan that one can buy, play, and resell without much loss at all. Borrowing among friends is also common. (As such, the majority of eroge companies do not make that much profit from their releases – less they are one of the BIG companies – but rather from the licensing rights / royalties for official character goods etc)

      4: ‘not even half the work of a console game’. This statement causes extreme resentfulness. Who are you to judge how much work the people behind the scenes have put into their product? (I assume there was not considerable meaning placed behind this statement, however nonetheless it is an insult to the blood, sweat and tears hard work of real people. Please be careful about such statements.)

  • XFallingHail says:

    So many Anonymous people… Come on…
    Time to buy a gun, lock and load, and fill some feminazis full of lead.
    Then take the money for the bullet from their wallets because they aren’t worth it.
    Be sure to wear a full hazardous materials suit the whole time to avoid feminist contamination.
    Same applies to those who are against eroge because of the “child porn” and “stimulation to rape” when they can’t even stop the real porn industry.

  • Anonymous125 says:

    The way the West enforce their “equality” laws is really irritating, it’s like in every manner we are wrong, the West is right. The feminazis just made everything worse.

    Oh BTW to most people in the East, West = USA

  • I am free Otaku in Japan.
    The following messages can be translated into English.
    Please send assembly members mail after it translates into English.




    細川律夫 (Hosokawa Ritsuo)

    小宮山洋子 (Komiyama Yoko)

    千葉景子 (Chiba Keiko)








    • Anonymous says:

      Sure, everyone can sit around flaming each other on the internet or they could actually do something about it (like the people who actually care about the eroge industry have been doing for years). eg: as below ↓

      Rough Translation of post made by ‘Takakura “Huideyeren” Yusuke’ is as follows:

      At the moment in Japan there is a law in deliberation which in addition to banning the simple possession of child pornography is considering the validity of including fictional works such as anime, manga and games in that restriction. At present there is a great difference between the governing parties plan and the democratic parties plan. Under the governing parties plan restrictions on the simple possession of fictional works and child pornography is being stipulated. It is anticipated that the amendment conference for this law will take place in the Japanese National Diet from the 6th (Japan time).

      I believe that the “Objection to the research clauses for the restriction of fictional works such as anime in the governing parties bill” “Objection to the ban on simple possession in the governing parties bill” will become important points. Focusing on these points I think that mails of a composed nature should be sent.

      First of all,it is important to express to Japans democratic party not to compromise on this matter. Within the democratic party, the following 3 persons are involved in and have seized control off in regards to the child pornography law reform problems

      細川律夫 (Hosokawa Ritsuo)

      小宮山洋子 (Komiyama Yoko)

      千葉景子 (Chiba Keiko)
      (Please send your opinions under the 「お問い合わせ」(otoiawase : enquiry) entry on the homepage)

      Please send a strong message especially to Hosokawa and Komiyama.

      Also towards the entirety of the democratic party, please send from this point.

      Democratic Party:

      In addition, towards the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito whom are trying to pass such a preposterous law, please voice your opposition.

      Liberal Democratic Party:

      New Koumeito:

      Regarding how to write your mail,
      In order to influence the Liberal Democratic Party and members of the Diet via letter, the following link will be very useful towards all political parties, by all means please use it as a reference.!62D9164E3AB7B024!727.entry

      Translators Note: Yet that reference page is in Japanese lol (anyway the minimum that needs to be included is as follows)

      * Name, Address, Electoral district (this is important)
      * Write clearing specifying in itemized form what the candidates / parliamentarians need to understand and do about the issue in order to get your vote.
      * If possible attach some reference data.
      * It may not necessarily have to be a handwritten letter however have common sense.

      (In other words, as gaijins who do not hold any voting power in Japan, what our voice needs to represent is a synchronized front of logical reason which can be used as justification and vindication for the ban-opposition factions while placing the necessary pressure on the ban-approval factions called ‘constitutionalism’.)

      To those of you saying this has nothing to do with the EOCS self-regulating and the eroge industry telling gaijins to fuck off ( ゜д゜)σ ”Objection!”
      This has everything to do with it, this is the starting point of real legal restrictions (not just some mere voluntary regulation by an ethics committee).

      This. This is the tip of the iceberg.

      “First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a communist;
      Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist;
      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist;
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew;
      Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak out for me.” -Martin Niemoller

  • Well thats mean…. most of the games I like are Japanese… Harvest Moon… Animal Crossing. How are we meant to play our own games when a chunk of western-made games arn’t terribly good. Think the games we wouldn’t have without them being made by the Japanese. I highly doubt Pokemon would be as popualar if the west did the designs n stuff. Pikachu wouldn’t be nearly as cute I bet…

  • Junji Hiroma says:

    Why is all the finger pointing at the West,we in Canada did nothing wrong.It is a known fact that there’s High Tensions Of Protectionism in The East , a link to back up my proof that protectism is still high. What if All of a Sudden Both East and West went protectionist,you’d see Companies go under,Shops close down,etc…We in Canada wouldn’t be ABLE to have a PS3 or Import Video Games cause it’s Japan made and Japan Only,etc…With Protectionism,Anti-Westernism & Anti-Easternism EVERYONE LOSES.

    Think about it,before you start chanting Death to the West.

  • Anonymous says:

    to be honest… i think its fair for the hentai game companies to say fuck off to non japanese gamers since the feminazis outside of japan has managed to shut down a huge quantity of their profits… and possibly all of it.

    so yeah, fuck off guys.

  • Anonymous says:




    I was surprised at too many racists.
    Is there the person having normal conversation?

    Minoris goodwill was betrayed.
    We will examine that we add proxy to a list of ban.
    We mix a dummy with Torrent and will strengthen DVD protection.

    play in a legal range in each country.

  • Anonymous says:

    Eroge Industry=Shinjuku

    In shinjuku, I remember some places you had to be of Japanese(asian looking) decent to even be allowed into certain places for the red light district. Looks Eroge is going that direction….

    Now if only they could be more like establishments in Roppongi(int’l)

  • I’m getting screwed over by the fuckin website DLsite, so sure fuck them and exclude us they can’t even do proper website designs and when their website fucks up we have to pay too much and there are no negotiations.

  • This sounds like one of those rage “let’s blame someone for this mess” issues.
    There might have a logical reason (for them) to do this, but it is still something random and stupid.
    It’s like closing all borders of a country just because a foreigner looked at an underage girl at the street.

    So there are basically two simple ways to deal with this:
    1) Ignore it, and let it be
    2) If you really need to see their site, use a Japanese proxy.

    Calling them retarded or the like won’t really do any good (and you will be wasting your internet time).

    I think they should ask for our help instead of looking at us like we are part of their mistakes (letting extremists go high is always hazardous to the world).

    On a site note: banning something that people want is proven to be useless. Drugs are banned and they still exist anyway.

  • Anonymous125 says:

    They way they ban eroge games….it is very ironic

    There are games like C&C Generals, Call of Duty 4, America’s Army and others that is set in present times with themes of terrorism being developed despite the War on Terror is being fought in other countries yet they never complained.

    Adding to these is that games such as Halo series, Gears of War series, Killzone series, etc. which depicts violent ways to kill your enemies, yet no one complains.

    But when in comes into eroge and lolicon, there’s a storm of complains going on to the point that they want to ban it. I guess these feminzais are frustrated because most of them are old…

    But the way I see it, wow, is the world leaning more to war, or maybe the West can’t stand that Japan makes better games that despite is eroge and lolicon, at least it doesn’t involve some one to be armed with a rifle with a chainsaw on it and kill off some creatures, or some armored soldier to take on an entire army of aliens or group into 4 people and kill every single walking dead

    • This is the way the world is heading. Think of the world as skyscraper once you etch out the supporting column and your left with a world with purer violence on the brink of self Annihilation. Country with more oppression, censor, and less sex = more violence, wars, and crime. In the future the only genre that will be left will be violence, war, killing babies, kids, feminist, etc. All the ones against eroges/etc are just evil advocates of death and destruction. Those timeless world stats will prove this in year 2012, but by that time it will be too late.

      For example: Currently I play, watch, read 99.99% violence 0.01% eroge. Compared to when I was on eroge 99.99% 0.01% violence. I feel like they are preparing the population for a long long war.

  • Anonymous says:

    And yet, we are left with the matter of fact. If there was no pressure from outside of Japan then radical anti-japanese / NGO movements inside Japan wouldn’t have anything to latch onto and sensationalize.
    If the eroge industry causes controversy internationally and brings detriment to Japans international relations then the government has to do something about it.
    Blanket banning foreigners means, ‘Under no circumstances is this material permissive to play by people of other nations. So shut the fuck up and stop bringing the issue up as a political bargaining tool.’
    Simple as that.

    Were foreign elements not involved at all, the eroge industry and loli in general would have continued on with it’s gray-legality status in Japan just like pachinko (gambling) and soaplands (prostitution) despite domestic scrutiny.

    What is seen by the general attitude here on sankaku is fail and a complete and utter lack of understanding about Japan.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fuck that. The people (and developers) saying HURR WHITE DEVIL NO PLAY OUR GAMES don’t understand things like proof or evidence. They just want to use foreigners as a scapegoat and ignore the fact that most of the pressure to ban rape games etc. are coming from inside their country. If they really wanted to make a difference, they’d protest against the industry bans themselves or try to find some other solution to the issue, but they’d much rather sit on their asses and blame us instead.

      • They’ve hated us gaijin for long before this ever happened. And yet, we’ve been looking the other way or not paid any attention to it.

        Don’t be so surprised to learn now that they don’t care for us – that’s just ignorant and uninformed.

        • Anonymous says:

          I know what I’m talking about and you do not, mr. Anonymous.

          I know several people who lived decades there and did not experience any racism. Xenophobia, naïve ignorance, etc? Sure. Racism? Few to none occasions.

          Stop reading Debito and thinking “No foreigners” warnings are common and that they always mean “white devils GTFO”. They generally mean “Sorry, we do not speak English and do not want to go through the trouble of trying to communicate and to deal with foreigners”. They only mean GTFO near American bases. But have you ever seen the American military in Japan?

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh the cluelessness…

          They’ll treat you like gods as long as you’re just a tourist, leave your money there and then GTFO as soon as possible. Try actually living there for longer than a year and you’re in for an unpleasent surprise.

  • Anonymous says:





  • Anonymous says:


    もう規制が確定しました。 さらに強い規制が予定されている状況です。

    外人に入手させないことを条件に、エロゲー会社は生き延びている。 自主規制をするから、次の規制を考え直して欲しいと願っているのです。


  • Anonymous says:

    “foreign people think we are a bunch of perverted otaku child rapists” sounds like a nice phrase to gain votes by banning more stuff. And banning is easy. This isn’t a matter of “japans government doesn’t care about foreigners” but simply a fight for votes that could even take place in any your country.

    • Anonymous says:


      Also: This has been happening in Japan since the 1990s. It’s not solely the fault of Equality Now and sex-negative feminists.


      “In Japan, a definite upswing in concern regarding pornography occurred at the beginning of the present decade. Conservative groups and the media began to call for government action to stem the rising tide of pornography they saw occurring. For instance the citizens of Wakayama prefecture loudly called for the control of sexually explicit manga [comic books] directed at children (Mainichi-shinbun, 1990).”

      They are just using “foreign condemnation” as a pretext. lr2politics everyone.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why is every post here going on and on about “xenophobia”? That’s not even important. What’s important is A. Profit and B. Consumers

    All they need to do is ignore the outside political pressure, which is powerless in Japan, and keep marketing their games in AND out of Japan. By catering to foreign consumers via foreign outlets such as Amazon, or English doujin vendor sites. That way it will satisfy consumer demand, and of course they profit from it.

    It seems to me everyone on both ends have bent over for some political correctness complaints, which shouldn’t have been given any attention to begin with. One simply has to overcome the legal and policy barriers (if any), and this “problem” wouldn’t even exist.

    • Anonymous says:

      >political pressure, which is powerless in Japan
      Dohoho, way to be ignorant.
      Which country had child pornography for sale at regular stores till 1999? And where did we see arrests for currently still legal material recently?

  • Anonymous says:













    • You neglect the fact that, realistically speaking, the only form of political pressure on Japanese politicians which is likely to have any sustained effect is political donations from business organisations.

      Appeals are all very well, but why aren’t the EOCS and company buying up LDP politicians as the gaming industry in the USA does? This is a tactic with proven effectiveness, as can be seen from the all but unassailable position that the US gaming industry now enjoys. Looking at how popular visual novels are in Japan, it is obvious they should be able to muster the funds.

      Lobbying in this manner has either been completely absent or completely ineffective, and instead the EOCS has damaged the entire visual culture industry by caving in and introducing draconian censorship, and it has flagrantly abandoned a significant portion of its members.

      • Anonymous says:

        You can’t expect politicians to be as buyable as in the USA since you have a particularly shitty democratic system. Since politicians are usually financed by the state. In germany they may not even accept gifts.

        And where do you get the financial data about the EOCS from?

        It’s also a fucking basic right we are speaking about. I’d be more concerned about police states at this point.

        Come on, I live in germany and we got the classification of youth porn in our legal system and internet cencorship for child porn sites recently. It’s obviously publicity (And a bit of state surveillance). Because protect the children still sounds like a good phrase to gain votes. Japanese also have shame complexes.

        So yes, the western perception of morals screws japan. (Even though in a more indirect way)

  • God you guys stop being stupid. Of course since westerners aren’t contributing a damn bit to the developer’s profits its only reasonable they are pissed.

    You know what? Why don’t we just start actually buying the games? I’ve ordered games before though 2 out of the 3 games I bought from Japan never made it here due to shipping errors, so I ended up canceling the orders. I still support the industry.

    Though now its harder is relatively harder to get imported stuff now and buying directly from the developer’s site is a pain because…I CAN’T READ THE ORDER PAGES!

    Anyways, contribute a little you guys, at least financially. It’s all we can do right now. Stop raging and being loud. You’re only making us look worse. At least this article laminated in a clean, dry way that wasn’t acting all bitchy like.

    Also why not make a few friends from 2chan or kakuchan and form an alliance of understanding. Call it, international-relationsChan, or something. For the love of God, the Japanese may be jumping to conclusions but come on, be a bit nicer.

    • I commend and agree with your efforts, but mostly likely those pleas for understanding will sadly fall on deaf ears. It’s kind of like using the teachings of religion to stop wars. Sound right in theory but it just won’t fly. Until one side is satisfied with bitching at each other, nothing is going to change. We have history to back that up.

  • Anonymous says:


    Ban the foreigners, will they?

    Let’s not buy anything from them, then!

    They produce crappy music anyway.

    Oh, and their Obama impersonator sucks.

    Give back Western Culture! Anime was a rip off from Betty Boop and early western animation anyway! Go back to making your Ukiyo-e using your rice paper!

    Go back to wearing Wafuku! Stop wearing T-shirts and Jeans!

    Stop sending tourists! (And we won’t send you ours!)

    Japanese not allowed! Japanese need not apply!

  • Why are they turning away consumers? that’s money they are turning down!! They need to organize and create a steam like service for all the Egro IPs they can get their hands on!! then charge US/UK/ect a monthly fee for the service!

    • Consumers? Who? Foreigners? My. Ass. What we need is are some statistics on how many VNs foreigners buy overseas compared to domestic sales. The truth is: They. Don’t. Care. I remember a while back Key was willing to sell the rights to Kanon for an English company to translate it; the price was $1,000,000. In other words their way of saying no. Besides they’re waaay too mad at foreigners right now to give them any thought of compassion or understanding. It’s just not worth it, and like in any business, whether it’s worth it or not means everything.

  • Metalbunny says:

    How the hell can i play my country’s own games when we don’t even have our own brand of games…
    Hell if there was ever a Filipino Game maker that rose to even national fame..

  • Anonymous says:

    ok, this shit is now stupid

    the answer is not coming now, not in 4 years maybe

    I know you’re all crying, let’s hold hands and sympathize in the common ground that we’re all pretty sad and un-educated

  • WiseRooster says:

    least take it easy on the little newbie but wanna get my two cents in at least

    What Happend with Equality Now finding Rapelay and setting the possible ban of eroge is pretty much Irony and a Domino Effect(fuck I dunno if that made any sense =_= )

    Course Im little pissed at The Femnist Extremist and the “supposed” righteous idotic people who abuse the fact of morals.

    hopefully I made a good first impression for first post on here.

  • I may not be a big fan of ero games, but I cannot possibly support the hypocritical morons of my country trying to restrict free speech, claiming it’s “Protecting women”. What women? You mean those pixels? Sorry, but… no. Just no.

    I never thought I’d ever find myself siding with an ero game company, but… well, this is something I just get ticked off when I see it. Leave the nerds and their 2d boobs alone. It’s not like they’re going to go after real women.

  • Reclusoul says:




    You don’t have permission to access / on this den of cowards.


  • (I think this is my third post) Yeah, it’s only focusing on the eroge genre. I just hope it doesn’t effect the other games that doesn’t have much of the adult stuff on it. It would suck for Japan to not make internation release of some of the games they send over to the US just because of this ban. I’ve been a fan of anime and manga for years. Even though I’m African American, I’m a nice guy who respects the people and the countries they live in. Man it’s sad how some people act up over things when they can just come down, understand the situation, and do something about it without ranting and raging all the time. It’s not like every American acts like that, yet people keep saying stuff like that because some a**hole disrespected them and they got the idea that if one is bad, then they’re all bad.

    I did say in my last comment that Millions of Americans don’t know about with this eroge ban issue in Japan. Only few thousand of people buy those eroge games because they liked it, plus the fact that they might be sick of some of the games they have in their own country, some of it which sucks a**.

    I’m always like playing something diffrent other than games from my own country, which is the reason why I buy some of them sometimes. I don’t have to listen what some people say about me, because even though I’m American, they don’t know nothing about me and my attitude, plus I make sure I type nothing disrespectful towards others that makes them think I’m just like one of the others. I know better and was raised better than that by my parents to be respectful of everybody around the world and I love and respect them for that.

    • ManaYagami says:

      And now, I present to you, a WALL OF TEXT:

      “Even though I’m African American, I’m a nice guy who respects the people and the countries they live in.” The way that you worded it, it made it look like that’s a bad thing. I understand that a lot of Americans are being stigmatized because of the feminazis, but it’s just like you said it, most of the people there and all over the world don’t even know that there exists something like visual novels, much less that there are stupid people trying to censor it in Japan.

      Even though most of other people are ignorant about it, a person shouldn’t be ashamed to buy visual novels, porn, anime, manga, whatever they like just because they are labeled in a certain way by other people. The people that the consumer cares about will certainly try to inform themselves about it, generally, by talking about it with the consumer. No one should feel afraid to express themselves against all of this bans on visual novels and, even though the feminist gave the final push that was needed, it was the Japanese government and organizations that censored themselves, so all of this protests should be directed at them in a way that they understand that the consumers of this market aren’t only a group of “monstruous rapists” like the media and some politicians labeled.

      The problem in all of that is that people tend to create scapegoats that are easier to attack than the source of the problem. And until someone unites the people that insist on this pointless bickering, there won’t be a way to fight for their rights. I support them on this, but it’s their fight, since Japanese politicias won’t care about the internet protests of a bunch of people from outside their country, even though they are from all over the world. They only care about the will of their people, especially, if they support their decisions or not and, that’s a way to attack them. I hope that they will bring an end to this censorship.

    • That little message that said to play our own games if you want world peace is funny and at the same time….pointless.

      Regardless what adult games come from whether USA or Japan, it’s still R-rated due to any blood and gore violence, sexual content, and other adults stuff. Doesn’t matter if even an Japanese otaku wanted to buy adult games from America. Heck there are some people who cause controversy over some adult games here in America. And you know some groups want certain video games banned or restricted regardless of where it came from. Anyway Japan and America were already “dirty” as soon as they developed their own adult games.

      Like I said before, I’m not going to whine if they suddenly don’t allow me to play their eroge games. It still messed up and it sucks, but right now until a miracle happens to lift the ban, things stay where they are for now.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, people are Hypocrites everwhere.

        Violence is tolerable- after all, you need aggression and violence to play football, which is like… a fucking religion in the midwest.

        But sex, ooooh, no. That would encourage black people to raep white wimminz, wouldn’t it? As if boys and girls don’t already screw each other. Parents don’t want to imagine their adorable kids having underaged sex. (It still happens.)

        Just look at the outrage over Grand Theft Auto Hot Coffee mod, but not so much when they have things exploding at a Michael Bay film. Ooh, that’s baaaaad.

        In Japan? I dunno. Japan’s crazy. Freedom of expression is overturned by Article 175 of Obscenity Laws. …. AND STILL! It’s still okay to have the most depraved porn industry- but hey, it has mosaic, so it’s okay! You have people walking around naked, groping on trains… It’s all sexual repression I tells you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Clearly the Japanese have learned nothing about a market economy. If we stopped buying their cars, they would be on their knees begging for the world to shop with them.

    Too bad the Japanese behave as scared little girls around their politicians. Cowards, and without a shred of honor.

  • Anonymous says:

    I rather not see the below message after checking the site.


    I rather see the below message.


    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

    A fictional event: many people(male) send their enrage in a letter to their government demanding not to send aid to japan after north korea launching 1-5 nukes because of the message:


  • Anonymous says:

    if this is what they want to do and blame foreigners for this entire eroge crisis, then can we have our Xboxes back? Tthe ones that you might use to play said eroge? I mean, if they don’t want foreign things…

  • Anonymous says:

    Japan shouldn’t be allowed any access to any Western cultural products as a punishment.

    ANY. That means Sakoku, Japan.

    Have fun with your Michael Jackson CDs, Japan. They’ll be the last ones in your country.

    Let Japan become like North Korea.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch Venture Bros. and South Park and actually be entertained.

    I loved your stuff, Japan… *sniff* …I’ll miss you.

    • Anonymous says:

      On the bright side, maybe this is the chance to break Japan’s monopoly on good ero.

      I mean, there’s Mexico. …Mexican Ero-Comics, anyone?

      …It just isn’t the same. No Tsundere. …No Gangbangs. No Haramase or Netorare. Probably not even Bukkake.

      Just the comic form of bad porn flicks. They’ll probably even have “Featuring REAL Porn Stars!”

      No good story. (Japan tends to have better stories accompanying good sex.) The west only has fucking between two people you really don’t care about.

  • This is too be expected. It is easier to find a scapegoat then to deal with an issue.

    Anyway can you imagine an Okatu actually protesting? My god, it would be funny, scary and sad all at the same time.

  • I have no problem with them banning outside ip’s to help defend themselves against corrupt feminists and such.

    But I refuse to support any company who talks shit about their international fans and stabs them in the back while they generate more money and interest for these companies(and more pirates of course).

    Even if companies like Fuguriya have this same sort of attitude towards other foreign fans, I’ll still easily buy their products without any problems just like now.

    As much as I hate what’s happening right now, it’s hard to feel pity when this industry are so spineless and refuse to have any sort of backbone, instead blame someone else, if their are problems, it usually starts in the country of origin.

    I can only hope there are a community of japanese people who respect foreign fans just as we have a communities who practically worship them like gods.

    Who honestly cares what the media says about us or anyone for that fact, Y! JP are probably filled with retards just like any other sort of mainstream media.

    I usually don’t like to rant as I’m pretty shy and sensitive, and my feelings can be easily hurt by insults from people who believe they can talk shit just because they can.

    But I’ll do whatever I need to protect my interest, and I hope other people feel the same way and try to ignore the ignorant comments that are thrown at us. I expect otaku and other less hardcore fans to be a little smarter than the general public, as we all know how smart they are.

    • Unfortunately, Holly, there’s an internet pissing contest to see who has the biggest e-penis among the various anons all over the World Wide Web.

      It sucks, but that’s human nature. Humans, for lack of a better explanation, love to argue. That’s why we have war, inequality, murder, and the U.N.

    • Anonymous says:

      “I can only hope there are a community of japanese people who respect foreign fans just as we have a communities who practically worship them like gods.”

      If there are any then they’re not speaking up. Just look at all the spams we’re getting here. Majority of Japanese otakus are xenophobic, it’s been proven over and over again.

  • Anonymous says:

    You know eroge are neither that special nor hard to make. If websites like this weren’t populated by a majority of whiny talentless hicks, a Sankaku Complex sized community could output a dozen eroge per month at least.

      • Anonymous says:

        As I said, a majority of talentless hicks, as for marketing and distribution, we are on THE Internet, doesn’t come easier than with digital distribution and adds on that partners/friends list on the left side of this website you own. 😛

        • Anonymous says:

          Perhaps you still harbor some optimism, so you read it as such. Maybe your stance of informed level headed practicality is merely a defense mechanism, hence why deep down inside you actually want to believe. It may blow your mind to face your inner beast and see that it is but a bubbly frog of pink coloration, struggling in futility against it’s own imprisonment. Are you cynical enough to truly fear?

        • Why does this comment sound so uninformed and naiive? It feels like, “Come on guys, we can do it, we just need to work together!” Sounds like something from a Naruto episode…

  • bit stupid if you ask me..

    The games WILl leak to the rest of the world and the only thing that will change is that the people outside of japan that are now paying for them will be unable to.

  • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

    I hope these companies know what they are doing. Sticking to a strictly Japanese otaku base for the industry is not a smart move. Worldwide there are hundreds of people that actually buy the imported games. There would be even more that bought these games were they given an English translation. They are effectively cutting out a large percentage of possible profits. Sticking strictly to the Japanese industry is folly. It won’t stop radical feminist groups like Equality Now nor keep them at bay. Hell it will only help to further their goals. They wish for censorship and unknowingly you’ve given them part of what they wish. They will not stop there though they will continue until the industry itself has been destroyed. The fact that companies are banning from foreigners now means that the feminists have yet another way to see how they are winning. Rather than help these companies will probably bring about the downfall of eroge. Fansubbed anime and torrented games will continue on as always the only difference is that the many foreigners that did actually buy a hardcopy of the product will find it more difficult to do so. This will only hurt them in the end.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s laughable to see such posts with people who actually think the foreign export market for eroge is anything more than a drop in the ocean of domestic sales.
      The reality is, the exported and translated/localized eroge markets are not even part of the eroge industries financial model to begin with.
      The total exclusion of foreigners to such a market is no skin off their noses. Quite frankly it is quite the opposite, a win win situation (where foreign pressure can be ultimately and absolutely denied).
      What’s the point of selling eroge in countries which give fictional characters human rights and prosecuting on the basis of fake-science, sentimental drivel and complete and utter nonsense while ignoring the real social problems right in their backyard.
      In such places the majority of people do not even buy legitimate imports or localized versions, they just download copies because they are afraid of coming under scrutiny of the law by importing through customs.
      If you want to even be considered as a target audience, first things first: stop such totalitarian movements in your own countries and start throwing some $$$ directly Japan ways.
      Only then can you tell others how they should be administrating their own business for their actual paying customers. (it’s called capitalism)
      However, looking at this kind of dialogue, isolationism is obviously the best move to preserving the eroge industry for those that actually care about it.

  • Anonymous says:

    “Once again, it seems all the Japanese otaku community can think to do is blame foreigners, even when it is their own politicians, media, and even industry which is happily trampling the rights of the minority.”

    It’s actually the retailers withdrawal of sale (in order to save face locally and internationally) which lead to this situation. Only they have the financial power to influence politics and endure extended periods of time fighting in a court of law. All they needed to do was ignore the pressure and vindicate their position. Just like the whaling issue. Because it’s tuna (the anime / manga industry) next on the ban list.

    (Albeit, were there no foreign pressure and anti-japanese provocateurs in the mix, eroge would be forever legally gray just like pachinko and soaplands)

    So, before one goes pointing the finger and mentioning the rigidness of individual spinal cords, perhaps one should consider the social climate in which the wrong people drawing attention to themselves will only create the reverse effect and undesired consequences.

  • Anonymous125 says:


    Wow I never imagined that playing games like Halo series, Call of Duty series, Medal of Honor series, Gears of War series, Fallout, Command and Conquer series, etc. can lead to world peace….

  • Wow, already almost 200 comments. I’m always so late to comment. I don’t have time to read all this right now. Still, I will choose to ignorantly comment anyway.

    Sure, people can get by the blocked websites using proxies, but I don’t think the actual banning of foreign IP’s is the point here. They are messages to the people trying to shut them down, such as the women activists who went batshit over a game like Rapelay. I bet it’s just because the game had the name Rape in the title. You don’t see them doing anything about the games that are MUCH, MUCH worse. But I digress. The main message to these activists is this: “We are aware of you and you are pissing us off. Fuck off, please.”

    I have to say I agree with these IP-blocks, even if they are completely useless. I mean, I kinda feel like I have to side with someone (I know I don’t have to, seeing as how they’re both going about this the wrong way), and that someone is definitely not going to be those foolish women. And no, not just because they’re women.

  • Anonymous says:

       / ̄ ̄\
     /   _ノ  \
     |   ( ●)(●)  <おっと、それ以上は言うなよ…
    . |     (__人__)____
      |     ` ⌒/ ─’ ’ー\
    .  |       /( ○)  (○)\
    .  ヽ     /  ⌒(n_人__)⌒ \
       ヽ   |、    (  ヨ    | 痛いニュースから…
       /    `ー─-  厂   /
       |   、 _   __,,/     \

  • あなたの国に











  • This is stupid. Japanese game developers are just losing money and popularity if they choose to restrict non-Japanese fans from their sites and prevent them from playing their games. If I were a game developer, I’d be happy that people around the world liked my products and let them be welcome to visit the sites I put up and be able to buy my games. Idiots.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have an idea, let’s ban all countries except Russia/Uganda/Tokelau

    Politicians and feminazis are incapable of setting up their browsers to use a proxy so they will be safe.

  • at 1st of course , japanese fan object to this legulation
    against political party , japan unicef , foreign group of feminazi , and everyone who legulate this.

    in addtion,minori didnt say “dirty foreigner” at all.
    some ppl said “they are racist,and retarded” in these site. but those opinion is translated soon on 2ch as news.
    perhaps developper watched it too.
    so, you sholdnt stir up opposition , or japanese fan will be aggressive too.

    we have to cooperate.
    of course,minori shouldnt ban foreign ip.
    you shold calm down and cheer developper.

  • Anonymous says:

    Too naive.

    There’s always going to be fringe extremists, like the so-called feminists who petition to have these things banned, but it is honestly those who take these people seriously who are to blame. Does anyone ever listen to the blind-drunk homeless guy preaching about the apocalypse? No, they don’t . This sort of thing is what happens when someone stops to listen to the mad ravings of a lunatic.

  • Anonymous says:

    2009.06.22 最近の出来事

    これは我々が当初から抱いていた疑念を裏付ける仕打ちである: minoriは我々外国人の事など眼中に無い。
    (英語化)パッチはもっと倫理的であるべきだって? ふざけるな! minoriは外国人の金など必要ないし、
    ところで、Wind -a breath of heart-の第4章の翻訳作業は中断された。

    • minori is blocking the view from outside Japan to their websites. (Oh you tried to access it immediately!)
      This is our revenge confirm the suspicion held by the original: minori we can not ignore, such as foreign.
      All ef Series (English and patches) to announce that we have produced a unique feel that has been proven the correctness of the decision.
      (Into English) is a patch I should be more ethical? Is a travesty! the stone and gold minori needed foreign
      NAIRASHII also wanted.
      minori support should be limited only to Japan sales. minori and foreign guests from the eyes of a “dirty foreigner” would be just. Over, the story is over.
      By the way, Wind-a breath of heart-translation of the fourth chapter was suspended.
      If and when you have someone who can help, I want to send an e-mail.
      Later than originally expected, but the third chapter is Chapter 5 of the translation work to continue.

      Is that a news of Minori bashing foreigners because of the English patch to Wind – A Breath of the Heart -?

      Can anyone with proficiency in Japanese confirm my point?

      • Anonymous says:

        Here’s a rough translation for his post. I might have a mistake or two, but you pretty much get the gist of what he’s saying:

        2009.06.22 About the recent affairs

        Minori has blocked off users outside of Japan to from browsing their company website. (You should try and access it right now!)

        This confirms the suspicions we’ve had from the start: Minori doesn’t care for our foreigners.

        We feel that this proves that our own decision to announce/make (the English patches) for the entire ef series was the right choice.

        How is making an (English patch) any more ethical, you ask? Stop dicking around! Minori doesn’t need your money, nor do they want it.
        *I’m guessing he has no problems with us pirating their games as well because of this.*

        There’s no denying that Minori only supports retailers in Japan. If you look through Minori’s eyes, they just see foreign users as nothing more than “those dirty foreigners”. That’s it, end of story.

        By the way, the translation work for chapter 4 of Wind -a breath of heart- had been interrupted. If there’s someone who’d like to help us out, please send us an email.

        Although we’re running later than we initially expected, we’re still continuing our translation work on chapters 3 and 5.

  • Anonymous says:

    You people get masturbation material from japs, and you call them retarded.

    good logic, westerners!
    keep twisting and messing up, one day you will all find yourselves in mental hospital

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t see the point of all the massive flamming against Japan.
    Attempting to prevent foreign access to eroge is probably the best the eroge industry can do. No one in the eroge industry is going to go out and protest in public because those who stood their faces out will be treated as monsters by the media. Even with a spine no one is going to do something so shameful.
    Also, with the recent ban of fetishes, how many of you are still going to continue pirating eroge? The new eroge that is being produced has no loli, neko-mimi, young girl, and student council.

    • ManaYagami says:

      “Attempting to prevent foreign access to eroge is probably the best the eroge industry can do. No one in the eroge industry is going to go out and protest in public because those who stood their faces out will be treated as monsters by the media.”

      So you are telling me that all the protests in 70s made by everyone that belonged and/or supported the porn industry in the U.S. were for nothing? Those people didn’t care if they were reported as sexual deviants, perverts and all other kinds of monstrosities by christfags and moralfags, because they were fighting for their rights and, most of them, for their jobs and their future. If the Japanese want the eroge industry to survive all of this moralfaggotry, it has to stand up for their rights and all of those 2channers that are whining about “fucking gaijins” should support them in every way they can. It’s the only for the industry to resist further abuses of power and to recover the right to create everything that was banned.

      The problem is that people fear what others think. If everyone was like that, we would still think that the world was a cube and that the Sun spins around the Earth.

  • These developers need to grow a backbone and stand up to their regulatory groups and legislators. The damage is done and they have capitulated.

    no banning of or pleading to foreign customers will help them now. Its is now purely a domestic issue.

  • I dont know what is your problem.
    Seriously, are you accessing eroge sites?
    nope, youre downloading.
    are you buying it from the original site?
    nope youre downloading, or even if you buy, you buy it through amazon or something.

    so why is it problem?
    if it helps to protect eroge from being banned, then we should be happy!
    our sacred eroge will be saved, and we can play as we played until now!

    • Equality Now and the likes don’t even know about these sites. Even if they knew these sites, they could find enough info about H games to fuel their rage here on SanCon and other English fan sites. (Let’s close SanCon, just in case?)

      So what exactly does this IP ban protect them from?

  • Anonymous says:

    Have I forgot to mention that MOONSTONE is unaccessible (403 Forbidden)?

    The works produced are:

    1) Ashita Deatta Shōjo (あした出逢った少女)
    2) Imōto Watashi, Donna Koto Datte… (妹 わたし、どんなことだって…)
    3) Doko e Iku no, Ano Hi (何処へ行くの、あの日)
    4) Gift (Gift 〜ギフト〜)
    4) Gift Rainbow-colored Stories (Gift にじいろストーリーズ)
    5) Clear (Clear -クリア-)
    6) Clear Crystal Stories (Clearクリスタルストーリーズ)
    7) MagiSuKi: Marginal Skip (マジスキ 〜Marginal Skip〜)

    and yes, the proxy mentioned by Japanese Proxy (comment no. 21904 of the site | does not work.

    Here are results based on a website monitoring service
    but it seems like the results defer from when I actually visit the site

    p.s. If you are wondering where the anime: Gift ~eternal rainbow~ (Gift ~ギフト~ eternal rainbow) came from, it is based off Gift (Gift 〜ギフト〜) by this company.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fucking cowards. They’ll deny access to foreign IPs, but they sure as hell won’t stand up to their industry regulation groups or government. These companies can go to hell.

  • Azure Xuchilbara says:

    It’s better this way…All for the greater good to keep moralfag and easily butt-hurt organizations

    like ‘Equality Now’ and ‘UNICEF’ from meddling with

    the anime and game industry on morals and all that…

    I know my way enough to get what I want when it comes

    to anime and hentai…

  • XFallingHail says:

    And come on Japan! Stand up and say a big “FUCK YOU” to all these protesters! How many people do they have and what can they do? Stand up in their own country, hold banners and spam your mail? It’s time to just say a big “FUCK YOU” to the anti-eroge groups and carry on!
    Those groups with only a few thousand people can do NOTHING against the multitudes of fans of Japan’s culture.

    • ManaYagami says:

      If the U.S. porn industry managed to stomp on the christfags’ heels, so can the Japanese otaku and eroge companies. The western people didn’t have shame about manifesting about their right for porn, so they shouldn’t have and if they do, that’s their problem and their rights that go down the drain. Sorry, Japan, but it’s your move.

  • Meidoganekko says:

    After seeing how lots of ppl around the world (especially in the west) loathed and frown on Japan just because their AMG (wether erotic or just the regular ones) have youthful characters and tons of fanservice, i have to say that this is a little bit appropriate..

    • … except that barely anyone among these “ppl around the world (especially in the west)” ever visited the blocked pages. This IP ban will only make angry some of their (ex-)fans or even (potential) customers.

      They should have just added a smart warning (or a set of warnings). For example:
      “Do you think that playing a H game with a rape scenario (with a loli character, etc.) could affect public morals negatively?”
      – Yes.
      – Maybe.
      – No.
      – I don’t really care about public morals…

  • XFallingHail says:

    Those anti-eroge motherfucking feminists over in the US need to learn to stop the porn industry in their own country before attack other countries’ culture.
    Hello hello theres a fuck load of rape and PTHC and CP in the world, why attack eroge. Won’t watching real children and women getting fucked spur people to commit crimes more than eroge?

  • The foreigners are being idiots, acting like kids, and thus now the eroge makers are also acting like idiot kids.

    Of course I know we are not really the ones being dicks to them and that most of their problems come from a few annoying self righteous groups but that is how they are trying to make it look, like japan is the victim of the world.

    I don’t know if this is their plan but if they could turn the tables, make the national patriotism surge to defend the local industry they could get part of the masses.

    Another possibility is that by accusing the outside world of being the one oppressing them they could get other countries to act in their favor.
    This is a situation where freedom of expression is being fucked over after all.
    But its also a situation where freedom is used to make things usually seen as bad and disgusting for most people.

    Very complicated indeed.

  • Anonymous says:

    Alright lets make a ero halo… WTF! RACIST PERVERTS BASTARDS! Hope if north korean launch missiles it ll go in their a** first.

  • Anonymous says:

    well i disagree, it might be now that its their own countries politician is doing it
    but whatever sparked all this outrage and senseless stuff is the overseas people, take rapelay for example, i feel that its one of the first trigger that sparked all this nonsense, not that i care actually cos i dun play eroge

  • I just hope these Japaneses remember this when FF whatever comes out. Seriously, are they not learning that the only real way to from past mistakes? Hell, doesn’t this seem just slightly similar to pre-ww II Japan? By the time the ero game industries re-enter the world trade, they are gonna be sooo far behind the technological curve, cause lord knows the Japanese will buy anything that their own companies churn out, regardless of quality.

    • ManaYagami says:

      You can still download torrents or buy eroge like before, you only can’t access some companies’ homepages which don’t have anything related to selling the games to people on other countries besides Japan.

  • ManaYagami says:

    Someone has been unloading trucks full of FAIL in Japan during the last months. So, once again they prefer to accuse the community that still has some people that actually buy their games and/or merchandising and who aren’t related in any way to the manner how Equality Now discovered about such games as RapeLay.

    If they got the time to be racist on this moment, then they should spend that time wisely by raising their asses from their chairs and sofas and, by manifesting themselves against the measures taken by their government and the visual novel industry. I wonder if their country was invaded by some other nation, if they would do the same thing and hope that the armies from other countries would defend Japan, since they aren’t to be bothered with something as trivial as defending their own rights.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s nothing new really. Japanese love to blame most if not all of their problems on foreigners. It’s quite sad really. If you’re proficient enough with the Japanese language, try reading comments left in Yahoo JAPAN’s news sections.

    SPOILER: It’s very damn disturbing.

  • lol they also live from western licensing – defaming usa (and europe) will get you nothing exept lesser sales and a hell of a lot of pissed foreigners!

    hope you don´t offended germany too, or we´ll have to overthink our traditional partnership..

    • Japanese are at fault, feminazi can’t do shit to other coutries except for hating it and tell everyone else to hate it too, because it’s weird,.. and, honestly, japanese is weird, but did everyone ever seem to care?

  • While I half support them in their “GTFO foreigners” attitude (since the whole shitstorm started by a bunch of whale feminazis from the USA), I also think they should grow some balls as a nation and go protest or voice their concern over their own god damn governement trampling on their rights. Seriously, grow a spine.

      • ManaYagami says:

        It’s that or they get unemployed. Which one is better? To have the courage to defend your work, possibly, the only work that they did on their entire life after they joined the company, or to get unemployed and to sleep on the streets?

  • Anonymous says:

    This is amusing.

    The eroge-mongers are much like a rollie-pollie bug that – up until now – has been plodding along quite happily in it’s own little world; then at the first sign of confrontation it curls itself helpless into a little ball, all the while cursing vehemently at all-omnipotent foreign devils as the childish fingers of politicians tease it ever so slightly.

    Except they aren’t a rollie-pollie bug; I guess that just makes them pathetic.


  • Can someone, please tell me what precisely is going on? I know the feminists triggered something, they made the stuff with gang rape etc illegal by law, but it’s still vague, what else did they do?

  • blue_blue says:

    “Once again, it seems all the Japanese otaku community can think to do is blame foreigners, even when it is their own politicians, media, and even industry which is happily trampling the rights of the minority.”
    So this is how it feels to be a nigger in South Africa by the late 60s huh?

  • Provide foreigners with a english version and VN will sell outside of japan. Damn, I even consider bying tsukhime after reading an online available translation, just because it is that awesome.

  • How about they make more games translated uncensored and more easier available to the world.
    Becouse people have a hard time getting these games,is why they pirate so much.
    Others are just ignorants.

  • Anonymous says:

    someone just do a petition in wabanese, then we’ll blindly sign it

    tell ’em to put an english e-store, and I’m sure there’ll be fags who’ll buy eroge even if untranslated

    I know because I do

      • Anonymous says:

        the OP: Leaving the message aside, you know what ManaYagami, IMO gaijin should protest to the organization who is the original source of the problem, and by banning from the site it’ll be the incentive for foreign fans to do so. I doubt that would make them sell less products as most of the gaijin out there pirate their games anyway. IOW from the business standpoint if I were them, I will protect my business which what I deem fit and sacrifice a small market with low return.

    • Because of some Amerikkan femmenazis everyone else needs to suffer?

      have you ever purchased an eroge online? have you ever even visted their websites before this? have you? honestly this doesnt do anything because if you actually visted their sites you can visit 2ch and get the news there. then when you get the news there you can download with your torrent client like everyone else does.

  • project_arms says: