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Minori: “We’re Banning You For Your Own Good!”


The recent decision by Japanese eroge studio Minori to close off its site to the outside world under the pretense of “defending our culture” has been clarified with a fuller explanation, which can be read below:

The original notice of barbarian exclusion:

minori official website.
This website cannot be browsed excluding Japan.

Some foreigners seem to be having an antipathy against EROGE.
Therefore, We prohibited the access from foreign countries, to defend our culture.
Sorry for you of the fan that lives in a foreign country.

minori Inc.

To which has been added some carping about how Japanese couldn’t possibly oppose their own politicians, and need foreigners to do it for them:

Why minori blocking foreign accesses?

We are little perplexing now because we received a lot of response about this issue from foreign people.

Now we will tell you the short detail about the reason why blocking you to this website, because of we, all Japanese EROGE makers were facing at the problem, the crisis of “Freedom of speech”.

Currently, The bill that allows to limiting the content (It is censorship. Isn’t it?) to all EROGEs is being discussed in the Diet because intellectuals and politicians said “Japanese EROGE were being problem and troubled with the foreign country. Therefore we should make EROGE hidden away from foreign country, and also its content should be limited and censored”.

Okay, now we trusted the word what they said at once. So we blocked you to make stay away from the trouble.

…Do you like that?

If not, please tell your idea directly to Japanese government and politicians.
(For example, you can write the letter to the administration of Japan directly from here.)
(If you can comprehend Japanese…There is information of the politicians in Japan.)

Otherwise, you just can talk your idea about this issue at your blog or other media to inform the existance of this problem to the public. It would be very helpful for us.

If you do so, we might be able to recover the “Freedom of speech” and the barricade lying in between us would be taken away.

Please help us.

We hope this separation would be only for short moment.


Of course, it is rather naïve to think that Japanese politicians, particularly the ardently feminist ones, are doing anything but seizing upon convenient foreign outcry in order to use it as a rhetorical appeal, so as to push their own agenda of censorship, and even more naïve to think that they will take any notice of non-voting foreigners when even their own constituents fail to oppose them.

If foreigners have such power over Japan, it seems strange endless foreign histrionics about the evils of whaling have failed to get it banned…

It also seems improbable that the Japanese mass media will be interested in “foreign anime fan outcry over Japanese censorship,” when it can instead manufacture the sensational outcry against “rape games in our shops!”

The reaction against the move internationally has been less than positive, but predictably the online reaction in Japan has been delightedly xenophobic: we hear almost unanimously that “This can’t be helped”, “Damn foreigners are attacking our culture!”, “They are all just dirty pirates anyway!”, and “All eroge makers should ban foreigners!”

Many joyously call for “eroge sakoku”, sakoku, “closed country”, being the term for the long centuries of isolation the nation endured due to Shogunate paranoia about foreign influences.

Any suggestion that responsibility for these outrageous restrictions on freedom of expression lie with wicked foreigners is of course facile scapegoating, as any reference to the following three facts will attest:

•The mass media reports condemning eroge all originated in Japan, with the overseas reaction barely registering.

•The politicians calling for bans are all Japanese, and come from all three major parties.

•The eroge industry body, the EOCS, made no protest whatsoever and then censored a vast variety of material which was never even mentioned by domestic or international media.

It seems many Japanese being subjected to this oppressive ban would rather blame foreigners than actually make any effort to oppose the ban themselves, a position which it is hard to be sympathetic to.

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    You guys in the US started it, even if it’s just a little minority of feminists.
    So it’s totally fair that they’re asking YOU to solve the issue.
    Shit, you guys bring trouble, and then japanese have to clean up your mess ? You guys are so fcking retarded. You guys are just good at pointing fingers at others.

  • Anonymous says:

    Its a bit disappointing about the games but if my money isn’t good enough for them then fuck’em. What they are saying about all forigners being a bad influence is nonsense and about the criminal thing. People are responsible for their own behaviour no matter what country your from so let people deal with the consequences themselves

  • I am free Otaku in Japan.
    The following messages can be translated into English.
    Please send assembly members mail after it translates into English.




    細川律夫 (Hosokawa Ritsuo)

    小宮山洋子 (Komiyama Yoko)

    千葉景子 (Chiba Keiko)








    • Anonymous says:

      Rough Translation:

      At the moment in Japan there is a law in deliberation which in addition to banning the simple possession of child pornography is considering the validity of including fictional works such as anime, manga and games in that restriction. At present there is a great difference between the governing parties plan and the democratic parties plan. Under the governing parties plan restrictions on the simple possession of fictional works and child pornography is being stipulated. It is anticipated that the amendment conference for this law will take place in the Japanese National Diet from the 6th (Japan time).

      I believe that the “Objection to the research clauses for the restriction of fictional works such as anime in the governing parties bill” “Objection to the ban on simple possession in the governing parties bill” will become important points. Focusing on these points I think that mails of a composed nature should be sent.

      First of all,it is important to express to Japans democratic party not to compromise on this matter. Within the democratic party, the following 3 persons are involved in and have seized control off in regards to the child pornography law reform problems

      細川律夫 (Hosokawa Ritsuo)

      小宮山洋子 (Komiyama Yoko)

      千葉景子 (Chiba Keiko)
      (Please send your opinions under the 「お問い合わせ」(otoiawase : enquiry) entry on the homepage)

      Please send a strong message especially to Hosokawa and Komiyama.

      Also towards the entirety of the democratic party, please send from this point.

      Democratic Party:

      In addition, towards the Liberal Democratic Party and New Komeito whom are trying to pass such a preposterous law, please voice your opposition.

      Liberal Democratic Party:

      New Koumeito:

      Regarding how to write your mail,
      In order to influence the Liberal Democratic Party and members of the Diet via letter, the following link will be very useful towards all political parties, by all means please use it as a reference.!62D9164E3AB7B024!727.entry

      Translators Note: Yet that reference page is in Japanese lol (anyway the minimum that needs to be included is as follows)

      * Name, Address, Electoral district (this is important)
      * Write clearing specifying in itemized form what the candidates / parliamentarians need to understand and do about the issue in order to get your vote.
      * If possible attach some reference data.
      * It may not necessarily have to be a handwritten letter however have common sense.

      (In other words, as gaijins who do not hold any voting power in Japan, what our voice needs to represent is a synchronized front of logical reason which can be used as justification and vindication for the ban-opposition factions while placing the necessary pressure on the ban-approval factions called ‘constitutionalism’.)

      To those of you saying this has nothing to do with the minori’s ban, ( ゜д゜)σ ”Objection!”
      This has everything to do with it, this is the starting point of real legal restrictions (not just some mere voluntary regulation by an ethics committee).

      This. This is the tip of the iceberg.

      “First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a communist;
      Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist;
      Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist;
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew;
      Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak out for me.” -Martin Niemoller

  • Anonymous says:

    “•The mass media reports condemning eroge all originated in Japan, with the overseas reaction barely registering.”

    Why would they care? Sensationalism is what raises ratings. The general public require a target to label and bash as the cause for all of their societies problems so that they can continue to avert their gaze from the real issue. Minority groups (and foreigners) fit this position. It’s called evasion of responsibility.

    “•The politicians calling for bans are all Japanese, and come from all three major parties.”

    What you have failed to recognize are the anti-japanese elements moving behind the scenes under the guise of or in co-operation with NGOs which have their ‘chess pieces’ in the Diet. You make it sound like the 3 parties are all entirely for the ban and that foreign influence plays no part in the bans, yet were this the case then the simple possession ban for CP would have been passed years ago. The fact of the matter is that none of the parties are entirely for or against such banning and their members simply more often than not saving face (and grabbing votes) in the public and international eye by saying they support a ban. The reality is, without foreign pressure things would remain legally gray within Japan just like the loopholes surrounding Pachinko and Soaplands (regardless of gambling / prostitution laws). This is a matter of ‘tatemae’ and ‘honne’.

    “•The eroge industry body, the EOCS, made no protest whatsoever and then censored a vast variety of material which was never even mentioned by domestic or international media.”
    EOCS protected the majority of the industry by showing moves of self-regulation (just like the time is was formed, it exists to curb the industry from running into a legal ban from the government). They did what they had to in order to protect the industry as a whole. However in this case, the real culprits which pressured them into doing so were the retailers and illusion soft withdrawing the sale of rapelay. If the retailers won’t sell the media in order to save face (giving the ban-positive-faction justification and conviction to their cause) then the ethics committee has no choice but to follow suit. If the retailers ignored media sensationalism and emphasized their place in Japans economy (notably supply, demand and the number of jobs the industry provides <- especially during a recession) the majority would close their mouths soon enough. But they did not. In the end this is a matter of the circulation of goods and $. Afterall, it is the retailers, corporations, and those with financial power that have the strongest influence on politics in a capitalistic society. (Especially because they can afford to stick it out in a court of law)

  • I am an EROGE fan in Japan.
    I think minori’s action is very regrettable and something insulting for foreigners.(even if they do not intends to do it)

    But as some people pointed out that it was not caused by racism, but only for avoiding troubles (in Japanese word “KOTO-NAKARE-SHUGI”), that’s right.

    Actually, EROGE makers(also EROGE fans) are neither political activist nor liberal fighters, and they have to continue their business, so it is natual and rational for them to avoid more troubles…

    In Japan, assosiations of EROGE makers(EOCS) decided to restrict violent expressions in their games. If our government restricts EROGE directory, our supreme court will judge it as a breach of constitution. But bureaucracy knows well, so they lead EOCS to do(add) self-regulations…

    But EROGE-makers main concern is commercial success, and not small people needs them in Japan, so in any cases, EROGE makers will continue to provide violent EROGE with moderate titles and packages. This is one of Japanese ways to resist against government.

    This time, EROGE makers spare nominal victory for feminists, it is most of our representative need. But no substantial retreat.

    …Maybe it is not the best way to fight against Femi-Nazism. Sorry for all EROGE-fans in the world.

  • Newprimus says:

    This really sucks, but if this issue receives more coverage it just sucks even more because mainstream societies of both West and Japan will react negatively to eroge. Even if every Western eroge fan sent letters of dissent it’ll probably have little to no impact because we’re not representing mainstream opinion in the West. So I don’t know how this is going to go.

  • James-Kun says:

    Wat the hell is going on

    its gone from loli-rape-bdsm-eroge-eechi-manga?

    this is very bad for anyone associated with anime and manga as now we are being called women hating child molesting otakus, this could really turn into something huge if this continues, the ball is already rolling too fast, someone needs to stop it before it becomes an avalanche

  • And I’m left to wonder how is it possible that supposedly serious companies won’t have the decency of hiring or at least freelancing a competent translator. Engrish is funny in casual contexts. In serious communication looks just shameful.

  • A Japanese People says:

    Hi all,

    I’m Japanese. Please execuse for my poor English.

    The purpose of this post is to complement Minori’s statement that you have seen in their web site. I’m unfamiliar with Minori and their product because I’m not concerned about EROGE. I can tell you, however, tense political situation in Japan over erotic games, from the aspect of the issues about “Freedom of Expression.”

    The Child Pornography is prohibited in Japan by so-called “Child Pornography Ban Act.” This law intend to ban pornography of “real-life” children such as photo and live-action movie, not the fictions (IMPORTANT).

    And now, our politicians deliberate on an amendant of this law in the National Diet. The ruling parties are advocating as follows:

    1. Introduce penalties for “simple possession” of child pornography.

    2. Amend this law again, three years later, to ban MANGA, ANIME AND GAME including sexual depiction of children.

    And they are saying as follows: “Japan is behind foreign countries that they tighten regulations for child pornography. We are slammed as “Japan is pedophile’s paradice” by foreign people. We must fulfill our duties as a member of international community.”

    Yes. We must protect “real-life” children against sexual persecution from porn makers. I think, however, this amendment against “the fictions”, such as manga, anime and game, has a critical problem because it violates “Freedom of Expression.”

    PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIEND about what is happening in Japan, and discuss it. Japanese politicians are sensitive about pressure from “the international community.” Your voices may change this critical situation.

    Thanks for your reading.


    Recently, Ethics Organization of Computer Software, a guild of Japanese erotic game commercial developers, decided to impose self-regulate on most genre of their product. And few days ago, a manager of fanzine store(*1) in Akihabara is suddenly arrested by the police. THE SITUATION IS CRITICAL.

    *1: Tachibana shoten (


    This writing was originally posted on 6 hours ago, but I post it on this site with some edit because Kotaku don’t approve my post at present 🙂

    Some people are concerned about “eroge sakoku,” but you have no need to worry. The Japanese eroge will BECOME EXTINCT before its developers choose sakoku, if politicians pass the bill into law.

    • A Japanese People says:

      I read everyone’s comment.

      I’m very surprised that you all are well-acquainted with the situation in Japan. It may be that you know about Japan more than we know about our own country. Unfortunately, some xenophobic Japanese become withdrawn in their recognition what they want to see, hear and know.

      And I would like to say that NOT all Japanese people are xenophobic. I think Minori purely want your help and don’t have a xenophobic purpose. We simply “defend our culture” from the majority of Japanese, not the foreigners.

      The otaku people in our country are overwhelmingly minority and always be under pressure from the majority (intellectuals, politicians, and “common” people). Some people are now opposing to censorship in the Diet but have a worse hand.

      Actually, “outcry from foreign countries” is VERY effective in our country, except few case such as the whaling issue.

      I’m fighting against censorship and want your help earnestly.

  • Anonymous says:

    If minori, for example, think they can do without their foreign customers, so be it.
    If the producers and consumers think it’s not worth standing up for their culture, as they call it themselves, to prevent it from being trampled on by other people, so be it.
    If the Japanese want to shelter themselves away so nobody bothers them anymore, then so fucking be it.

    But nobody will take a country like that seriously.
    This isn’t xenophobia, this is cowardice.

  • Blanchimont says:

    I wrote to Minori after reading the previous post, and by the looks of this article, so did a lot of other people as well…

    Might try this route too, I already sent my comment from the link in Minori’s post.

    And I urge others to do the same.

    Not sure if it will have an effect of any kind, but at least we could say we tried.

    This whole affair is a direct slap on the face of freedom of speech and artistic expression. I would even go as far as call it an installation of a “thought crime”, and I don’t think I would be too far off the mark as what we have here is victimless/imagination only elements prohibited…

  • I guess they will start to care if hundreds of thousands of messages arrive.
    Heck, if they started banning “because foreigners said so”, they might understand from this that not all foreigner want it, and there is the other side who doesn’t want it.
    I sent mine, everyone else please do so (and in a polite manner).

  • “…Do you like that?”
    –of course not! that’s not it!

    “If not, please tell your idea directly to Japanese government and politicians.
    (For example, you can write the letter to the administration of Japan directly from here.)
    (If you can comprehend Japanese…There is information of the politicians in Japan.)”
    –OK, but would they hear us? Our sentiments? argghhh! Taro Aso, please, heed our call! Lift the ban! 🙁

  • Anonymous says:

    freedom of speech works as long as you’re just voicing out what you think, once you start telling other people what to do it becomes tyranny. that said, people keep shoving tyrannical doctrines on how to live our lives in the name of liberty. how is that freedom?

    • That doesn’t have to do with freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means you have a right to say what you want to say. It doesn’t mean anyone has to listen to you or do what you say. Freedom of speech also allows people being told what to do to tell that person to stfu. It all should work out perfectly fine, if you ask me.

    • Homosexuality is a sexual preference, one that is argued to be intrinsic to the being of the person and cannot be changed willingly (so they say).

      Feminism is more along the lines of a political alignment. It is not something you are born into being, but are logically convinced is something of being right. You may be swayed into various degrees of this feminism, sex-positive, radicalism, (others).

      By discrimination, I thought you meant something that can be described as an unlawful negative attitude towards such people. As such, in the U.S. you cannot discriminate on sexual preference, but I don’t believe the same applies to feminism preferences. (

      I could be wrong, as I only glanced at the wiki.

    • Part of their culture is to be “normal”, to not stand out. They normally don’t stand up and voice their opinions as much as the US does. They would have to band together before they would say something against this because of the stigma of watching porn and what they would likely view as pedophilia. I see it in the group of Japanese I hang out with.

  • I understand why they’d be cautious and block of the site, remember it was because of some shit head journalists with nothing better to write about that stumbled upon rapelay and caused this nonsense.

    Yeah I just sent the prime minister of Japan the first political e-mail of my life and it basically said “Don’t ban lolita and eroge, protect freedom of speech for Japanese people”

    I suggest you faggots do the same. If at least it’ll show that not everyone overseas are sucking the feminist’s cock.

  • For all intents and purposes, that explanation of theirs is not only naive but rather hilarious and of course sad; putting aside the engrish issue.
    Hilarity aside, the Japanese always have disliked foreigners, haven’t they? It must be in their blood by now.

  • arkhangelsk says:

    I find it cute that Sankaku seems very interested to hold foreigners innocent for this whole farce.

    It is a bit like saying that any Soviet officer that had his division disbanded under CFE should blame solely Gorbachev (since he buckled to assymetrical reductions) and the Soviet people (especially those silly instituniks who argue for the reductions), and the West had no part to play in all that.

    Strategically speaking, for a long time now, a very significant fraction of foreigners have been applying pressure against eroge.

    What seems to be happening in Japan right up until recently is a balance of power between the “Protect the Children” (along w/ the “Let’s buckle to the foreigners”) clan and the “Freedom of Speech” clan (not many people high up want to admit they like eroge) means a maintenance of the Status Quo.

    Thanks to a certain idiot Gaijin and a certain idiot Gaijin group, this delicate balance of power has been disrupted for a time. During this time, eroge was forced towards near extinction.

    How are foreigners completely innocent of this? It may be a few foreigners, but as it turned out, they were the foreigners that counted…

    Whaling is larger than eroge and has withstood the Western assaults so far. But it may also end in a similar way – some particularly grotesque pictures make it to the hands of Greenpeace. Greenpeace raises especially loud ruckus and it reaches Japan. If the Balance of Power is even enough, it is possible for such an event to destabilize things (at least briefly) and cause the end of whaling. Would foreigners then not be guilty for ending whaling in Japan?

    EOCS, I say again. Blaming them for buckling without being in a position to fully envision the correlation of forces against them is a bit subjective, don’t you think? If you see an army retreating at full speed, one generally presumes that a really strong (relatively) enemy is chasing them, not that they are running from nothing.

    For asking us for help. Really, I’m sure they are doing what they figure they can on their fronts. They probably know we aren’t worth very much, but if they are doing everything they can, what more can they do to increase the odds in their favor, even by 0.1%, but by asking us to write letters?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, that’s something I don’t understand. Whaling… regardless of what people say, the Japanese like their whale. And it seems that it ain’t changing soon. (And I think Sea Shepherd is a pirate ship.)

      So what about Eroge. I mean, this culture of shame is strangely present in a traditionally non-Judeo-Christian country. Whereas in the West, good lord. Good example is the state of California, mostly liberal and democrats, but they legislated a bill against same-sex marriage. Everyone went “huuuh??”

      So Japan, land of Bukkake and Tentacle rape. Why so serious?

  • Anonymous says:

    This is the time for Otaku to prove themselves. Be like Otoya Yamaguchi. For crying out loud, Tsutomu Miyazaki or, even Tomohiro Kato. Those batshit crazy people is what Japan needs. How long with a country be apathetic to their freedoms being taken away?

    Acts of terrorism is probably the only way to provoke reaction from an otherwise apathetic bourgeoisie with disposable income.

    People in Iran risked being killed and some did die for their votes and freedom of expression. They make me proud.

    What does Japan do, in comparison?

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
    -Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)

    “Shikata ga nai”

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t talk about going terrorist and then mention what happened in Iran in the next sentence. What the Iranians are doing is not terrorism, they’re peacefully protesting and some are getting killed for it. I’m all for that. Dieing in the name of freedom is good, especially when you never harmed anyone trying to get that freedom. Such people are true martyrs, not like those terrorists and religious extremists. Any sort of cheap scare tactic doesn’t work. You have to raise your voice until it’s heard and understood by the opposition.

    • Simon Cowell of Eroge says:

      Sir, I am not sure if anyone has told you this. But you are freaking nut! No matter how badly you want to make your point, harming innocent people isn’t the way to go. Not to mention atrocious acts will only reinforce the stereotype that otaku are the menace of society. I believe something non-violent would be better to serve our cause.

      • Anonymous says:

        Think of it as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Paint otaku a certain way, will they? Destroy the reason to be, will they?? Some just want to be left alone. But noooo. They want to enjoy the last sanctuary they have from this craaaazy world of ours. But noooo. Someone has to trample this little imaginary land where one doesn’t have to wake up and go to work and with that intense urge to slit someone’s throat. That annoying superior who condescends. That coworker who does not care at all. Imagine. Who is to blame? Myself, or everyone? Either suicide, or anarchy. Kill oneself, or make someone bleed and jump with joy as they lay dying for all the imagined wrongs they have done. Which one gives a better chance of survival, if death is inescapable?

        ….This is probably a common sentiment that people tend to avoid. Not only in Japan, of course. Sometimes they lie to themselves that they don’t want that to happen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you fucking crazy to even joke about going all terrorist? Is the taliban and other muslim extremists getting anywhere with that? Have they gained anything? Yeah, I thought so. Look back on history and look at the ways that worked, for the sake of sane thought! I don’t know why people are so quick to bring up wars as an answer instead of things like non-violence and what people like martin luther king and gandhi did and succeeded with.

      I honestly don’t know what we can do since we’re on the shortest end of the stick no matter which way you put it. The way society is now, especially with all of the “pedophile” fears, if any one of us went to the public and told them what our interests are in any intelligent fashion we’d be hearing people calling for out deaths. Maybe we just need to wait for a more liberal and open government in Japan.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is a time for superheroes.
    I propose a campaign over censorship.

    Particularly at “Works of Art” They must be censored to see how sad and silly a ban on freedom of expression is.

    We should distribute pamphlets, Art books that have mosaics. Michelangelo’s David must have mosaic censor.

    Anatomy books must have mosaic censor.

    In Akihabara, let there be a movement, a protest that has maids and otaku wearing black robes, ala Islamic Republic style. Let otaku dress up as moral police in Uyoku vans. Suppress all freedom of expression in the city. Sow discontent. Provoke the masses to action.

    Replace images with words. Paint ancient statues black. Vandalize buddhist statues, Jizo- paint them all black.

    Make Japan fear censorship becoming reality, invading their very culture.

    Raid museums and burn all Shunga. Censor Hokusai and his kind. Close down love hotels.

  • Anyway, even if it’s wrong and stupid for them to block foreign access, we still should use of our “international pressure” to help them (and by extense, ourselves).


    – Stop blaming the feminists for this. It is illogical. Sex-negative feminists may have been used as pretext, but we should blame the weak Japanese otaku, and the Japanese media + Japanese politicians.

    – Stop calling Minori racist. Their actions weren’t motivated by prejudice against a race. Learn the word you want to use, before using it.

    – Stop calling the Japanese people racist if you have never lived there.

    – Stop assuming every country lives with the notions of race.

    – Stop insulting the Japanese people and all feminists just because of your illogical hate. Direct it at sex-negative radical feminists and Japanese politicians.

    – Stop with all the hate. It is weak to be controlled by such emotions to the point of not being able to have common sense and think logically.

    – DO something. The blame is really on ourselves for not doing anything besides complaining illogically.

    – Send e-mails.

    – BE POLITE. If you’re going to e-mail Minori, Japanese politicians or Japanese people, be polite. You’re just discrediting our cause for freedom of speech, otherwise.

    Humbly, I think these are the best options, according to my common sense. Otherwise people posting in Sankaku just seem a bunch of mysoginist hooligans, ignorant rednecks, racist against the Japanese, etc.

    • arkhangelsk says:

      Except for Item 1, I agree.

      1) Feminists were definitely the people who ignited this latest little flap. There might be a substantial force already there anyway, but without them it won’t have reached criticality, at least not this time, maybe never.

      2) The “weak” otaku and politicians. Actually, if they are weak, a major reason is that we are all actually steeped into a certain amount of feminist propaganda when it comes to porn, into associating it as somehow wrong – even when there is no utilitarian substanitation for that concept. This makes it difficult for us to stand up.

      Feminist: “Ban porn!”
      You: “Free speech!”
      Feminist: “Even for porn?”
      You: “Uh” (you want to answer, but you are held back by that indoctrination. Even if you break your indoctrination, you are very conscious that everyone ELSE is indoctrinated similarly, and not many of them has thought about the issue enough to have a chance of breaking out. In their mind-controlled state, nothing you say will convince them and will only make you look bad, and quite frankly, porn isn’t quite worth risking your social position for).
      Feminist: “I win.”

      A major contribution to this whole indoctrination program, of course, is the entire feminism movement. So, are they really not to blame, either tactically or strategically, for our current dire straits?

      • Anonymous says:


        Feh. Feminists. They are reactionaries, like Satanists. Without Christianity, Satanists are just a bunch of spoiled petulant children who don’t want to take responsibility for doing what they want.

        Feminism can’t exist without reacting to what is perceived as a male chauvinist attitude. That is why it’s hard to take it seriously. Feminism can’t stand by itself. That is why it has to be invented by people in universities talking about “Mother Goddess” and all that bullshit.

        So they come across patriarchal Japan and think they can “save” it in their bigoted manner by attacking the harmless hobbies of those who are more attracted to the dimensionally challenged.

        • It is inevitable when part of Group A does something, the whole of A gets somewhat implicated. Rapelay, for example, became all of the rape game genre, which in turn became all of eroge, which caused this farce. Similar process.

          Given this, shouldn’t those feminists that are not part of this segment then at least say something, even if only on blogs like this, to preserve their reputation?

          One possible explanation for why not is that there are only covert and overt on this matter when it comes to feminists. How many feminists are willing to come out and actually say banning rape games is WRONG?

        • Anonymous says:

          I love how people pretending to be intelligent don’t realize there is not an unified single type of feminism, and that typical feminism aims for the equality of men and women and has always fought for valorous causes.

          Generalizing “feminism” and feminists is pretty much the same as doing it with “politics”. You just sound like an angry ignorant that way.

          Feminism is not an unified single movement, it’s simply a portmanteau for different ideological movements fighting for what they believe to be the best to women. It has nothing to do with female supremacy or censorship. It has nothing to do with a specific ideology/cause/objective/whatever. It’s a word englobing various different movements.

  • jap hate gaijins says:

    japanese hate gaijins,

    and hongkong-chinese hate the blue-eyed devils from europe

    and thais hate farangs,

    and americans hate all middle east

    and middle east hate u.s.

    and english hate netherlands and french

    no one likes french

    and ozzies hate asians

    and this is an ape world full of limited minds

    • Anonymous says:

      if you’re going to take the time to say it all like that then you might as well just say that everyone hates everyone else. in fact everyone on earth is a misanthropist. Now doesn’t that sound silly? And yet it’s less sillier than what you said.

      But I guess most people just like to take the easy route and generalize entire peoples.

      People, Arte only selected a few comments from the Japanese public response, those aren’t all of the comments! Not all Japanese hate foreigners.

  • Man, this is crazy dawg. I figured something like this would happen even though that I, an African American, have nothing to do with it along with other people, who just wanted to enjoy with eroge games. Me, I didn’t bother with eroge until I was 18 or 19 years old. I doubt that Millions of people know about this news, especially with the death of Micheal Jackson on the TV screen. Anyway, it would take a miracle for them to unlift the ban, in my point of view.

    For all I know, since this whole thing happened, some VG companies are pressured by this, and did what they had to do, even though some actions are something that people don’t like about it all. I did found out exactly how it started with a controversy with this game called Rapelay, when it showed up in I don’t know about it all, but i think I remember somebody playing it that made me say F**K no. (that was a long time ago way before the news) I kinda of figured that rape games like that gets other eroges into trouble if exposed. Matter of fact, that game full of 100% “R-word” shouldn’t have ever been produced.

  • “It seems many Japanese being subjected to this oppressive ban would rather blame foreigners than actually make any effort to oppose the ban themselves” Here’s the thing though, the ban was instigated by a forgien party, so it makes sense for this forgeiner backlash. I did enjoy the dirty pirates comment, cause it’s so true and undeniable anyway.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh Japan…. Why are you so fucking retarded?
    Why bitch at us when it’s your own fucking politicians that have no goddamn spine? Why not fix your shitty economy instead if putting more nails in its coffin?

    Aside from Japan being, well, Japanese, have any of you ever wondered why the regulations made no mention of gay sex? Well, the answer is obvious… The feminists wouldn’t want to give up their precious boy love now would they?

  • Simon Cowell of Eroge says:

    Artefact I agree you got some good points, but what do you propose we should do? At least minori is actually doing SOMETHING instead of sitting on their butts like the rest of the industry. Maybe it’s true that we got manipulated into doing their bidding. But if that is what it takes to save the eroge industry, a lot of people would gladly voice their opinions. Not that I am happy with them blocking foreign IP, but oh well…

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re speaking about TakeTwo, the guys who invested some million dollars in vaporware like Duke Nukem. Like Shuu said, no, they don’t have the same amount of cash. Not everyone, their friends and their dad have “Tales of memories” on PC/PS3/XBox(360)/DS/PSP/Wii/[Insert easy money platform].

        And frankly, porn and politics don’t mix well. Some foreign presidents got a lot of problems for a simple blowjob.

        Playing violent games is allowed in a lot of countries, even if the violence is borderline. Yeah GTA is banned in some country because a guy killed a taxi driver but, still, violent games ban arguments have been dismantled so many times that groups going against violent games looks like loosers. Bright people can defend their POV without being tagged as ‘murderer’.

        Loli eroge is different. First, it isn’t really well known. Not as much as GTA. The number of people buying those games is, IMHO, much lesser that GTA. Fapping can be viewed as “disgusting”. Fapping on pictures who nearly ressembles little girls is generally viewed as “child molesting”. (Save the imaginary child) So groups arguing against those games looks like winners and White Knights.
        The current era isn’t helping at all. People will more likely think that you’re a “child molester” than a “murderer” while playing deviant games. And “think of the children” is an argument who works so easily that playing devil advocate is a lot harder, unless you’re a lawyer, in which case people don’t care because it’s your job and they think you can find arguments as fast as you can find counter-arguments, were you attacking the same people you’re defending.

        IMHO, one way this could be settled would be a case with great lawyers with the victims, who could dismantle every argument without fear of being viewed as a pedophile and treated as such.

      • Simon Cowell of Eroge says:

        Good point. Although I think the more appropriate comparison would be with the AV industry. All the recent rage against eroge yet AV industry is relatively unscathed. I’m not sure how they pulled it off but they got some really maniacal stuffs out there(even worse than raep eroge). Maybe the AV industry paid politicians to lobby for them? Not too familiar with Japanese politics…

  • If they’d blocked access to everyone, it would have been a lot more rational, this is just going to create a nationalist shitstorm.

    Aside from that… aren’t they just playing into the hands of the censors? After all, it makes things a lot easier to kill a genre when access is being voluntarily cut off

  • Anonymous says:

    We otaku are meek, useless, ashamed, and in many cases recluse individuals. We’ll all stand by quietly as eroge disappears completely, or until we’re arrested for it.

    By the way, is “*sigh* I guess it just can’t be helped…”, or a variation of that phrase, considered the most overused saying in Japan? I wonder what the reaction would be if/when they ban eroge within Japan because “it is dirtying our image both within and outside of Japan, and ruining the minds of our youth!”

  • SeleçaoUSSA says:

    Artefact makes a great point. It’s hard to sympathize with the Eroge industry in Japan if this poor excuse of a Race Card play. It is feminist groups like [In]Equality Now that did this to them, and foreign otaku came to their defense; however, some of the idjits in the group sending death/bomb threats and “stay in the kitchen” e-mails didn’t really help.

    If ur going to be d-bags about this, then STFU and die off like the feminazis want you to. I can waste my emotions on Michael Jackson for all they care.

  • Screwemiftheycanttakeajoke says:

    I was thinking…I wonder if the FBI knows about this site? It’s nice to think about most of you spending a few years in jail being raped. Maybe with a dick in your mouths you’ll get why rape isn’t a game.

  • Even if their own government buried the eroge makers in the end, fact remains that the whole steaming mountain of shit started with the bitching American feminist group. Feminists? You know, those weird, fat, kitchen and sofa dwelling female creatures that even a dildo would run away from?

  • Ubiquitial says:

    Sorry, but I don’t completely understand

    The Article about the ‘Eroge Taliban’ Didn’t mention anything about the creation of fetish Eroge, as I recall, but only it’s distrubution through ‘Traditional Channels’. Wouldn’t this imply that if the game were to be purchased over the Internet or from an event, that it would still be allowed?

    • Technically, yes. Doujin software will not be directly affected, but eroge companies unfortunately lack the guts to use these channels. Many of them will alter their product line to be more politically correct, and many of them will die trying. In the long run, they will (hopefully) develop the necessary infrastructure for a large-scale, doujin-style distribution system. But it’s not yet foreseeable if this will decrease or actually increase the likelihood of an eventual all-out ban.

        • It’s a technicality. e-Commerce per se is not a traditional channel, but eroge companies that want to distribute online rely on other companies that specialize in this. Take DLsite for example, which is a member of the EOCS. Due to their popularity, online shops have to face the same scrutiny which is applied against ‘traditional’ stores. DLsite (and many other online shops, even those specializing in doujin) therefore seek protection by the established rating bodies. If the companies bypass those online retailers and distribute their products themselves, they can be held responsible for the content of their games. Both is technically e-Commerce, but the latter option is actually quite dangerous for them.

          The main point here is, if the rating bodies lose influence because eroge companies simply bypass them, Japanese legislators might feel tempted to do something about it – by passing a ban that is actual law.

  • Overreacting feminists. Overreacting give ins. Overcompensating give ins. Overreacting and overcompensating resistance.

    The result: Not just less porn, but racism and sexism galore!
    Oh what a rut.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am sure a lot of you are missing the point of them blocking foreign ips from their websites. If you notice they are actually asking for support from said foreigners to help get the bitches out of their country as obviously they can’t be as blunt to the feminists themselves as there comes a time where big organisations need to be formally polite, at least to the “public”. Therefore the fastest way to solve this is for the foreigners to help send mail bombs to the foreign bitches so they leave a day sooner. Don’t forget this is other countries treading on Japan’s soil and their culture is by all means theirs alone to do what they want with it if it doesn’t harm others. Why should they take crap from foreigners who don’t even live there in the first place.

    • Anonymous says:

      your comment should be read by more people. personally, I’m only upset about the reaction of Japanese eroge fans towards us foreign fans. But I’m hearing out and trying to understand where minori is coming from. I wish we could, someone could heed their cry for help, but unfortunately we’re all probably as pathetic as those Japanese eroge fans. Let’s just bad mouth each other instead of even addressing the real problem.

      • Sadly, that IS what’s been happening.

        Of course, it just looks like all Minori is doing is burying their collective heads in the sand though, so how can we do anything about it ourselves? As far as collaborative groups go, the anonymous membership of ANY forum or internet BBS is as fractious as any group of International diplomats… only a lot more surly and uncivil. XD

        I think we’re ALL due to take a chill pill and wash it down with a tall icy glass of STFU…. the foreign eroge fans AND the Japanese fans who sound like they couldn’t give a shit. There’s more going on than any of us are aware of. That much I know for certain. Will any of it ever come out into the light? Who knows? Maybe, maybe not.

        Regardless, I’m gonna continue grabbing what eroge I can, and enjoying myself… while keeping a lazy eye on this situation as it develops.

  • With this explanation and the remark about
    how they have hidden eroge, it makes it sound
    like it’s doujin now, with the foreigners
    who have never heard of such doujin artists

    I really don’t want that at all.

    I wanna know what eroge out there is great. I
    wanna be able to play a fucking fictional game
    that does no fucking harm to human beings.

    Really this is reaching the level of frustration
    for fans now.

  • havent read any comments but… make it esyer to immigrate into to japan then im fine with this… if its only for people outside japan please dont have me educate myself into a teacher for the sake of my eroge fanatics! i might not even make it there so lower the reqs for living in japan only thing i would ever ask for. that is my biggest wish and only wish i ever had so ban eroge but… make it esyer for me to enter your wonderful country 🙂 enough said..

    ps. my english is abit bad.. >_< maybe alot but… o.O

  • I love how Sankaku maintains it’s journalistic objectiveness.

    Though I suppose it’s not a real paper so it’s a-ok.

    Anyway, I think the important part of this is to show the Japanese politicians that there’s another side of the coin and that there’re foreigners who do not agree with said feminists and are making a stand against them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Like what ? 千万円 (10.000.000 Yen) ?
      If you give them a lot of legal money, yeah, maybe they would change their mind and fight. But sorry, warm letters don’t win against paycheck and the ability to pay your bills unless the company is crazy.

      Frankly, if their product isn’t on DLSite or some international export websites, their income from foreign sells must be almost nil. And since eroge/ero-doujinshi are often sold on local websites, chances are that those sells are almost nil.

      In those cases pragmatic support is great. Cheers aren’t. A stupid car analogy would be : Spectators of a car accident don’t give any “support”, even if they all pray for the safety of the passengers, they’re useless.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sony is behind this.

    Sony boardmember A: “Oh darn, those pesky little PC software companies are taking gamer sales away from us through their low-tech eroge and bullethell doujinshi. We must do something about this, or we will continue to lose billions.”

    Sony boardmember B: “We must destroy them, then we will offer the only alternative.”

    Sony boardmember A: “Agreed. We must first create a plan to make all Japanese PC games look like they are for perverts.”

    Sony boardmember B: “Yeah, let’s start our plan of action during summer of 2009. We shall see their demise soon enough by Winter.”

    Sony boardmember A: “Indeed. Then we shall offer the PS3 Slimline with substantial discount. Let’s bundle it with Atelier Rorona, make sure to tell Gust to ramp up production.”

    Sony boardmember B: “We shall make a killing from the otaku market by offering the only legitimate loli offerings.”

  • I sorta felt that they would react like this. I mean I myself felt that it was mainly foreign influence that triggered all this….maybe it’s in my japanese blood to think like that 😛
    Hmmmm, if somehow this turns out really bad and all ero-material made in Japan is banned for foreigners, I might move to Japan….

  • One thing that disgusts me the most is other countries, associations, politicians, whatever you want to call it, to stick their noses in other countries business. It’s not like they’re inciting to war, committing crimes against humanity, if you don’t like it don’t buy it and stay away from it, don’t go starting a “war” against it. I agree that this is clearly an attack against freedom of speech and the basics in which the internet was created, which was to distribute “free” data across the globe. If some other country started to do something similar to a product I developed because of no serious based reason I would most likely do the same and block my webpage to that country.

    • I still think that the blocking is justified – even beneficial to the cause – but the companies make a huge mistake by disregarding their true enemy, which is the moralists and radical feminists in their own country.

      • True, politicians and influential people within Japan didn’t give a thought to their own citizens (the game companies), if they have given the feminzais a big “F U” and stated the violation of freedom of speech, maybe this wouldn’t have happened, so blocking foreigners isn’t the real issue.

  • Virgin Otaku says:

    I make the following speculations:

    1.) Rapelay was PURPOSEFULLY placed on Amazon (UK was it?), then an undercover agent from the Japanese pro-censorship party (or maybe a double agent from EOCS) dropped a line with Equality Now.

    2.) The ‘foreign feminazis’ did their prescribed role precisely as they were expected to do.

    3.) The main brunt of the pro-censorship party then felt the go-ahead to leak stories to the media, and start the rest of this bruhaha

    4.) Japanese otaku and otaku companies blame foreigners.

    Thanks for mentioning how Japanese businesses work, this is totally in line with how the Brotherhood works. They will often pretend to compete with each other (with maybe 1 or 2 companies ‘failing’), but in the end a Japanese company will conquer a market.

    With the bad economy, these are desperate times, so the Japan Soft Power has been cranked up a notch.

    So through this strategy, the following results will happen:

    1.) Because they blame the dirty foreign pirates, there is more pressure on foreign governments to protect Japanese intellectual property. Yay for Japan.

    2.) Because the eroge companies are ‘showing’ that they are responsible self-regulating, they will eventually be able to maintain their marketshare after this “fiasco” is over. Most likely, after removing the loli content, it may be possible to sell them better overseas.

    “Hey America, we offer you new type of porn, guaranteed loli-free[tm]. Perhaps you care to purchase?”

    3.) The eroge companies will consolidate into the approved EOCS companies. Brand-names like Illusion, Key, Type-Moon. While making the smaller companies commit seippuku. Not sure about the role Minori has to play, but you bet it will be one of the ones to come out on top. With bigger brand name powers, they will be unrivalled.

      PS: Yuzu-soft has done it as well

    • By product of the above Problem is that they started feminist society criminalization for majority males in society.

      Some times when going to work all I see is oppai’s where the fuck are the guys. Did they die out? What if I get tempted and fall off the stright and narrow path then I get locked up or I’m screwed for life with/without porale. Next they be scanning for loli/eroge/(male interest stuff) contra-bands at the bus stops.

      How come we never hear about otaku woman getting charged with mail order loli? >.> its always the stright and narrow male honor student that gets 20+ years who would have contributed to society.

  • you bring up an interesting issue. Why IS it so hard to ban whaling, anyways? I personally don’t agree with the idiots who go out and stop whaling boats or for that matter, butt into politics of other countries concerning non-people in a situation that calls forth much idiocy to care more about whales than people, but still, if they can stop eroge, it can’t be THAT HARD to stop whaling, right? I mean, eroge market must be about, if not as big as the whaling business (whaling probably is probably more profitable, though?)

      • The eroge market is nowhere near as big as the whaling business. Whaling is profitable as hell and therefore has a strong lobby to defend it’s interests, whereas the eroge industry has practically none (in addition to being rather insignificant). Economically speaking, no one would even notice if they just disappeared overnight. Politicians can go after eroge without having to fear for votes or funds and the white barbarians will be happy again for a while.

  • Agreed. This is a Japanese problem, and for some reason the game manufacturers themselves are not fighting back. As anyone who has any idea of how Japanese business works, 95% of the story is being handled in secret. For Minori, I really wonder what the truth is… whether they’re using all this to scare people into some support, I don’t know. But, again, 95% of the truth is hidden… were they offered money to go more mainstream, are they getting cash from other publishers to ‘take the hit’, real or contrived. It’s bizarre for them to ask foreigners to help them get their ‘freedom of speech’ back, that’s amazing NOT Japanese… their foreign sales couldn’t amount to much of their profits, anyway, since foreigners usually steal their games from the net.

    Companies sacrifice themselves sometimes in Japan, it’s the way they do business. So, we’ll see how it falls out. My guess, 6 months from now, it will be business as usual.

    • Anonymous says:

      Game manufacturers are not fighting back because they minority “Otaku” are looked down by majority Japanese. Stereotypical Japanese otaku can be seen in Densha Otoko.

      It’s NOT bizarre for them to ask foreigners to help.
      They are seen as “Gaijin”, assumed as overwhelming majority of the world. Gaijins would be very helpful for game manufacturers, because any gaijin’s words would be received as “VOICE OF THE WORLD”.

    • Anonymous says:

      You brought up some good points. But I don’t really think there is a “conspiracy” in this. They did this because they thought they could solicit some help from foreigners.

      – Simon Cowell of Eroge

    • hope so…’cause censorship is the lowest thing that mankind can do to someone’s ideas and freedom of speech *and i’m not telling this as a fan of eroge ’cause i’m not the most avid fan out there, i’m telling this as a game design student…censorship is IMO one of the most offensive actions that someone can do to the ideas and the days and nights that the creators spent working on that project…for me is the same that say “your work don’t worth anything, it’s a piece of dirty shit…”*

  • Sadly, just about everything is used as an excuse for xenophobic actions.

    Yeah, shure some foreigners have stupid atitudes, but don’t take actions against ALL of us just because of that.

    That’s on the very same level of the stupid arguments feminists have against eroge.

    Blocking websites from foreign access not only will NOT solve the problem, but it’ll also give even more fuel to moralists, since you’re only proving you’ve got something to hide.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, a little company will fight the feminazi movement, it’s own parliament and other heavy groups just to look nice to strangers who *don’t give a fuck* and won’t do anything for them, anyway.

      You’re stupid morons, seriously. Either heard of american websites censoring their services against non-american viewers ? Is it a xenophobic action too ? Have they “something” to hide ? Just an example, you can’t watch FOX’s web TV outside america ? Must be because they’ve something to “hide”. Or maybe they want to protect themselves. I can cite a lot of countries with websites doing such things because they don’t want to get pwned or harassed.

      Also, I don’t remember you sending a letter to feminists moralists or others people who started all this. All you do is just wait and get angry when some company, which you’ll freely steal from anyway, blocks people to avoid stupid heavy pressure.

      That’s so xenophobic…

      Frankly, I never saw so much stupid and contradicting comments since youtube. Two weeks before, all eroge creators where some wonderful genius and all. And now, they’re all xenophobic. Not one of these commenters would dare to oppose their own system to defend loli games and other things because of the fear to be tagged as the worst man of the country and the fact that people around would react accordingly (Fired of your job / Contractors stopping relations / … ).
      And you want *these people*, who places a greater importance to honor and reputation, to oppose their own system alone ? Because, yeah, they have a lot of clients but these clients won’t do anything ! Like you ! People who can, won’t meddle with those kind of things for their own sake. And, frankly, I doubt that 2ch hikkikomori would do anything anyway, or would support them at all.

      And, before people get angry against this rant, yeah, I know, drawings are not people, lolicon viewers are not pedophile. But there’s a great difference between truth and reputation and once you’re tagged as a “bad” guy, things cat get awry.

      So, unless you want to support them and gives them paycheck if they lose all they have while trying to fight against those heavy groups, don’t complain against them trying to protect their own ass, using retarded words like “xenophobic” because of a simple IP restriction.


      • Anonymous says:

        While the most may simply pirate their stuff, you can’t just go and assume that the person you’re talking to (me, for example) is doing so as well.
        I know; this oversimplification helps you to bring across your argument better, but there actually are people who support the makers by buying their products and actually care about the future of those.

      • for the most part, you’re right. But, it is their livelihood and our entertainment. Who should fight harder to maintain their right to produce art?
        Also, Asian countries and obviously non-asian countries as well, have been exceptionally xenophobic so it is an understandable and appropriate label for their reaction. The foreigner is always easy to blame for the problems in domestic society, so partly the xenophobic label is justified.
        With this said, yes, people who want their ergoe and loli should work more actively to secure the freedom of speech for companies and ALWAYS should buy legitimate software and art to support what they like. But this is the internet, and contradictions are a theme of said internet. This is a domestic issue for the Japanese (and some other Asian countries) and the problem should be handled by their people and companies. It is indeed somewhat expected to be solved by a torrent of foreign rage and outburst media attention but a nation that is changed from the outside rarely establishes a history and precedent. While the foreign market and people can help, it should be primarily a domestic effort. Thus, the blocking of a once wide opened site to foreigners because of internal affairs.

        • And in some posts earlier I saw this:
          “The lolicon indulges in drawn or animated little girls (sometimes boys)” by Kortaku…
          wait wut?
          how can you compare a loli to a shota?
          A loli is a girl that looks or is under or around 12-13 while a stota is a boy that is or looks like under 12-13. And besides a LOLIcon is a person who likes girls with the loli aspects while a SHOTAcon is a person who likes boys with the shota aspects so don’t mix the two. And yes I myself am a lolicon and on top of it I hate when people mix things up.

        • I guess the difference between a pedophile and a child molester is that the pedophile is not a molester (yet)?

          3D kids are the most annoying over-spoiled little pieces of shit. At least when I was a kid we got a good spanking when we were dicks, but now everyone is scared of raising a finger.

          In short, 3D kids is pig disgusting.

        • Anonymous says:

          The problem with the “imaginary children” problem is that you’re making country laws, which normally apply to humans, to drawings.

          The logic is completely stupid.
          – If one people draw an anime character which ressembles to a man doing sex with an anime character ressembling to a girl, who look like an ‘underaged’* girl, that’s illegal, because in the reality, law forbids to have sex with ‘underaged’ children.
          So, following the same logic.
          – If you draw a man stabbing another one, that’s illegal. Let’s protect imaginary people. I mean, they get stabbed and die every day ! If people see this, they could reproduce the action ! And, quite frankly, stabbing is sooo much easier that raping that it’s time to start a campaign, if you follow this logic.

          The fact is, you can even an ‘underaged’ girl get shot in a drawing. It would be banned for people under a given age because of the psychological impact, but it could still be allowed in a lot of countries banning lolicon. IIRC, I didn’t see “guro” being banned by the EOCS.

          So, the general counter-argument is “‘Retarded’** people could get aroused by lolicon and, then, repeat the same actions on children”. That’s the *exact* same moronic argument we saw against violent games. If someone “enjoys” (or is “aroused” by, if you have those type of fetishes, so be it) violent games, he must be a murderer. Look ! Got a proof ! Some ‘retarded’ boy played a violent game and he’s killed some people. Some were their friends !!!
          Correlation isn’t a fucking causation ! Those type of people have serious mental problems. They can’t distinguish virtual things from real things or are totally nuts. Sankaku has a gift for listing them in its news (Look, some nutjob drowned a little girl to rape it !) Those type of people can watch lolicon like they can just fap in their car, while parked near a child’s school. They got psychological problems !! And frankly, if they just spent their energy fapping on pictures or virtual girls, I think the children in the neigbourghood would be more safe.

          Last thing : If I saw a real girl looking like the ones in the news picture, I would freak out and call the cops, telling them that some strange thing is running errand in town. Big eyes, big mouth, no teeths and almost no nose…
          Try to picture a 12-15 year old girl with the same properties and you’ll have a good zombie boss for a survival horror.

          * underaged : Depends of your country, of course
          ** retarded : Of course, I don’t mean trisomics. They have a child’s mind so they don’t give a shit about this.

        • I make the pedophile =/= child molester argument to people and they look at me funny. News media says they are equal so most people think so, shame.

          I am a lolicon
          I can’t stand 3D kids

        • Anonymous says:

          Oh, and I forgot to mention, you guys also assume that if a person is a pedophile or ephebophile, it automatically means that person has had sex with a minor or will have sex with a minor. A pedophile is not a child predator, child molestor, or child rapist until that person actually commits those acts. Before that, the person is just a pedophile and hasn’t actually done anything wrong, nor can you be sure this person will do anything wrong. If the world, especially the media, used the right terminology for everything we’d all be better for it. Whither a person likes kids or not shouldn’t be the real worry, the worry should be with people who rape or molest other people of any age. Wither someone rapes a child or an adult, either of them is a horrible act.

        • Anonymous says:

          Pedophiles are into prepubescent children, lolicon are not. Lolicon refers to Lolis, which refers back to it’s origin name – lolita. Lolita was not a child, she was a post-pubescent minor. So being a lolicon that doesn’t find 3D lolis disgusting wouldn’t be a pedo, but an ephebophile, a person aroused by post-pubescent minors. Most, if not nearly all lolicon are not sexually aroused by real prepubescent minors. As for ephebophiles, I think everyone is capable of being one, it’s only the law and society that conditions us to try our best to avoid it. That’s why the age of consent is varied, as whatever age is put there is decided by the parents of the society to try to make sure that their post-pubescent children won’t make mistakes or avoid their studies before a certain age that the majority of parents are comfortable with. Pedophillia is a mental disorder, because real children are not sexually developed enough, both physically and mentally (and visually), to be considered arousing by the human mind unless there’s a disorder.

          As for the guy saying sex with children should be legalized. Ok, so what if it was? It’s not like you’d rape them, right? But good luck trying to get a child to consent. A Child doesn’t even understand what sex is (no matter how much you explain to them they won’t understand it enough to count), and if you trick them into it, it’s the same as rape. In the end it will harm them both physically and mentally so you’d still be screwed with other illegal problems even if having sex with a child would be legal… and it wouldn’t be, even, because due to all these reasons no one in the right mind would think it’s a good idea. If you legalize sex with children then you might as well legalize rape and violence, because you’d have to.

        • yeah, you’re pretty fucked up in some ways.
          There is a difference between the lolicon and the pedophile. The lolicon indulges in drawn or animated little girls (sometimes boys), while the pedo obviously indulges in real little girls and boys.

          Lolis do NOT exactly resemble human characteristics as they are ‘moe’ and are extremely cute in their design.

          Lol @ making pedophilism legal: little children physically cant adjust to sex at their age and will become structurally damaged and possibly destroyed. Also, it is a little child who is also a human being like you and me and to so physically and mentally brutalize one is in the same camp as Nazi extermination or Japanese medical tests.
          I would say most lolicons ARENT pedophiles as they tend to not like 3D girls or not like little girls. You say that you would have sex with a child if given the chance and it were legal. So given that statement and your ‘openness’, you are a dangerous person. Everyone follows the law to a limit and that fact that you openly would fuck a little child as long as it were legal and not take into considerations the effects on the child’s future life is morally inept.

          So as long as its open, you can fuck little kids? Get real, thats complete nonsense. Little kids dont have the ability to have sex until mid-late teens for a sex, the body functions according to logic and for the most part, law is logic as well.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, he’s right on the money. Most lolicons are pedosexuals. I am, make no BONES about that I am, and proudly state to everyone I meet that I am …. which very few people I have met have a problem with once they get past the stupid stuff that the news media pushes.

          Sure, I would doink a child if given a chance and if it were legal…. but I’m so damned OBVIOUS about that, that it’s kinda stupid to say that I am a ‘danger’ to children just because of that, considering that only a blind, deaf, and handless person wouldn’t realize that I was a pedosexual!

          Let’s get it real here: It’s simply time to LEGALIZE pedosexuality and making love to children as long as you are OUT IN THE OPEN WITH IT and there is no other reason to think that you are putting the child in ‘danger’.

      • Anonymous says:

        you forget what site you’re on. crying racism and xenophobia is the new thing.

        In Japan, actions of some companies or groups in a niche market = representation of a whole country. Whereas, in other countries, actions of a small group = just that, actions of a small group.

        It’s also funny how it’s blown out of proportion. As you have said, there are many American websites that block foreign IPs, but that’s ok. If Japan did it, it’s racist and xenophobic. There’s really no point in trying to understand it.

  • Can’t say I’m surprised.

    More importantly, I’m curious as to whether the Two in the Fairy Tale the headline image is from get it on with each other. Because that would be pretty awesome.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not everyone in a country share the same beliefs or opinions, by insulting an entire country you are disregarding that fact for any number of reasons. Criticize the ones that started the whole mess, not the numerous people that have nothing to do with it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do you understand that America is actually one of the least racist country around BECAUSE that it’s a melting pot? People like to bitch about how in America there are KKK and so on. Which’s just a side effect of protected free speech.

        The fact is, even in France, the French always bash Americans for the supposed racism. When in their own damn backyard had Muslims who lived in France for several generations and STILL couldn’t fit into the rest of the French society. And thus the big riots.

        I’m not white my self and fuck, I swear I’ve experienced way more racism toward me in fucking Canada out of all places. There are pretty much no other places where it’s pretty normal to see people of different color than the majority yet holds the same passport as you.

        IE, you can immigrat to China or Japan. But unless you’re asian, good luck in getting them to treat you like an actual fellow countryman.

        • Anonymous says:

          LOL, same old same old. You can’t enlighten a rock I guess.

          It’s called bashing cause you’re talking about a country you obviously have little to zero first hand knowledge of. You’re basing your arguments on nothing but 3rd hand informations you dug up online. So instead of making a well put together argument supported with reliable first hand informations, you’re simply, bashing.

          Racial violence happens EVERYWHERE in the world where a diverse society exist. But it’s only in America where it would be always be identified as “Hate Crime”. Racial supremacist groups exists in most part of the world but they are only called “Hate Group” in America, in everywhere else they’d just be called “Political Parties”. If anything Americans are way over sensitive about what is considered racist.

          So what made you think you’re more informed on the subjects than the others here? You talk about logic, it’s obvious that Americans would know more about their own domestic history and society than someone who has never spent significant amount of time living in America. So who’s the arrogant one trying to convince people that he knows more than he actually does? Further more, who’s one lacking logic in this case?

          Show us the door? Perhaps you’re the one stuck on the wrong side of this so called door of yours? How about spend a year or two in America before you start judging her citizens?

          Nobody’s disagreeing with you because of emotion or “blind patriotism”. People are disagreeing with you simply because you’re missing most of the picture.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anyone claiming the USA is the least racist country in the world is desilusional. That’s my point. This should be self-evident. There was even recently a white-supremacist shooter in Washington. This is unheard of in most countries of the world, even in countries with very large non-white minorities.

          I see there is no point trying to discuss with patriotic-blind people whom prefers to act arrogantly by calling anything that doesn’t fit their point of view as “ignorance”.

          Do some research, read, inform yourself, look around and accept the facts. I can only show you the door.

          I also pity anyone thinking this is “American bashing”. Facts are neutral. The sooner you put your emotions aside and deal with them logically, the better you will accept them, thus being prerared for serious discussions. Just because you don’t like hear them, it doesn’t make them being “[country/people] bashing”. I have no interest in trying to prove that the US is not the least racist country of the world. Au contraire, I wish it was.

        • Anonymous says:

          American bashing is the popular fab of the day. No need to waste your energy in debating with people who just go with the flow and are too lazy to do their own research and form their own opinions. They’ll always cherry pick random third hand informations they came across to suit whatever shallow arguments they’re making.

        • You cite the terrible wrong doings that are in the American past, but you choose to ignore that the USA is one of the most progressive nations in terms of liberal rights for the people. Yes, while the history of the USA was tragic, also consider the turnabout of it. The drastic open racism and slavery of millions, the open acceptance and clear protection of those same colored people. In just some 300 years, the USA has drastically changed from what was a racist and oppressive state to a cultural melting pot that not only accepts other cultures, but accepts them and then assimiliates them into what is then called ‘American’. To see how non-racist current American society is, simply review the open acceptance of the mass culture that makes up the American life. Yes, there are name calling and some small incidents in the USA, but the very label of these incidents which are small, as racist, inherently shows the taboo that open racism has in American society. This type of attitude toward hate crimes and other race based crimes is almost non existent in many countries. Brazil, im not too sure about their stance but they seem liberal as well. You’re ridiculous to call me “Delusional” because i have the evidence of almost 300 years of progressive change and acceptance and further evolution into what is growing into an international haven, while you can only claim past incidents that similiarly cross the histories of almost all other nations.

        • Anonymous says:

          Racism is not xenophobia. Race is not culture. The typical concept of race = Mongoloid, causasoid, negroid. Aka yellow, white and black.

          As for cultural acceptance, Brazil wins the title over the USA.

        • Anonymous says:

          I refuse to discuss with desilusional people. Anyone saying the US is the least racist country of the world has almost the same credibility as someone claiming that title for South Africa.

          Just look at your recent history.

          Just look at the prevalence of the usage of nigger, chink, gook, offensive comments about asians, blacks, etc. Just look at the taboo that is interracial marriage in the US. Just look how the old-fashioned concept race plays hugely in the American everyday life. Just look how Americans attach culture to race (apparently, any non-“Asian” following trends of an Asian culture is being a poser/traitor to their “race”, not just an individual exercising his freedom, people can “act black”, etc). Just look how TV journalists, reporters, etc make sure to tell the race of any criminal on the TV. This does not happen in most countries of the world, because there is no point to it. Look at how many neighborhoods separated by race exist.

          Americans are less racist than say, a share of Europeans counties (specially eastern ones), but anyone claiming it is the least racist country of the world needs a slap in the face urgently. Or learn the definition of the word race.

          Most countries in Latin America and Asia are less racist than the US. There is a lot of xenophobic Asian countries (generally against their neighbors), but few racist ones.

        • Anonymous says:

          “The US is one of the most racist countries in the world”

          Your ignorance does not offend me. If you’re an American then you probably hardly ever travel abroad. If you’re not an American then you must’ve never been to America and got all your informations from 2nd to 3rd hand sources.

          United States is one of the countries with the highest culture acceptance, and that is a fact, otherwise it wouldn’t have lasted up to this far with it’s population being as diversed as it is.

        • @ Kortaku
          Then the solution is simple, we need less humans.

          Seriously though, don’t let the loudmouth assholes in America be the example for the rest of us. The way I see it, as long as you are not an asshole you can be any color(except shit green that is just gross) or any race and I am ok with you. I know more people like that than not, people just focus on the haters.

        • America deprived the Africans of their minds and bodies for 300 years. They tore down the family structure. A man would be ripped from his family, his life crushed, and would be loaded onto a ship with hundreds of other sick, dying people for months. Once he arrived in a mysterious land, wondering what would become of him, he would be suddenly be given plenty of food and well treated for a week or two. Thinking perhaps he could make a new life for himself in this world, he would than promptly be lined up and auctioned off. He would realize he had been sold into slavery, and that the temporary well treatment was only to make him look healthier for the auction. He would than be taken to a plantation, and forced to work for the rest of his days among people speaking strange, foreign tongues. Eventually he would form a limited understanding of these others languages, and they would be able to converse for short moments as they slaved away in the hot sun, day and night. He would eventually find a woman who he loved, and they might have two children. “I will give my children a better life than mine.”, he would think. He would love his children for 5, maybe 10 years. Than, one day he would be traded to another plantation. He has lost his family twice. Twice his life has been torn to shreds, his body by the whip, his mind by the chain. His world would be crushed. He would lose all hope. The world would go dark. Nothing matters anymore. The world is full of only misery, hate, and pain, he would think. In his new disgust with life, he would find a woman again, but he wouldnt love her like he did his first. He would have children again, but he wouldn’t love them like he did HIS children. His first children, back at the original plantation, would know only the pain of losing their fathers, and would develop an intense distrust with the world. They would grow up, meet a girl, have children, and than they too would have their life ripped to shreds. The mans second children would know only that their father didn’t trust them, didn’t love them. And they would develop an intense distrust and inability to love. And the suffering of one man would ripped through the generations to effect thousands. This happened repeatedly for several hundred years, for 50, 100 generations. Why were these people subjected to such misery?

          Because they look different.

          . . .

          Yes, clearly America is not a racist society.

        • Lazydabear says:

          In America there is Racism and yes there are laws in America that prevents racism.

          I remember Canadains Anime fans were bashing me online when I was on yahoo chat, I was bulled for years about US dubbing Animes and making them crapy, that I brought up something to the Canadian anime fans didn’t know and open a can of worms. That they didn’t bother to know, A Canadian Company called Ocean Group located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Was resonsible for dub Animes like for example InuYasha, Ranma ½, Hamtaro, Cardcaptor Sakura and Gundam Wing.

        • /facepalm

          America = Europe with larger minorities

          Europeans = Racist

          Racists in a country with large minorities = Super Racists

          Super Racists = Americans


          I can be regarded an as expert on the subject. I’m 50% Ethiopian, 20% Irish, 15% Latino, 10% Japanese, 5% Sioux, and I live in America.

          I > All of you

        • Anonymous says:

          There is a lot of non-racist countries, American fucktards. Not all countries live with the notions of race. Even less countries live with the notions applied in everyday life.

          I’m tired of this “everyone is racist” bullshit. GTFO of your country sometimes.


        • Lol…Human beings are INHERENTLY racist. Its just a simple mechanism in the brain that helps simplify the immense amount of knowledge out there to allow quicker analysis of the surroundings.

          Following this logic, that all human beings have a tendency to be racist at some point or another, all countries have humans. Thus we easily get the fact that all countries contain racism in one way or another.

          Just because you dont see racism everyday in your country doesnt mean it doesnst exist in some faucet or another. The real world isnt ideal and you should clearly acknowledge that if you’re going to survive out there.

        • Anonymous says:

          There is a lot of non-racist countries, American fucktards. Not all countries live with the notions of race. Even less countries live with the notions applied in everyday life.

          I’m tired of this “everyone is racist” bullshit. GTFO of your country sometimes.

        • Anonymous says:

          Even so, if one or even most people in the country are racist, it doesn’t make a country racists. Countries can’t be racist, lol. Look at Iran now, a lot of people outside of it are just now realizing that the majority of its people doesn’t hate the west.

  • NotAnonymous says:

    I don’t really blame them for blocking foreigners. (not that I like it) If I was them, I would feel the same way. This all would have been avoided if that idiot didn’t sell his copy of RapeLay on amazon….

    However, it still is REALLY stupid that no eroge companies have done anything about this yet, other than censor their own sites.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did this really all start just with someone selling Rapelay on Amazon? It sounds a bit hard to believe.
      Would anyone mind explaining what exactly happened after that or is it already documented somewhere?

      • Are you not reading these articles yaku? The whole point is that the feminazi foreigners who started this really had very little to do with it, outside writing a few angry letters to Illusion.

        Japan is the one to blame for this. I have no sympathy for eroge fans in Japan.

      • Anonymous says:

        what? how the hell is it that guy’s fault? the only people in America and abroad who have been whining about this are fringe feminazi groups that no one listened to in the first place. take a look at Japan’s reaction to this though; politicians from all three parties, and the media, all hyping it up to call for censorship.

        don’t you get it? it’s the Japanese government circling the wagons around its peoples liberties. first it starts with hentai shit that, admittedly, only a minority care about. then it spreads to politics, then speech in general. it’s nothing but a control game. wake the fuck up.

  • Anonymous says:

    maybe hard to be sympathetic to but dude really its seems every time I come on here all you post about is bad news and it seems you bash a culture on which you seem to love but always condemn them for they’re actions

    • Anonymous says:

      hey at least arte is obviously not a weeaboo. if anyone that knows about this site is definitely not a weeaboo it’s him.

      It depends on your perspective. To most people negative stories just stand out more than positive ones. In reality, this site has good and bad news from all corners of the globe, though the good ones are usually from Japan. One example of a positive story about another country that I can remember is Romania legalizing incest.