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What Was Tsumugi Doing? 2ch Investigates


One recent discussion from the think tank that is 2ch centers around a most puzzlingly enigma – What exactly was Tsumugi doing in episode 10 of K-ON! rocking her hands sideways and chanting “Yoisho-Yoisho?”

Many hypothesis were thus produced, encompassing  such a wide spectrum of possibilities that, in all likelihood, one of them is correct. Some personal favorites include:

She was massaging Yui’s oppai from afar.

She was sending electronic transmissions to E.T.

She was playing a game with faeries that can only be seen by the truly pure of heart.

In case you require a reminder, enlarge (click) the picture below for an animated GIF of the moeful moment.


Some other choice excerpts from the discussions:

It was the “Go!” sign for the local angels waiting on stand-by.

She was practicing her oppai kneading technique.

She was pretending to toss around the beach ball the girls were playing with.

The direct rays of the sun made her go loopy.

She’s not an especially athletic person, so she was mentally pumping herself up by doing practice beach ball throws.

It’s a form of practice for the ancient school of the Kotobuki Martial Arts.

Maybe she was trying to give me a massage…?

She was concerned for Azusa, and so was doing a “cold weather” dance…what an angel!

What the hell was she doing “Yoisho-Yoisho” for?

It was black magic to make Ritsu’s oppai grow.

Many of these were accompanied by supporting arguments, which can safely be skipped over for the sake of brevity, as I’m sure you are capable of forming your own.

Although the answers were varied, most seemed to fall into these basic categories…

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