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Queen of Sweden Tells Japan to Ban Loli


As if to prove that amongst feminists Japan is seen as an errant nation of yellow perverts who don’t know what’s good for themselves, the Queen of Sweden has proclaimed to the Japanese people that they must pursue an ever greater witch-hunt against the uncertain dangers of “child exploitation”, despite the fact that her own nation has the highest rates of sexual violence in all Europe, whilst Japan has some of the lowest in the world.

In statements reproduced as part of an interview with Japanese centrist rag Yomiuri, Queen Silvia implicitly chastised the nation of oriental dwarfs for their depraved lack of concern for the evils of “child exploitation”:

“We can’t ignore the issue of child pornography. To solve the problem, we can only keep fighting. We want each person to take this matter to heart, and report problematic images and acts as much as possible wherever they are found.”

Specifically, she demands Japan implement the same laws which have made the likes of Sweden such crime-free paradises:

“Criminalising all possession of these materials is a very significant move. I earnestly wish Japan to undertake this reform.”

Japan already strictly enforces laws against actual sex with minors, as well as the production of pornography featuring underage participants. “Simple possession” has also been legislated against recently, and it seems the only major area not subjected to draconian western style censorship is art.

Queen Silvia herself is popular in Sweden, and often works with a variety of child-related charities, notably UNICEF, though in recent years she has been the subject of unwelcome curiosity with the revelation that her wealthy industrialist father was a member of the Nazi party.


Interestingly, Sweden, a nation dominated by the most extreme of feminist and left-wing policies, according to independent researchers has by far the highest rates of rape in Europe, exceeding even the UK by a factor of two, and also has very high rates of crime in general.

Perhaps dealing with the troubles of her own nation is not as easy as merely demanding changes in another…

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