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UNICEF Demands Tighter Loli Ban for Japan


Unsatisfied with the recently strengthened laws against underage pornography, UNICEF “ambassador” to Japan Agnes Chan, a washed up Chinese entertainer, has presented the government with a petition comprised of 114,624 signatures, demanding the law be revised to UNICEF’s liking, which in this case involves increasing threefold the maximum sentence for certain offences.

According to UNICEF, one of the pressing threats to the health and well being of the world’s children is in fact the legal environment facing underage pornography in Japan, not, as some ignorant souls might think, the problems of disease and malnutrition.

Confident of this, Agnes Chan submitted the petition saying “The people are expressing a strong objection to this pornography. We want you to overcome faction and realise a revised law.” She went so far as to demand the cooperation of a variety of minor opposition parties.


The revision being sought would eliminate a lesser offence of “satisfying one’s own sexual curiosity”, carrying a maximum of one year’s imprisonment, making all such possession of pornography featuring underaged participants a more severe case of “simple possession”, carrying a maximum sentence of three years.

None of these revisions have any actual effect on those who might have sex with someone not of legal age, as such offences are already well covered by a wide variety of other laws.

UNICEF and Mrs Chan have on repeated occasions spoken out against the fact that equally severe punishments are not available for those view material featuring imaginary, entirely fictional children, so it is not hard to see where she will direct her attentions next, should she have her way; then it will be three years for possession of loli manga.

Via Jiji.

The non-existent children of the world can rest easy in their imaginary beds knowing they are defended by so staunch a crusader against freedom of expression…

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  • It’s like those people want to kill everything that’s young, beautiful and alive, everything in the world that makes the life worth living. First CP, then manga, then what? Blanket ban for all porn? I’m not usually a hateful person, but in this case I genuinely hope they all die a gruesome, painful and slow death.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t care about what unicef is doing, or if watching anime/manga lolis is a crime or not.

    The only thing I care now is about the coments here, that say that a minor having sex is something not bad. Because you compare this fact with a 80 years ago time, or even the victorian time, when children used to have sex.

    I really don’t understand lolicons, are they against pedophilia or are you defending it?

  • Anonymous says:

    it’s stupid, if they take loli manga away then what are all the “pedophiles” going to do with all that stress…maybe take it out on something that isnt just a drawing? and its just cartoons that arent based on real people or at least humans ive ever seen.

  • What about bestiality. Why isn’t there someone against that? Let’s say that someone has a manga about a legal aged woman getting raped. Isn’t that just as bad?

    My point is, why is it all against loli?

  • Anonymous says:

    i hope all bans will be passed, and then one day. sex will be banned too, and some years later human keeping their sex curiousity will being evolved to sex hunger. and have agnes-chan continuosly raped for centuries.

  • Anonymous says:

    Reading half of the comments made me think “Wow the human race is dysfunctional as a whole”

    Maybe in a few centuries, when there is but one race, THE HUMAN RACE (results of interracial relationships, you decide?) and impending doom has forced goverment and religion to be of one [opinion] solely for the greater good of the masses, and the general public is fed possibility ALONG with fact (instead of calling their possibilities fact) from such parties (if there is even media by then)…..Then maybe, just maybe simple issues like this won’t hinder society as a whole, and people won’t lose a life over trivial nonsense.

    o-ho-ho Now if you will excuse me, I will look at a solid white wall and jerk off as if was dying right afterwards….surely no one will object to that.

    …..fuck, I forgot, there may be carpenters here. HOPEFULLY they’ll be building houses for those poor starving homeless children in Africa…instead of reading this >_>

  • childdefender says:

    first of all you are all pedophiles. you may say you arent and you state you never touch kids well what do you think lolicon is. its created after child porn was banned in japan. its a way of giving pedophiles what they want. get it? they look like kids and are small compared to the men that rape them. its sick,. its legal way of getting your child porn with out going to jail. and its a cowardly thing to do. you pedophiles are sick and twisted. hiding behind art please you dont know anything about art(art major here). you get off by looking at a toon that looks physically like a child and that makes you a pedophile. get it. admit it already. lolicon equals child porn. and what about toddlercon is that acceptable too are you not sick fucks because they are toons. you are sick and no child porn is okay. junior idols are also not okay. you fucking bastards. pedophilia is nasty and you are all pedophiles. also the people that view this will be desensitized to the sexulization of children and offend later on. this is just giving the pedophiles what they want and they deserve nothing. if they wanna think fine but viewing obscene images like this is grotesque. im making it my duty as a good moral person to rid the world of lolicon and people like you all. i hope that my cause will make a huge difference. one day the laws will be better and youll only have your filthy thoughts to jerk off to. and when that day comes ill be the one sleeping snuggly in my bed knowing ive protected the interests of children by going against all you pedophiles and lolicons(another name for pedophile).

  • Censorship laws are terrible. But if you are going to defend freedom, don’t make a decoy of something else. There surely are people out there who find the idea of children engaging in sexual activity more repulsive than the misogynistic violence of guro, but that’s beside the point. It’s hypocritical.

    Censors won’t be distracted by a different target, anyway — they’ll just broaden their definitions of obscenity. The cliche “give them an inch and they’ll take a mile” applies very accurately to the kind of people who want to take away your freedom.

    • Just to be clear, I am not advocating any sort of perversion. But I wouldn’t throw a person in jail for having a freaky -philia so long as they aren’t directly causing harm to others.

      Sadly, lots of people do cause harm and the law fails totally to address it.

  • Seriously, UNICEF needs to ban Loli, all underaged Hentai, school swimsuits in anime, burn all loli doujins and manga, destory all anime figures, charge those who possesed loli materials and put them to jail….

    …then encourage China to produce more dairy products with added Melamine, leave those African children die due to starvation, sticked more posters on walls in Palestine (only to get bombarded by the Zionist), and use those donations cash left to go to Japan to do some “justice”, spend them for happy hours and pay the plastic surgery bills for Agnes Cunt..

    Way to go, UNICEF.. >_>

  • wow wonder what’s going to happen with the artist… going to jail because they molested young children? next thing we see is whenever you draw someone getting killes you’re called a murderer….

    talk about not being able to seperate reality from fiction… wait didn’t we read in alot of articles that that is dangerous?!? we should lock them up o.O

  • So, with all of the negative news I’ve been hearing about this subject, why is it still on the boards?

    Oh, and not that I agree with UNICEF or anything, but you all know that the vast majority of non-anime fans would completely agree with UNICEF, right? I’m saying that if you posted this article on Digg (and it happened to make the front page) most people would defend UNICEF’s actions, and call all of those who disagree with it, pedophiles. All in all what I’m saying, is that I don’t see this stuff being legalized anytime soon.

    • That is part of being an otaku. Most people don’t get it. We are not the norm. To many this means we are wrong, but to be fair, I don’t think the depiction of lolis ever hurt anyone (the lolis themselves are of course a different story)

  • leonardobarba says:

    In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong about this UNICEF demand because one of UNICEF objectives is to eradicate child rape. UNICEF’s big enough and has enough people and money to work on its objectives at the same time, so it isn’t wise to write UNICEF shouldn’t waste resources on a crusade against child pornography, people and money needed to work on really important objectives like feeding and giving health care to children on Africa to eradicate death by hunger or disease.
    I believe a woman is ready to have sex when her reproductive system is mature enough to make her pregnant. It happens when she starts menstruating. Animal females follow the same rule. I never saw an animal male having sex with a immature female. An animal male knows when a female is mature following the rule above by instinct. Why men want to act different? When consensual, there’s no rape when men and women follows the Nature rules.

      • leonardobarba says:

        Women used to marry at an early age in the past. My grandmother married when she was 15. Her mother and grandmother married as young as or younger than her. Did my grandfather or my grandmother’s father or grandfather rape their brides? It’s not ignorance, because all of them were and are awesome people. My grandfather built a city. My still alive grandmother is an Engineer. Different times, for sure. Right or not, it was natural to marry a younger but physically mature woman.
        Artefact, I believe in love, marriage and family like my ancestors. If it happens with me, she would be my wife and mother of my children. It’s different than only having sex to pleasure yourself and your partner…
        The answer remains a solid yes.

      • Actualy it’s true,morals are morals nature is nature.
        When they reach puberty and get menstruation they start growing are kinda ready for sex.
        Just give them 2 or 3 more years after puberty,menstruation and they are perfectly ready for sex then.
        The normal age would come out to 14,15 y olds that are ready to get pregnant,shouldn’t matter if they had puberty sooner,the age should still come to 14,15 years old.

  • I like Lolicon but I have to say I admire what Unicef is doing . You can’t have lolicon without a correct opposition to it . If Lolicon has any integrity and it does then it can coninue to be defined . The fact that Japan has Lolicon to begin with means they have a better grip on it than say Cananda or the U.S. Here in the U.S. I fear if someone sees my Comic LO collection they might freak out an think it’s illegal .

  • Any sick fuck who supports real loli is messed up. Just because someone can make the decision to have sex doesn’t mean they should. It’s like if someone had never been exposed to violence, and then you give them a gun and say, “Well, your motor skills should be developed well enough to pull that trigger. If you’d like, you could shoot and kill someone. You have the freedom to do so.”

    They probably would shoot someone/something because they don’t understand what it means to kill someone. Then a couple years later when the implications of what they did set in they’d be really psychologically messed up, possibly for the rest of their lives.

  • I see my fellow Japanese acting in the same way over this as they do when the rest of the world tells them that hunting whales is bad, that they must stop. They still persist in hunting whales because they refuse to be told what to do and if asked, a whaler will say “We hunt whales because we can. Nobody will tell us what to do.”
    With the “demand” made by Chan, they will see this as an insult, and UNICEF’s demands will fall on deaf ears!!!

    • agreed Unicef is a poorly formed and fucked up organization of the ancient generation of brainless adults who’s better off fucking their selves than meddling in Japan laws against pornographic industry

      some how i feel like saying this ‘go fuck yourself Unicef and fuck off’

  • Chicks on anime on Animenewsnetwork
    *beats……whips…no that wont work…flogs? ya lets go with that*

    Where was I…
    Chicks on anime on Animenewsnetwork
    *FLOGS BACK the perverts*
    Is having a interesting discussion on censorship anyway heres my thoughts, if propaganda, racist and other questionable thought in fiction is allowable then why is it the end of the world when you mix kids and sex?
    Hell kids are anyone under 25 for Christ sake as new adults are still immature.

    Like major populations in or around modern human society are really that mature by general population volume…
    I dunno whos worse children(young,mean,annoying,selfish…like the adult version only smaller and more mind fckingly retarded….) or the moralist’s(like a child but naive,mean,annoying,selfish…like the adult version only larger ego and more mind fckingly retarded…) that want to ban the world for them(think of teh childerns…)…. 0-o

  • ITT: lots of Americans who know nothing about the rest of the world. Hell, probably nothing outside their own town. You know, there is a whole world outside of America. A world where the AOC isn’t 18 (actually, it’s lower than 18 in a lot of US states, but you wouldn’t know that, of course). It’s 13 in Spain, so does that make the Spanish a bunch of sick fucks? How about Italy and lots of other countries where it’s 14? Are they all sick fucks too? Oh, and don’t forget Mexico. Did you know a 16yo US citizen can cross the border into Mexico and legally have sex with a 12yo (under both US and Mexican law)? No, of course you didn’t.

    You probably didn’t know too that “childhood” as we now know it was invented by the Victorians, and was a byproduct of the Industrial Revolution. It’s only because of the wealth that industrialisation brought to the middle classes that their kids could actually sit around all day and learn or play instead of going out and earning a living. Before then, there was really no such thing as “childhood”. But now we’ve turned our children into gods, and nothing is safe – no liberty, no thought, no action – that might in any way harm even one hair of their precious little heads. And of course, governments the world over know this. So, they now have two big sticks to beat our freedoms over the head with, the fear of terrorism, which is already leading to some frightening curbs on basic liberties, and the fear that someone might hurt our children. You know what? Children will never be “safe”. I have two kids myself, and I know what it’s like to see them go out the door and wonder if they’ll come back. But that’s the price you pay for having them. You can’t bundle them up in a big blanket and protect them from the world, and you do them a big disservice by trying to do it. Otherwise, they’ll definitely never grow up.

  • Nobody is Anonymous says:

    One Anonymous here mentioned something about children not having the proper sexual equipment before they hit puberty and can start producing sperm and what not. You also mentioned that children aren’t mature enough to make their own decisions and that they see all grownups as authoritative figures.

    Your argument are as weak as they are uniformed.

    1. There have been cases where boys as young as 4 year olds produce sperm and girls as young as 10 years old could actually get pregnant. If you define a persons legality to participate in sexual acts by their hormones, then by that definition it wouldn’t be wrong for these children to have sex no?

    2. Ah but what about children being small? Well not all children are THAT small… and what about Dwarfs? should having sex with a dwarf be illegal because they are tiny?

    3. It’s all about the maturity and mind you respond with. But if that is true, what about retards? or just stupid bimbos/idiots? Some people never grow up, should we govern people and tell them what they can and can’t do just because we don’t trust them?

    I am not saying that Pedophilia is right, but your argument against it is easily picked apart. Because in the end your only real argument against pedophilia is: “IT IS WRONG BECAUSE I THINK IT IS WRONG!!”

    There is absolutely no argument you can present that can make pedophilia look like a sick or twisted thing if you look at it from a strictly logical point of view. All your reasons are based on “moral” “ethics” and “laws”. And “MAL” is a social construct and has no real place in a thinking evolving society.

    Forcing ANYONE to do anything against their will however is wrong, and todays children can forced to do things against their own will. But then we aren’t talking about Pedophilia anymore but rather robbing somebody of their freedom. What we need is not laws to stop all the pedophiles from abusing children, we need people to start raising their children better. Laws against abducting people and raping them are sufficient against people that abduct and rape children. We don’t need special laws to deal with people tat have that taste. It would be like having special rape laws for black people or for men that are raped or blind people and so on.

    So if an uncle molests your daughter/son, then if you had educated you kid it could have screamed and said no. And if it had been to afraid to do it, it could have told you afterwards because it knew what it’s uncle had done to it, and the uncle could have his ass sent to jail for rape. It’s that simple.

    Now as for you lazy Internet fucks that sit here going gaga over this petition or whatever. If yo don’t like it, then go ahead and try getting a petition. But think about it for a second, you really think you would be successful? With Pedophilia being frowned upon by the public eye, you really think all that many people would even dare to put their real names on something that could very likely end them all in jail? And if you did get people to sign this petition and you sent it to the authorities… wouldn’t that be the most lulzy joke of them all? In this climate instead of getting a debate, all those people would be branded criminals. Some would go to jail and the other people would be constantly put on surveillance, maybe lose their jobs and all their friends and family would be shamed if their names got out.

    If you really want to fight, start taking this shit to court. You will probably lose your jobs and most o you go to jail, but unless you fight publicly and prove that you are all willing to go to jail for your beliefs, then nobody will ever listen to you. O course I’d wager that even if you did go to court and you somehow managed to be successful, it would take at least 80+ years for you to change any part of the public opinion.

    Ironically much of the blame for this can be found in the Asian countries where the laws are now trying to force itself onto. Look at Taiwan and fucking Bangkok. All the children being raped and forced into child prostitution. So many pedophiles go to these countries to live out their fantasies… and in doing so they are contributing to the public opinion. Nobody wants what is happening in fucking Thailand or Taiwan!

    So there you have it. There’s my advice for both sides.

    My advice for those against Pedophilia: Start thinking for yourself you stupid fucks

    My advice for those that like Pedophilia: Stop being such fuckups you stupid fucks!

    • Anonymous says:

      You dont get point, retard. If you read loli manga you are not Pedophil… reading manga (loli or hentai) is not official crime (not yet) that mean:
      1. you are retard
      2. you are more retard then retard
      3. you cant reach monkeys IQ


    • You should try to be more consistent when you are trolling.

      First you are telling people that they need to think for themselves rather than following the general opinion, and then you generalize everyone as pedophile hater and discredit their opinions with a bunch of loosely linked facts.

      Society is not always right, and yes, people often do not think before accepting the “common truth”. But even then, denying someone’s opinion because you view it a biased by society is dumb an unethical. Not even Heidegger would go that far, even through a good deal of his work is related this relationship between individual and society.

  • In Gaza there are lots of children suffering, please ignore this long term effect hazard and take care the urgent problem first UNICEF. I mean those children in Gaza need urgent attention (they might die anytime), but the other children that they point out aint gonna die anytime soon!

  • Captain Snow says:

    So laws protecting imaginary children from imaginary rape is more important than helping malnourished children and real children suffering from real pedophiles and real child pornography? Some one should give UNICEF and that Chinese dude a medal for the most flawless logic ever in human history.

  • what to do, Agnes jealous cos every male look at younger girl and don`t even bother to give her a single glare lol.
    so she pissed off XD

    as long she not messing with 2d loli i guess she still safe, otherwise i don`t think she can walk alone in the street lol.

    but seriously ,after they mess enough with 3d they surely mess with 2d also. it just a matter of time

  • I’d just like to point out that there is a correlation between violence on television and in video games and actual violent acts committed.

    The same is probably true for lolicon manga. The more one is exposed to something the more desensitized one becomes towards it.

    So can being overexposed to lolicon manga turn you into a pedophile? Probably. Although correlation doesn’t prove causation, so that can’t exactly be proven. Ever.

    Still doesn’t mean UNICEF should go out of its way to ban lolicon manga instead of feeding sick children, as many people here have said.

    Freedom of expression is important, but of course, like all things, it comes at a price. Freedom is never free.

    • Indeed, but translating that into concrete legislation is too far fetched, thought crime is what a police state is made of. As far as a modern liberal democracy is concerned, the definition of harm is highly evidential. It’s too easy to go down the slippery slope of totalitarianism in the name of “protection” and “prevention”, tricking people into a siege mentality. Think about the wars, the PATRIOT Act, how we were honed in approving draconian measure in the name of righteousness. But righteousness is never the one in question, but how we should act on what is right. Most of us agree we must do something to protect children and the consensus here is, banning loli not only fails at protecting children but also infringes on civil liberty. It’s double fail and Unicef should get real instead of continuing its futile fanaticism.

  • I can just see it: “WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!” “Can’t, it’s *illegal*.”

    But anyway, I’m totally against this ban.

    I’m all for anything that’ll protect the innocence of REAL children, but this’ll have no effect on that at all, and is only really being put forward because people (worldwide) are prudes and idiots.

    So much for “freedom of expression”, eh?

  • It pisses me off when ever I hear about these type of people asking for a heavier sentence for these type of “crimes” when really we should be asking for lighter sentences with heavier rehabilitation.

    Oh yeah I forgot “would somebody please think of the children”.

  • I think loli anime is fine. It’s not my taste, but neither are fantasies about rape, torture, etc. that some people enjoy. If they like it, and it harms no one, then let them enjoy it.

    I don’t think you can attribute loli anime with pediophilia, actually I think you can make a strong argument that it’s a bit of deterrent. Many otaku, as been proven here on this site time and time again, prefer 2D pictures over 3D. Not all of them of course, but this preference surfaces enough to convince me that the causality argument bandied about by Unicef is without merit or at least should be scrutinized and not taken at mere face value.

    Unicef is actually a fine organization that has done many wonderful things. They should pour their efforts into their field work and leave matters of social policy, where they have no history of expertise, alone.

    • Zelgadis4tw says:

      They epitomize all that is wrong with all society. And that is that humans make it up. We are a sorry race of creatures whom isn’t satisfied until we exert some power or control over something. It just so happens those that want to be in places like UNICEF have moralistic reasons as opposed to the governing bodies that want money or to put the shaft to the general populace.

  • This is just getting ridiculous. Honestly, do they even have proof of Loli causing rape or any intiative following child abuse? We should introduce these nutcases to some ‘Christians’ in the States, I’m sure they’ll have lots of things in common. Like ‘Let’s parole our morals and beliefs into people who we don’t like. Even though we have no evidence, proof, correlation of anything to back up what we say!’

    Ex Rage Mode ON! 1st it was Jack Thompson and his Violent Video Games, the guy who petitioned to ban Anime because it’s ‘EVIL’, now it’s bloody UNICEF. Just go stick a Razor Blade up your asses and go back to School you ignorant fudge packers. Shoving the crap that comes out of your mouth at others with no facts but opinions and narrowminded beliefs shows how bloody arrogant and idiotic you are. UNICEF go to Brazil, or as someone said above, Gaza or back to Africa and acutally help REAL children who are actually suffering and in need of help, instead of chasing an assumption that liking of Loli or an image depiction of non-existant imaginary loli characters causes people to become Rapists, Child Abusers or Pedo’s. UNICEF your arugements to support your claims or policies are as valid as Games/Movies causes people to imitate such actions. Dam Moral Hypocritical Zealots, christ it’s not bloody rocket science, try I don’t know, actually parenting properly instead blaming everything else (i.e. Government, Media, Schools etc..). Also go hang yourself Jack Thompson…Ex Rage Mode off.

  • Worst part of all this is, that the people who mostly are out to protect and help children are sexual offenders themselves or think that way. They’re a bunch of freaks kinda like the PETA People, I wonder how many of them actually drink breast milk and don’t eat meat. Freaks.

  • Cristopher, I agree with you. Partially, that is…I’d say anyone around 12 or over can decide for themselves if they want to do anything sexual…anyone below should also be able to if their parents agree to it. Not that anyone below 12 can do anything without their parents permission anyway, so it’s not that big of a restriction.
    However not allowing them to do it at all has a very serious side effect. They might think sex is a bad thing (much like alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc…) because they are not allowed to do it. How you see the world is heaviest affected around that age, and if someone tell you you can’t do it because it’s bad (It must be bad, if you can’t do it, there would be no reason to ban something unless it’s bad for you, right?), you might end up thinking that sex is bad for your entire life (at least subconsciously) and never get a normal relationship. It also increases the chance to develop strange fetishes or perversions, as you need something to replace sex because you still have sexual energy, but no place to direct it to.
    Besides, more freedom to children, I agree. Not just for this matter, they should also be allowed to decide what they want to learn in school (Other than stuff absolutely necessary like writing,basic math etc, those should remain compulsory, but in the current education we waste many years of every child’s life to make them learn stuff they forget a week after the exams…not to mention the wasted amount of money for education)

    Also consider the fact that humans are biologically ready for sex around the age of 11-12. So 18 is very unreasonable.

    • SpookyMuffin says:

      I don’t think that a lot of you understand what “biologically ready for sex” means.

      Just because an animals *can* reproduce does not mean that it *should*. A twelve year old girl might menstruate but it is very unlikely that her body would be able to deal with the taxing biological process known as pregnancy.

      Modern diet is another huge factor. Let’s think about the fact that most of the animals that we eat are pumped full of hormones to make them mature more quickly. Couple that with the increased availability of food and much lower rate of disease; of course children are going to hit puberty earlier.

      However, none of these things are increasing the growth of the brain, in fact, modern education makes the brain remain in a “childlike” state for much longer than it naturally would.
      Human (and most higher primate) society is constructed around the familial group and the deferring of youngsters to their elders.
      Parents are supposed to tell their kids what to do because they can’t make the decisions themselves! Kids do stupid shit all of the fucking time and when you ask them why they did it the typical response is “Uh… I dunno”.

      And, you can tell children that they should be waiting until their a little older before having sex without making it sound like a bad thing (shocker!). I don’t know what your parents were doing when they taught you about sex, but whatever it was they were doing it wrong.

      Sorry to tell you, but there is no mass conspiracy to rid children of their intellectual or sexual freedom.

      • NothingsImportant says:

        I think you make a mistake here, it’s not the body cannot take it; any women who menstruate can get pregnant and give birth to a healthy child normally with no problem. This is the mental stability which is the issue, that child still do not have enough life experience for all the harsh responsibilities that is to follow.

        And many countries governments are actually trying to protect that mental side of all children (since all children in most places completed the minimum required levels of educations by age of 18, which make it an unified legal age to adulthood), but that got nothing to do with censorship of arts, ideas and freedoms of expressions, which is in this case!

  • God damn it lady, stop making chinese people look bad. I for one disagree with the whole idea of banning lolicon, WHY THE FUCK is she messing around of all places in Japan (which already has a very low crime rate) instead of places like AFRICA or even GAZA, where ACTUAL YOUNG CHILDREN ARE DYING.

    Hell, I find it offensive (chid abuse anyone?) for the protesters waving around banners of dead/decapitated children in their protest against the war. So what? It’s okay to show dead children? But bad to rape fake children?

  • How about Poddadabobob, non existant creature that threatened by human?
    Like a loli that doesnt exist, this non-existent creature was violated everyday,but UN doesnt do anything!
    If you want to save non-existant children, save non-existant Poddabob too!!
    If the UN logic correct, everyone can be arrested for imaginary victim!

  • It’s a bad joke on how such organisations are formed so they can afford to do less fruitful actions instead of utilising more resources to do something more benefitcal for the said… cause of their little therapy groups (not that all of them are a necessity for this era anyway, a good waste of money in fact). After that they all crash themselves in a bar and said they did a job well done and help themselves to more gullible people’s money.

    That said, and to think that they have THAT much authority and power as the government bodies, ( like malaysia who just can’t help interfering with foreign affairs while being HELPLESS to solve their own home affairs or its neighbour down below who can’t hold a hi-profile VIP despite being paid millions of tax payers money), is asking to be “AKUMETSU”.

  • if any one has something else to say please e-mail me i want to discuss this topics and open a forum exclusively to talk about UNICEF vs lolicon.

    i belive that if we dont make the difference at least we can prepare for the worst.

    si alguno de ustedes tiene algo mas que decir porfavor mandenme un e-mail, me gustaria discutir estos temas y abrir un foro exclusivamente para ablar de UNICEF vs lolicon.

    Yo creo que si hacemos la diferencia al menos podemos prepararnos para lo peor.

  • Maybe Ms. Chan is too used to censorship in China that she doesn’t realize that it doesn’t work. It is a placebo to hide things they don’t like so these people can pretend they live in a world that revolves around themselves and their particular flavor of morals and tastes.

    They used to argue that they go after real child porn to protect the real children. Since that argument falls flat when trying to ban drawings (except in Australia, where they consider drawings the same as real people (although not for drawings of murder, since they haven’t charged any drawings with murder… yet)), they try to make links to real assaults on children as being a case of this ‘virtual child porn’.

    Of course, that falls apart when you see how much lower the assault rate on children in Japan is compared to other countries. If anime and manga with young characters in sexual situations was so bad, there’d be roaming bands of child rape gangs in Japan.

    You’ll notice that they still haven’t tried to ban the bible or shut down the Catholic church yet. There’s been much more child sexual abuse tied to that book and organization than anime/manga. So the bible must lead to pedophilia!!

    Ms. Chan should also look at at her own China, which has issues with infanticide, child labor, and shoddy schools that have killed many more children than anime/manga will ever.

    • Parents abuse children more than priests, teachers, perverts and criminals combined. The number one danger to children is their parents (specifically mothers since a women commit most child abuse…around 70%).

  • Agnes Chan?

    “In 1986, Chan married her former manager, Tsutomu Kaneko, and gave birth to her eldest son in Canada. After returning to Japan the following year, she began bringing her infant son to the workplace. This was seen as highly controversial (“Agnes” became something of a buzzword in Japan) and raised the question of a mother’s place in the working world.”

    “In October, 2007 it was reported that Chan had undergone surgery for breast cancer in a Tokyo Hospital, and is expected to make a full recovery.”

  • There is no direct connection to loli stuff to actual raping of a child. Where do they get this stuff? Where’s the evidence? Child Porn has BEEN OUT for the longest. Well before Loli manga and such.

    If that’s the case why don’t they go after the banning of violent video games?
    You mean to tell me that a person that possess a Loli manga will go out and rape a child. But if a person owns a video game like Grand Theft Auto that the person will NOT go out and do what’s shown in the video game?

    • Lol they’re trying to ban violent video games all the time. There’s always some fuckwit organization trying to get media attention everytime a new GTA comes out.

      And yes, that’s exactly what they want people to believe. That if you play a video game where violence occurs, you OBVIOUSLY don’t have the common sense to realize that it’s a video game, and not real life.

  • Verbatim EX says:

    Why don’t they(UNICEF) just focus on feeding and taking care of the children on those places that they are need (ie Africa, South America and other third world countries) rather than banning things that really don’t do any harm.

    Why just reading Loli manga does mean raping children after reading one? yes there are maybe some few incidents regarding this matter but I think UNICEF should focus on kids that are in danger in getting Killed in Gaza.

  • I don’t get it; no people are being harmed, so why the fuss? Is it because it “might incite” such an act? Well that’s kinda the price of freedom of expression. Everything might incite some nasty things: from snuff movies to holy scriptures.

    Personally I was never into this loli thing. (At least sexually — most people think cats are cute but that doesn’t make them engage in bestiality) But I somehow understand the frustration of you guys.

        • OMG! Great Idea! PETA needs to ban furry images to provent the abuse of animals!!! It makes just as much sense as what UNICEF is doing.

          HO! more great ideas still! After PETA and UNICEF get their bans passed, then the KKK can ban any images of a White engaging with sexual acts of anyone from another race! Better yet, outlaw all displays of any race other than White having sex! With no pornographic imagery, those races will loose all sexual desires, thus the they will not reproduce and then die out! Then the world will be filled with nothing but the glorios and pure Whites! What a great future we can look forward to, and its all thanks to those amazing people at UNICEF!

    • Even despite that fact that free expression can incite certain actions generally pornography leads to lower rape statistics. There was a post here not too long ago that took references through 2chan that illustrated that fact quite well, even specifically in regards to loli images.

  • This again… They can’t deal with their own problems so they deal with something else so people would think they’re doing something…

    That UNICEF lady should get raped so she’ll see that not all rapists are into lolis and are definitely not anime fans…

    Besides… Anime fans are more refined… They love lolis why would they rape them…

    • NO, I would say that anime fan would not rape real loli, they only fantasize about 2D loli and would get arouse by any real naked children anyway.

      They probably wouldn’t care to protect any real loli, but they wouldn’t hurt one either.

      That on its own is a mental issue, but completely away on the topic of protecting children from sex abuse.

  • Spoony Bard says:

    What I don’t get is why enforce your own morality on others? So that everyone’s the same and you feel better about yourself? I’m betting that most of these UNICEF pricks are insecure about themselves and act it out by attacking those that are different. The only major difference about these specific pricks in comparison to the others are that they’ve got an organization behind them.

    I propose someone to go to the entrance of the next Comiket and ask for signatures for a petition of our own, like the previous poster mentioned. Maybe we should start an otaku-based organization as well, so that we can combat any future threats by the tyrannical UNICEF. Without one, I don’t see lolicon culture surviving for many more years at this rate.

    • With the sheer number of crazy otaku t their we could probably take over the world while at it. But in all seriousness (that was only semi) why the hell do they care i mean seriously just fuck off also yes we eed to make a otaku interest group of our own dedicated to keeping anime and hentai alive for all time (or at leqast as long as the human race shall exist).


      • I can’t do much from my silly little one room apartment (stereotype alert!) in Germany, so I can’t exactly help organize something like this, but if anyone organized a written “Grow a clue, UNICEF! Fix shit where it matters.”/”Don’t listen to idiots, Japan!” petition, I’d soooo participate.

  • These histrionic saps are too impulsive to actually think the situation through. What was the problem with CP again….hmmm….naked children? ….WRONG!

    The problem is that children are ACTUALLY involved in the creation! REAL children get NAKED.

    They’re just picking of a minority, because godforbidriskanythinghappeningtotheirpreciouschildren. Piss off and grow a decent pair of bullocks.

  • Yep, seems no organization is completely shielded from personal interests, prejudice, and biased opinnions.

    Because of course, an organization like UNICEF should be working on what the “people” are “expressing”, and not on real problems, real facts, and stuff that can be proven harm to children.

    I mean, really Mrs Chan, if you wanna do something about cases of child abuse cases, what the fuck are you doing on countries like Japan?

    Go to Africa or Middle Eastern countries.
    Oh, and please do take a bomb up your ass while there.

  • Christopher says:

    Just another case of the anti-sex idiots trying to get their way in the world.

    It’s about time to realize that pedosexuality is a normal sexuality, that there is nothing wrong with making love with a child as long as they are a WILLING participant (which, speaking from my experiences as a child, most children are!) and start getting on the cases of the children who whine about being ‘sexually abused’ years after the fact.

    I call that last thing ‘crocodile tears’. If someone REALLY has a problem with being doinked or was TRULY forced into a sexual encounter… they are damn well going to tell their parents immediately, not wait 15 or 25 years to whine about it!

    I know that from experience: when I was young and someone tried to force me to do ANYTHING (sexual or not) that I didn’t want to do….. I damn well told them no, and if they tried to force me to do the thing in question, yelled and screamed or went and told my parents.

      • Christopher says:

        Actually, yeah, I do have a ‘legal, moral and scientific leg’ to stand on. The fact is that children are BORN WITH FULLY FUNCTIONAL GENITALS, therefore they are SUPPOSED TO BE HAVING SEX, with adults too, since there is no ‘force field’ between adults and children’s genitals.

        We simply need to realize that children are MORE than able to make their own choices about sex at about the age of 2. Before that… their parents can make it for them.

    • …Seriously?

      I read this article where this cop told his kids repeatedly over and over “Don’t get into a stranger’s car.” Then as an experiment, he sent out a friend who was a stranger to his kids to try to pick them up. With candy.

      Guess what? They got into his car.

      Kids don’t know any better. Hell, even 18 year-olds don’t seem to know any better. I had some dumbass in my district back in HS play Russian roulette with some friends for whatever fucking reason. It ended with his brains splattered all over the wall.

      Anyway, you’re an idiot and a sicko. I hope you get some professional help someday.

        • SpookyMuffin says:

          I’m a zoologist by trade, not a psychologist, so I can only comment on the physical state of the brain in early life.

          In humans the brain does not finish growing until the early twenties; mental maturity is on an upward scale from birth until that time. Obviously the further someone is under the age of twenty the less capable they are of making complex decisions.

          The difference between the mental capabilities of an eighteen year old versus a twenty year old are probably negligible (especially in females) but the difference between an eighteen and a sixteen year old is going to be larger (as would the difference between a sixteen year old and a fourteen year old… etc).

          One of the parts of the brain that takes the longest to reach its full potential is the frontal lobe, which is largely concerned with decision making and understanding long term consequences. The frontal lobe is not well developed in children or adolescents until they reach their late teens; therefore they are not equipped to make such weighty decisions as to whether they should have sex with an adult, nor are they equipped to tell if said adult is manipulating them in any kind of skilled manner.

          Even if we ignore the mental aspects of why you should not be having sex with a child there are physical aspects that are much more apparent.
          Penetrative sex is violent even between the most caring of adult partners. It causes minor tears and cuts that an adult body is adept at (and prepared for) healing.
          A female child’s vagina is not going to be large enough to accommodate an adult penis, nor does her body know how to make the lubricant necessary for painless sex, or to lengthen/widen the vaginal passage to its full size. Relative size of the two humans involved is also going to affect anal sex with children of both genders. A perforated colon is nothing to laugh about and can be fatal if not corrected immediately.

        • >The ‘decision making’ part of the brain isn’t >fully developed until it is 25 years old

          Then why the hell can you vote when you are 18? Or drive a car? Since they cant decide on anything, but we let them ruin a country by voting or kill someone with a car?

  • MaimeDaifuku says:

    I love my lolis. I already wrote an angry email to UNICEF demanding why must they pursue such fruitless efforts to fight lolis and not help the starving and dying children in Africa.

    Fuck you UNICEF. My money is wasted on an organization that’s not helping the living and possibly dying children of the world. Imaginary children get more love than real ones.

  • The more I hear about things like this, the greater my rage. Not only does that mean less loli for me, but there’s also the possibility of this coming to my country, and being lumped in with other sexual offenders who may have actually molested someone.

    • THAT sounds like a plan to me.

      If you can… or anyone else in the area for that matter… make it happen. 🙂

      It’s time those pretentious stick-up-their-collective-asses fucks got back into the business they were originally charged with: FEEDING AND CLOTHING THE THIRD WORLD CHILDREN WHO NEED IT!

      Ms. Chan ‘demanded’ the Japanese Government revise their laws? She’s in no position to be dictating terms. Far as I’M concerned, she should be back in the kitchen making sammiches for those little kids who are going hungry all over the world. In fact, *I* demand that’s what she (and UNICEF) do! It’s all she’s worth.

      Believe it or not, this rage you see is outrage, not mindless yammering. But nothing will get done if no one’s willing to step up to the plate to swing the bat, right? 😉

      I can only hope more rational heads prevail over there on the other side of this Rock.

  • UNICEF should mind their own business, which is feeding and clothing poor children. It shouldn’t be butting into a sovereign country’s legal affairs, much less be dictating them.

    • childdefender says:

      first of all you are all pedophiles. you may say you arent and you state you never touch kids well what do you think lolicon is. its created after child porn was banned in japan. its a way of giving pedophiles what they want. get it? they look like kids and are small compared to the men that rape them. its sick,. its legal way of getting your child porn with out going to jail. and its a cowardly thing to do. you pedophiles are sick and twisted. hiding behind art please you dont know anything about art(art major here). you get off by looking at a toon that looks physically like a child and that makes you a pedophile. get it. admit it already. lolicon equals child porn. and what about toddlercon is that acceptable too are you not sick fucks because they are toons. you are sick and no child porn is okay. junior idols are also not okay. you fucking bastards. pedophilia is nasty and you are all pedophiles. also the people that view this will be desensitized to the sexulization of children and offend later on. this is just giving the pedophiles what they want and they deserve nothing. if they wanna think fine but viewing obscene images like this is grotesque. im making it my duty as a good moral person to rid the world of lolicon and people like you all. i hope that my cause will make a huge difference. one day the laws will be better and youll only have your filthy thoughts to jerk off to. and when that day comes, ill be the one sleeping snuggly in my bed knowing ive protected the interests of children by going against all you pedophiles and lolicons(another name for pedophile).

      • You are officially retarded..
        I don’t get it, Lolicon IS in fact, much better than cp. CP is SICK but lolicon is DRAWN u assfuck, and the only thing being used is either pen and paper or just ur computer ram processor.
        Besides, If they are banning cp, perhaps they should stop accepting bribes and shit, because after 10 mins of browsing through regular GOOGLE
        You can find cp. Don’t tell me otherwise, i’ve tried.
        Anyway, lolicon is like a different kind of relief for those sick pedophiles, and, to bormal people this is by far better than torture of real children.

        BTW: Being souch a major and everything, you should know about the world’s horrors and shouldn’t concern yourself with a few people who like pedophilia shit. I mean people put a HALF OF A FUCKING COW IN FORMALDEHINE AND CALL IT ART
        now that’s fucked up.

      • Anonymous says:

        wow, defensive much.. got something to hide, ashamed of yourself, sure seems that way.. art major eh.. so what about literature.. remember a little book called Lolita.. you going to rag on that one as well.. art eh… hmm, don’t get me started on the whole european art history with all it’s disturbing imagery and naked children.. oh wait, my bad, that’s not art is it.. no no no no, couldn’t possibly be worth thousands if not millions of dollars, what kind of sicko would paint that stuff, let alone buy it.. get a grip (or maybe loosen it before your wang falls off)

    • Agreed, UNICEF sucks
      just because they can’t do their task well in Africa
      then they meddling in other “gain popularity as child defender without spending much money” operation

      and 100,000 for those petition? too weak
      we can follow it with counter petition with 500,000+ easily

    • Obviously decapitating adult women and shoving insects up their vaginas before you kill them is a much better fantasy than fantasizing consensual sex with someone with a flat chest.

      The sick pedos.

      • childdefender says:

        first of all you are all pedophiles. you may say you arent and you state you never touch kids well what do you think lolicon is. its created after child porn was banned in japan. its a way of giving pedophiles what they want. get it? they look like kids and are small compared to the men that rape them. its sick,. its legal way of getting your child porn with out going to jail. and its a cowardly thing to do. you pedophiles are sick and twisted. hiding behind art please you dont know anything about art(art major here). you get off by looking at a toon that looks physically like a child and that makes you a pedophile. get it. admit it already. lolicon equals child porn. and what about toddlercon is that acceptable too are you not sick fucks because they are toons. you are sick and no child porn is okay. junior idols are also not okay. you fucking bastards. pedophilia is nasty and you are all pedophiles. also the people that view this will be desensitized to the sexulization of children and offend later on. this is just giving the pedophiles what they want and they deserve nothing. if they wanna think fine but viewing obscene images like this is grotesque. im making it my duty as a good moral person to rid the world of lolicon and people like you all. i hope that my cause will make a huge difference. one day the laws will be better and youll only have your filthy thoughts to jerk off to.

        • AngryAnonymous says:

          On all my time on the internet, that has to be one of the most idiotic and ignorant things I have ever had the misfortune to read, gg “childdefender”.
          Let’s get this out of the way first:
          people who look at lolicon don’t have to be pedophiles at all, because, *ghasp* lolis don’t actually look like real children!
          Someone can (and did) in fact draw a caricature of Hillary Clinton in manga style, and they made her pretty. Does this mean I get off to Hillary Clinton? Hell no! 😛

          Lolis don’t even have to be underage, it is just a look for manga girls that puts emphasis on cuteness. And I like cute girls, don’t you?

          In real life I find women of legal age to be a lot cuter than children.
          That is the difference between you and I. I get turned on by cute girls, and you think RL children are cute. By your logic that makes me a pedo. I however, don’t think children are cute. In fact I dislike kids. I am not good with them, nor do I like being around them or spending time with them.

          “No harm, no foul” is the only moral guideline this world has ever needed. In fact, if everyone lived by that principle, most conflicts would have been avoided. However, a lot of people feel the need to judge others based on their own twisted, illogical morals and values.
          No one is hurt by lolicon, but it makes some people happy. Therefore it is a good thing. It is called logic, I suggest you use it before spouting shit like that.

        • Anonymous says:

          Adding a dissenting voice to what would otherwise be the impression that we’re meant to follow and take as evidence of what is right or normal is no bad thing – if, as you probably claim, lolicon is not something that effects peoples (or at least most peoples) real-world behavior, then the argument about its acceptability is cultural, and that exists partly in a context of debate and values.

        • Nothing of consequence has ever come from ranting on the internet. The only reason you continue this charade is because you are too much of a lazy coward to actually do something productive in real life to benefit of children. So be my guest and continue raging until your voice grows hoarse, it will all be for naught.

        • belldandy2009 says:

          You are entitled to your opinion, but please don’t tar everyone with the same brush..

          I feel the same way at Violence on TV.,
          I wish you could get passionte about violence on TV and in cartoons.. children are at risk there too but no-one cares as kids such as teens love violent games and people like you probaly would buy them for the kids to kic the shit out of a fictional character and say its not real so its ok.

          Money is made and kids get into knife crime, tackle that first before you shout at us!!

          BiTCH get your facts straight

      • Onni, you’re a retard.

        You’re promoting murder and you’re against consensual sex with someone with a flat chest? Why a flat chest? Some women have flat chests. If I have sex with a flat-chested woman, am I a pedophile? You’re a fucking douchebag. Next time, be specific. It’s not like the imaginary loli girls would be traumatized. Go back to primary school, please.