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“Japan Lags in Loli Ban” – UNICEF Lies Exposed?


Finding themselves with nothing better to do for the moment, Japan’s politicians have been generating political capital by humouring moralist groups such as UNICEF, who have launched a hysterical crusade against what they see as lax laws on the part of Japan.

An opposition diet member (of the Koumeito – a major religious party run by a Buddhist sect) recently petitioned the government for even more laws, meaning against loli manga and similar: “We’d like the government to assist with all its energy in bringing these laws to pass” – and Prime Minister Rozen Aso, himself having a Catholic background, responded positively “We must proactively deliberate upon the matter”.

Rather more interesting than the vapid posturing of politicians out for their names is the critical response we see on the Internet, particularly on 2ch. A quite extensive body of statistics and other evidence disputing the anti-freedom of expression camp has come to be commonly presented, so looking at some of this is probably of interest.

I should caution that these statistics are assembled by partisans (just as are those assembled by the other side of the argument); since you can read the scaremongering side of things anywhere, not least on UNICEF’s pages, here I only present evidence (accredited, of course) from 2ch:

UN Statistics for 2000: Rapes per 100,000 people:

Canada 78.08 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga Banned
Australia 77.79 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga De Jure Banned
USA 32.05 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga Banned (Constitutionally Invalid)
Sweden 24.47 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga Banned
UK 16.23 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga, BDSM to be Banned
France 14.36 “Simple Possession”
S. Korea 12.98 “Simple Possession”
Germany 9.12 “Simple Possession”
Russia 4.78
Taiwan 4.08
Japan 1.78 “Simple Possession” (Just introduced)

“Simple Possession” laws refer to just possessing pictures being a crime – actually producing/distributing the pictures is a crime in all these jurisdictions.

Note that the selection of countries here is provided by 2ch (I added in Australia as it is of interest), and so naturally has an agenda. See them for yourself, or alternatively check the UNSD.

It seems that it is the rest of the world which lags Japan…

Does Child Pornography Foster Sex Crime?


Source: National Police Agency – Rape Statistics

Total Crimes Minors Under Primary School Age Primary School Middle School Minors Over Middle School Age
1960 2533 54 428 479 1572
1965 3135 76 414 626 2019
1970 1996 29 169 274 1524
1975 3704 1718 29 225 308 1156
1980 2610 1117 19 143 210 745
1985 1802 855 4 126 224 501
1990 1548 702 2 55 91 554
1995 1500 606 1 45 71 489
2000 2260 1006 4 60 146 796
2005 2076 875 3 41 165 666
2006 1948 808 3 46 151 608

“Loli material, whether as young idols, loli manga, eroge or similar, only started to become common in Japan during the mid 1980s. The first ban of such material was in 1999.”

“You may be able to trick people starved of information, but you can’t trick the Net.”

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  • PLease read the data carefully… it speaks about REPORTED crimes. This means that if you live in a crappy country, there will be no tell about your rape..
    HOW CAN ITALY be above turkey, tunisia when 75% of the rapers there are moroccoan, turkish, or comes from tunisia????!!!!!

  • Well, I sent a letter, I hope everyone does, to their local MP, Senator, Overseer, or whatever leads you in your town, (adjusted for the case in question)

    To whom it may concern,

    Recently, it has come to my attention that viewing cartoons representing crimes was a crime in and of itself. With that regard in mind, I wish to admit accomplice to murder because I watched an episode of the cartoon “The Simpsons” in which a character, one Milhouse, was killed by the school board faculty member during a “Halloween special”. I wish to report this crime to you, and have copied a form sent to the police station, in accordance with the new local law set by (case and or constitutional amendment). I have heard in the United States a man has received 20 years in prison for not reporting a comparatively minor crime as pornography when depicted in a cartoon, and so for crimes of a more serious nature, such as murder, I will aim to keep you, and the police force, informed to make sure the sick bastards who watch this get their due. I expect a due diligance investigation to take place, my tax dollars are to be well spent protecting the integrity of fictional cartoon characters everywhere and to crucify the bastards who would dare try to kill them. After all, cartoon violence is just as linked to first degree murder as cartoon porn is to rape, so I hope to see everyone who aided in this crime put in the slammer.

    PS: I know for a fact my neighbor is an accomplice to this murder, and there is likely to be vigilante justice for this sort of complacency, he was laughing as the murder took place. Laughing! I am willing to testify against him, check the records on his system, you will see the offending episode.

    I will not rest until fictional violence, be it cartoon or movie, is completely removed! Or, of course, (court case/constitutional law) is overturned, since if it is allowed to be cruel to cartoon characters, there is no fault.

    I leave this message Anonymous, in the spirit of the concerned average citizen.


  • Anonymous says:

    If you expose a man to grandma porn since he was 5 years old, do you think he would be obsessed with gradnmas? NO!! He would be scarred for life and probably turn gay!!

    The truth is that there is as much grandma porn as there is loli porn on the internet, and by the femnazis logic, the grandma porn should have offsetted the loli porn, which it didn’t.

    Therefore banning Loli will NOT have any effect on what a man’s inborn desires are. Femnazis FTL.

  • Japan has long stood fast on the same censorship, and has been the fastest declining sexual violence crime rate in the world.

    Japanese censorship rules, adult material is allowed under the condition it is properly censored and no genital areas are displayed uncensored, language is mild but uncencored in any case. This includes martial viewable by adults and children.

    Further more, “loli” or “Lolicon” is not actually i type of adult material, but material in which a younger person under 16 is viewed as sexually attractive usually by obsessive innocence being the primary attraction. Semi adult “loli” scenes are newer but often follow similar restrictions.

    The thing about Japans opponents in these debates, they heavily censor all material, but also have far higher crime rates.

    My personal Verdict, Maybe The world needs to worry less about Japans ways, and try to understand why the looser nature of Japans ways are breeding generation less likely statistically to commit such crimes.

    My theory, Younger more innocent people becoming aware of such things before they fully understand them, may help them to understand on a subconscious level, that they are wrong. This would effectively increase the morality of people, and leave less question on the morality of entertainment content.

    This may in fact me very wrong, but is only a theory from an outsider. Regardless Stats have always placed Japan as one of the lowest crime rate countries in the world, and as having one of the highest average intelligence levels in the world.

    My Suggestion, and I am happy to be quizzed on why,( Maybe countries should think less about making Japan like them, and more about being like Japan, as it is meeting the aims they continuously fail at.

  • Anonymous says:

    It seems like UNICEF and agnes only care about media attention than giving two shits about actual children.

    Why fight so hard to give animated characters(that never existed in the first place)human rights when the humans that actually exist are told to go fuck themselves if they ask for help?

  • Anonymous says:

    Summary of main points:
    1) They are analyzing the wrong set of data for rape rates across nations. Furthermore, the survey methodology was questionable.
    2) A more relevant section in the same survey gives significantly different results.
    3) A different survey, which sought to identify # of victims, gave results in which Japan somewhere near the top of the list (the very top belonged to the USA). Granted, this survey had its own issues, but it is probably underestimating the rape rate in Japan compared to other countries.

    Detailed data and reasoning:
    The statistics used in the compilation is of poor quality, and somewhat misleading, for the following reasons:
    1) It does not represent what people seem to be thinking. Going through the pdf from the UNODC (which is where the data is hosted…the UNSD link seems to be a mistake), it seems that the numbers in the table is the # of rapes reported, not the numbers convicted and is therefore extremely prone to variations in reporting rates (to put things in context, I especially recommend that you take a look at the grand total of reported crimes (rates) for all crimes: there are some obvious outliers that would be difficult to explain away…and also shifts of almost three orders of magnitude in the three years from 1998 to 2000 in a politically stable country). i.e. any data in the compilation needs to be taken with a grain of salt and an understanding of the context.
    2) The rate of convictions for rape/10000 shows very different values for some countries (I’m looking at Canada: only about 10% of the reported cases end in convictions, compared to Japan’s ~33% conviction rate for the same crime).
    3) The number of cases reported and the number of rape convictions both depend on the social stigma associated with rape victims, if any exists. For that, I would like to shift your attention to a different survey aimed at assessing crime rates, also administered by an UN agency: in this case the UNCRI. According to the data from the ICVS survey, which seeks to gather information on victims, the disparity between Japan and other countries in question is greatly reduced (0.8% for Japan and Canada, 1.4 for USA, 1.3 for Norway, 0.3 for France, etc.).
    4) In the ICVS survey mentioned in 3, the researchers noted that it is likely that the greater the equality for women in a country, the more likely they are to report incidents to the surveyors. Furthermore, that particular section is somewhat more unstable over the years than other crimes surveyed. I would like to further add to the latter point that Japan’s 8-fold jump from 0.1% in 1999 to 0.8% in 2003-2004 is by far the largest jump in magnitude with one exception: Ireland’s rate jumped from 0.1% to 1.2% in the same period.
    5) More about the ICVS survey: if social stigma on the issue exists in Japan, as the large difference between the # reported to police, the # convicted, and the # reported to the surveyors seem to indicate, the methodology of ICVS is likely to promote under-reporting in Japan with respect to other industrialized countries. To be specific, Japan is unique among the developed countries surveyed in that the subjects are interviewed face to face, as opposed to through the telephone.

  • say a young boy knows about loli or was sneaking off and so on is he considered a pedophile.
    or say a 13 year old and so on since there young and they considered a pedophile.? why does UNICEF keep on wanting to get into peoples privacy if they want to do what they want then ok stop digging into peoples stuff.
    i wouldn’t be surprised if the guy who runs UNiDEF(sucks they steal Halloween money) looks at loli. i’m just hating as they say yet i do enjoy my batch of loli every now and then, and theirs to many of us to be stopped.

  • Anonymous says:

    Poor graph is poor. Its based on raw values for crime statistics, which does not take into account either estimated report rates OR population increases. I dont know the data for Japan, but I know the US has doubled in population since 1960, and I imagine Japan, which suffered FAR more casualties from WW2 than the US, and thus would be susceptible to a relatively large increase in population, would have at least been the same. So taking into account the raw data over the increase in population, combined with higher reporting rates over time (which is a general trend), Most likely Japan’s sex crime RATE has been in a freefall for the last several decades. In addition, since the lolicon ban of 1999, the sex crime values for minors, which is what the lolicon banned hoped to resolve, fell SLOWER than the overall sex crime values, suggesting there’s a third influence that affected sex crime in general (perhaps improved investigation, prosecution, and incarceration or rehabilitation for sexual offenses in general?), and that the lolicon ban specifically didnt necessarily have any appreciable effect.
    In addition, psychology has always shown that rape is about power and violence more than sex in general anyway, the very idea that porn causes rape is flawed.
    I personally do not enjoy lolicon for being lolicon, although I don’t automatically pass on it if it includes a fetish I do enjoy. Most of my experiences have been more negative than positive however. That being said, I don’t think it either encourages the distribution of real child porn nor sex acts with children, both of which disgust me. If a person enjoys it, and it doesn’t harm anyone else, I believe its their right to watch/read it. Perhaps some of the posters are right, and occasionally it gives potential pedophiles an outlet for sexual frustration when otherwise they would become actual pedophiles. Regardless, I don’t think it is outright harmful, nor should it be blanket banned.

  • anonymous says:

    on the issue of sexual crimes being related to pornography, various studies of have indicated no links conclusive or otherwise between the two, with the exception of one study (malamuth, addison, and cross, 2001). So the conclusion that must be drawn with the avalible data is those individuals that commit sex crimes because they view pornography but view pornography because those tendencies are already present. Also according to the U.S. Department of Justice, 2005 the rate of rape per 1000 persons ages 12 and over has been steadily decreasing over the years while the amount of pornography is increasing by 266 websites per day (Good Magazine). Now I know none of this data relates specifically to child pornography and sexual abuse I couldn’t find any information that wasn’t made up. So yeah if you want to talk about this sort of stuff come with facts and not just opinions.
    1970, President’s Commission on Pornography
    AGCOP, 1986
    Bauserman, 1998
    Bogaert, 2001

  • Anon The Czar says:

    Simply put: My thoughts on lolicon range around “Don’t give a banana phone” and “Let it bleed to death”. What you dudes all dig is your business; I have some standards as to what to fap to, and loli(precisely any girl that’s not 14+, but whatever) goes against it. That does not mean that I avoid stuff with loli content in it (e.g. Kodomo No Jikan was awesome, loli service or not, though IMO the manga seems to be against lolicons when you look at the twisted relationship shown much later between [SPOILER] and [SPOILER]).

    In fact, I won’t worry about this hulabaloo; I’ll just let fate decide.

    P.S. Oh, and Schoolmizus suck too.

  • Well… got on it late with the new rapelay pull of from amazon article, but I’d like to notify you that Loli manga are also (indirectly) banned in France.
    If you are curious about it, it is the article 227-23 of our penal code.
    It is stating that possessing “sexual representation of minor” or regularly visiting website with such content is penalized of 2 years imprisonment and a 30.000€ fine (38,000 US dollars or so).

  • There is hardly any proof that Lolicon really caused all the rape per say. Like in US or other countries, Anime wasn’t popular till around beginning of 2000. So instead of trying to figure out the reason behind all this. They opt the easy way out. As long as they appear to be doing something, people will be satisfied. And Who’s too stand in their way? A bunch of Otakus? surely they don’t give a damn or think they are any threat. Really..quite pathetics. their are close to 1 billion people who are suffer from some sort of malnutrition right now. Do something about that please

  • Funny. If they figure that loli is the cause of young children sexual abuse, then why don’t they ban smoking as it is a PROVEN cause of cancer deaths of the smoker and those around the smoker. They might as well also ban alcohol for being a PROVEN cause of drunk driving accidents as well. We just can’t have good things anymore 🙁

  • freedomforce29 says:

    being a loli fan I can believe its the taking away that’s going to encourage it. Seriously? if someone took your mags er whatever you probably go for second best? right? well, in this case you take their loli, the “second-best” thing would be unfortunately a REAL minor.

  • That’s stupid, if they think drawing lolicon is that bad, then drawing an assassination is even worse, since in most countries 3rd grade murder is considered an even more agravating crime!

    I hate people how love to blame other things for the human nature!! A molester is BORN, not made….it’s scientifically proved that these people have a different brain function. That means, anything can trigger the criminal instincts in these people, if it’s not lolicon it certainly WILL be other thing!

    They really should put some effort in combating real criminals instead of doing silly things like that.

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean get off our lazy asses and do something!!!!!!!!????????
      Are you insane? Nuts? Or just a friggin retard? It is more profitable to play the blame game!
      Our last Pres. thought investing in child medical was a waste of money! He put it in to war and there was much capitalizing!
      Thats It! A war on lolicon we can make a fortune. Look like we are moral gods!
      All those reports on child rapes and kidnapping oh and don’t forget the murders. Screw That! There is no way we can make money on combating this! A Ban is the only thing that will save our Dammed souls. And make some money off of some poor slob who gets caught with it.
      Remember if you rape you can get out with good behavior possibly within two years.
      Just to repeat taxpayers pay for the stay and pockets get money.
      Of course this is just an example of what I read and hear.. I love the Otaku culture I am one and this definitely the wrong way of dealing with this issue.
      sorry Anon your statement needed a little force with it.

      the reason why this stuff happens is because no one has a voice any more we have no organization.
      And if we did the so called MORAL THAN THOU will make a bigger mess than what they do already.

    • Or, like, because it’s unicef and stuff, they could spend the money that people donate to them to expand, like, the food infrastructure in third world countries so less children have to starve, instead trying to push nonsensical laws through Japan with lots of PR and marketing.

      Do those people even know what they’re doing anymore?

  • i’m not sure though, that statistics for Russia are valid too,
    ’cause crimes ‘in soviet russia’ are not so often reported
    and the more humiliating the crime is the less is posibility
    that victim will tell ’bout it.

  • Just as with the banning of alcohol, adult pornography and guns the basis for the pro-ban rhetoric lies in distortion, vague connections, and appeals to fascism (both left and right wing). No one, absolutely no one, has haven proven, despite what UNICEF and NOW have tried to falsely convey, that banning pornography lowers counts of rape. By statics alone we can see the nations with the highest counts of rape are those with the most fascist form regulation of the alleged provocative product. Allowing for bans on one form of pornography opens the door for other types on the same basis.

  • This isn’t about protecting Children’s Human Rights, or Children in and of themselves.

    The issue is either: about Money, ideology, or Political Power. That’s all it is, and all it ever was.

    A ban on lolicon will NOT stop violent crimes against children. It will raise it. All those sexually-deprived deviants, wanting their fantasy fix will get it one way or another. personally, I’d prefer they got their jollies from wanking off to *illustrated* artwork rather than give in to the need of the moment and hurt someone else.

    Human beings are sexual creatures. It’s an inescapable fact. Denying someone else a much more harmless outlet for it is just adding gasoline to the fire. And quite frankly, someone else’s religious morals are NOT on my list of things to listen to.

    For those who found the above too long… to make a long explanation much shorter: it’s a herd mentality thing. I don’t follow the herd. Never have and never will.

    Polichickens = Mealy-mouthed pretentious ****s.

  • Add Poland to your lists of “Simple Possession” being a crime. Since this month being in possession of any animated pictures which show a person supposedly under 16 in a sexual pose (not only naked and sex but also showing panties etc.) is considered the same as raping such person. Catholic political parties banzai…

    • Anonymous says:

      And Osamu Tezuka said, Let there be Astroboy: and there was Astroboy. And Japan saw the Astroboy, that it was good: and Osamu Tezuka divided the Astroboy from the Mickey Mouse. And he called the Mickey Mouse gay, and the Astroboy he called Anime.

      And Osamu Tezuka said, Let us make ani-ota in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the mizugi of the sea, and over the lolis of the air, and over the nekomimi, and over all the anime, and over every creepy thing that creepeth upon Japan. So Osamu created ani-ota in his own image, in the image of Osamu created he him; fanboy and fangirl created he them. And he blessed them, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the mizugi of the sea, and over the lolis of the air, and over every living anime that aireth upon the TV.

      This is why the rape went down during the 1980s

      Basically Osamu created fangirls from the ribs of fanboys and their yaoi.

      This is from the 1st book of the Bible Black, Neon Genesis.

    • I agree that it would be fallacious to conclude from these stats that lolicon causes a decrease in sex crime against minors (correlation != causation), but they go a long way to disproving the idea that lolicon causes an increase in this sort of crime.

      • I have plenty of background in statistics, so I am only too aware that these sort of figures are open to abuse – this is essentially as partisan as UNICEF. Still, they do balance out the propaganda war, and of course UNICEF’s are possibly even more dubious.

      • That is true. I personally can give a rat’s ass because in every country there is some douchebag that tries to get stuff banned. Jack Thompson in the USA is trying to get videogames banned and says it’s because it causes an increase in violent behavior.

  • You know now that I think about it, doesn’t this seem awfully similar to kids fighting over something as trivial as ‘You can’t play with sticks, because I’m not allowed to as I hurt people, so you shouldn’t too!’

    A little more perspective; ‘We can’t handle things right over here, so we’ll force others to listen to things, that didn’t work for us! But it sounds good!’

    Or another e.g. would be a scam artist/door to door salesman making something appear wrong about something when there really isn’t. Like ‘Did you know you’re gutter is bad and is ready to fall apart? Buy this ‘useless thing’ that looks good, and looks better! It ‘WILL’ help improve your life!’

    Another e.g. Politicians; all mouth about policies, no results in the end, or just gets worse because there was no effect.

    Just because the West has an increase in rape and can’t handle it, doesn’t mean that Japan can’t too.

    • My impression is that rape is something that you can quite often see something about in swedish newspaers.

      Also loli manga might be banned in sweden but it’s not like we really care. No one has even been brought to court about a case of loli manga from what I know.

      • Yeah I suppose so, guess I’m not really that up to date with what’s happening here in Sweden.

        Also, when I were out walking with a friend I saw that the headline on a paper was “17 year old raped after online-date”…

  • The Japanese figures would be *reported*, which… well, given Japan’s society, wouldn’t reflect the real figures in the slightest. In a country where parents would prefer to let their children live in their bedrooms for their entire lives in fear of causing a scene in front of the neighbours, it’s a bit doubtful many people would confess to something as ‘shameful’ as rape…

  • ‘#1 South Africa: 1.19538 per 1,000 people’



    • Y’know, it’s going to be a case of ‘For’ or ‘Against’. I wouldn’t mind UNICEF protecting children around the world then they’re MOST NEEDED, but looking at how they operate, there are absolutely no objections about child abuse.

      So no lolicon for you, unless you wanna go to jail.

  • Although I believe these statistics are valid, I hope you can cite other reputable sources for them so it may be possible to cross check them from multiple sources. A direct link to a page from Japanese government, UN, or widely recognized international human rights group would be very welcome.

    • While I applaud their previous stance on abortion and contraceptives, less so their current denial of it, they are the lowest of the low on my personal scale for thinking that 2D fictional characters should have any sort of human rights accorded to them.

      • i agree there just fuckign fictional cartoon characters i mena there not even self aware computer prograsm so y shoudl they need rights if u ask em i think the world still just thinks that seeing images of loli will turn ppl pedophile in same way they think violence on tv or in movies will make ppl violent in general

    • wudntuwannaknow says:

      They weren’t wrong before and they aren’t wrong now. Lolicon is corrupt and so are you. i’m not sayin that cos i dont like you, im sayin that cos its the truth. You might think that just because you have all found each other due to 21st century internet, that it means you can group together. you probably even feel encouraged by what you think you are because others are joining up on your gallery-filled lolicon forums.

      Problem is, it’s now very easy to identify all of you. with you’re pedobear symbol (which isn’t exactly a less aggressive psuedonym than “pedophile” as he rapes fictional children, if you’d gone along with the butterfly peace loli/pedo symbol, then it would be different)

      You all feel confidant saying things on the internet, because you can say it from behind your screens, in your bedroom. this is false confidance.

      Thing is, you’re all frustrated, because you all know why UNICEF are urgently fighting it, and not other organisations. because they recognise the truth about lolicon and its clear-as-day-light obvious assocation to sex with children.

      Let’s come off it boys, it’s not about harming or “making love” with real children. its the sexual attraction itself.

      it’s only because Japan didn’t act against the rising number of erotic manga artists in the late 1960’s. They’ll defend that it keeps the sickos/deviants at bay. This eventually

      Because this would imply only existing within your life, which doesn’t involve harm to anyone else, you will argue that it infringes your humans rights. But the human rights act is flawed because it is not paired with human responsibility. Because it isn’t paired, people, and terrorists are able to exploit the act.

      And some of you are very easy to read, sayin things like “i love UNICEF but hate how they want lolicon out” – sounding as if you’re completely obvlivious to its controversy. And you want to try to sound good by saying you’re “up” for UNICEF.

      It may be true, that for some, or many, lolicon does tap into the sexual spectrum, to the nth degree. It even makes sense to be attracted to children, whether they are real or fictional.

      What I hate about you followers is that I know exactly why you like hentai, and the pretentious responses I always get back are really annoying.

      you all know it’s a fact that the Japanese are a very exotic sexually charged culture. You all know that most of hentai is about making the characters cute, fresh, innocent, healthy and even in some cases, premature. It was interesting to see how it started off as regular adult hentai, and over recent times, it’s become much more graphic, much better quality, much much younger and more confidant about its sexual intentions.

      I know full well that the author of all the lolicon images and stories published them intentionally for all pedophiles, and lolicons (which is basically a pedophile but in the world of fantasy and imagination).

      I’m really glad that finally, it has become against the law to view or possess/publish lolicon pictures, because quite frankly, i’ve become very cheesed off with some of you people defending your guilty pleasure with all your life’s might. and it really annoys me when you paste pictures of graphs depicting the decline of criminal offences due to the availability of lolicon. its a joke. how do you know it decreased because of the existence of lolicon? tell you now, you choose things, and ignore everything else, and that is very faulty.

      you’re just Trying to make it less about the core issue of sex with minors, and more about people not being fair with you or saying the positive effects on society it can bring. please!

      The weird thing is, is that most pictures I have seen of lolicon depicting sex with a 7year old girl, is that most of them depict the girl crying, or looking guilty. so it’s almost as if some of you are wanting to see this kind of stuff, but with FORCE involved. So honestly people, there’s no credibility in supporting lolicon. I’m not saying that it isn’t sexy – it probably is. but the ideal that it depicts, is extremely dangerous, especially when these sexual ideals are put onto the internet for it to breed within other cultures.

      It isn’t fair for those people that find it extremely unnerving, offensive. and even worse for those people who do like it, develop a habit for it, and become addicted themselves. Psycho-sexual disorders are on the rise. and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was become of lolicon, and pornography in general.

      The guy who thinks that the reality / fantasy boundry is true. you’re the one thats crazy, you are totally ignoring the effect on society. you know its controvertial yet you make it seem like its natural. you’re totally acting as if this ban is completely crazy and absurd.

      You can be a lolikon or a toddlercon or whatever you want to be, but you should keep it to yourselves. I wouldn’t say even viewing it and masturbating to it, which is what you do, is bad, but PUBLISHING them, and sharing them with others on the internet, is influencing other people. and you’re all doing it in public view. your fantasies should stay within your own circle of influence, that way, you’re only taking your own responsibility.

      THUMBS UP TO BAN ON LOLICON – makes me so happy.

      • you are such a fool, an idiot if you really believe what you’ve written. the difference between 2D girls and 3D girls is about the same as day and night. saying you’re a pedophile for liking loli is the same as the shit Germany’s politicians are talking about when they say “Ego-shooter make you run amok”. useless, not true and pretty much only triggering rage.

        you really sound either like a child or someone who has NO idea what’s happening in the world, or even both.

        trolls like you are just stupid. I’m a lolicon, I say this, in public and over the internet and yet: I haven’t touched a single child in an inappropriate way and I won’t. I don’t fap to them as well.

        you’re just one of those moralic fags that try to sound mature, but yet you don’t know what lolicons think. Same goes for UNICEF.

        I don’t even get why I’m raging about your trolling or why I’m trying to take you serious, but it’s just so wrong to think that lolicons are bad.

        thank you for being a troll, the world would appreciate it if you stopped for eternity.

      • Next time, come back with some statistics that actualy prove what your saying. Before we even get to the point of you offending me by denying me my freedom of speech, your offending me by putting forth your veiws as if they are the given truth.

      • ps: the number of times I’ve heard this same argument, almost identically worded every time, is astounding. Is it the same guy every time, or is this just some barnyard soundbite defense like the creationist watchmaker/human eye argument:

        “In fact, I like to avoid real children, regardless of gender or whatnot, because they tend to, in most cases, annoy the living hell out of me.”

      • I’m a lolicon and I agree with wudntuwannaknow (on pretty much every level), against my own interests; just the same way that were I a wealthy person in America, I would vote green or democrat even though it would mean more taxes for me. It’d be for the better.

        I love lolicon, but that doesn’t make it a totally innocent thing. It depicts children being raped, for god’s sake. Cartoons, yes, but kid cartoons, with kid bodies.

        wudntuwannaknow’s valid point that linking declining rape rates with lolicon distribution is incredibly simplistic, and unless you’re ignorant or profoundly self-deluded, you’d agree with him. Even if lolicon played some minor role in such a trend, using this as ammunition in an argument is just being flippant to the issues.

        I would hate to see lolicon banned (and may have my reservations about banning any content that doesn’t harm anyone in the making), but would I disagree with the proponents of said ban, or fail to understand their repulsion of lolicon? Not in the least.

      • from your respnse, you just hate pedophilles.

        which is quite understandable considering the evils.

        but all you care about is getting them off sight so that you wont see them in your backdoor.

        and that is basickly all you want,you dont seem to care about the children even one tiny bit.
        you dont understand pedophilles,you dont try to come up with a solution.
        all you are basicly saying is “fuck off from my lawn”.

        well the internet is not your lawn,its evryone’s lawn…even ppl you hate have a place in it.

        and its good that thats in the open,if it wasnt then nobody would do crap because they wouldnt fucking see the problem in their face.

        no politician EVER talked about the issue before UNICEF and others put the pressure and increased avarness.

        loli doesnt possibly encourage pedo-rapes, just like porn doesnt encourage rapes……..we have all been there in THAT fight,and it turned to be fact…porn of any kind decreasses chances of rapings.

        you dont know anything about the real issue.

        you just hate pedophilles for their malfunction
        and not because the malfunction makes them do horrible things

        pedophilles are not contaigous,neither are homosectuals,lesbians or fetishists.

        god created them like that,the phenomenom exsists since ancient times.
        you need to take care of the problem rather than try to hide/isolate/”reducate”/kill,again as with lesbians,homosectuals and fetishists in the past…we again focus on hating the diffrent rather than just taking care of the problem in a reasonable and safe way.(ppl are BORN pedo,not made into pedo its a flaw in our genes and it was spotted in animals in the wild aswell)

      • but its not something that can spread, a normal person sees something like that and says “eeeewww…!?? ur fucking sick man!”
        if he has underage raper potential (hes atracted to underage school girls/boys) then it givs him some less violent and less rapeful way of settisfing his dark raper desires.

        if they have no porn, they will look at the neighboors daughter or my daughter at school or even yours…..and fap it while thinking of HER.
        i sleep much better knowing the rapers think of animeted children rather than real children when they fap it.

        in my opinion,its a desiase that cant be treated by the ban of loli since loli is a distraction from real humans.

        if u want to protect children,dig deeper banning loli is a short term solution(god forbid it might rise back to 1965’s figures after the “stay low” shock expires in a few years)

        i think better than ban loli,make punishment laws much harsher forcing pedophiles to be sufficient with loli or spend their life in prison(sheperding them to harmless activities by enforcing harsh laws should work better than taking away the only harmless solution which is loli,i do not consider them imagening things to be harmless since they would rather imagine real human figures THAT THEY KNOW when imagening and that is not harmless at all!!!)

        the reason i think loli is the best go at pacifing pedophiles is this(explained through a “normal” person example):

        when you fap to porn/make love to your wife after your done, you move on to work/sleep/whatever and dont want to do it again for quite some time.
        if you dont have sex/fap for lets say…a month or year
        you feel like you cant take it anymore,you go to a bar or a party and try to get laid.(they will feel the same urge building up if they have no relief)

        they are sick,they cant stop being pedo just like gay ppl cant stop being gay…best to let them be themself in a harmless way.(my wish is that someday every pedo will fap to loli and forget about the next door 12 year old girl…thats never gona happen since ppl just lack self control,but i do belive that its a step closer to defeating REAL child pornography….with fake one)

        *on a note i am against child pornography and rapers
        *i am supporting fetishers,homosectuals,and any other HARMLESS orientations(even incest). no matter what my personal opinion of their orientation is, it is their right as long as they are harmless
        *i am supporting loli because i belive it has the potential to decrease crimerates IF AUTHORITIES USE THE OPPURTUNITY to shepard pedophiles with laws and enforcment to the more harmless path(of non-human sectual stress relief rather than human sectual stress relief)

        ok…..that was my opinion on the matter+what i think needs to be done concerning the bigger problem+disclaymer+reason of my support of loli.

        damn thats long!
        oh and as for UNISEF,they are fighting for a good cause…but on the wrong front. they need to stop and think,or atleast understand that exposure to child pornograpy cant create pedophiles,it can either create hatred twords the content or EXPOSE the “sleeper” potential pedo and redirect him before he does anything stupid.

        *quite a book there,if anyone actually reads this, do consider my proposition to use loli as a harmless solution to pedo’s by harsher real pedo laws and enforcment, and post your opinion

        • this is exactly what any psychologist would say.

          one thing i would have to mention is the fact that the first graph and the second set of statistics contradict each other, which means that somebody is lying.

      • Another Anon posted this a while ago.

        The cuteness, naiveness, and playfulness of the girl involved makes it delicious. The sight of her beautiful, adorable loli body which is just starting to develop makes it delicious. Imagining having sex with such a girl who, because of her age and current level of mental development would have the significance and pleasure of the act magnified by a ton for her, and by seeing this for you as well makes it delicious. It is just so natural. So innocent So pure. To completely forget yourself and rediscover your own inner child and innocence while the girl looks at you with her smiling, willing, and understanding face while the ugly and unaccepting world around you melts away just feels oh so right. That beats normal, dull, mundane sex with some typical girl around your own age who is only interested in maturity and commitment, takes the act with a grain of salt, and wouldn’t understand any of this any day, even if it is only imaginary.

      • tl;dr

        Well actually I did.

        I would recommend recommend Joel Feinberg’s “Moral Limits of Criminal Law” to remedy your ignorance of the concepts of harm and offense. I assure you that it is relatively accessible to a lay audience.

        And seriously… terrorists? Are you fucking comparing terrorists to lolicons? That sounds like a cheap rhetorical tactic only ten-year olds would use.

      • Right.

        So, explain to me in words that -I- can understand why:

        – I think loli is hot.

        – Imagining something even remotely similar being done to real children triggers a quite intense gag reflex and makes -more- alarm bells go off in my head than the current data retention law talks do.

        In fact, I like to avoid real children, regardless of gender or whatnot, because they tend to, in most cases, annoy the living hell out of me.

        I do not really see a connection between liking loli and being an actual pedophile. That’s the “Splatter movies make you a mass murderer” argument. I do however agree that some of the stuff seems to outright pander to actual pedophiles. I do not even touch those doujins/whatever with a ten foot pole.

        Then again, I do not understand a lot of things. Like why I’m trying to write a serious response to an obvious troll.

        Ah hell.

        • Wow don’t need to say much to this except that you say we are trying to justify sex with minors when said minors exist only in a fictional realm! I do not condone sex with children because personally besides the implied age I find no similarities between real children and lolicon children to me are just…well kids but when I see a loli picture I don’t see a child I see a FICTIONAL CHARACTER and I do find these characters physically attractive but since these fictional characters are depicted to be minors you jump to the conclusion that I am attracted to real children which is far from true and not only that but you also think that at any moment I might fly off the handle in some random act of crazed sex hungry pedophilia, which is even further from the truth. As for the fact that you express that the ban “Makes you so happy” it just proves even further to me and I’m sure others reading this that you say this not because you think it is harming anyone but because you as a person disapprove of it which is unfair and unjust, so in conclusion next time you call me a Terrorist back it up with valid facts.