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Husband Cuts Off Wife’s Breasts & Throws Them into Street


A man has been arrested after cutting off his wife’s breasts and throwing them out of the window of his domicile and into the street.

He also cut out her genitals. There was no question of her surviving the ordeal, as mercifully he had already bludgeoned her to death in the bath.

The pair, in their fifties, lived together in a village in Guandong, China. A long marriage had seen them raise two sons to adulthood, but apparently something rankled the man and he opted for a murder-suicide as a way out of whatever plight it was.

Taking a blunt instrument, he bludgeoned his wife to death as she bathed, and then severed her breasts and genitals, throwing the severed mammaries out of the window of their third floor apartment and into the rain soaked street below.

One of the couple’s sons, who lived on the floor above, was oblivious to this until he heard a scream of agony, which came from his father as he tried to kill himself. The son managed to restrain him, and summoned police who took him into custody.

No clear motive was evident; neighbours reported the pair would argue, and the husband apparently had a very lusty disposition, having been arrested for indecent acts upon an 11-year-old girl, and being known for other extra-marital activities in another village. He was not thought to be a killer, however.

Police continue to interrogate the man as to a possible motive.

Via Heaven.

Expect to see him on the transplant market soon…

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