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Chinese Executions Attract Thousands



Chinese authorities certainly know how to put on a spectacle, and as a result thousands flock to see the condemned moments before they are shot in the back of the head and dismembered for organs.

The authorities have a particularly uncompromising approach with respect to the condemned – crossing out their names with red ink certainly reinforces their point.



Chinese justice is of course swift, which the masses in more developed places tend to laud, but it is also imprecise and often targeted at those guilty of political crimes; just how many innocents are executed is not known. For that matter, even the total number of executions carried out is a state secret…

Below you can see the actual process of an execution, although of course 15 years and the need for organs has seen the process refined since then (mobile death vans are now in operation in parts of China, although they don’t help to recover organs by the sound of things).


Her story is an entertainingly macabre tale typical of rural China at its most unsavoury, so it is provided below:

The lady in question was apparently orphaned at an early age and kept on sufferance as a child of ill omen.

Once her mother died, her step-father drove her out, and she then lived on the street at the age of 13.

After being mauled by a dog, a hotel manager took pity on her and forced her into prostitution.

After a nationwide crackdown on prostitution in 1991, she was sent to a labour camp.

She was later returned to her step-father, who sold her for a thousand yuan as a bride.

She enjoyed a brief period of happy marriage to a kind invalid, but caught the eye of a powerful villager who forced her husband to sell her to him for 2,000 yuan.

For several years she was confined after repeatedly attempting to escape from her “marriage”.

When her master left on business, his two cousins took their chance to rape her, making her pregnant. One thought to buy her and keep the child.

When her master finally returned in 1995, she was sent back to him with a child, which enraged him. He tortured her into revealing the truth, and then slew both the father and the child.

Despair and rage finally took hold of her, and she took a sickle and killed her husband as he slept.

She was later arrested, but the court was uncharacteristically sympathetic, and resolved that she could be reformed in a labour camp.

However, for whatever reasons things did not go well and she murdered an inmate whilst there. She was sentenced to death, and her appeal rejected…

The extremely graphic execution can be viewed by clicking here.

China is estimated to carry out as many as 10,000 judicial executions annually, easily leading the world in absolute numbers.

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  • Been poor sucks, that the moral of this story. Glad I am not one of them.

    Poor sucks in china or the States it just happen that in developing country like China with 1.2 billion and more life is even cheaper than in the States, but I am sure we can catch up as soon as we top 500 million.

  • Each photograph is a pastiche of many photos. Some of these are from movies. Some of these appear to be from home films (no doubt put on the internet quite some time ago and not posited on the internet again).

    I’ve heard of photo pastiches that seem to portray late twentieth century executions in China. I’ve heard it referred to as “The Chinese V” (in reference to the science fiction television series).

    I believe it is the height of hypocrisy that the brutes who assembled these fake execution photos are using these as excuses to insult people of Chinese descent. I also think that the stupid tyrants who put these photos together should probably be arrested and put to trial for imprisonment.

    I also do not think it sufficiently distracting to be useful in the way it was intended to be used — those it would attempt to distract have done with their actions and are (in turn) no longer functioning to interact with.

    Please delete these to the extent that conscience and foresight might permit?

  • The United States should be bombing China instead of wasting their time in Afghanistan. Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are the only decent gooks anyway. The former is dead and the latter is practically an American.

  • ok,i find this shit news through the related links

    about first picture
    i want to ask the writer that can’t you read chinese
    or used chinese searching engines.

    that woman killed 2 kids bloody because just kids’ grandpa said her husband couldn’t earn money
    here is the original news, there is nothing to do whith political crimes(or i should say that is’s impossible to find any political crimes’ new in china now)

    [日期:2007-01-31] 来源:郴州日报 作者:通讯员 李建华 [字体:大 中 小]



  • the govt upholds the stricts laws of preserving life but they are the govt who have a rights to kill one person in public unlike murderers kills in cover what the FUCK are THE FUCKING LAWS ARE FOR they say somebody deserves to DIE i’d say FUCK YOU! what if that was your mother,brother or best friend i mean i hate the guy on the photo because he rapes an 11 yr old child so what detained him to life not to take his life FUCKING GOVT’S DO THIS IS NO DIFFERENT FROM MURDERERS govt people are DISGUSTING

  • Remember on her last trip to China, Hillary Clinton said:

    “Successive administrations and Chinese governments have been poised back and forth on these issues [human rights], and we have to continue to press them. But our pressing on those issues can’t interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis, and the security crisis”

    So let the executions roll.


      • McThinkerton says:

        Probably because Artefact just got the photos.

        That is unless you believe that this site and the timing of the article are all part of some anti-China conspiracy.

        If you want something more recent than this (or the Cultural Revolution) we could talk about how China locked down Tibet last month or maybe the repeated killing of pacifist monks by the police and soldiers. Or maybe about China’s Navy fighting pirates off of Africa – that could be interesting and entertaining.

        *sarcasm on*
        Since this information is over a decade old it is no long news, it is now history so it should be ignored because when has the past ever shown us anything about the future.

        It would probably be better if everyone just read the People’s Daily. It has far more accurate information that is far less biased than any of the crap that Artefact posts here.
        *sarcasm off*

        Does wanting to know more about China (both the good and the bad) equal hating China?

  • Personally I dont think theres anything wrong with Artefect’s article, afterall majority of us are more interested in such news. Besides, I dont think much facts were tweaked in the article, it’s merely sensationalised.

    Lots of news all over the place are sensationalised anyway.

    The only thing is that the incident of the girl above happened 14 years ago.. it’s like digging up something that happened a decade ago.

    Dayum her lifestory can be made into a book/movie though.

  • I just want to point out, that not everyone wants to visit China nor can they afford to. Which is why we have the internet and sadly if there’s fake news, its hard for average users to pick that out.

    At most, I would say these news articles are meant for entertainment as I doubt it would change people’s daily lives. Sure, I might say ‘that was unfair/unjust’ but tomorrow, I’ll be doing what I normally do and the next day the same thing. I won’t be wondering the streets condemning Chinese people for this. A week later, I will probably have forgotten all about this article.

    But the discussion has been fun. It was very interesting to read the translation of the Chinese poster which had some good points the Anonymous poster could learn from.

  • ButtercupSaiyan says:

    This is shit. I don’t hate random Chinese people, but I hate the Chinese government.

    And they have such a rich cultural heritage, it’s such a pity … that it can’t seem to adapt to a modern world, where such barbaric values are not wholly embraced.

  • Tallgeese VI says:

    This is waaay to extreme for me…..Still, who would think of such a babaric execution to be still around till today ?

    I mean….Thats just waaaay to in-human of them to do such of a thing !


    There are two things inherently worse than executing criminals: Executing civilians, and not bringing criminals to justice. This picture with the US soldier over his victim sums up this well. (*contains gore, view with discretion)

  • Executions in general are bad, not only in China. There is no such thing as a person who deserves death because that is a cheap way out, and a suicider’s dream. The villains you see in movies are nothing like the real criminals in the real world, because the criminals in the real world are normal people who had been the victim of their own crimes and to an increasingly common extent, the unjust laws.

  • Man what a tragic story. I wish China could be a better place where this kind of shit didn’t happen.

    I hope one day Japan and China can be friends so that we can focus on what’s really important – DA LOLI.

  • 各位国外的朋友大家好,我是土生土长的中国人(我的英语水平有限,我不求大家都看懂,但既然博主能采集中国的信息,我就认为你看的懂中文吧!)

    对于这篇文章的部分评论我有几句话想说,首先,我发现很多国外人士都不了解中国,对于中国的了解大多源于互联网,互联网上的消息有真有假,而且人们往往喜欢引用那些“感兴趣”的东西,或者是不完整的引用,来达到某种效果,关于文章中提到的两件事情,从我在互联网得到的消息,应该都是真的,但是每件事情都有其背景的,关于 陸金凤 ,当时是1995年,距离现在(2009年)已经过去14年了,现在我们的国家在司法上已经有了很大的进步,每个国家都有一个不断进步完善的过程,拿14年前的事来说现在的中国,我觉得有失偏颇,而且当时又是严打。如果你想说我们中国怎么怎么不好,大可拿文革时的事来说呀,那样效果也许更好,因为那确实是“制”,但是我们改了呀,为什么就没看到我们的进步呐!如果你们对血腥的“猎奇向”图片感兴趣,大可Google一下98年的“印尼事件”,那才叫血腥!看看他们是如何残杀我们华人的! 关于 李三秀 据我的了解,她是因为杀死了一个年仅4岁的小孩,她没有陸金凤那样悲惨的遭遇,如果拿陸金凤的事来证明现在的政府Barbaric,无情,不讲道理,那是不准确的。




    对于SC最近的一些文章,作为一个中国人,我有些不快,讨论中国的文化我支持,但我怎么就嗅到了政治的味道了!SC不是anti-Chinese 对吧?



    • Okay, I helped translate what the person typed. My chinese isnt perfect, afterall it isnt my first language. After translating, the essence of what the person typed may be altered a little, and I cannot be 100% sure if what I translated is accurate. I apologise for any mistakes in translation and for the things I am unable to translate.

      note: —— means I dont know how to translate.

      And by posting this translation, it doesnt mean that I agree/disagree with what the person typed. I just wanted to help translate, that’s all. 🙂

      Hi to all foreigner friends here. Im a China Chinese that was born and grew up in China. (My english has limits, I dont expect everyone to understand, but since the writer is able to gather chinese news I presume you may be able to understand Chinese)

      Regarding this article I’ve got some things to say. Firstly, I feel that alot of foreigners dont understand China, most of the things you understand about china comes from the internet. The internet has both real and fake news, and people usually like to use sensational use, or not showing the full side of a incident to create a certain effect. Regarding two things that the article mentioned, the news I get from the internet should be real, but everything has other *backgrounds (sorry not sure how to translate this word), regarding Lu Jin Feng (*girl mentioned in story above. Hope I got her name right.), at that time it was year 1995, from then till the our current year 2009, it has already been 14 years. Currently the laws in our country have improved alot, every country continously strive to be better, taking something that happened 14 years ago to talk about China is unfair, ——-. If you really want to talk about how China isnt good, you can talk about the Cutural Revolution, the effect might be better, because that indeed is —-. However we’ve changed, why hasnt others seen our improvements! If you guys have an interest in blood related — pictures, you can google the 1998 “indonesia incident” (*Im directly translating, not sure if that’s what it’s called in english), that is truly a bloody disaster! Look how they cruelly killed our Chinese! Regarding Li San Xiu (*the first girl in the pictures above), according to what I know, she was executed because she killed a 4 year old boy. She doesnt have the same horrible experience as the Lu Jin Feng (*She is the girl mentioned in the story abv). If youre gonna use the girl above case to show how our current government is barbaric, uncaring, absurd, that is incorrect.

      Of course, making a criminal offence like this public (*not sure if I got the meaning right), I disagree with it too. But such incidents like above, how many exactly are there in China? We cannot be sure of it just by generalising the situation of China with this one incident. This is like how every countries have murderers, but you can say the entire country are murderers!

      Being a China Chinese, I admit our country has alot of problems. For example corruption. But our goverment is trying hard to change, why hasnt anyone taken notice of our goverment’s efforts. Our — have never encouraged the goverment to be corrupted, corruption is just a case by case person’s problem, cant use that one person’s factor to attack the entire country’s goverment. We have 1/6 of the world’s population (13 million, some other populations are way smaller than our country but even still faces the same problem), to control such a huge amount of people, it is not easy. Besides, to let this 1/6 of the world’s population become richer, get better lives, we have always been working hard. Is such a goverment really that detestable?

      Our country China is only 60 years old, she is still very young. On the contrary, America has how many years of history? Give us a few hundred years to develop first, making a judgement of us then isnt late either.

      Regarding Sankaku Complex’s recent articles, being a China chinese, I am a little upset.. Regarding discussing about our culture I am supportive, but why have you come to — about the goverment? SC isnt anti-chinese right?

      If everyone wants to understand the real side of China, it’s best that you come down personally to china to see for yourself. Don’t agree with just whatever others say, see it for yourself, see how china really is as a country.

      Lastly, being a citizen of china, I am proud to be chinese, if there’s a next life, be it 1000 years later, a million years later, I’d still want to be a China chinese.

      • Oops I translated the first part wrongly.

        This: Regarding this article I’ve got some things to say.

        Should be: Regarding some parts of the article / comments (I presume she means the comments as well)

        • “but since the writer is able to gather chinese news I presume you may be able to understand Chinese”

          very saddly he cant, considering this god knows how he managed to pull off such an article,and the gore photos below, the inaccurate numbers?
          omg artefact you must’be been “working really hard” to try to offer ppl sth to read….╯▽╰


          gj~~! tho i just skimmed throu

          “…hat happened 14 years ago to talk about China is unfair, ——-. If …”
          search 严打 and you’ll know what he/she mean, it was a period of time when gov. raelly wants/plans to do sth to show the ppl

          “..the effect might be better, because that indeed is —-.”
          by saying 制 i think she means sth like crackdown/dictatorship,etc that sort of thing so the sentence connotes such meaning: if you want see how the gov.(in china/14 yeas ago)is depraved than your nowadays modern western perfect gov. system, go see the culture revolution.

          “blood related — pictures, ”
          猎奇is rather a common word, search Baidu Zhidao or anyother ch sites, you’ll get the meaning very easily

          “..but why have you come to — about the..”
          ,hmm,how to say,, no counterpart words? he/she means , why are we bickering/ranting/reading this kind of things when just wanted to have some fun enjoying some nice pics or good work of ja. mangaka, or whatever, you know what i mean—tho he/she didnt say it that directly as i did here.

    • 我去過中國, 但是我所看到的只是表面. 我認識很多台商被你們的政府違法的關了起來.. 只要不小心在警察面前說錯一個字就被打被關.

      說實在的, 這些文章不是來嗆你們中國的.. 這些只是來讓這板上的各位來知道世上所發生的事.

      I have been to china, but what I have seen is only the tip of the iceberg. I know a lot of Taiwanese buisnessnmen who have been jailed unconstitutionaly.. You only have to say one word wrong to the cops and they will beat you and jail you.

      And to be honest, this article is not here to deface China.. These are for the people of these forum to read these news, no conspiracy, only reality.

      • 我知道这文章不是来呛我们中国的,所以一开始我就说了“对于这篇文章的部分评论”,我是指某些人的观点…

        关于监狱,还有城管,老实说,我们年轻人私底下也常抱怨,说“世道黑暗呐!”但说归说,我认为总体上社会还是和谐的,没有传说中那么糟糕。比如某韩剧里的中国上下一片混乱,暴徒横行,满地枪战,(-_-b 汗…)那个也太假了。

        你说的台商的事,我不是台商也没入过狱不了解,倒是监狱里的“规则”,那已经是俺们全国人民都知道的“秘密”了(飘柔?)…..( ¯ □ ¯ )


        • Translation of what she/he replied to Buga:

          I understand this article isnt to slam China, thats why from the start I said “Regarding SOME parts of this article”.. I am referring to views of some people…

          Regaring prison and Urban management (*cant understand this word, I used google translator for it. And I think it’s wrong),

          Honestly, our younger generations often complain saying “how dark this world is” (*The phrase in the inverted commas i dont really know how to translate it may be wrong). However I think in general society is still rather harmonious, it isnt as bad as how others say. For example some Korean dramas show China as a pile of mess, violence everywhere, weapons scattered everywhere (-_-) That is certainly too fake.

          Regarding your taiwan business man incident, im not a taiwan businessman neither have I experienced ————- (Tired of translating plus I cant really understand)

          Hope the world will be more understanding, and less conflicts, also, SC is quite a nice stop, hope it’ll get better and better!

  • Someone criticized Japan for being “Male dominated” and said china was good because communism rid china of that.

    Things that are male dominated are good for Men. If that person doens’t want Men to be happy then said person should be shot like the woman in the pictures.

    • Wrong. if you think this is bad take a closer look at the middle east.

      Afghan, 9/11 and US attack, with the Taliban government, used to have public stonings as half-time shows for their soccer games. And these arnt crimes like say, Murder. these would be things like Adultury, women showing their face in public without an escort, and so on.

      In reality, it’s humanity as a whole that has become depraved, you read this article and reply with such a comment, thinking youself to be high above this “filth”. the fact of the matter is, you yourself are no better for reading this article and writing such a response.

      Just to stop any possible responses about hypocricy, I myself realize that I am corrupted, and that goes for the rest of humanity. if you dont realize this, you are the true victim here.

      • “become depraved” <-Implying humanity was originally a noble and empathetic species incapable of sadism and senseless violence.

        Fact of the matter is, we're basically still primates. Higher primates capable of higher thought and which evolution has graced with the capacity for reason and compassion, but at our base core we are still the same barbaric savage half-evolved beasts we were 50,000 years ago. We even have the evolutionary vestiges to prove it.

        The point I'm trying to make is: humanity as a species still has a long, long way to go.

      • true… but a country such as China, that’s aiming to embrace modern culture and to be recognized internationally, comitting this kind of acts i nothing short of disgraceful…

        There’s worse thing happening around the world, at Middle East and Africa, heck! even back at my own country at Indonesia, churces are being burnt with the priest and family left inside to be toasted together, and the government does nothing about it… it’s the truth and i’m not exaggerating it…

        But this is China we’re talking about, a nation aspiring to place themselves at respectable position in the world stage.. an emerging superpower, who unlike soviet, trying to approach in different way, not just thrugh military and nukes…

        To display this kind of spectacles… put aside the debate whether these people are innocent or not, just the fact that they masquerade prisoners that on death rows in front of civilians, barbaric, that’s all i can say..

        • I know that the execution is not public, but the fact that they’re paraded when they’re about to be sent for execution is cruel already…

          Btw, WTF… 1995?! Should’ve told about that earlier.. or at least with big bold letters… Why posts something that happened at China 14 years ago, now…

          IF, it is 1995, then this article is way outdated and unreliable…

        • Actually, if you were to look at the original article.

          The civilians were, in fact just watching the convicted criminals being paraded around the streets. the actual executions, always take place in an undisclosed location, and these are NOT public events, as the article led you to believe.

          The pictures of the execution are from 1995, 14 years ago.

          so, instead of calling “biased” on this article, it should rather be a fabrication of something that didnt happen.

  • Kitsune9Tails says:

    Wow, this is reminiscent of the middle ages, where thousands would throng to witness bloody murder. Nice to see China has finally progressed to the stage of barbaric butchery. Who knows where they’ll go next…

    Goddamn, sometimes the US and other western nations really bug the hell outta me, but it’s when I look at China that I’m damn glad to be an American.

    • the execution was of course never made public and never that brutal, its their inhuman crime that made ppl there want to criticise(or out of curiosity or whatever)and thus the throng,,

      the pics below(which only god and artefact knows where and when they are taken/from) just gave you the wrong impression you felt now
      in this sense, u cant but admit this is such a wonderful,convincing and successful propaganda or article if you insist..

  • I think in today societies (particularly in 1st world countries) we have too much stupid young lefty hippies who idealise too much about society because we don’t have enough mass public gatherings to remind us of patriotism.

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this site needs to change it’s “About” section. After reading previous posts, it’s clear I’m not the only one who thinks so.

    I don’t see how executions in china fits into a site “which is intended to capture something of the relationship between anime, manga and games, as well as such media forms as eroge and the visual novel.” (from the About section).

  • Things like the olympics make ya think “Oh wow! China’s so great!”

    but then ou see this and your just like..damn…reall fucked up…also I’m really not ok with sankaku posting pictures up…

  • Bullshit at the organ harvesting.

    Corpses have shit for organs, except for retinas and stuff. When a body dies, the main organs fill with poison. That’s why LIVE ORGAN DONATION in more valued. Makes you wonder how many executions go on behind closed doors.

  • you know what?
    being a racist and write racism/anti-whatever propaganda do make your views boost and your articles popular,
    so just keep on, artefact,
    there’s 5000 years of history in china(or the whole human civilization) and 5000 years of crime story, you’ll never be short of material to make your “subject-centered” site more “audience-centered” or, perhaps, rant-centered(as you so eagerly wished)?

    soon there will be a sikaku-complex or whatever but at least game/anime/ero-centered site, and we get a place to go,, instead of your wonderfully audience-centered site .

    • McThinkerton says:

      I don’t get it.

      If the article was on how stupid Americans are for sending death threats to AIG executives for getting bonuses instead of getting mad at their congressmen for giving the AIG execs the bonuses, would it be racist? I mean that is really stupid – like one of the stupidest things in the far less than 5000 year history of the United States. Plus, Congress followed that act by actually passing a punitive tax against the executives – the legislation for that tax endangers the very foundation of the rule of law in the United States. Talk about stupid.

      If the article was about one of the numerous wrongful convictions and executions that have taken place in Texas, would it be anti-Texas propaganda?

      Is there any criticism of China that is acceptable, or is anyone that does not agree with you a racist?

      Who is this “we” you are talking about? Are you speaking for every Chinese person when you say “we get a place to go”?

      I don’t mean for this to sound like a personal attack or a “rant”, I seriously do not understand you. Could you please clarify your post?

      • you dont understand?
        read it for another 3 times, if you still dont, go ask your primary school english teacher ,not me.

        you want to discuss the AIG shit or whether an article bombarding Texas is anti-Texas or not, talk to artefact , he LOVES it, as long as you talk it here of course.

        • McThinkerton says:

          So that was the wrath of Kon?

          Interesting. I like how you are smarter than everyone too – perhaps that is the superior Chinese mind created through 5000 years of history.

          u no undrstnad ncomplet sentance u st00pid man, no worri it yo mam fult

          Please continue to reply, it rely boosts the views of this article and ensures that there will be more. I do understand you, I just want to make sure that there continues to be more content that you don’t like and that you were actively involved in creating the situation you don’t like.

          I hope that you try to make a sikaku site, I hope you invest a lot of time into, and I hope it fails just like you do here.

          Kon = Angry = Fail

        • are you masochist or just stupid or sth?

          arguing(if it can be called so) with you alone lowered me so drastically that it makes me feel shameful that i had bothered with you

          if you cant understand what others say and still cant after being explained again,, you can go home to your mom instead of humiliating yourself more by repeatedly trolling

          is insolence the disguise of/reaction from the humiliation of having a poor comprehension?(dont worry buddy the onus’s on your parents rather than you)
          my apology ,i should have been more considerate,,, had i known your poor brain capacity….

        • McThinkerton says:

          So then, basically everyone that doesn’t agree with you is a racist? And you are Chinese and speak for all Chinese people?

          Wow it is such an honor. You are like Jesse Jackson or something. Holy crap.

          Do not criticize the China or you will suffer the wrath of Kon W.

          Hahahah lame

  • I think I am losing faith in humanity, the fact that people do not learn from historical cruelties is sad enough, but to think that in 21 century someone would kill without remorse and forget, its unforgivable.

    China ignored completely human rights and mutilated its people committing crimes against humanity, I suppose there no other solution but war all over, can the world afford to war against china? or do we have to keep ignoring the butchering to be able to have “made in china” products?

    -_-, why can’t people just get along?

  • McThinkerton says:

    I just found this site while searching for the meaning of “Ecchi”. This site is pretty interesting and I am actually glad that this was posted here.

    I am no “Panda Hugger”, but China really isn’t that bad of a place. In fact, I like(d) China enough to learn how to 讲中文. There are lots of things to like about China, however the totalitarian government is not one of them.

    I think it is funny that where ever there is a post critical of China, there is some defensive jackass waiting to respond that China has a 5000 year history and China is the best thing since sliced bread (or something to that effect).

    China, like everything else, is not perfect so calm down Anon dude. If the brainwashing made you so insecure that you can’t say things like: “yeah that method of execution might have been a little much,” “charging the family for the bullet is a little harsh,” or perhaps “hmm that does appear to be a little fkuced” you are not thinking for yourself – you are a communist robot.

    The United States does lots of stupid things and Americans are the first to call shenanigans on ourselves. Chinese people all to often get defensive because of insecurity. Could you just man up and say “Yes, some things about China do suck” – could you?

    Also, no one forced you to click on this link or read this article. If you don’t like it, skip to the next article. Freewill is awesome, try it out.

    Went ahead to the next article on the garters; I am thinking that might be what ecchi is all about. 😉

    • I know this post was pretty old, but just had to reply to such a stupid comment. No one is saying China is perfect, you’re saying it as if China should never be defended because it’s a fucked up totalitarian state in your mind.

      Why do you have to think ‘this is a little bit fucked’ to not be a communist robot. The event is fucked, the execution might be a bit outdated, but I still think it’s justified.

      • McThinkerton says:

        Um okay…

        Of course China should be defended sometimes, it is the blind defense of China that I was talking about – China is not infallible. Just as it is obvious that China should be defended sometimes, it should also be obvious that there are times that China should be criticized.

        When someone says that criticism of China is racist I think that it is a defense mechanism of the insecure.

        Yes China has a totalitarian government and that is not just my state of mind. Does that mean that China can never be defended or praised? No, China is quite adept at carrying out long term plans and one of the main reasons for that is their totalitarian government.

        However, back to the main topic, the whole situation leading to this girl’s execution was messed up. It reminded me of the story “Justine” by Marquis de Sade. Although I am not a big fan of the death penalty, the execution itself was justified – she is a murderer. Everything leading up to the execution and the way in which the execution was conducted was not quite right.

        Thanks for not being a communist robot Cibai! 🙂

        Oh and if I am stupid and we seem to agree with each other does that make you stupid too?

  • Although so many negative comments about all china news….
    But indeed those topics increase more traffic & attractions for this site….
    so those chinese extremist really helping Artefact & entertaining others as well.

  • wow. suddenly because i read these articles about china and take interest in them, I must hate china and am racist against chinese?!


    If I didn’t read these kinds of articles here, where else would I read them? Because I don’t know.

    Trying to prove another person (Artefact) is racist only proves that you are racist yourself. So what’s the point anymore? You try to break down everything into racial slander trying to get a “Anti-China” logo added above but there’s a thing called ‘being polite’

    Yesterday, I read a newspaper article from where I live – Australia. It said after 220+ years, we’re still racist against Aboriginals. What all of us? I maybe see 1-5 Aboriginals per year. And Suddenly like you, I am made out to be racist. Yeah… great. Can I sue for slander? no. because the article talks about people in Australia. I live in Australia, therefore I have to be lumped in with the rest of the population. Even if I don’t like it.

    My point is : Shut up. Get over it.

  • “a hotel manager took pity on her and forced her into prostitution.” Lolwut? How is using her as a prostitue is pity? Or did He pity her and took her for taking care at first but then awakened to loli and…?

  • shit thats brutal but i dont think its from recent years
    i mean from the uniforms of the soilders to the guns they use and the cloth of the civilians
    its probably like somewhat 10 15 years ago?

  • the amount of anti-chinese propaganda is getting absurd. a site dedicated to japanese pop-culture should stick to that. i’m not even chinese and these one-sided attacks are getting on my nerves.

    • it just displays the worst in many countries. if you have a problem, go back to google news for happy fun time “news”

      so for the record.
      middle east= legally fuck lolis
      japan=everyone is a rapist. your teacher, your next door neighbor,your sister,your 10 year old cousin.
      america=redneck Christians,hillbillies and fucking your cousin,believes in God.
      china=poor country where poor people do things poor people do.
      korea=eat a cat and dog

    • Crimson Tears says:

      Actually, I’m not too sure why this site has so many Chinese stories either. I’m just guessing a majority of them are rather sensationalist and people enjoy that kinda thing. There are a good amount of stories from the US too, so besides Japanese articles, there are a lot of ones that are just plain weird/bizarre/lolworthy and generally entertaining (not this one though, but shocking to say the least).

  • So they don’t have a family to send the bill for the bullet, then?

    Or give them shots of alcohol whether they want them or not (Something the PRC does with Muslims who are to be executed.)

  • Crimson Tears says:

    Wtf @ method of execution. Couldn’t they have used lethal injectin? x_x

    On a side note, I tl;dr’d all the comments here lol. People report what they want to report. To some it may seem like biased propaganda and selective reporting. To others, it may not. At the end of the day, it’s just one site on the internet, and it’s not even a news site. So unless you trust SC to update you on all current affairs, you could let it slide. I’d be quicker to condemn any signs of “propaganda” if this were, I dunno, CNN or something. (Not saying CNN doesn’t have propaganda lol…)

  • I just hope the link to the video isn’t a real link. The story is awful, but nowadays it’s kinda like normal crap you’d hear on the news anyway, so no big deal. But having even only a link to an execution video? THAT would be totally awful and dis-tasteful.

  • Kabayongtao says:

    I may not have a good background about the topic athand but still, if the implementation of death sentence is unavoidable, they could have at least shown a little respect by not releasing pictures of the prisoner’s dead body?

    As far as I know, Saddam Hussein’s actual execution was not open for media coverage although an amateur video shot from a phone came out. Although I believe that such censorship was not made out of respect but well at least they tried :))

    Oh well, things can differ from each country and its case.

    • FLEIA China over a public execution of a criminal? Maybe we should attach an E-Death Note to a FLEIA Mark 2 Nuke armed with Lelouch’s eyes and take out your “perfect, unsoiled” country of origin.

      • Oh my~…

        “China is estimated to carry out as many as 10,000 judicial executions annually”

        I think there’s a diff. between 1 and 10k ppl. More reasons? Just click “China” tag.

        + lol, as if I was that srs ’bout FLEIA.

  • I thought that Sankakucomplex was about anime, manga and Japanese (sub)culture (like otaku etc.); I think pure politics should be banned from the site; there ARE better sites for these kind of “news”. Although politics that are mildy related to anime/manga are in my opinion okay (to post at

  • Wow….. Her heat is totally gone…..
    I think it’s kinda amazing that they would use such a huge gun to dispatch a couple of helpless convicts.
    It’s fully automatic no less.

    Hmm, it’s right that she was executed.
    Don’t get me wrong though, I mean, letting her off on her first murder is totally understandable, as even I would of done such a thing if I was constantly raped and my children murdered.

    However, her second murder is probably less justified. Although, I don’t know.

    • Using such a huge gun is completely justified. As someone mentioned above, this way the convicts didn’t feel a thing and were dead in a second. It’s more merciful this way. (Of course it’s also more “spectacular” and helps the audience get the message.)

      As for her second murder, true, it’s less justified but the poor woman was probably completely out of her mind by then. Look at her life, no one would be sane after all she went through. Murder or not, she’s a victim – I hope whatever afterlife waits for the bastards who had done this to her (and to those who had still do this to other men and women) it’ll be worse than hell.

  • Well the court was uncharacteristically sympathetic which ended with another murder^^ Yep she totally shouldn’t have been executed…just let her free in the jail and we would have more space for more prisoners 😉

  • I’ve read that they give the prisoners barbituates so that they don’t resist (and cause a scene) and so that they can harvest the organs more efficiently afterwards.

    There is big money for the Chinese Communist Party in selling those organs around the world. Good for first worlders who need a transplant but not so good for the young people they murder. I guess they figure “there’s more where they came from”.

  • China; one of the very earliest civilizations to achieve ancient modernization and new invention..

    ..yet turned to be a barbaric country even in the 20th/21st century. China’s “justice” laws were already f#cked up even in the BC, your father killed a guy and the whole family will undergo an execution.

    Pity that lady, such a horrible decades of life which ended with an ugly form of death.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Be silent with your wretched communist apologetics. Communism is an abomination in theory and in practice.”
          Why yes it is. But China does not practice communism in its economy now does it?
          Economics wise, China realizes that capitalism it the true source of profit. North Korea even realizes this, and is experimenting with capitalism.
          I was not defending communism. Nor was I speaking on behalf of communism. Communism is a foolish Utopian ideal that can never be realized. I was simply defining the economic system on which China now employs, saying it was not the Utopian ideal everybody takes it as.

        • “They ARE a socialist republic ruled by the Communist Party of China, to be precise”

          Once again, that’s an oversimplification.

          Labels are meaningless. Case in point–the German Democratic Socialist Republic–better known as former East Germany. They were not democratic IN THE LEAST.

          To get to the TRUE nature of a country’s current government and economic structure, it’s important to go into depth.

          I’ll just copypasta for the details again. I didn’t write it, but it basically spells it out WITH THE MOST ACCURACY:

          “tl;dr-chinas not communist for a shitload of reasons.

          China actively practices a modified socialist economic system known as a mixed economy, otherwise referred to as “socialism with Chinese characteristics”.
          Capitalism thrives in China in certain technological industries, but the government still maintains corporations like banks, weapons manufacturers, and telecommunications.
          While China still maintains that it still upholds it’s Marxist values, and “calls itself communist”, one has to stop and realize what communism really is.
          In short, actual communism is not feasible in the 21st century world we live in, especially in such a large country as China. A classless, egalitarian society would be very difficult to maintain, nevertheless establish. This is why China must rely on it’s mixed economy. The majority of Chinese citizens do not have the “revolutionary fever” of the old days anymore. Most are indifferent to maintaining a completely communistic government.
          So basically, China is not a communist country in actuality. Communism in large countries fails, as seen by Russia. China is still holding onto the name, perhaps too proud to admit they are wrong”

        • “tl;dr-chinas not communist for a shitload of reasons.

          China actively practices a modified socialist economic system known as a mixed economy, otherwise referred to as “socialism with Chinese characteristics”.
          Capitalism thrives in China in certain technological industries, but the government still maintains corporations like banks, weapons manufacturers, and telecommunications.
          While China still maintains that it still upholds it’s Marxist values, and “calls itself communist”, one has to stop and realize what communism really is.
          In short, actual communism is not feasible in the 21st century world we live in, especially in such a large country as China. A classless, egalitarian society would be very difficult to maintain, nevertheless establish. This is why China must rely on it’s mixed economy. The majority of Chinese citizens do not have the “revolutionary fever” of the old days anymore. Most are indifferent to maintaining a completely communistic government.
          So basically, China is not a communist country in actuality. Communism in large countries fails, as seen by Russia. China is still holding onto the name, perhaps too proud to admit they are wrong”

          Quoted for truth.

          And Firetribe—you might want to think about going to community college.

        • So China is socialist and they don’t want to admit it? They’re pretending to be the real deal, when they’re really a fake?

          That sounds so like China!

          BTW, I would like recant my comment about the USSR being a war factory, they stayed selfsufficent for awhile by consuming their own proto-China quality goods…. and some guns.

        • tl;dr-chinas not communist for a shitload of reasons.

          China actively practices a modified socialist economic system known as a mixed economy, otherwise referred to as “socialism with Chinese characteristics”.
          Capitalism thrives in China in certain technological industries, but the government still maintains corporations like banks, weapons manufacturers, and telecommunications.
          While China still maintains that it still upholds it’s Marxist values, and “calls itself communist”, one has to stop and realize what communism really is.
          In short, actual communism is not feasible in the 21st century world we live in, especially in such a large country as China. A classless, egalitarian society would be very difficult to maintain, nevertheless establish. This is why China must rely on it’s mixed economy. The majority of Chinese citizens do not have the “revolutionary fever” of the old days anymore. Most are indifferent to maintaining a completely communistic government.
          So basically, China is not a communist country in actuality. Communism in large countries fails, as seen by Russia. China is still holding onto the name, perhaps too proud to admit they are wrong.

        • Actually communists really care about making money, take the Soviet Union for instance.

          Have you ever wondered why the AK-47 is the most widespread weapeon in the world? The USSR sold weopeans to to fund their economy.

          Communism ends when the money runs out.

        • Crimson Tears says:

          @Tsunande: Learn not to tar everyone with the same brush.

          @Artefact & etc: China is a socialist, not a communist, country. What we see is a reflection of its communist past. Since when do communists care about making money?!

  • I was scrolling through the article, and realized that while more graphic pictures are censored on the actual site, there’s no such censorship on the RSS feed item.

    For items that are censored on the site, beyond the regular, “Toggle Visibility of Mature Content”, are there any plans to make the censorship on the site and that on the RSS feeds a bit more consistent, or is this intentional, since I know some would rather see everything in their RSS reader, instead of being presented with a link and being forced to visit the main site anyway.

    I’m using Google Reader.
    Now that I think of it, I have a suggestion for the button, “Toggle Visibility of Mature Content”, to either be moved to the top of the page, or have one added there in addition one on the bottom.

    I’m asking because sometimes the long posts, especially the gallery ones, make it kind of difficult to, “Catch” the button, as the images load and the page sort of jumps around.

    • It’s not possible in any trivial way as RSS doesn’t allow any scripting or advanced layout at all.

      Generally we want to encourage people onto the site, so the RSS is really intended in that fashion rather than as an end location. From the perspective of a publisher, the RSS feed is very restrictive – we can’t provide any advanced features at all, the design effort is wasted and users are isolated from the comments and most intra-site links.

      As I understand it, basically everyone leaves the toggle in the on position and forgets about it. Still, a discrete icon at the top may be possible.

    • Why don’t people post the aftermaths of executions in the U.S via lethal injection or better yet, the electric chair. And since the U.S already is the world leader, I’d say the world has already ended.

      • Um we got rid of the electric chair because people thought it was inhumane and there is debate about ending lethal injection due to the prisoners feeling like their burning alive when they die.

      • Crimson Tears says:

        Ditto xD Honestly, the only thing I objected to was the method of execution (and the fact that people were invited to spectate, though I’m sure many curious Americans would be happy to watch an execution in the US if they were similarly invited lol…) besides that, the death penalty is the death penalty. The US, Japan and many other countries in the world still have the death penalty, so have fun branding all Americans and Japanese sick fucks, and telling them to fuck themselves. o.O

  • KajunBowser says:

    And we’re to talk to ppl like this? srsly!? In fact, we talk to the Chinese, and they continue to do this sick s#!t to ppl in their country. This is not just a piece of 1984 coming to life, this smacks of events leading to the end. Not Zero could help out China at this time. But, what am I talking about? It could happen here in a few years (conspirators believe).

  • Damn the justice system of China!!! Can you see the poor girl suffered a hard time since the day she was born? Isn’t there any other way rather than death sentence? You bastards just want her organs! I’m so ashamed of sharing the same bloodline with you communist swine! F#&K YOU CHINA.

  • Yes, an assault rifle will blow your head off.

    And I wouldn’t believe that story, it’s just sensational and meant to victimize her. In other websites she’s just depicted as a Tibetan rebel of some kind.

    Yeah, people are being executed, yeah it’s ugly, and I think that yes, people need to know. But her “story” is pointless and certainly made up to make it sound even more tragic.

    And I think you should stop posting crap like that.

  • Get out China.
    Get out of my Economics.
    Get out of my Internet.
    Shoot yourself into Space or nuke yourself for all I care, just vanish. If the citizen don’t care about what their nation does in generally, I don’t care what would happen to them (in generally)

  • i approve of this. for whatever reason they may have, killer need to be kill.

    just because there isnt a news about the outcome of 2 rapist does not mean they walk freely. they might receive the same treatment as above but they did not get as much attention as the lady. and even there is, its only occupy a small pages in the newspaper

    • Murder leads to more murder, and frankly, giving a corrupt government that kind of power just leads to unjust, and unnecessary bloodshed. Shit wouldn’t happen with a proper judicial system in place, and competent authorities.

      Meeting murder with MURDER is pretty stupid, since it just reinforces the idea that those with power should do w/e the hell they want. And let me just say that the rapists could have been intoxicated, and not of sound judgement, even if that doesn’t absolve them from responsibility, it should at least absolve them from a death sentence.

      That said, the fact that the Chinese citizens approve of, and/or can tolerate the bullshit of their government is amazing.

  • Your site features 5 main categories: Anime, Manga, H, Games, and Japan. Maybe you should add a 6th category called anti-Chinese propaganda, as it seems you have been posting an increasing number of articles painting China in a negative light. These articles often contain subtle connotations that such incidents like a mother allowing her daughter to take a dump, or an individual with growth abnormalities is representative of the ENTIRE population. Stabbings, perverts, and other deviants in your Japan related articles are stressed to not be indicative of the whole population, and there are certainly NO ONE with deformities or areas with poor amenities. Your frequent statement that since China is 1/6 of the world’s population, it is home to 1/6 of the world’s depravity is testament to your biased articles. In order words you are saying that China itself is 1/6 of the world’s depravity. I see what you did there.

    While I don’t really know what to think about public executions, bear in mind that there is a tendency for people to want to witness justice, especially like in the case with the tainted milk scandal. Even in more “humane” countries with capital punishment, families/friends of the victims are often invited to witness the perpetrator meet his end. Plus I don’t know where you got your 10000 number from as The Economist and Amnesty International puts the number at 1718 for the year 2008. 1718 for a population of 1.3 billion.

    Isn’t your site an otaku-related blog? If you like China so much, why don’t add it to your list of featured categories?

    • I take all the articles here with a grain of salt. Either by how they were translated, who essentially reported it, how often the news source only posts sensational stories, if the picture may be taken out of context, but I tend to compare these articles to similar news stories from other countries, and how often I can recall events like those reported from China take place elsewhere in the world, and vice versa for many countries.

      I don’t consider these types of stories always an accurate depiction, not always unbaised, but if I keep my sources for news open and consider other articles posted by other news sources, I can get a better picture of how things essentially are in particular countries. Essentially, I don’t rely on one source for all my international news.
      Which is a good lesson to follow, in my opinion.

      I think the main reason why we see such articles here, are the fascinating comments and doramas that result afterward! ;D

        • Okay, I’m glad we’re cool on that matter.

          You’re right that this really isn’t the appropriate place to discuss these matters.
          I am committed to making this an excellent site, such that it already is, I believe you have my email if you ever want to discuss such things in more depth, and out of public scrutiny.

        • I would be more relaxed with this kind of critical attention, but for the fact that I tend to be of the opinion that such public statements need to be challenged where appropriate. However, I don’t have time to spend all day defending the site in the comments, so you see I am forced to be terser and less forgiving that I otherwise might.

        • Well, just understand that it is my journalistic side that causes me to question sources and not really trust anything firsthand.

          I have a lot of respect for you, Artefact.
          If I really felt this was an issue *you and I* would have mauled each other in the comments many times before now.

          But I am willing to accept your argument, mostly because I did not actually intend to provoke you (though I tend to do that often, whether I mean to or not).

          Between much of the comments on this thread, I can tell this is not my fight anyway.

        • I am writing anonymously and you will just have to deal with that.

          If there were any problems with accuracy or otherwise then we would have been mauled in the comments many times, to say nothing of the response of other sites.

          As it is, our information is routinely cited in all manner of other online publications of standing, and this reputation is acquired and retained only by maintaining the highest standards of quality at all times.

        • Eep. Sorry.
          That’s not how I meant it.

          I can’t expect every source to be 100% accurate, but I’m sure you can’t either.

          I suppose, more or less, I know the posters here, but I don’t know about them.
          If you offered something like a profile page about yourself and the others, with information such as why you are credible in translating news from other sources in the languages you do, I would feel more at peace when I read these articles. Such as “I have X ammont of years studying Chinese,” or, “I was born and raised in Germany, and speak the language fluently.”

          I know you write and translate these stories to the best of your abilities, and I do not mean undermine your journalistic and editorial standards.

          Rather, I appreciate this site very much, and it is among the news sources I go to to get a scope of world affairs.

          I can understand you being upset at that comment, I would if someone thought little of my knowledge of language and translations, but I have more than a good feeling that you have a grasp of the language given how many times you translate raw articles from sites such as Heaven and the like.

          I just would feel more content and trusting reading articles like this knowing your background in the information, same as for any other regular poster here, and their subject matter.

          If you have a regular tech reporter, I’d like to know their experience with technology; for a game reporter, I’d like to know if they have any particular claim to fame for game knowledge, programming, how long they have been gaming. And in any case, if they source a Japanese artice (which is 90% of the content here anyway) just how much knowledge they have in the language.

          You, I am certain, have more of an understanding of Japanese that many of the other posters, so I will certainly credit you for that.

          Jeez, I keep going on and on, sorry. This comment is so large, it’s starting to look like I’m making an argument, but I am not.
          I’m just a little frustrated is all.

    • Since this site is Japanese centric and the Chinese harbor racial hatred for all things Japanese, I find these TRUE stories about China to be quite appropriate. Until the Chinese are able to free themselves from the racist and totalitarian gangsters called the Chinese Communist Party we should read the truth. Thank you for this article!

      • “The Chinese harbor racial hatred for all things Japanese.”

        That’s like saying Americans harbor racial hatred for all things African. Honestly, I was surprised by how many Chinese teen walk around reading manga or talking about anime. Good job generalizing an entire country based on what you see on a blog.

        • Just because they buy Japanese goods doesn’t mean they can’t hate them too.

          My kids tend to share my love of anime and manga.

          My partner is Chinese and is not enamoured of the Japanese but doesn’t revile them.

          My Father in law does revile them, but he did fight against them in the war and has his reasons.

    • Your accusations are about as spurious as they come. There are critical articles of all kinds here, and I can only presume that your being Chinese leads you to fixate upon China as somehow being a victim.

      “In order words you are saying that China itself is 1/6 of the world’s depravity”

      I said absolutely nothing of the sort. When I said it is home to a sixth of the world’s depravity (at least, as there are relatively undepraved places like Europe to consider), that is all I mean. It is a foetid mass of humanity, like all the other nations.

      The extreme nature of the stories we can see there, and the huge demand for shocking and bizarre news (just open a newspaper) make it an excellent choice of coverage. People are also interested in China in way in which they are not in a place like India or Africa.

      This site is not an “otaku-related blog” and what I like has very little bearing on what is featured here.

      • How the fuck is this not an otaku centric blog? Your just using an excuse.

        You list all the otaku’s interests right next to your gigantic logo.

        Less politic shit more weeaboo shit please.


      • Artefact: “People are also interested in China in way in which they are not in a place like India or Africa.”

        Gee, the comments in the comments section really proves this interest well with stuff like: Fuck the Chinese, sick bastards, China sucks, etc, etc.

        Even in articles about deviants in Japan or your one off articles about other regions like the U.S and Romania don’t produce this type of delightful interest. One doesn’t have to be Chinese to spot a certain trend.

      • “I said absolutely nothing of the sort. When I said it is home to a sixth of the world’s depravity (at least, as there are relatively undepraved places like Europe to consider), that is all I mean.”

        And what assumption and facts do you have to back up your claim? You merely assume that having 1/6 of the world’s population suddenly means they have 1/6 of the world’s depravity, just by virtue of having a larger population. Why don’t you say they have 1/6 of the world’s wealth, or 1/6 of the world’s intelligent people? I mean, based on your ratio-logic, it’s got to be true right??? And I suppose India, which has a population of 1.1 billion, should also have around 1/6 of the world’s depravity by your logic, huh?

        • ManaYagami says:

          If you paid attention to the other posts, you would notice that there are a lot of Chinese people who visit the site and don’t give a damn about this kind of news or when a damn is given, they even agree with the criticism, so why are you whining so much? Do you feel so butthurt because a country was criticized?

          If that was the case for everyone else, then half of the news would be filled with hate since they end up criticising someone or something from some country, be it Japan, China, Korea, USA, Brazil, etc.

        • I didn’t contort what you said, I only took your points, expressed my disagreement with them, and attempted to disprove them. I also attacked your logic, and line of thinking, but that’s about it. I used analogies to construct a counterbalance and presented it.

          Your line of logic went: underdeveloped countries tend to have a high level of depravity. So I countered: No, even at the same level of development countries can have uneven levels of depravity, and just because a state is considered advanced, like the U.S and Austria, it does not mean they have a low rate. Chicago and Toronto are cities in advanced countries, of similar size, wealth, and demographically similar. Yet Chicago has a substantially higher rate of crime than Toronto. See, an analogy to prove a point?

          Oh, and now with the bum’s rush, huh? Well, I guess in our healthy academic debate, we’ve proven a point: That your audience likes depravity, and they hate Chinese people. So why not peddle what they like to the masses. I do give you props for being so forthcoming and honest about what you do. You just give the masses what they want. So why not just create separate category then? Put it right next to your shiny logo!

        • As usual your only effective tactic is to attempt to contort and misrepresent what I have said into what you would have liked me to say. You are talking rubbish and I said no such thing.

          Also, you are welcome to go elsewhere if you don’t like the mix of content here. Hundreds of thousands do like it, so I am afraid the majority’s voice is the only one I am inclined to hear on this.

        • “In terms of per capita depravity, it seems intuitively obvious that nations with less development are going to have more than other nations. We could probably verify this with statistics.”

          That is like saying since per capita, most criminals come from low income or impoverished backgrounds, then most poor people are criminals. But even among the poor, there are numerous cleavages, and there are certain groups that are predisposed to crime, and others which are not. Just because you are poor and undeveloped does not negate that raping is wrong, killing is wrong, and other acts of depravity are wrong. Nor does a developed country guarantee pristine free streets, free or crime and depravity.

          I don’t think anyone is arguing that Artefact can do anything he wants with his editorial space, but just that by doing it in an anime/manga/hentai blog is a bait-and switch place to do it. If Artefact wants to create a politics focused blog, no problem. But here, please stick to Anime, Manga, Hentai, Games, and Japan, and stay on topics.

        • Actually, yes I think that’s EXACTLY what Artefact is saying.

          If China is home to one sixth of the world’s depravity, the world itself is unspeakably depraved. Many other articles on this site would attest to China not being unique in its depravity.

          And China does have a deeply fucked up government. If Artefact wants to use his own editorial space to condemn it that’s fine. There’s no shame in opinion.

        • In terms of per capita depravity, it seems intuitively obvious that nations with less development are going to have more than other nations. We could probably verify this with statistics.

          Why depravity? That is what people want to read about. I could write informedly about the economics of the region and of China, but alas, people would not be inclined to read this.

    • I don’t think it’s anti-chinese, if anything it portrait the swift justice chinese government delivers on a daily bases. Also it shows it’s merciful yet uncompromising, remember she was only sentenced for reeducating for the first MURDER ( not manslaughter, MURDER).

    • While its blatantly obvious artefacts opinions on what he is writing often seeps into his articles, I dont think he is biased toward china. He just disagrees with how they do things there and that is often mistaken for him being racist or anti-chinese.

      • It’s called editorialising. You see it in all media, but whether it is concealed and presented as objectivity varies on the context. Here you can probably identify a strong line of anti-censorship as the most consistently applied stance.

        And of course I do not object to China or the Chinese in general. This does not stop us from identifying the Chinese government and much of its culture as being abominations.

        • “I don’t contort everything, I just translate your logic and apply it to a different situation.”

          The problem is, different situation calls for different kind of thinking. You can’t use the same logic for all kind of situation.

          You need to be dynamic. Yes, people may call you a hypocrite, but its better than being dumb.

          Hey, why so serious? This site showed Malaysian’s otaku as some depraved maniac with nothing better to do than stalk a hideously obese seiyuu, and do you see people taking it seriously? Well, at least I don’t. And not directly showed, but, you get the idea.

        • ManaYagami says:

          lulz at the Anon who tried to define the act of changing a culture through force as “racism”. So, when the Catholic Church killed everyone in Europe that followed other religions, even when they were born and raised on the same country and/or city as their killers, they were being racist? Inform yourself before accusing anyone of racism, since the use of that word is so vulgar that has lost most of it’s value.

        • I’ll agree with Artefact here. This artical isn’t slander, it’s just pointing out another side of Chinese. If your unwilling to accept that, then your just being ignorant of another culture. All cultures have good and bad things to them. Japanese is a male dominated society, China is STILL communist…

          Further, the way we tell if a culuture is good or not is based off our own culutre. It’s like telling if something it hot or cold. If you’ve been outside in below 0 tempatures, and come inside and run your hand under a facet. Even its cold water will feel warm.

        • Only in your delusional mind is anyone slandering China. Random Forteana, scandal and shocking news about a variety of countries do not constitute slander.

          Wasting my time arguing with a pompous knave such as yourself about something as tedious as the definition of racism is opportunity I will pass on.

        • I don’t contort everything, I just translate your logic and apply it to a different situation. Your argument in favor of the genocide of Aztecs is like saying the Nazis did a great favor by attempting to wipe out the Jews. And then following up with the “moral question” Or do you support monopolistic control of one’s economy?

          Hating a culture doesn’t give you a right to wipe out their people, even if it’s a culture you disagree with. And hating a culture DOES make you racist. I suppose America should have been wiped out because of slavery longed before they reached the stage of the civil war. The British abolished slavery in 1807, and considering your use of prose, I presume you are British, you would have hoped that Britain’s mighty army had wiped out the Americans in the war of 1812. Yet, I think that is not the case…

          It’s a shame you won’t be continuing the debate, since despite the fact that your views are wrong, you appear to be a reasonably intelligent person with an interesting wit. And I commend that, which is why I enjoy your articles, when they AREN’T slandering China.

        • The Spanish did everyone a great favour by wiping out the Aztecs. Or do you support human sacrifice?

          It’s really not worth arguing with someone so desperate to contort everything they disagree with into an accusation of racism, so I will stop here.

        • Nah, your moderation is more the laissez-faire type moderation. Though humanity is divided into different general racial groups, the further subdivisions which arrive at what we have now with nation states, and ethnic minorities, so on and so forth, is not based on biological/genetic characteristics. So to say one is not racist because they love kawaii Japan, but hate those evil commie Chinese is a flawed statement. Racism occurs even at the most basic provincial, or municipal levels between groups that are indistinguishable from each other. To hate a culture IS to be racist. So if a Scotsman calls an Englishman a lowlife dog, that is being racist based on culture/religion/history alone. But aren’t they of the same Caucasoid race? So it MUST NOT be racist.

          Ha, it’s highly ironic that you mentioned: “Most people would agree that it is fine to eradicate cultures of slavery and human sacrifice, to take an extreme example. Some are romantic about such barbarism, until they actually experience it themselves.”

          I guess it was fine and dandy for the Spanish to wipe out the Aztecs then, huh? But you are right about people’s romanticism about slavery, which explains the immense interest for various sex slavery topics like the Austrian dad on your site. Maybe if your readers got to experience it themselves, they wouldn’t be so keenly interested in such a topic.

        • This does not stop us from identifying the Chinese government and much of its culture as being abominations.

          I’m not even Chinese, in fact, I’m Japanese, and I’m heavily offended by your comment. While the Chinese government could do with some improvement, your statement of Chinese culture as being an abomination is just naive. Have you ever been to Japan and witness how male-dominated the society is? At least China went through a period of Communism so that everybody, or at least the non-government officals, treats everybody else as equals. Perhaps you should ditch the blindly pro-Japanese ideals and stop being such a fucking weeaboo

        • In most cases, the only thing that separates an ethnic/racial group from one another is their culture, religion, language, and shared sense of history and identity. An ethnic group is as much an “idea” as culture is. Therefore, to insult a culture, is to insult the race. There is no decoupling. Perhaps people are racist without realizing it, but I highly doubt it.

        • If I wanted to “moderate” the comments I could just delete them.

          Racism is an idea based on physical observations of humanity. It is not the same thing as opposing cultural practices based on one’s own ideas. Most people would agree that it is fine to eradicate cultures of slavery and human sacrifice, to take an extreme example. Some are romantic about such barbarism, until they actually experience it themselves.

        • Culture is an attached attribute or a race or ethnic group. Your argument is flawed and is akin to saying Koreans are inhumane for eating dogmeat, or Filipinos are scum for eating balut, and then hiding behind the cultural argument and pseudo-intellectual b.s to avoid being called a racist. Just like the so called “White Man’s Burden” to civilize the uncultured peoples is somehow NOT RACIST by your logic, because it’s aimed at eradicating their “lowly” culture, and not the people.

          It’s more like you got called out for what you are. If you want to transform your site into a shrine for China haters, go right ahead. But don’t try to sit in an ivory tower, posting inflammatory articles on a supposedly otaku blog, and then try to “moderate” the ensuing hate fest in the comments section.

        • Culture is an idea. Race is a physical characteristic. I am happy to say I consider some cultures, political systems and values completely inferior to others in most crucial respects. I have never said anything of the sort about race, and trying to insinuate that I am somehow racist simply will not work.

        • I hope you meant the culture of the Chinese government, rather than the general culture of the Chinese people. Because, by writing off a culture as simply being an abomination is one of the textbook definitions of racism.

        • OigoMiEggo says:

          Dude, Artefact just posts what he can reasonably expect we would want to see. He’s the entertainer, we’re the entertained; if you don’t like it, gtfo of the area. It’s not like Japan’s teacher cake eating is any better for Japanese reputation.

        • Just as many bad things about Japan get posted. The only thing is the bad things about Japan aren’t as severe (relatively) compared to a place like China.

          Doesn’t help that China’s a shithole that people would rather move out of either. Who’d have thought stuff like political freedom and higher standards of living would be so attractive?

        • You claim he’s posting all sorts of bad things about China, but he’s put up all sorts of negative and crime stories about Japan. This article isn’t that different.

          You only get offended because it makes China look bad. I notice you aren’t complaining about stories that make Japan look bad.

        • I come for the porn and the h junk. Thanks for that. I doubt that you think only parts of Chinese culture are abominations. If so it would be racist. But I am sure you would agree Witch hunts of Europe, Sati in India, yada yada yada etc etc are also abominations. I dont know how you are supposed to be blindly pro japanese when you regularly write about the escapades of Japanese school teachers. My opinion of this site: Its a weird fun site filled with 3d and 2d porn, anime news, random anime facts, random and bizarre Japanese, Korean and Chinese news(mostly about crimes without proper justice).

        • lol there is no good in this world only bias and artefact

          why keep it real when you can keep it loud

          but yes very anti-chinese and anti-korean sentiment and very pro-japanese


          “ignorance is strength” no? 1984

        • I never said that there weren’t unbiased sites, the over 9000 blogs and various news agencies are indicative of this. I was merely pointing out how interesting it was for you to begin a trend of posting anti-Chinese articles on a site that is supposed to be focused on anime, games, and other elements of weeaboo culture.

          Ah yes, here’s your source of interesting news related to Clannad and your dose of daily hentai. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to stop by my anti-China section, fast becoming the gathering point for racist anti-Chinese retards.

      • There’s been quite a lot of articles about Australia, the United States, and various other countries than Japan.

        And it’s not painting all Chinese in a bad light, like you say. It’s expressing the cruelty of the people involved in the execution and bringing sympathy for the executed.

        I don’t go crazy and defensive like this when people “attack” my country, the United States, in these articles. The United States has many good things, but many bad things. And the bad things deserve attention as well.

        For instance, to call America a country full of “closed minded Christians”, would be true. Because open-minded, atheist or other non-Christian or even liberal Christian groups are uncommon.

        And I realize, that when people address this, they are talking about the majority, or even just people involved in these bad things. Not people like me who are also United States citizens.

        So no reason to get hypersensitive when it’s saying something bad about China. China is not a perfect paradise free from criticism more than anywhere else in the world.

  • hahahahahahah those death pictures are fuuunny. but i feel sorry fot the girl. she gets raped and sold and nothing happens to those people but then when she kills some randoms losers she has to die. man china is sooo fuck up.

    • What’s funny about these pictures? Are you just being facetious? Are you trolling? You do realize that the healthy human reaction to this is to be disturbed on some level, right? The (admittedly arguable) injustice, the grotesque nature of the pictures, and the humanizing details (her youth, the bizarrely incongruous cute knit sweater, her eye hanging off horrifically to one side, the fact that it’s real) should personalize it even more.

      I’m not criticizing your coping mechanisms, or even your coldness from seeing too much of this kind of thing. I just wonder how anyone could call this “funny.” It doesn’t work as humor, even /b/-style gallows humor. Based on the later part of your post, either: 1) you’re an extremely mentally ill person, or 2) you’re trolling.

      Why would you say it’s funny, but then talk about the injustice? You must be trolling.

  • Wow…how fast and how quickly do you learn to flee china….

    Quality of life for Rural china = Fail
    Government Accountability for taking care of those poor? Non Existent

    I Dont mind the whole justice thing, Since She did kill 2 People *despite what happened to her due to her economic circumstances* And I’m not gonna argue the death sentence.

    But one Flaw in this whole justice thing. The Guy Who Bought here from her Husband and His two cousins.

    HE Kills 2 people one being a baby and he gets to sleep easy?
    2 Rapists, and they get to walk freely?
    And the Victims gets NO help whatsoever.
    Justice was handed to her but not her Abusers,which would have prevented her own demise. Flawed.

    OffTopic- That Thing Totally took off her half her head o.O Damn.

    • I don’t think you quite followed the narrative of the story.

      “his two cousins took their chance to rape her, making her pregnant. One thought to buy her and keep the child.”

      “He tortured her into revealing the truth, and then slew both the father and the child.”

      “Despair and rage finally took hold of her, and she took a sickle and killed her husband as he slept.”

      Since her “husband” the cousin was already dead, clearly this refers to the guy who bought her off her earlier husband. So basically, one rapist gets off free, one rapist gets murdered, and the one who killed her baby dies by her hand.

  • I had no idea a 7.62X39 could do that much damage at point blank. Really gruesome.

    It’s very disturbing that China forces individual soldiers to kill people like this. At least when we do execution by firing squad in the US, it’s several men and one man fires a blank, so they all know that they might not have killed the person.

  • People get offended by news too much. Biased? Yes, of course it’s biased. That is a given, and if you can’t accept that by now then this site might be a bit too hardcore for you to comfortably read. More importantly, you should be able to just see past the underlying bias and just pull out the facts beneath the article; in this case, the public executions in China. It is a fact because no matter how an article is biased, it can’t change the fact that executions occur. Anything beyond that should be decided by yourself, as in how you feel about the executions in China, or just executions in general.