Strike Witches Second Series Announcement Announced?


Following the pompous tradition of a certain notorious anime producer, the official Strike Witches site carries an announcement of, and a countdown to, a weighty announcement, due on the 27th.

Speculation as to what it might be instantly centred on the much anticipated new season, thought to be an absolute certainty given the runaway success of the series, and the dire straits of Gonzo.

Of course, fans are reminded of the recent debacle surrounding Haruhi’s mythical second season; Gonzo’s only record with Strike Witches has been to deliver on its promises of loli and pantsu, and fans thanked them for it by opening their wallets en masse

Regarding other possible announcements, few spring to mind unless we credit Gonzo with the same kind of superb marketing acumen as Kadokawa; it seems unlikely they would dare to follow in their footsteps even if they were inclined to announce a rerun or whatever else, considering the lingering aftermath of those efforts…

Perhaps a Blu-ray release could be the spoiler, though the timing seems unlikely.

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