3D Custom Girl Gets Somcon Dutch Wife Support


Onanists with a pressing need for the highest technology satisfaction will be delighted to hear that the premier CG porn creation tool, 3D Custom Girl, recently enhanced by the XP pack, is receiving  full support for the automatic onanism device “Somcon“, so the border between virtual girls and physical interaction has once again become more blurred.

Below you can see the unit being used in conjunction with a 3D Custom Girl skilled in the use of her feet (a cucumber stands in for the user):

You can read about the device in question in detail in the previous article.




The device itself is probably available from the usual stores.

The latest game in Overflow’s “Days” series, Cross Days, was also due to receive Somcon support, but as Overflow’s manifest inability to program a simple sequence of cut scenes stitched together with dialogue has resulted in their game being delayed, it is now some time off, and potential users are advised to be cautious in trusting themselves to such programing savants when the time comes.

Now all we need is for this robotic onanism technology to be paired with the state of the art in ero-dolls and we can await a new collapse in birth rates (but accompanied by a great decrease in sexual frustration)…

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