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Cyber Figure ARis: Molest a Maid Voiced by Yukana


Robotic figures may be some way off, but virtual figures, here in the form of a “Virtual Idol System”, are much closer.

Cyber Figure ARis, as she is known, possesses a 3D polygonal maid avatar of modest fidelity, along with charming voicing provided by the same seiyuu as C.C. of Code Geass (and Tear Grants), Yukana.

In addition, she responds interestingly to the full gamut of perverted experimentation her master will inevitably throw at her; you can see this rather amusing molestation in action in the below videos:

Fortunately, she forgets cruel treatment with the provision of presents, in what some would say is a not unrealistic fashion…

She seems to have received some wardrobe upgrades as well.

A very novel and interesting use of the technology (known as Augmented Reality, hence ARis, as opposed to Virtual Reality), I’m sure you’ll agree, and one it would be very interesting to see iterated over several generations, and given some established IP.

You can acquire your own ARis for $160; you’ll need a Windows PC and a web camera to go with it.

Thanks to CC for reminding me about this.

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