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Lucky Star Kagami Ita-Porsche


In another memorable Akihabara itasha sighting, photos of a Porsche given the ita treatment have surfaced, with the subject being Lucky Star’s famous tsundere, Kagami Hiiragi.

Owners of itasha tend towards more expensive and sporty cars for use, much as a painter would prefer to use a high quality canvas for his artwork, but going as far as using a Porsche is certainly beyond the norm…


The car was sighted parked in front of Tora no Ana’s main Akihabara store on Saturday. Akiba Blog reports that the car was parked for at least a number of minutes before the owner returned and drove off in a hurry.

Since this is undoubtedly the same “yellow Kagami Porsche” from the Comiket 75 that was reported (but not photographed) on 2ch, and Tora No Ana is one of Japan’s biggest doujinshi and manga retailers, we can safely guess that the proud owner was off buying doujinshi.


The official Lucky Star website and what apear to be sponsor badges are printed on the side of the vehicle, but as far as I’ve been able to investigate this is actually just a particularly avid fan’s work and not a publicity itasha, such as those pictured at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

The eroge itasha Lamborghini and Lancia Stratos used by Nitroplus and Age are more expensive than this Porsche, but as those are showcars and the Kagami Porsche is actually being driven (and parked in Akihabara’s main street, no less), it should probably receive bonus points…


Deredere Kagami peeking out the window is a very nice touch.

I’m not much of a car enthusiast (I prefer motorcycles), so I can’t easily identify the model of the car. It’s not a 911, is it?

Photos courtesy of Akiba Blog.


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