Nissan Itasha Rentals “Ride The Love Live Girls!”


Nissan’s car rental service is now offering an itasha covered in the cute faces of Love Live Sunshine‘s idols, giving those scrapped for cash the opportunity to see what it’s like to be inside their favorite anime idols.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 6, 2017 15:55

    BUS COLLOSION BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 4, 2017 15:32





Ooarai’s yearly Ankou Festival has once again returned, with the lovely tank girls of Girls Und Panzer unsurprisingly being scattered all across the event along with tons of purchasable goods and fabulous itasha for otaku to drool over.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 23, 2017 03:14

    Christ, it's just a show.... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 21, 2017 16:59

    Doesn't matter with what they are lined or what shells they use. Sometimes the tanks just flip over or get blown away, the kinetic shock of that sudden movement would kill the people inside. But... More

Love Live Sunshine Idols Ravaged in Accident


A Numazu bus wrapped in the cheerful faces of Love Live Sunshine‘s beautiful idols experienced a rather light traffic accident, fortunately causing no harm to any passengers present and more importantly, with no damage caused to the face or bodies of the worshiped 2D maidens either.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 12, 2017 20:50

    Allow me to "fix" this headline: Love Live Sunshine Idols Raepd in Ass by Accident... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 12, 2017 15:11

    The real voice actresses are old ugly women hiding behind Anime.... More

Bakuon! Itasha Motorcycles Emerge


The motorcycle-obsessed schoolgirls of Bakuon!! have unsurprisingly obtained sponsors for some real itasha motorcycles, bound to be perfect for those incapable of making their own trendy Bakuon!!-themed ride whilst likely proving pointless to the crafty otaku who can.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 12, 2016 17:01

    Sexy hair not on enduro bike *facepalm*... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 12, 2016 16:12

    Mister anon you are the best!!!! Cant imagine the girls of bakuon adults and having the same designs of the girls of golden boy ova......slurggg!!!!!... More




The oddly named trade fair known as “Character 1” has made its 2016 arrival, granting attendees the opportunity to witness a vast multitude of anime goods and other enticing means of promotion such as itasha and cosplay – all bound to be a profitable endeavor for a variety of products and franchises.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 8, 2016 12:49

    :-D... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 6, 2016 15:09

    That Eroqius artwork, I just about had a heart attack. It's too intense, even for an anime fair like this.... More

Nico Nico Chokaigi 2016 Itasha “An Otaku Dream!”




The recently concluded Nico Nico Chokaigi 2016 had doled out a surplus of trendy itasha for onlooking otaku to drool over, the vehicles naturally sporting illustrations of adorable girls from numerous different shows and all potentially proving effective in amassing more car sales.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 5, 2016 09:03

    The GT300 Studie Miku BMW race cars were really cool, those above are fugly mess.... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 4, 2016 23:01

    My pleasure. At least I have better tastes than you.... More

Odaiba Ita G Festa 2015 Painful Paradise for Otaku




The recent Odaiba Ita G Festa event held in Tokyo has revealed more fabulous itasha to the world, sure to astound both otaku and vehicle nuts alike and maybe even increasing car sales as well – although the scarcity of companions save for those emblazoned on the cars should serve as somber warning to all.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 12, 2015 00:26

    if a girl won't ride with you in animuu car then she's not the one. Find one who will and happiness will follow!... More

  • Anonymous commented on October 11, 2015 23:57

    Either the one who took those photos sucks, or the quality of the itasha has decline.... More

Niconico Choukaigi Ita-Toilets Far From Crappy


The ongoing extravaganza that is Niconico Choukaigi has revealed some rather peculiar anime goods designed by The Japan Unko Society, (who was also responsible for a pretty crappy imitation of KanColle), with “Ita-Toilets” now apparently surfacing as the new anime-chara endowed objects of otaku envy.

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  • Anonymous commented on May 14, 2015 16:30

    This is not the proper use of anime girls whilst inside the bathroom facilities.... More

  • Anonymous commented on May 10, 2015 12:44

    unkokoi... More

Love Live! Reoccupies the Yamanote Line



Cheerful idol anime Love Live! has apparently achieved the awe-inspiring milestone of 10 million players for their cutesy rhythm game “School Idol Festival”, and so is bringing the idols back to the trains of the Yamanote line to yet again to spread word of this achievement and hopefully hoover up even more players.

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  • Anonymous commented on December 26, 2014 00:55

    Lol I saw this today. Also, someone killed himself on that line a few hours ago.... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 21, 2014 18:38

    I downloaded love live school fest game jp version while I was looking for some good Japanese mobile game. The rhythm game is actually surprisingly fun. Maybe it's the catchy brainwashing jpop tunes.... More




The previously tranquil coastal town of Oarai has become a busy ota-pilgrimage hotspot ever since Girls Und Panzer‘s inception, with the town currently celebrating its annual “Angler Fish Festival” in honor of the popular tank-busting series – which has seen to a drastic increase in visitors to no surprise.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 21, 2014 02:32

    Wat?... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 20, 2014 22:39

    that shit you mentioned is much safer than any other state in America where you expect to see overweight cosplayers,reckless and unlicensed tank drivers that drives over 100mph across the freeway and anywhere-goes-spit-shooting angler fishermen.... More

Madoka Itasha Mauled


Madoka fans have been horrified at the latest in itasha accidents, with a Madoka-themed vehicle being subjected to one of the more tragically gruesome mishaps to date.

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  • Anonymous commented on November 2, 2014 07:47

    It's LCL... More

  • Anonymous commented on November 1, 2014 22:00

    gr8 b8 m8... More

Otaku Can Now Ride the Girls of Chuunibyou


Kyoto Animation have paired up with the Keihan Railway in promotion of its top school student romance anime Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Ren in an attempt to boost both disc sales and passenger numbers – offering otaku the opportunity of riding trains on the Otsu line decorated with a Chuunibyou theme as persuasion.

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  • Anonymous commented on March 24, 2014 10:36

    jjjjj... Train Otaku.... More

  • Anonymous commented on March 23, 2014 19:37

    So... doesn't this mean that most Japanese are anime otaku?... More

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