Schoolgirl Hits Bullseye


A 13-year-old girl scored and impressive, if unintentional, almost literal bullseye on her schoolmate, an 11-year-old boy, in a spot of recent archery practice. Miraculously, the boy survived the arrow burying itself deep into his brain and destroying his eye.

The accident occurred in archer practice at the school gym, when the girl pointed her bow at the boy and apparently accidentally loosed an arrow into him.

The arrow flew true, and entered his skull to a depth of 10cm by way of his eye-socket, apparently lodging in the very centre of his brain.

The unfortunate human target was immediately rushed to hospital, where he underwent emergency neurosurgery. Needless to say, he suffered some brain damage.

In spite of this grievous injury, doctors pronounced the operation a miraculous success, and the boy has regained consciousness and is said to be recuperating.

The girl responsible is said to have pointed the bow at him as a joke, but her hand slipped and her arrow found its mark. She joined the boy’s parents in a vigil over the boy whilst he was comatose. The boy’s family is poor and it appears the cost of treatment will burden them greatly all the same.

For its part, the school is cancelling archery practice and stressing to children the importance of safety.

Via Heaven.

You may recall the earlier almost identical case which occurred in Japan as opposed to China; if you were wondering how a child could possibly survive such an injury, it seems to be more common than one might think…

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  • Man bullshit LOVE you clearly meant to shoot him- she either bullying him or been bullied by him. Or she a psycho that just wanted to see what it was like to kill/hit someone. She probably didnt care the slightest.

    But needless to say that was one hell of a HEADSHOt.

  • As someone who has done archery since that age and enjoy its use in hunting I can honestly question the quality of the instruction being given at that school. 1st rule is always S.A.F.E.T.Y.
    Yes, I have helped to teach children as young as 10 to learn this sport. If the class size! is kept manageble,(budget cut anyone) then the instructors will not likely have this type of terible preventable injury happen. That said, shit happens. 2nd rule, safety. And if you really want to show them how nasty visualy/audible it can be just show them a nice old fashion pig hunt. They will scream and yell loudly when shot. the pig too. 3rd rule dont have more students that you can keep an eye on. Ok I will get off the soap box now. -Furbar23

  • My archery instructor told us on the first day not to point arrows at each other. He didn’t have to since it was a college class but he did anyway and I’m sure that kid’s instructor said it too. Oh well, another thing added to the list of things kids should not be allowed to do.

  • OK… this was traditional japanese archery… it´s a hell of a zen thing in japan, every step from takin the arrow to place it in the bow, pull the string, point, breath, and to finally shoot the danm thing it´s has to be in perfect harmony and has to be in perfect calmly soft movements.

    The girl obviously is somekind of airhead or has some mental problems or just plain stupid.

    AGE is not by any measure a sing of mental maturity, they get to practice this sinse early ages in japan, it´s invole a lot of mental, fisical and spiritual discipline to practice “KYU-DO” (if i write this correctly) “WAY OF THE BOW”.

    My father is over 60 an it´s a complete clown jerk, he does not respect a martial weapon or anything else, since day one i obtain my first sword i forbid him to even get near it (he toke it and start waving it around making what he believes are funny noises, like it was a funny joke making fun of me, he almoust stab my mother in the neck instead he stab the back of my hand when i stopped him, 2 stitches by the way, the fucking idiot).

    A cousin of a friend (24) and his younger brother (22) start one of their daily fights which escalates into a fucking gun duel with a pair of RIVET GUNS… They but survive almost unharmed… lucky bastards.

    And a neighbor lady (32) almost shoot his head off with her cop boyfriend´s 9mm gun, the bullet however found his way through the roof to his own dog… don´t worry the poor dog survive his mistress stupidity.

    And don´t even get me started about martial practice accidents when some fucking idiot who thinks he is a NARUTO NINJA or some kind of REBORN SAMURAI enters the gym an pulls one brilliant idea like playing swords showdown with the practice weapons with the rest of the newguys or worst try to pick a fight with any of us.

    • I’m glad to see a few commentators not give in to the knee jerk reaction of “kids should not be practicing archery”

      I’ve seen adults do stupid things in martial arts and other sports. Age does not equal to maturity, common sense, etc.

  • “The girl responsible is said to have pointed the bow at him as a joke”
    lol?couldn’t she come up with a better excuse….I swear kids these days.why do they even have archery in school anyway?~_~

  • If such a thing happened to me… be really really pissed…..wont get angry at the person who accidentally shot me but rather with the humiliation thats about to come in my precious life…

    Just imagine people who saw such tragedy call on to you with their insult “Hey aren’t you the guy who got shot in the eye with an arrow and it was a bulls eye” oh god how i rage…..

  • For some unusual reason, as I read this, I suddenly felt like this would make a fantastic romance manga/anime.

    We’ve got:
    – An 11 yr old male protagonist from a poor family.
    – A 13 yr old rich girl who has taken an eye and feels guilt about it.

    This gives us 2 main characters from different worlds brought together by accident/tragedy. They already have some kind of relationship going (else why would she jokingly aim at him?) with several obstacles in their way. ( The accident, social standing and that she’s 2 years older… )

    …based on a true story…

  • I felt bad for that boy. Getting shot in the right eye and permanmently losing his eye sight.
    archery classes should be takken in high school, not elemantry school, who knows what kids might shoot next other than the targets with their febble arms to Pull the stings

  • Children should NEVER be seen holding a weapon of any sort in any club activity (even if it is an Archery Club) without a supervisor. Some idiot is bound to disregard safety rules and go around pointing weapons at each other (because they think it is fun). While safety rules can be stressed, it is inevitable that they will be broken because the kids ‘forgot’ it or they gave in to ‘playful nature’ or ‘mischief’.

  • 10 cm into the brain and he still survives.
    Kudos to medical science, and evolution for well built bodies. We’re gonna own the aliens we meet.

    The girl’s family should foot a majority of the bill.

    • The issue of payment should reside within the camp of the offender.

      While on the topic of national health care epic failures why not discuss the problems with cleanliness in NH Hospitals. Oh and that unfortunate incident of elderly dying in droves a few years back during France’s “heat wave” (OH NOES IT WAS LIKE 85 OUT THERE).

  • I wonder if he will later forgive that girl…..cuz I know I’d have some trouble doing so. He’s lucky to be alive. I’m also surprised he didn’t yank the arrow out of his face right away, unless it knocked him out.

  • After this that kid that shot this guy will have a guilty conscience and when they grow up she’ll support him and be lovers at the end like an eroge. XD

    Seriously though Kids shouldn’t fool around with those, real life is different from anime, we either die or be left out injured losing a part of us if we get hit by carelessness of some people.

    May this be a lesson.

  • Huh. I guess it’s true, that children are more resilient to brain damage than adults. Who knows, maybe in ten years no one will be able to tell the difference… apart from the eyepatch or fake eyeball.

    Also with regard to the age issue — countries with conscription armies let 17 year olds handle assault rifles loaded with live ammunition. Yet most accidents occur due to something like overstress or fatigue and faulty procedure in e.g. mortar operation rather than jackasses.

    Still, bloody stupid to be playing around with bow and arrow like that. Archery is a martial art, and its equipment are weapons that should be treated as such. Even if it’s just “wooden swords” and “bamboo sticks”, they still crack skulls and crush throats if people aren’t careful.

  • GOD this is cruel, but that depends on what the boy did…somehow…
    So is the bows and arrows going to be banned or what?

    “I’m past 16 a long time ago and I still cant get hold of an airsoftgun before…”

  • Saw this a week ago in the papers here in the UK.

    Meh no different to when we were doing athletics using javelins or shotputs, started that at 11 here over in UK, and yes there have been accidents. Someone who was 16 being an idiot and pretending to throw a javelin at someone, instead the javelin left the hand and hit the guys leg. Didn’t ban athletics, the guy got suspended instead.

    Age isn’t much the problem here, it’s the attitude for the activity. I mean what idiot would point an arrow as a joke on someone. This can be used as the very same argument as Violent Video games should be banned as kids will copy it, because they’re kids, might aswell ban all knives for 14 yr olds then. Arhery isn’t the problem, it was the indiviual girl. I did a bit of archery at 14, you didn’t see me or others ending up on papers with an arrow through the head.

    People who stress the point of being over 16 to learn archery are only saying it because that’s what you think is the right age due to your culture. I can guarantee you even 16+ will have idiots doing stuff like that, probably more so at that age (actually there was a 16/17 yr old who acidentally hit someone with an arrow a while back in the UK…heh it was a girl aswell, was she the victim?…can’t remember). I’ve seen kids with BB Guns under 16 using one more safely than 16+ who goes around shooting people with one. I’m not suggesting we should allow kids under 10 learning archery though, it does require a bit of strength.

      • Unlike maturity, strength is much easier to measure and observe, and lack of it is more of a cause of accidents rather than being an idiot. You wouldn’t have a 10yr old lift a 85Kg fridge now would you, but you wouldn’t mind letting them use a knife to cut food to eat or even let the them play with a stick right? Sure there are some really strong 10yr olds, but on average how many average 10yr olds can retain a bow and arrow for more than 10 seconds? If it’s a mechanical bow with an automatic retention…maybe, but if not I highly doubt it; especially if the bow is not custom made to fit the physique of the average 10yr old. Honestly look at biological ageing, there is a consistency with strength and age. More so than maturity, since maturity does not have a real basis for when someone reaches maturity (mentally).

        Maybe age as a proxy for strength was not the best of choice I admit and could of , and ‘should’ have, explained better, but it’s still more valid than maturity. My main point still stands however. Strength/Physique is a more adequate measurement than a number that specify how old someone is, to participate in such an activity.

  • Lol how stupid can they be. You have to be 16 years old to use a soft air gun, but they allow 11 years old to use a real weapon lolz.

    That little bitchs family better pay up good to the boys family.