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Do you really think any pedophile in the world would stoop to molest those crimes against nature?

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  • Makeup Before & After “Crimes Against Nature”:
    I just counted and I would say there are six who there is no way you would call ugly outside of the context of photos taken to make them seem as ugly as possible to the weak-minded. 17, 16, 12, 10, 9, 7 6/20=3/10=.3 Some of the others I don’t think are ugly either but I don’t want to include grey areas.

  • Makeup Before & After “Crimes Against Nature”:
    Like a third of those women aren’t even ugly and actually look worse with fake skanky makeup on. The ones that were already ugly look creepy as shit with the makeup on.

  • Bayonetta First Climax Indeed! Sexy Nude Witch Action:
    Well it’s also a good game so I’m not sure what you’re even saying.

  • Japan “Most Sexist” G8 Nation:
    No basis? People get arrested in the UK over mean facebook posts and wearing anti-police shirts. Also probably half of all anime/manga in existence are technically illegal there. Nude scene in Evangelion = child porn. In America you have to seriously threaten violence or knowingly spread malicious rumors to be arrested over speech or art. Most developed countries have little if any respect for freedom of speech. I’m not sure why you feel the need to pretend that they do.

  • BTOOOM! Explosively Sexy:
    You’re right. Rape should be banned from use in fiction. I want to see GRRM and Alan Moore behind bars, as well as every stinky jap.


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