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its like that.. they still using this business model, otherwise if they design things to last longer, they would not profit much or go bankrupt imo. If they do things like, lets say selling ipod touch 1 with less feature, then within next year, ipod touch 2 with a shitty camera and some upgrades, then next year ipod touch 3 with better camera and adding some stuff that is probably gimmick, and it goes on and on, they earn much more by just doing that.

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  • Kidney for iPad Buyers Busted:
    iPads are made in China. USA is unsafe then.

  • Kidney for iPad Buyers Busted:
    Hey man, the 3DS is on a totally different level than the original. It can handle 2GB-8GB games. While the DS could handle less than two hundred megabytes. If only Megaman Legends 3 came out…

  • Kidney for iPad Buyers Busted:
    you took the words right out of my mouth :)

  • Kidney for iPad Buyers Busted:
    Ya, because sitting by and watching other people hurt themselves is the right thing to do. Seriously that mindset only makes people in this world that much worse. A little compassion and empathy go a long way even in cases with obvious stupidity such as this.

  • Kidney for iPad Buyers Busted:
    Basically almost every year new ipad version comes so even if kid is 100% ipad fanboy and don’t regret losing kidney he will regret someday that his ipad is not latest one. Of course if he manage to live to that day with one kidney.

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