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make-up, no make-up. it doesn’t matter to me. their pussies still look the same.

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    anon@5:16 when a girl wakes up in the morning and her hair is all messed up and eyes are kinda puffy. it’s cute. if you can’t appreciate a woman’s natural beauty. she probably won’t appreciate you. im not in denial, i’m in a relationship. man up, brother and get you some poon-tang too.

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    even though the heroes become weak by comparison, the androids still seem to be able to keep up with goku in gt. if dr gero had released his most powerful creation first, the saga would have ended half way through z-saga. but since goku could easily destroy the planet if he wanted, what then, is the android made of that goku couldn’t just rip it apart at ssj4? i had to call BS and pretended GT never happened.

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    she’s pretty cute. i’d take her out to my ball game. i’d let her hold my bat. i’d steal second and slide into her home plate…. i would also have intercourse with her.

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    i seem to be infatuated with the nice boat comments. but what is it referencing?

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    i don’t think many people can appreciate how fucked up this is. if you’ve ever taken a life or had yours threatened it seems like a different world then the one we go to sleep in. you’d have to be drunk, high, mentally retarded, or given license to kill to feel no effect. anyone with a soul would play the moment back in their head over and over and feel sick. to think that a child was capable of such a thing with no remorse should shock you. truth be told, i can’t hate the killer. i can only …

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