Comment on George Takei to Hollywood: “Quit Whitewashing Anime” by chad001:

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It flopped because M. Night Shyamalan directed it.

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  • To Love-Ru Darkness Sucks Hard:
    Why do you keep reading it then?

  • SAO “Rape Anime”; Fined for Indecency:
    Isn’t that the point of escapism? Finding a world that fits your ideals because the real world doesn’t? If anyone wants a relection fo the real world, find a story about grinding through college, ending up in a dead-end job, working said job for 20 years and then dying. More importantly, it’s not like SAO or NTR fics are trying to be artistic or anything, and realism? You’re looking for realism in a story about a VR-game where a madmen managed to hide the tech to both overtake the natural …

  • Cops Bust JS Kidnapper on “Shoujo Manga Possession” Tip:
    “Clearly a ban on shoujo manga is needed.” I broke out laughing.

  • PS4 Launch “Flawless”:
    Kinda ironic considering that Sony is Japanese… hmm, maybe it’s like Tales and the Japs will get a massive bonus with their release or something? Also, Japan really shouldn’t be pitied for being shunned in the global community; they’ve been doing the same for years.

  • Miura “Abandons Berserk for New Manga”:
    I could see why. I mean, Berserk, as good as it is, features some very depressing, dark, and/or gory stuff. Year after year of that nonstop could break a man…


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