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Hikikomori: “What’ll You Do If Your Parents Die?” “Suicide”


Hikikomori asked what they would do if their parents, for most their only source of income, were to die overwhelmingly gave responses such as “commit suicide” or “starve to death.”

An Osaka University researcher studying the uncertain number of hikikomori Japan harbours soon discovered many hikikomori regarded the only way out of their miserable parasitism was death.

He found that amongst the “first generation” hikikomori, now aged 40-45, many will over the next decade face the prospect of losing their parents as they begin to succumb to old age, and perhaps more importantly their pensions will no longer exist to support them.

Asking these hikikomori what they would do were their parents to pass away, he found the majority of answers were along the lines of “commit suicide” or “starve to death,” with only a small minority prepared to finally enter society as working adults.

Indeed, he claims that cases of hikikomori suicide for this reason have begun to come to light, not welcome news for a nation experiencing record levels of suicide.

Generally, the only way hikikomori are thought to be able to sustain themselves is through lavish parental indulgence, as Japan’s benefit system is inadequate to sustain such indolence for any great length of time.

With Japan’s ballooning population of pensioners desperately concerned about whether they will be able to extract enough taxes from the shrinking younger generations to support their lavish pensions, it seems media hysteria about hikikomori, NEETs and freeters is only set to grow.

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  • Anonymous says:

    News like this makes me sad…
    Why havent they thought of giving them jobs that they can do without leaving their homes?
    They can try being a mangaka or other kind of artist. I think it is not that hard.

    • Anonymous says:

      A lot of them wouldn’t be artistic or have the imagination/creativity needed for that sort of thing. Besides I imagine most of them would just slack off anyway and go back to games or whatever they occupy themselves with.

      “Who needs a job when i can play videogames all day?”

  • Anonymous says:

    Think about it. Many hikikomoris suffer from the feeling of despair, depression and worthlessness brought on by Japanese society’s ideals that by every passing second are rising more and more into what we see as just plain unreachable. You can even say that beneath its facade, Japanese society actually encourages how these “lazy fatasses” will just kill themselves for the greater good.

  • you just say get a job, what fin job? ive tried mcd, cleaning up from when people get sick at bar, shoveling horse poop i.e. cleaning barns, walmart w.e. you name it, i cant get hired= cant do anything about it. maybe if some one used a computer or television before they would know about the economic down turn, not everyone can just get a job, even if you can not every job will pay enough to live, sweet i could work a full time job, and a part time job, and still not have any money for anything never have time to go to college to get a better job, just work dead end jobs being totally degrading intuill die at like 40-50 because fin work like 14-18hrs a day cant afford real food, or medicine or anything really, great option there. there are worse options than being a hikikomori its called being an amerkian, just waiting to get kicked out so can kill self. + its nice when your forced to go outside and apply for jobs nd stuff, just to find out big suprise obviously dont get the job, just to get yelled at for not getting it, and there all pissed at you ashamed of you, claiming your lazy and w.e.

  • Anonymous says:

    As a former Hikkomori turned Small Business Owner, I have one thing to say. If you cant find a job, make one, start a business even if you have to do it out of your home.

    “Do what you love and the money will follow”. I started off buying cheap games and DVDs at yard sales and flea markets, then selling them at a higher price at other flea markets. Sure, I am not a millionaire, and I don’t own a storefront yet (20% markup helps if you keep a budget on what you buy. I average $500 a day selling at the flea markets and I only buy $100-$200 in merchandise to support it), but I am working on it.

  • Former Hikki here,

    Just a piece of advice for those Hikkis reading this:

    Do something, do anything, nothing leads to nothing.

    If you fail, just keep trying.

    Watch Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel, there’s tons of options available if you don’t mind getting dirty. Seriously.

    • My advice to Hikkikomori –

      You drop out of society due to your own dissatisfaction with it. This is a positive – you recognize things are fucked. The next step is to emulate the actions of the greatest hero and spiritual leader the world has ever known, G.G. Allin.

      • Anonymous says:

        My advice to Hikkikomori –

        Start your own society! You should all get together and, like, build your own civilization or something. It could have some pipes and a road and maybe a castle or two.

        And you’ll control everything through a system of levers and pulleys.

  • I’m about to make a general discussion, not solely based on japan, but about the situation worldwide.

    With various governments all around the world seeking to ban loli and probably hentai too, it’s not like i don’t understand them (the hikkis).

    In my case it would be like: Why do i have to contribute with my hard work for a country that’s not doing my interests and start a witchhunt against lolis and hentai (usa, uk, australia, and sooner or later, under international pression, japan too)?

    What i get in return for my hard work?

    Here is what i get: censorship, restriction of freedom of expression, maybe jail for possession of “obscene” material; and afrer a month of hardwork a small amount of pay (since most of it has been taxated and taken away from me to pay those people who want to ban hentai).

    Not working and not giving my money to those people is my only choice and weapon, actually.

    I have to say i’m not a hikki, since i got some friends out there and i usually go out to buy food and the like. But i’m a NEET, for choice!
    yea i know, i can find some job, but i won’t! since i will fuel with my money and with my work the actual status of things.

    Things have to change, and if they won’t, then they can forget my money.
    Being a NEET, in my case, is a form of PROTEST against the shit governments around the world are shooting out recently.

    since i’m italian, i’m sorry for my poor and bad english.

  • These hikikomoris can just go send themselves to prison. They don’t leave the house anyway, so the loss of freedom wouldn’t matter. They get fed, 4 walls and a roof, and even some exercise every morning.

    Sounds like a perfect solution, except for the part about using taxpayer’s money to build more prisons to house them and feed them. Especially in California, where the prisons are overcrowded and too much taxpayers money are spent on them. No wonder you get a budget crisis over there.

  • Wow alot of people here are totally clueless to the reasons and circumstances that make these people into Hikikomori and you can see it in their hateful and clueless posts.

    Others have a good idea and can see how someone could get stuck in a life like this, family pressure to do a specific job or not aproving of their desired job, Failure, ever increasing costs of living, Lazy, mental health(why do you think their mental health is affected?), depression, lack of emotional support.

  • Actually I figure a lot of them would get into buying and selling crap on ebay or working in a comic book store.
    Other things fixing people’s computers you can make $60 a pop doing that.
    I bought my second car and a mess of mods for it doing computer repair while in college.
    Of course I also delivered pizzas which killed it’s trans but it bought me a beefed up 4LE60 to replace it and paid my insurance.

    The car I got I suffered though a little piece of hell known as fast food to pay for.

    Not sure what Japan will do about their problem as a lot of Hikiki’s seem to have PTSD.

    But Kiri in that pic there I’d gladly give her a home if she needed one.

  • Simple they become one of those people who buy and sell crap on ebay for a living or one of those people you see working at the comic book store, wally world or Mc BSE well that’s what the American ones do.

    Think of Carl from ATHF or the Comic book guy from the Simpson’s as examples.

    And with this post I have either scared the shit out of many a NEET or made them proud.

  • Being a Hikkikomori is bad, but there is something worse IMO.

    I don’t know if this is exclusive to the U.S. but I hear of a ton of people who had kids while they were still in High School, moved in with their parents because they couldn’t afford anything else, leech off of welfare and medicare, smoke weed and drink all day, and generally dump their kids on their parents.

    If that isn’t worse than being a Hikki, then I don’t know what is.

    • I beg of you to research into nikola tesla and how he had a means of providing virtually limitless free electricity to the entire world but the government didn’t want to lose money that they got from taxes and wouldn’t let him.

  • As a self-confessed (but not proud) hiki, this is the path I’m headed down, most likely. Except, unless my parents die in the next few weeks or so, I won’t be sticking around that long.

    Fear the world, stay indoors, live through fiction, die young and without accomplishment. I guess I’m fine with that.

  • Am I supposed to give a shit about what other people think about me “not working”? Well too fucking bad. It’s not easy getting help becoming an artist in a shit country like Norway. Everybody wants me to stand in the corner of a factory, doing something I hate along with people I don’t want to have anything to with. Sorry if my life-cycle strays from your “Grow up, start working a job you hate, marry an ugly girl you dislike, raise unwanted kids, retire, die” lifestyle. If that’s what you want to do, fine. Let me do what I want.

  • Mexican NEET here.

    If my parents die I would go to the nearest store beat the shit out of the owner, take the cash, give my address, I would go to jail some time and hope I meet some one that can connect me with the drug dealers in the area.

    P.S. You can advance very fast in this business, in a few months your are making loads of money, some more months and you’re death. It’s like slow suicide bust faster and cheaper than becoming and alcoholic.

  • Geez. I admit I still live with my parents even though I’m in college (not enough money to move out quite yet! D: ), but I can’t understand people who seemingly unabashedly leech off their parents’ income! If there’s something I want or need, I pay for it on my own! I even contribute to the bill payments!

  • The problem isn’t that these people live at home with their parents. The problem is that they spend money on entertainment (anime, manga, games, cigarettes, toys, models, etc.) even though they don’t have any income. Spending money you don’t have for things you don’t need… isn’t that a pretty common problem in a lot of the developed world?

  • Suicide takes a certain amount of courage. I doubt some basement dweller, who don’t even have the balls to go outside, has the balls to kill himself.

    And what do some fat parasites who never have to worry about putting food on the table know about starvation? Give them a few days and they’ll be digging the trash for food.

      • How you can qualify people who choose to hide in their comfort zone and never leaving it as “not lacking for balls” is beyond me.

        Besides, that’s not resolve. That’s just giving up without even trying. Or are you referring to their resolve in giving up?

      • LOL suicide takes balls? Are you serious? Suicide can be the answer to ANYTHING. While facing reality, and working in society is the REAL challenge here. Facing reality takes balls, suicide is when mindless zombies can’t think of anything else, like these hikikomoris.

        • The part that takes balls is the actually carrying through part. Yeah, people might say they’ll kill themselves, but it takes a certain something to cross that line of no return and jump/shoot/etc.

  • I’d happily support a female Hikikomori if she wasn’t overweight and looked “decent” ie. not deformed.

    Is there like a Craigslist in Japan where I could put out an ad for such a thing? I’m twenty-one with a stable and well paying job, I could feed another mouth no problem.

  • Reality is a bummer. Sell everything I have for a dollar (for example: books, games, dvds, systems, figures cards, cds). Find me a spot at the homeless shelter. Go to the library to make me a resume on monster. Make sure I have a decent cell phone with at least 500 minutes. Wait patiently for any kind of job to start my life all over again. Yep…that’s about it.

  • Well I guess for income an online job would be good.
    A lot of manga artist have a introverted personality.
    Working from home is good but I’d get cabin fever and go insane.
    No human contact outside of the house!
    My brain would impload!

  • i will die alone and i don’t ever care anymore. Day by day i play videogames, fap at porn, lurk at the internet and that’s all and that’s great,i could go on decades like that. Fortunatly where i live, society financially support parasite like me.

  • It doesn’t matter what problem you have. If you simply don’t got the will you change, you will not change no matter what. These hikikomoris are simply leechers of their parents, and their parents just leave them there. If parents actually had enough will they could influence and change them already… jesus. The h.moris who want to change but don’t simply do not want to change at all… they are just saying that. It’s pathetic.

    • parent’s don’t have any say in how their child turns out after a certain age. You sit here and tell me you get ANY inspiration in the way you live your life from what your parent’s tell you in your older age.

  • I couldn’t care less if they kill themselves, if they suffer from depression, it looks like they aren’t interested in even trying to help themselves. But really these parents are the problem and should be shot for the damage they’ve done.

  • and all the fault is to the system who promised to everyone a bright future if you study, all lies thats why there are so many hikis and those are better than what happends in third world, all the youngs become criminals, drug dealers, etc society must find a way to share the money to everyone and not only a few faggots

  • Barbarian of Gor says:


    Do they have good jobs waiting for them that will sustain them? The Japan I heard about growing up was kids killing themselves if they didn’t get into college, people working 18 hour days a stranger to their family, and no friends just fiction which was why their entertainment got so developed… Then later things started to crumble. Anybody would rebel against such a system by taking what most would consider ’embarrassing’ things like living with the parents who might also want to protect their kids against what they went through.

    Earlier, discussing the “Sea Shepard” I caught a comment; “To be on a fishing ship is to be a dead man.”

    Is there no honor, nor any reasonable reward for ‘basic work’? Look at how they fight, splattering themselves with pepper spray (and manning the water cannons, waving knives, dodging propeller tangling nets, etc.) to bring home Whale Penis and Whale Anus for sushi for their countrymen. I might disagree with fishing the ocean to collapse levels, but from their vantage point they should be considered heroes, not “Dead Men” who are somehow degraded because they do basic work rather than sitting 18 hours a day at an office trying to design and market the latest “Egg” toy…

    Really, person one group comes into the harbor: “Look, my countrymen! I have gotten covered with rotten butt-er- horrible acid by crazy eco terorrists, but I have brought home a ship full of fish! Sushi time!” – and they go “How dare you SPEAK to us, UNTOUCHABLE!!!???” (really, wasn’t that gravediggers, executioners, Ainu?)

    And the other person goes:
    “I have designed a masturbation Egg that resembles the fictional vagina of this fantasy monster girl creature that won’t be possible for another 100 years with Genetic Engineering…” and they go “Yaaay!!!” and a lady offers to buy the man prize whale anus sushi at a restaurant but he refuses because he prefers to use the eggs to masturbate to the anthropomorphized “Sea Angels”…

    Now, I’m joking, ok? I bet Japan could turn itself around real quick, and a lot easier than other countries. It’s like Oriental philosophy has been telling us ‘westerners’ for years: “You need barance glasshoppah!” Just some ‘social tweaking’ to ensure good jobs at all levels, the social expectation to take them, better laws to protect the man and encourage him to marry, likewise to encourage the woman to marry and stay with the men… Above all a sense of ‘purpouse’, a ‘place in society’ with honor.

    • The only thing, Barbarian, is that social tweaking is what fucked up things to begin with.

      Humans are imperfect creatures, and their works are also fallible. It seems that no matter what we’ve done, nothing works all that well in practice.

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        Japan had a pretty stable society, even counting the wars and stuff, for thousands of years. It’s also a living culture, it hasn’t been completely killed by modern consumerism. Also, as was pointed out when the Guru of Gas made his move, most of Japan was run like a “Mind Control Cult” until recently.

        IMO, they could very quickly turn things around. They are genetically programmed better than most to be part of a group, serve a purpose, but they have at best a bitter, thankless struggle for crude possessions and fantasy goals set in the stratosphere. Why not just seek the path of quickest comfort? But it’s one thing to be alive and another to live.

    • While this comment is as unbalanced and digressive as usual, he makes a good point. Even if Hikikomori do manage to reintegrate, will society reciprocate? Are there jobs and spouses for them?

      It’s pointless to ‘fix’ the Hikikomoris, while leaving the Japan that created them alone.

  • Living in a country with higher suicide rates for males than Japan, and being a Hikkikomori facing the same problem doesn’t make my future look too bright.
    I refuse to be called a parasite however, I would have killed myself already to avoid that, but I don’t want to make my parents sad by doing so, that would be even worse for them.
    I can still hope for a miracle, though.

  • they are right: if they don’t find a new host most parasites will die – except those who enter spore mode
    Of course we are talking about humans: solution for them will be…..seppuku…wait that means death!!1
    well at 40-45 it’s already late so less hope for them to be normal again

  • I wrote a pretty long comment about this but somehow it didn’t register, so you only get to read the short version.
    As a person with hikki tendencies, I know what these people are through. It seems easy to change from outside, but when you are on the situation it seems you have no options. IMO this is a severe mental illness because you can’t function in society at all.
    It’s very hard to understand this if you have not been through it, but their willingness to off themselves like that should give you a pretty good clue on how emotionally broken these people are.
    Saying they should die is horrible. Should clinically depressed people die too? disabled people? they should get help. But it’s hard to help hikkis, as they are incredible fragile emotionally. NHK was a great manga that should help people understand a bit of this problem (the protagonist is so similar to me it’s almost creepy).
    These people don’t want to live off their parents. They hate that, but they can’t see any way out by themselves.
    I’m somehow over all this but I know I could crash hard again any moment. Governments and health institutions must take this problem seriously and come up with solutions, but it’s too easy to hide this under the carpet (they hide themselves).

    • “These people don’t want to live off their parents. They hate that, but they can’t see any way out by themselves.”

      If that is true, do they show ANY freaking attempt to change at all? No. They show no will to change, and therefore will not change at all. It only takes will to change, and these people aren’t showing any of it. They are just parasites leeching off their parents. The parents could have changed them but they are too wimpy on their kids to try and just let them leech money. These h.moris need discipline. -_-

      • Anonymous says:

        I think you should watch NHK. Several times the main character goes out and has panic attacks when around other people. A lot of Hikikomoris suffer from severe anxiety issues. Imagine going outside, and the first time you walk into a (very) small crowd, your vision blurring and all the sounds around you blending together except for anyone laughing? I was a shut-in until’ I got on my anxiety meds, and to see the ignorance here is just depressing.

  • Solutions:

    1) Forced labor camps (absolutely no conscription to the Self-Defense Forces).

    2) Make a living by doing computer programming inside their home.

    3) Make a “hikikomori tax” and burden them to work outside.

    4) Make a tall apartment building in each city and let them live in poverty (like leper colonies).

  • Highlyvisibleninja says:

    It’s not and easy thing to break out of being totally Dependant on your parents for your income.

    I am (in mainly ways) still like that. I’m 23, unemployed and living at home due to the fact i can’t get work because of the economy. The only thing that make’s me not a Hikikomori is the fact i actually leave the house for more than just to get food and smokes.

    Being totally Dependant on another as an adult is embarssing, but it’s this or live on the streets.

  • Hikkis are people that need help. Having strong hikki tendences myself (the NHK protagonist is a carbon copy of me) I know what these people are through.
    It’s easy to break from that lifestyle in theory, but when you are in the situation, there seem to be very little options, if any.
    None of them want to live like they do, but a lot of psychological problems pile up and render them powerless to change their lives.
    The government needs to organize a serious, well-though campaign to help these people. In my eyes (I’m not a medical professional) this is a mental illness, and a severe one at that, because it doesn’t allow the person to function AT ALL in society. Widely accepted mental illnesses like OCD allow for better social functioning than this.
    Laughing at these people or saying they deserve to die is cruel. But I’m sure people who have not lived this don’t understand at all what goes through the mind of a Hikki, so it’s very hard to create a program for recovery that works, because it can cause reject from the public and from the affected as well. A Hikki must be handled very carefully, it has a very fragile psyche and a low emotional threshold.
    Most of these are not lazy assholes than enjoy sucking their parents money. If you think that you’re just ignorant. They hate themselves from what they’re doing, I can assure you that. Their willingness to off themselves should give you a clue on how emotionally broken these people are.

    • If it’s so obvious that this is a “disease” why did it show up just as the structure of society allowed people to get away with it? The solution to this problem is simple:
      1. Pack up your shit.
      2. Hit the street.
      3. Get a fucking job.

      Or, if one wishes to be kind:
      1. Bare room, no books, phone, internet, power.
      2. Rice and water diet.
      3. No “allowance” unless it is provably devoted to the acquisition of a job and a functioning place in society.

      People like this have always existed. The threat of death by starvation and/or exposure proved a fine motivator. I suspect it would work just fine again.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, what you’re describing is similar people from ancient times/third world countries who had the benefit of growing up in the crapsack world while they’re still young and full of hope, but for some people like long-term hikikomoris, it’s basically TOO FUCKING LATE and the forced labor scheme will probably never work (especially for those who have fallen to suicide). They probably don’t have even any will to get past the “hit the street” phase, just dying.

      • The solution is indeed simple: teach people how to be better parents. If the solution to the problem is what you propose, then tell parents to kick their kids out of the proverbial nest.

        You’re also conveniently sweeping another issue under the rug: some people truly suffer in this state, and don’t really want to be this way. They see themselves as leeches, and hearing people clamor on about them this way won’t solve the problem for them.. it’s a form of depression that isn’t always trivial to overcome.

        • You think there’s a cure for depression! Boy are you wrong! the meds *MAY* help but they have very serious side effects because they alter chemicals in the brain and for most people they don’t work. The worst part about the meds are they first trial you on different meds to see if any help, keep in mind that altering brain chemistry can have perminent and devistating side effects and once you are diagnosed with depression you usually cant get health insurance for obvious reasons.

          Some side effects include constant headaches fromthe moment you are awake till you go to sleep, Haziness(You cant drive a car or get car insurance with this and you must report it, pluss you cant read or study while you have this side effect),severly reduced metabolism causing weight gain, sterility, erectile dysfunction the list just goes on.

          Your saying the alternative for a depressed 18 year old is meds that has a high chance of making it that they are brain damaged or have sever side effects for the rest of their lives.

          So don’t assume unless you’ve experienced it or live with it.

        • Look, I was being hard-core, I admit. Depression isn’t a new disease, and it’s great that so much help exists for it in terms of therapy and meds than every before. But it’s pretty clear that a lot of the “hikkokomori” are not clinically depressed, just lacking motivation and WORSE, being enabled by their parents.
          It’s unfair to group someone who is genuinely mentally ill (clinical depression) with someone who just finds it easier to stay in their room, play around, and get fed for free instead of growing up and getting a life. Some people are NOT victims. They are just lazy and could do with some harsh motivation. It would certainly weed out the fakers and Japan’s extremely limited metal health care system might have a chance to help those who really need it.
          Fair enough?

    • I’m sitting here with a book on drug abuse, and parts of what you say is similiar to what I just read about in the book.

      I’d suggest the Minnesota model. It is one of many ways to help people overcome addictions (drugs or alchohol normally), and I find that it should work well with Hikkis.

      The problem would be making people get out of their homes to a place where the help could be offered.

    • You know, it depends on the country and the educational system.

      I’m currently 19, and I’m still in high school (~5 months left till graduation).

      So, by your logic I should have been sent into the streets when I was in 11th grade?

        • Some are just not independent enough, some do it for the comfort, and some do it because they’re parents could be sick and they need care. There could be a lot of reasons, especially that nowadays most of these people can barely make it economically, but people aren’t going to take the time to dig further than the surface of what they see.

          I’m still at my parents place, yet this Internet I’m using, I’m the one paying it, I pay my own bills, etc. It’s like being out of here, only in a much more comfortable and welcoming place than an empty and small apartment.

    • While I agree that “kids” staying at home indefinitely is a problem, the age 18 is still pretty young.

      Take me, for example. I’ve been trying to get out of my house for awhile but with the economy the way it is, the school I’m supposed to be transferring to have delayed my transfer twice. I should’ve been out by 21 but now I’m going on 24 and still here. Not a big deal since I am motivated to be out on my own. Not having to worry about food and rent while studying isn’t too bad, either.

    • Where do you live that 18-year-olds are still considered to be a full adults, able to sustain themselves? I guess if they are going to work as factory worker for the rest of their lives, but otherwise university is required.

      • @ Anon 0702
        When you said
        “..if they are going to work as factory worker for the rest of their lives, but otherwise university is required.”
        it sounds like they didn’t even get any kind education. Here (Germany) they basically get an education in a factory, getting around 600 Euro apprentice’s pay..
        You could “live” in the cheapest flat, but you have to keep additional costs as low as possible and don’t have much left for hobbies.
        So, that’s what I would call “survive” not “live”, but at least you get an education. So you DON’T have to be a factory worker for the rest of your life.. 😉

      • Indeed. There are even people who are International Baccalaureates, graduates from an Ivy League school in law, medicine, education or generally any profession where job security is very high, and still live with their folks into their 30s.

        Also, in most societies the world over, it’s actually considered normal for parents to spend their entire lives with their children — assuming that child is not a NEET.

  • I can understand the need of some to stay at home all day, but I will never understand how they accept from themselves to suck indefinitely their parents’ income. Don’t they feel the need to be a little independent (at least for their personal expenses)?

      • I like the “You nerds” phrase. The article was about Japan not the people here. How to you know what people here do? Of course if you believe that by just writing something on Sankaku you are a hikikomori then you are one too.

      • Darkrockslizer says:

        I, for one, have more monies from my internets than my parents by working hard all day long.

        I could easily live separately and I’ve done so for some while however as long as there’s no need to pay for rent and food at my parents’ place, why not use the chance?

        Proud to be a member of my generation.

        • Hikikomori means Hermit which any country you have your hermits.Its no surpise that the Japanese have their issues with Hermit’s.Japanese want them to contribute something to society they have to realize Hikikomori have a issue society.

        • @ Anon 09:19:

          The last I checked, I was still paying for rent and food, anon. I have been since I left college some twenty-odd years ago. The difference is that

          I’ve worked for a good number of years at a union-paid job in the school districts and at other on-the-books ventures , so I’ve also paid income tax. And I was pissed with the way things were going, having illegal immigrants come to my country and sponge off the system without putting any of their own money into it first! >_< There may be those who enter America illegally who want to become part of our culture and contribute something. If so, God Bless 'em. The rest can hop on a donkey back to Burritoville.

          Everyone's situation is different. The only problem is that we, as people, tend to pigeonhole others into comfortable groups. This 'hikkikomori' title is just that…. a title to identify people with. That's why when there's an inflammatory article here the Muslims attack the Christians, the Christians attack the Muslims, and the Jews guard against everybody. At the same time there are also the ideological lines being drawn in the sand.


          How did this turn into a diatribe about individuality? O_O Fuck, I’m more sick than I thought.

        • @Savantique:
          While I don’t have any problem going out in public doing normal staff, I am a very introvert person that likes to be as much as possible in my home, spending most of my time alone. All these, in a country that it is considered “normal” to get out with friends to coffee shops, bars and clubs virtually “every day”.

          The way I see it, is that hikkikomoris are an extreme example of my introvert self (in part), that’s why I said “I can understand the need to stay in home all day” but not the later part.

        • Reality suck for those who have a mental illness.Thank you National Mental Health Association for fucking up Americans since 1909.I hope you don’t find the cure because by the time you do the world is fuck.

        • People sure are ignorant about topics that doesnt concern themself. saying they are lazy, or just taking the easy way out.You gotta realise some people do not do it by choice. I for instance suffer from a incurable mental illness which makes me a withdrawn person with very low people skills by nature.

          I just dont see the reason why people always try to trash others in less fortunate circumstances.

          I would love to be a contributing part of society, but the truth is im not, and will probably never be.

          Just try to think for a second before you wish people to die in a gasoline fire.

        • “Those hikkikomori aren’t simply seeking knowledge, Savantique… they’re taking the easy (ie; lazy) way out of things.”

          You’ve completely misunderstood things. I didn’t say hikkikomori were the ones seeking knowledge, I was the one trying to seek knowledge and according to another poster’s warped logic, this was worthy of downvoting.

          The comment I responded to said this: “I can understand the need of some to stay at home all day” – I was trying to understand what they meant by that statement in relation to the content of the article, that was all.

          To the anonymous who addressed me: last I checked, I thought the purpose of a public forum was for discussion.

        • srsly I get 400€ from my parttime job and thats the only part of my time i can spare it’s not even enough for my student apartment i got 2 more years to go till my masters degree germany fuckings suxxx

        • Darkrockslizer, no need to make shit up… you’re a hikki plain and simple. we can all tell you have no life; due to how quickly and frequently you respond to each article.

          Feel free to make up justifications, but the evidence speaks for itself.

          Oh yeah, just incase you haven’t heard everyone is rich on the interwebs.

        • Don’t kid yourself, you’re just a leech as well. You make more than your parents, but still live at home and don’t pay for rent or food? I only make $1200 CAD a month as a full-time student/part-time worker, but I always give my parents half my check. And I know damn well my parents pay more than that for food. You’re just like my sister.

          Oh and $400/$600 goes into my savings, and then I still have to pay for my cell phone, pet isurance, and I help with monthly tuition for my nephew’s school. I’m left with about $60 usually to spend during the month.

        • Those hikkikomori aren’t simply seeking knowledge, Savantique… they’re taking the easy (ie; lazy) way out of things.

          They want to leech off Mom and Dad? Eventually that source will dry up, sad to say. And those who want to commit suicide or starve themselves? I hate to be the Devil’s Advocate here, but good. That’s less leeches to deal with overall in the course of things.

          How many of them will contribute anything to the rest of humanity, either through hard work or volunteering time or money to some worthy causes? I’ll probably be able to count how many on either my hands or feet.

          Of course, I add myself to the number of ‘shut-ins’ that are out there. Although I have serious health issues (issues which could kill me if I wasn’t careful) which keep me from the work I can do (and I’m still looking btw), I still feel bad enough that I chip in for chores around the house.

          Some of you might understand where I am in my life right now, others of you will disagree. I really don’t care if this gets downvoted or not, I’m just telling it like I see it.

          Peace. ^_-

        • That’s incredibly stupid, this isn’t a matter of lacking common sense; this is a matter of trying to understand a lifestyle choice one does not live.

          How do you justify condemning those that seek knowledge?

        • I’m confused, both by your internet comment and why my original post was downvoted to the degree it was.

          All I was doing was asking for clarification on something… I don’t recall being offensive or stupid.

      • NEET and Hikikomori in Japan is often the parent’s fault.

        One Japanese NEET that I know of has a father who is a pharmacist. The parents forced him to follow in his father’s career path. But when he failed the pharmacy college entrance exams they made him study for the next year’s exam. After 4 years of failing the exams, he was no longer in a position to do anything good with his life. What is he supposed to do? Work part time at a family mart? His father makes 10 times what we would make working as a freeter.

        The problem is that Japan doesn’t have any good jobs for people who don’t make it through college.


          Shutting Out the Sun by Michael Zielenziger. A non-fiction book about hikkikomoris, parasitc singles, and other such fun Japanese problems (even their economy – the book was written in 2006 so it’s not about the most recent 2008-2009 problem).I’d suggest picking it up if your library has a copy. Part of it goes on a tangent seemingly unrelated (and I admit I completely skipped those pages outright) but most of it is fascinating.

          There are doctors attempting to treat hikkikomoris but at least in a few of the cases shown in the book they face opposition from both the hikkikomori himself (and their inability to deal with society) but the parents too (one parent pretty much flat out says that her child won’t be coming back for any more meetings with the doctor because the child kind of freaked out once). Reasons like too much pressure (the dreaded “cram school” and whatnot) are given for why hikkikomoris exist. It is suggested that some parents might be hiding their problem child inside as to not show that they even exist to their neighborhood and the rest of the outside world.

          I can’t say I’ve done much followup research to see whether or not the problem has been looked into more in the last few years though.

        • That does not sound very suprising. Japan’s economy has been stagnant for over 10 years.

          America will find itself with a similar socio-economic problem soon as Baby Boomers retire. This, plus America’s excessive federal spending, is going to lead to Big Problems in the near and not-so-near future.

        • @Domo-kun , Im a Japanese and graduated in Tokyo Daigaku which was 3years ago… but to tell you the truth even you graduated in a big collage and with a good degree , there is still no job in todays Japan. now here I am ended working on a small company with a lack on salary while doing a parttime job 6days a week. without doing this I need to get back to province and ended getting my self working with my parents on the farm . that is how hard life here in Japan and 90% of us need to do this kind of stuffs… looking Japan from outside looks like a good country but it is a big messy hell inside.

        • I would say that part of it is mental illness, to say that it’s solely responsible of the person themselves and not society or people is sort of society’s way to make sure there is no guilt on their part. However it’s not really anyone’s fault, it’s a set of circumstances combind by behavior of that person and the people who are appart of their life.

          That doesn’t mean that person is doomed to leech off their parents for the rest of their lives, but the ultimate reason of “why” isn’t probably so simple of just because their “lazy”. For all the argument going on, no one seems to be asking “WHY” these hikkomori are around, only how many there are and what’s going to happen in the future. Instead of “how do we fix this mess, why do these people feel compelled to stay with their parents, are they afraid of something etc, etc”

          Something tells me that it has something to do with the fact that people are afraid of what the answer is going to be, there’s no question about it. You can’t just sit back and hope somehow this will all work out.

        • They might enjoy staying home screwing around, but who doesn’t? Most people or their parents expect that they will go and earn their keep and take steps to do so. Hikkikomoris and their parents are seemingly content (or unwilling to push) with the kid staying home and acting as a sponge forever. It’s both the child and parents’ fault for allowing things to become this way.

        • I am sure they have plenty of demand for general laborers and tradesmen. Plumbers, construction workers, metal workers, different kinds of craftsmen and technicians, mechanics, fishermen, etc. etc.

          There is demands for all kinds of work, if you are willing to get your hands dirty. There are many jobs for which you need to go into apprenticeship after high school. You don’t need college to survive, if you are willing to work hard.

          Every country needs people who do grunt work. If everyone was an engineer or doctor what would happen to the infrastructure of a country? Who drives the buses in Japan? Who operates the amazing subway system? Who shoves the passengers into the trains in Japan? (You’ve all seen the pictures…lol)

        • That’s too simplistic, everyone is ultimately responsible for themselves and thier failures. Yeah parents have an effect but people have to account for thier own actions or we would have people suing parents when kids grow up and become criminals. Life is unfair and sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to, so what. These people have chosen to give up and lay down just because everything didn’t go the way they want? Maybe they just enjoy staying home playing computer games and being lazy? I can’t speak to individual motivations but they have no one to blame but themselves in the end. I have seen parapalegics and people with md etc out working and they can really say life dealt them a bad hand. So, for people who are basicly healthy but lazy to blame thier parents rings hollow.