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“Japan Has 3,600,000 Hikikomori”


Japan’s Minister of Internal Affairs has announced that the government finds there to be a total of 3,600,000 hikikomori in the country, and stressed the need to tackle the supposed problem.

The precise methodology the ministry used to come to this figure, and what it defines a hikikomori as, are however not clear – it would be far from the first time a government has manufactured dubious statistics in order to support its desired legislation.

It should also be noted that nobody has yet presented evidence (except perhaps the mass media and politicians) that the population of “hikikomori” in Japan is any higher than in other countries – socially isolated people exist in large numbers in any society.

2ch seems a fitting place to draw comment from:

Japan’s finished.

There’s no way there are that many!

You guys are probably included in the figure.

Last time it was 1 million. Now it’s 3. It’ll exceed Japan’s population soon won’t it?

We could launch a coup d’etat with that many.

We’ll be in the majority, it’s only a matter of time.

One person in 40 is a hikikomori?

We can make our own country!

We never see hikikomori so we have no idea how many there are…

That’s more than Moldova.

How the hell did they count a bunch of shut-ins?

They must at least go to the convenience store. It’s unbelievable that there are so many “ultimate hikki” who never so much as set foot outside.

Shouldn’t we start a party? Japan Hikikomori Party.

Hikikomori, NEETs, dispatch workers, suicides… there are too many in this country, what the hell is wrong with Japan, is it crazy or something?

Parents are at fault. Why don’t they just throw them out?

In a few decades the Japanese will all be indoors and outside will be nothing but Chinese.

Force all those damn hiki into the army, that’ll sort them out.

That’s 2.77% of the population. It’s a lie.

On the other hand, it would be pretty amazing for 97% of the population to be active members of society.

If 2ch were closed their population would plummet…

3.6 million votes are sleeping.

It’s an estimate. A pro-hikikomori can’t be detected by such means. The government’s 3.6 million are just the amateurs.

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