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White Album Anime & PS3 Details


Leaf eroge White Album is set to get adaptations to both anime and PS3. The anime is set to air in January, whilst the PS3 game has a nonspecific 2009 release. Production staff for the anime have been confirmed (most notably the director has some involvement in Nanoha Strikers, and the writer was involved in Key The Metal Idol), but the cast is not yet finalised.

The original game was released in 1998 so it is fairly long in the tooth; a complete reworking sounds likely. It is not clear what they are aiming for with the PS3 release; erotic elements will most likely be stripped, but it is a famous title with a good story so this is probably immaterial.

They are looking at a mixed media release so the characters and other aspects will be the same across both titles, though the story will apparently differ.
Via Moon Phase.

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