Kakifly’s Progress Quite Something


One of moeblob overlord and K-ON! creator Kakifly’s first manga, a 2003 Leaf doujinshi, has been discovered and shows the rather stark difference a mere eight years can make to an artist’s skill (to say nothing of his bank balance).

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  • Anonymous commented on November 15, 2011 20:20

    When you get older you look back at all the time you have wasted being unproductive and lazy and how you have nothing to show for it. Time flies, I can look back to 8... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 15, 2011 19:35

    sadly the plot looks better though 'steel leaf'? effin' neat!... More

White Album Then vs Now


From its 1998 debut to its just released 2010 remake, some quite impressive evolution is evident in White Album – 2ch provides the usual scrupulous comparison above.

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  • Anonymous commented on July 17, 2010 23:27

    Just wanted to say WHITE ALBUM Ps3 IS ONE OF THE BEST REMAKE EVER MADE. They re-did the sex scenes into "sex scenes"....... More

  • Somewhatabasher00 commented on June 22, 2010 04:33

    i don't really care about my english. english sucks. I'd rather talk japanese than english.... More

Tears to Tiara Bukkake Scene


Covered in sweet milk? “SRPG” Tears to Tiara, which is shaping up to be a masterpiece visual novel in my opinion, somehow managed to get a CERO B rating in spite of scenes like this, which truly is heartening. More below.

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  • Anonymous commented on September 16, 2009 21:45

    Internet cafe.... More

  • Anonymous commented on September 7, 2009 00:18

    Then how the hell did you make this post?... More

Tears to Tiara First Impressions


The much anticipated ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラ / Tears to Tiara was recently released, and I braved the summer thunderstorms in a foray to Ikebukuro to pick up a copy; much to my surprise the kind folks at Bic Camera also saw fit to provide me with the preorder goody box, despite having not preordered or even bothered to buy the collector’s edition. Having had a chance to get into the game, I offer my impressions.

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  • Stryder.Xero commented on July 28, 2010 23:14

    why they always make better version VN only on PS3?... More

  • Anonymous commented on June 26, 2009 01:10

    the rhiannon in the anime is supposed to be the cutesy-looking type of character. when did she get 'exaggerated body features'? (pic 1 & 2)... More

Tears to Tiara Ideal & Actuality


Tears to Tiara has been eagerly awaited based on the various impressive screens provided, but let us take a step outside the publicity machine for a while. See the same character below:

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  • Anonymous commented on December 14, 2017 01:44

    É fabricado no Brasil e não tem DMAA. http://www.saberdetodo.net/muy-buena-para-la-salud-agua-de-canela-manzana-y-limon/... More

  • Anonymous commented on December 16, 2010 04:36

    Out of this world!!!... More

White Album Anime & PS3 Details


Leaf eroge White Album is set to get adaptations to both anime and PS3. The anime is set to air in January, whilst the PS3 game has a nonspecific 2009 release. Production staff for the anime have been confirmed (most notably the director has some involvement in Nanoha Strikers, and the writer was involved in Key The Metal Idol), but the cast is not yet finalised.

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Tears To Tiara News Roundup

Morgan menanced by tentacles - delightful

A few items of news about this interesting looking eroge cum RPG, due July 17th, are apparent. Famitsu has some shots of the game system; the element circle system and leader skill system are covered a bit – looking promising as an SRPG. Also see the updated official site for more.

More interestingly, Dengeki provides some shots of the CG event scenes running on a large TV – they look fantastic. If only actual eroge ran at that resolution, maybe they would sell more (I can’t be the only one who doesn’t like looking at 800*600 on a 27 inch monitor). Lastly, AkibaBlog has some shots of the promotional antics in Akiba, though little actual new info

  • Tim commented on July 9, 2008 07:11

    I fully agree, theres nothing more I hate than viewing games / websites that don't support my 24" I understand that there are people with greater priorities than to buy a decent LCD but what about... More

  • ron~ commented on June 4, 2008 16:20

    can't wait for this game... i want this game more than any other ps3 games~... More

Tears to Tiara PC vs PS3 Comparison

Tears to Tiara - Morgan

As Tears to Tiara has piqued my interest, and with recent details looking all the more promising, I couldn’t help but notice this comparison of the character designs for the PS3 versus those for the PC (large picture mirrored here); looking like a vast improvement in art (downloading the PC version CGs no longer looks very appealing does it?) and a promising game, even if it is a shame to lose the erotic elements of the game. Still, if that is the price to pay for the next generation reincarnation, perhaps it is worth paying…

  • Anonymous commented on June 16, 2009 22:49

    Lol i agree,i have the pc version XD,i wish the pink haired house elf looked like the ps3 version in the pc version... More

  • Anon commented on June 13, 2009 01:28

    IMHO the only character whose design has improved is octavia. i hate how they insisted in making everyone wear weird hats... More

Tears to Tiara Eroge/RPG coming to PS3 soon


PC RPG eroge Tears to Tiara/ティアーズ・トゥ・ティアラ, by Leaf, has just had a July 17th release confirmed for the PS3, and preorders have opened, reported here. The original being published in 2005, some improvements can expected for the PS3 port by the looks of things (the screens look good), but as with other console ports of eroge, the biggest “improvement” is likely to be stripping out the naughty bits. Unfortunate.

  • w334b00 commented on December 22, 2010 16:37

    [size=25][b][color=#FF0000]:O[/color][/b][/size]... More


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