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AKB48 Thai Live a “Shameful Display!”

AKB48 have been widely criticised for a recent performance in Thailand, already subject to hyperbolic criticism as an embarrassment to Japan.

AKB48’s performance at the Japan Expo Thailand came under heavy fire after the idols’ singing seemed to be out of tune and inharmonious. The following video, uploaded by a Korean Youtuber, shows them in a very poor light indeed:

Reaction to the performance has been extremely critical:

“If that’s how they sing, they should be embarrassed to even go to karaoke with friends!”

“Is this ‘cool Japan’?”

“I turned off after a minute. This is terrorism!”

“J-pop idols are just tone-deaf! They can’t sing and they can’t dance; I don’t understand why the Japs like them.”

“If they tried to charge people for a live show abroad, they’d get a bunch of rocks thrown at them!”

“They’re not in tune with the music and their dancing isn’t in sync. They can’t even be considered singers if they can’t work together in a group!”

Even Japanese viewers were largely unimpressed by the showing:

“This is an embarrassment to Japan!”

“This is like karaoke.”

“They should have at least practiced first!”

“To send these girls out as the face of AKB is just bad management.”

“I really want AKB to stop going overseas because they’re a national embarrassment.”

However, some were sceptical of any video uploaded from Japan’s peninsular rival:

“Maliciously processed video uploaded by a Korean!”

In defence of the girls, it has been noted that they were nervous beforehand and they appeared to have microphone problems. A clip from a different part of the show suggests their performance might not have been universally terrible:

For whatever reason, the predominantly adult male fans still seemed to be enjoying themselves while watching the short-skirted young girls cavorting around, so this may be a case of “no harm, no foul” – for fans at least.

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